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    Just me fooling around with Channel F programming. I wanted to make a game and thought "What can I make a game about that primarily uses the colors blue, red, green, and white?" Then it occurred to me: Golf. This is the result of a couple of hours: The guy can move anywhere on screen, but he can't hit the ball. I don't know if I can continue work on this or not. But I'll try. I tried to make an all-brand new file, but it wouldn't work, so I ended up changing another file that was working to this. If I can't make the hole black, I'll just make it red. Like the guy. This is going to be like the Atari 2600 version or Odyssey 2 version of Golf, only I want to have a complete 18-hole course instead of just 9. I'm going to put in water hazards. I don't think a red sandtrap would work seeing as how the guy (and possibly the hole) are red, so sandtraps are out. My SD card I had been using for a while now finally died. It's sad. And I completed issue 27 of the Celery comic book. You can read it online. I'm about to go to sleep soon. It's almost 7 a.m. Time for bed.
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    I figured it out. When using the Stella autodetect the colors are all out of whack, even though it detects that the game is PAL it still forces the NTSC color pallet, which is what we're seeing in the review. If you manually select PAL then you'll get a much more normal, and actually kind of laid back and chill, color pallet. It still doesn't change the fact that this game is all sorts of crazy. Her'es what the game would look like on a PAL system on a PAL TV in PAL-land.
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    Here's the thing. A user at http://highscore.com posted a play video of a game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Actually, this shoot 'em up has all the makings of a great homebrew conversion for the Atari 2600. The Game is called The Pyramid. It was designed by Bob Hamilton, Darren Hamilton, Ian Hamilton, and published for the Speccy in 1983 by Fantasy Software. Here's the video. Take a look and please comment on this idea:
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    It's not easy keeping my Atari 7800 ProSystem well fed with 2600 and 7800 games that it has never experienced before while staying on a budget. I received 3 emails from Atari Age today confirming that three of my orders have shipped, leaving 2 still being processed. So what did I do? Placed another order of course. Plus which, I buy games on eBay. I'm not as mobile as I once was, so I do most of my game shopping online. Here's some of what's coming: Atari Age (Homebrews/Hacks) Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest (7800; POKEY) Berzerk: Voice Enhanced (2600) Draconian (2600) Elevators Amiss (2600) Flappy (2600) Galactopus (2600) Meteor Shower (7800; Red label variant. I already own the Blue label variant) Rainbow Invaders (2600) Atari Age (Custom Reproductions) Demolition Herby (2600) Gas Hog (2600) River Patrol (2600) Packrat Video Games (Homebrews) Astronomer (2600) Explosive Diarrhea (2600) eBay (Games from back-in-the-day) Deadly Duck (2600) Planet Patrol / Wall Defender (2600; 2-in-1; PAL) Thunderground w/Manual (2600) I only order Custom Reproductions of games that I can't otherwise afford. Sure, they play through emulation. But I'd rather play on actual Atari hardware. I especially like Demolition Herby, which is a take on Amidar/Spiderdroid but with some vehicular combat added for extra spice, and River Patrol, an extremely rare port of the arcade original for the 2600. It even has music throughout. I only recently started playing Gas Hog thru emulation. An interesting game. You probably noticed that I bought a PAL 2-in-1 on eBay (from a seller in Germany) - Planet Patrol / Wall Defender. I already own the NTSC release of Planet Patrol, however Wall Defender is another matter. Not only do I not own it on cartridge, but it will not run properly on my emulator - EMU7800 (version 2.2). I downloaded the latest version of Stella for Windows 10 (64-bit), but I have a problem. It seems to have many games already pre-loaded (such as Wall Defender), but when I select a game it only runs an attract mode for that game. I can't start an actual game. Maybe someone here can help me with this. -Mark
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