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    So I've been working on stuff lately, improving my games and all, but then I wonder "is it worth it? Nobody really seems to care." They were kind enough to give feedback, so maybe the problem is they saw my games, thought they were crap and then got done with me. But the problem is I don't WANT my games to be crap. I want to make a good game. Perhaps I've got it all wrong on the Game Boy front. Perhaps I should go with the Zelda-like Grand adventure thing I was planning with Frank the Fruit Fly. Everyone seems to like Zelda and RPGs. So that's what I'll do. So now I'm beginning a new Game Boy game. I'll work on Frank being outside instead of trapped in a house. Frank starts his adventure in Nebraska, but the problem is he needs to go to Baltimore for his family reunion. There's trouble everywhere, if you decide to walk around, snakes might eat you. If you take to the skies, birds might eat you. So what to do? Find out. Well, I need to compose a new song for the Frank Title screen since I stuck the previous one at the end of Oranges. So anyway, that's what I'll do.
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