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    I got a bunch of stuff for Christmas. - Super Mario Odyssey for Switch - Pac-Man and Ghost soap - Toilet paper, keychain and pen with the poop emoji on it (yes, I got poop on my toilet paper.) - 3 issues of the Keizertimes - 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac (my 20-year streak is unsnapped. I have every one since 1997.) - 3 orange shirts and 1 red shirt - a Minion Bob Giant PEZ dispenser - Activision socks - Cookies, popcorn, and Chex Mix and, my favorite thing, a 2018 wall calendar of the original Super Mario Bros. Had I known they made this earlier, I would have requested it on past Christmases instead of the Bacon Lovers' one. But it took 3 hours for everyone to open every present. My 9-year-old nephew got a Switch and a few games for it. Why my sister got us all fifty million presents each I have no idea, but I guess if it makes her happy (and not broke...) Next year I want fewer presents so it doesn't take the whole morning opening them. We started at about 10 and it was almost 1 when we left. And no white Christmas, but Portland and Seattle got one? I call unfair.
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