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    "S is for sucks!" -strong bad. Yeah. This game is torture. It would fit snugly onto Action 52. Except it would be considered one of the more playable games on that cart, and it's the wrong platform. Anyways. Maybe the cart art would look ironically hip on a t-shirt? I could go for that. Especially if it said "S is for sucks." on the back.
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    Part of me is intrigued in minimalist games with minimalist graphics, if those serve a purpose. In this case it doesn't quite seem that way.
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    AtariAge member emerson made a frog for me. It is way better than the one I had. I spent a few hours today struggling with collision detection for the frog but I think I finally got it working. Since I have nowhere to go for Thanksgiving, I slept until 11am. It was nice. I have my turkey TV dinner I am going to fix for dinner. It's actually raining for the first time in months. Too bad it had to be on a holiday. Oh well. The people will get soaked Black Friday shopping tomorrow as well. Ha ha. Happy rest of Thanksgiving.
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