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    I'm working on Killer Heads of Lettuce for the Channel F again. Man this game is hard. So my job is to try and make it easier. I made it so the lettuce heads speed up at 50 points instead of a random speed up/slow down. And even then, getting to 50 points was hard even though the lettuce heads were slow. Though that may be just from me being a poor aim. A few things I had worked on prior to this was making the screen size smaller. I notice when I made Kevin Vs. Tomatoes that part of the score doesn't show up on my CRT TV. So a job of mine was to squish the screen and make stuff be more in the center. The most recent binary can be found here. Fall is here and that means winter is around the corner. So since I can't really go where I want to due to ice and perhaps snow, I am waiting until Spring 2019 at the latest to release it, that is, if e5frog is still around and wants to. So if you try it out and have suggestions for me, I'm ready to listen. I really want videocart #10 (Maze), but both copies on eBay are $40. Is it really that rare? Or are they just being greedy? I just woke up an hour ago. I also last night worked on Room of Doom a little bit. I'll share the progress of that sometime as well. Channel F programming is easier than Odyssey 2 programming, that's for sure.
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    The main thing that I find characterizes these ‘Avoid-It’ games is simplicity, these games are simple therefore anybody can pick them up and have a good time with them, and because they’re so simple I think I’d be forgiven for giving many of these a single paragraph review, so without further ado lets review Grand Prix. I believe James Rolfe (AVGN) said it best “It’s a bunch of kazoos flying through a cabbage patch…”, and I rather agree with him. The cars, while simple in design, are colorful and large, couple that with as many as five being on the screen at once all the while staying flicker free and I’d say you’ve got a pretty good looking game here, even if the cars DO look like kazoos. This game is in a top-down view as you try to get your kazoo to the finishing line as fast as possible, you will be hindered by other kazoos, oil slicks, and bridges. There are four difficulties, starting simple and getting progressively longer and harder (as these games tend to do); sadly it seems there isn’t a random course selection so each of the four courses has the same order of cars each time. There isn’t anything special when it comes to the sounds; all you’ll be hearing is the grumble and crunch of the engines and the occasional ‘CLACK’ when you rear-end another kazoo. This is one of the most common games in the Atari 2600 library, if you buy a console lot you’re likely to get this game with it, but if you don’t already have it and can’t find a copy in the wild (for some reason) then carts go for as little as $3.99 (free shipping) on Ebay, and boxed copies go for as little as 10$, it’s a fun game so go on out there and play it.
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