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    I’ve typicslly handled things like this by declaring one array and then multiplying by a fixed offset to get to image I want: const unsigned char Images[] = { // Timmy 0b00111100, 0b01011010, 0b00100100, 0b00011000, 0b01111110, 0b10111101, 0b10111101, 0b00111100, 0b00100100, 0b00100100, // RedBox 0b11111111, 0b10000011, 0b10111101, 0b10111101, 0b10000011, 0b10110111, 0b10111011, 0b10111101, 0b11111111, // more images here }; You could also declare it as a two dimensional array if you wanted to hide the multiply.
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    I just checked Coleco.h header and you're correct. typedef unsigned char byte;
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