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    Made little more progress, as evidenced by this screen shot: I now have end transitions fully implemented, apart from actually checking for the end of the game. On the scoreboard you can see a few new things. First, there are a couple of team indicators on the left side. The colors are subject to change, and may even end up customizable. Second, there is now a hammer display in the scoreboard. It follows all the correct rules, which is of course nice. At this point, it is now possible throw a full game's worth of rocks. Sweeping is still not present, and the ice physics are still completely wrong. The physics are my next big project. I'm totally scrapping the makeshift system I came up with and writing something totally new. The original system was based on tracking the number of frames required before a rock would move one pixel. This seemed OK on the surface, but I went into to testing it in detail, it really didn't work right. My new scheme is a little more based on actual science. I've been doing some reading on the physics of friction and I have a surprisingly simple system worked out that just might do what I want. Still need to code it up, though... This new system also allows the possibility of player selectable ice roughness. Intellivision Bowling does this with the lane slickness, and I wanted a similar option here. Now I think I can do it. My current aim to have the new physics system in place, along with improved rock collisions and a sweeping implementation before the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. I've been going to this show every year for maybe the last eight years or so. I would love to have a playable demo to bring to the show with me.
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    I had a part of the code that I tried for a half-hour to try to simplify, but just couldn't. Everything I did didn't work. So it's time to ask for help in the videopac.nl forums. I made a fourth level of Mouse in the House (which I am thinking about renaming to "Rat vs. Cat". Which is the better name?) I am not going to post it yet because I want the simplification of the code I am having trouble with be in effect. I found out that new levels are around 30 bytes. One byte per value. I was able to simplify some code last night. I was able to add the mouse x and y values along with a few other values with another section of code about 10 lines long. So that's good. I am going to be able to fit in more levels than I thought. The rest of the 2k I could just fill in with maze info, since the game's mechanics are just about finalized. I hope I can fit at least 20 different mazes in here, like I did in the Odyssey 2 versions of Gosub and Gosub 2. So anyway, I haven't forgotten about it, I just haven't posted much since I've been working on it!
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