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    I went back to work on making My History Teacher Ate Lemons again. I slept a whole bunch yesterday, but I'm still sleepy right now at almost 2pm. I'm right back where I left off on this game. Last time I left Fred he was stuck in the snow level. Well, I'm going to add a few more screens to this and then call level 2 done. Then I can work on level 3: a desert. The plan was to devote 15k or so to each level. Right now the game is 30k. So I'll probably make it be 16k for each level. That would make the game 32k at the end of level 2. The waffle game ended up being bigger than 48k. I don't know what the size limit is for an Intellivsion game, though. But it would seem silly to just have the game be only 3 levels. Perhaps I can add a fourth level, the Lemon Castle. It'd be a castle-themed level with lots of lemon-y stuff around. And after Fred completes it, the game will end. But we shall see about that. I have to get back in the "groove" of this game. The last time I worked on it was in April. I played it again and completed the first level but forgot a couple things. It's beginning to shape up like the lowercase i game I was making for the Odyssey 2. Which is a good thing because I wanted to make that game but never did. Thanks to INTYBasic, I can do stuff I never dreamed I could do on an Intellivision, like making a version of GoSub, or make a game where you need to dodge killer waffles. I've always wanted to make an adventure game, so this is it.
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    It's a toss-up between frog legs and rabbit stew...
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    Deep fried frog legs for dinner tonight?
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