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    The Odyssey limitations (or poor design choices) come to the fore with this one. Because the Odyssey has no idea if your obeying the games rules regarding the blue maze walls the game is to easy and to tempting to break and just resorts to a game of tag with a grid over the top.
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    Hmm have to disagree with Chronogamer on this one. Played with my daughter using OdySim. Unfortunately either due to us both lacking any interest in American sports or the complete lack of any automatic scoring we found this very dull. I find it odd how poor the Odyssey actually handles Pong style games. I know it’s said that Pong ripped off the Odyssey but Atari Pong is a much more refined game.
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    We enjoyed this too ! Once again using OdySim this is one of the few games I’ve played with my daughter (upto yet) wherein she has actually stuck to the game rules. Probably won’t play the game again but it was an entertaining diversion.
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