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    So I spent a few hours on my burger game for the Game Gear after I woke up at about 4pm. I slept for 15 hours last night, which probably isn't very healthy, but if I didn't need the sleep then I wouldn't sleep, right? Anyway, I noticed that once the random mode kicks in, the straight burgers only had one speed. I've noticed this for a while now, but now I did something about it. Tested the game on a real Game Gear and found the music for level 2 was louder than level 1's. Not wanting to redo all the work on level 2's music (I already redid the song since I had a semi-mistake in it), I looked through and noticed I could set the PSGlib's master volume. So I did. It took me awhile to discover that it's backwards (0 being loudest and 15 being silence, just like in the regular Game Gear programming.) One more thing I noticed was when you start level 2, even though I reset the enemiesshotnumber to 0, it still randomly chose stuff, something I would not expect it to do. So in frustration, I set the speed to 1, thus making it not choosing stuff at the beginning like I wanted it to. One more thing I did was I made this a 1MBit game. I want this game to be closest to a Game Gear game that would have been an original-type one (including size), and if these 70 games are, then that's good enough for me. The bigger size also lets me put in more levels. So instead of 4, I probably could do 8. And with a four digit score and each level being 150 enemies long, this means it would need the thousands digit too. (8x150=1200).
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