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    Let's keep it to stuff that actually exists. An NES Classic Mini, Retrobit Generations, and Atari Flashback Portable walk into a bar... [inserts Monty Python skit about "best joke ever told" ]
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    See with a Atari Flashback Portable you could have a system that would nag Artie about being able to see more than the living room and actually go places. Oh sorry, that would require more drawn cells than your usual five.
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    I don't have any plans to add a Flashback Portable to the strip. Although it might be interesting to see one get in a fight with the Lynx. But it would probably just deteriorate into an argument as to why the Flashback Portable's d-pad is on the wrong side.
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    BOOO!!! Add a Atari Flashback Portable to the strip. At least with SD card support they would always have new material.
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    And the NES Classic says, "Where'd those other guys go? I thought they were just here...It's almost like they were just a dream!" ...Oh definitely harder than it looks! We appreciate it Nathan! Personally I wish you were like a Sunday comic strip in full color...in a Newspaper...yeah what's that? haha...
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    This Flashback is "evil". I've also had an evil 2600 in the strip before. Someone's gotta be the plot device bad guy.
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