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    That's a good idea. Maybe I'll do like Christmas Carol and steal one of the Snowman's twiggy arms to whack myself over the head with it, if I deviate from the plan. dZ.
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    Well, look at that, I added a new chapter. This morning I woke up with a clear idea of how to connect the remaining pieces of the plot in order to reach the exciting climax. So, I went through the final sections of my outline to make sure I had everything covered. I added a detailed description of the plot points and the story beats I wanted to cover. It was more of a "brain-dump" of the visions in my head. After all that, I thought to see how it all fits into the chapters, and noticed that at least one was missing. So now we know: The story will be 14 chapters long, not counting the epilogue. I can say this with some authority and confidence because the next three chapters I have to write will neatly contain everything I wanted the story to include from its inception. Sure, it is possible that the "writing me" could decide to do something completely different, but I don't expect him to. In fact, I do not wish him to and I will argue vigorously with myself to prevent him. I want to finish the story and other than the next three chapters, there is nothing else that it needs. There's plenty of stuff for sequels and other short branches to come along, but for this story, this is it. I am right now at page #52 at the very start of Chapter 12, which is now called "The Great Frosty Escape." I average about 5 pages per chapter, with the last couple being 6 or 7 pages, and at least one in there is 10. I suppose the climax in the coming chapters will require a great deal of prose to narrate the action and describe the characters and locations, so I'd say that I have about 20 more pages to go, maybe more. Then the epilogue may just be two or three pages, if that. That's roughly 75 pages total for this book. Once we add illustrations (which are still in the plan), we may reach 85 to 90 pages. Not bad for a concept which I hoped would make at least 10 pages. Who knew it would take such a life! Anyway, it looks like I'm set to finish by sometime next month, so I'm excited. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's looking to be a glowing magical snowflake and not an incoming train. That's it for now. Until next update. See ya'! -dZ.
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    Perhaps you should equip yourself with a soft club to whack yourself when you're trying to extend the story. Not so hard that you'll injure yourself, but enough to come back to reality.
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    I've long believed this game has the best graphics in the 2600 library. The gameplay doesn't quite live up to the visuals, but it's still very good! I've always been amazed that this game was Garry Kitchen's follow-up to Donkey Kong... visually, it's quite the step up! I wonder if after wrestling with the 2600's limitations to get DK working if he wasn't inspired to create the best looking game possible given those limitations. If so, mission accomplished, Mr. Kitchen!
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