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    Who This is For Batari basic minikernels are bits of display code, written in assembly, that appears below the main screen of an Atari game made with batari Basic. They can be used to show lives, timers, and many other things. Are you an batari Basic programmer who wants to know how to customize your games by making your own minikernels? Or maybe you just want to learn how to create games in assembly, but want to start by building off of what you have learned with batari Basic? If so, this guide is meant for you. While I am expecting the reader to have a high degree of proficiency with batari Basic, I am not assuming any prior knowledge of 6502 assembly programming, Atari 2600 internals and timings, or any other knowledge that is not needed to create a game with batari Basic. Who This is Not For If you are not already familiar with batari Basic and you wish to learn Atari 2600 game development using 6502 assembly, you would likely be better served by one of the existing tutorials: * SpiceWare's Collect Tutorial, detailing the creation of a 2K game * Andrew Davie's 2600 Programming for Newbies course If you are instead wishing to learn batari Basic, start with the "Getting Started" section of the "batari Basic Commands" reference, hosted by Random Terrain, and check out the batari Basic forum for answers to common questions.
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    After "some" time, I recently decided to have another look at Robot City. Since the Minigame Compo deadline for 1K is coming soon, I decided to try again to squeeze the gameplay into 1K. Last time I failed, but now I have some more experiences in compact coding. Still I had to strip down the game massively, but finally I managed to keep the important gameplay elements intact.Attached you find the current version. It is almost complete, except for missing sound and some polishing (especially between level transitions and at game over). I also attached the source code and instructions (maybe someone can check my English). 69 bytes free :)Are the controls ok? Does the game start at a good speed and is the speed progression ok? Do you like the two maps? ... Any feedback is appreciated. Robot_City__v1.0_.zip
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