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    Bubsy and his Paws on Fire gang give the warmest whisker wishes this Christmas! (art by SpongeFox)
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    I just got a notice from the USPS that Fushek's special Christmas present has been delivered. I am also packing grips03's special present to ship early next week. I can't wait to hear from them what they think. I ran the Carol vs. The World Championship with my wife from 2012 to 2016 as a way to promote the game and foster camaraderie in the Intellivision community, and because I love Christmas and enjoy sharing the excitement with everyone. Eventually, my wife and I decided it would be best to close down the competition. Four years was a great run for what was originally a one-off promotional contest. Although it was a lot of fun running the championship, it was still a heck of a lot of work and took a huge chunk of our time and effort during the Christmas Season -- time and effort that we rather spend enjoying the Season itself and making our own memories. So, now that I got these two projects are out of the way and the CvW Championship is but a mere memory a few years removed, I thought I'd share some information on the CvW Grand Prizes awarded in the spirit of Christmas Past. For the next few entries, I shall recap the prizes, the challenges I had in implementing or acquiring them, and share with you a glimpse of what the winners received for all their hard effort and skill. Unfortunately, I only documented the packing of one of them. Hopefully, Fushek and grips03 will eventually share some photos of their special prizes as well. See you soon! -dZ.
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