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    Per Wiki there's 5 phrases that can be said: "Blast off!" (start of a round) "Alert! Alert!" (enemies approaching) "Battle stations!" (formation attack) "Spy ship sighted!" (Spy ship advancing) "Condition red!" (enemy attacks become more aggressive; occurs when the player takes too long to clear a round, or misses the spy ship) Preliminary samples are in place, and currently take up 7107 bytes of ROM. Ironically "Alert! Alert!" takes up the most space: 1979 alertalert.pds1335 battlestations.pds1070 blastoff.pds1240 conditionred.pds1383 spyship.pds So I should be able to save quite a bit of space by adding logic to say "Alert!" twice Menu - Left Difficulty controls display of (A) diagnostic values of SYSTEM and TIMER, or (B) START A random sample will be played on the game screen (still showing a rainbow) For Harmony on a 2600 or Stella-5.0.0-pre7 or newer. draconian_20170504.bin Test builds for 7800: drac_7800test5.bin drac_7800test6.bin
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    Here is a quick, speed metal demo, coloring-book style from 40 pounds ago. I'm thinking I'd like to use it in a Sega CD game I'm working on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XwIxZ6V984&feature=youtu.be Please, for the love of Pete, comment, link, subscribe, talk to me out of the ceaseless ether.
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    The patent for the Voder shows it's done by passing a pitched buzz or white noise through a set of ten dynamically weighted band pass filters. Not the same as AUDC / AUDF / AUDV. However, it would be interesting to see whether AUDC / AUDF / AUDV could be used to generate phonemes.
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    I tried the AUDC / AUDF route : http://atariage.com/forums/blog/7/entry-1897-are-you-ready-for-this-pt-2/and it kinda-sorta worked (not really) although it would be interesting to try to see whether pure voice (versus music) would sound any better.
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    That's pretty slick, though not something I'd be interested in pursuing as I'm not very good at creating sound effects as it is. Perhaps DINTAR816 would interested in this, he seems to have an excellent grasp on TIA sound
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