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    Popeye is no stranger to video games. But he was when this one came out. His last video game appearance was in the '80s. But I guess they wanted to introduce Popeye to new people. This is not the way to do it. Popeye is not a platforming game. Rather it is a racing game that looks like a platformer. Think Mario, but your intention is crossing the finish line first. Thankfully this game has a password system so if you cared enough, you could probably google the passwords or go to GameFAQs if you wanted to see the ending. Not only is it a platforming racer, it's a hard one. With obstacles and power ups and crap like that trying (and failing) to make the game appealing. I just about broke the game when I came in second for the fifth time on the Prehistoric level. You must finish first to advance (no pun intended) the game. Listen, I tried to like it. I played and played until my left thumb hurt from pressing right too much (They should have made some levels face left, like in Super Mario Bros. 3.) I almost beat the game. The space level was the time I called it quits due to the fact that you move way slower due to the fact you're in outer space. That and my thumb was hurting and my Game Boy Micro needed to be charged up. The last level's password is KRRKZHNB. That takes you to the moon. So while it's a refreshing attempt on the racing genre, and the platforming genre, the two combined makes for this hybrid mess. I'd rather eat spinach than play this again! If you want racing on the GBA, choose Mario Kart: Super Circuit. That game is amazing. Popeye is, too, due to the fact that it actually got made!
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