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  1. SONGBIRD ACQUIRES CLASSIC GAMING PROPERTIES For immediate release: ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions is pleased to announce the acquisition of multiple classic gaming properties, including: The entire HandMade Software library, except for Kasumi Ninja, including games such as Awesome Golf and Battlezone 2000 Battlemorph by ATD Gordo 106 by Tenth Planet Software Lynx Super Skweek by Loriciel Othello by Harry Dodgson "Songbird has enjoyed two decades of supporting diehard Atari fans with new games for old systems," said Carl Forhan, founder of Songbird. "I look forward to a new wave of products that can incorporate these incredible games for the benefit of all gamers worldwide." Songbird Productions is a premier game developer and publisher for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar. To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at http://songbird-productions.com . This message may be reprinted in its entirety.
  2. SONGBIRD ACQUIRES CLASSIC GAMING PROPERTIES For immediate release: ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions is pleased to announce the acquisition of multiple classic gaming properties, including: The entire HandMade Software library, except for Kasumi Ninja, including games such as Awesome Golf and Battlezone 2000 Battlemorph by ATD Gordo 106 by Tenth Planet Software Lynx Super Skweek by Loriciel Othello by Harry Dodgson "Songbird has enjoyed two decades of supporting diehard Atari fans with new games for old systems," said Carl Forhan, founder of Songbird. "I look forward to a new wave of products that can incorporate these incredible games for the benefit of all gamers worldwide." Songbird Productions is a premier game developer and publisher for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar. To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at http://songbird-productions.com . This message may be reprinted in its entirety.
  3. Gentlemen..please, stop thank You for supporting me, Candle, FJC. big amount of work ahead me and Candle Also, please remeber: Thanks to your purchase I can keep on helping kids from Special Needs School in Piekary Slaskie. In addition, I`m one of the supporters of KID`S DAY in my JUDO CLUB, where big party is organised and money collected for kids. Last, but not least, I support almost every retro party I visit and Judo Club CZARNI BYTON as this sport - next to retro gaming - is my passion. So, feel proud ! Feel happy and enjoy ATARI !!! .... and judo
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    My cat seems to be doing better today than the past 2 days. He got his appetite back and is "going".
  5. Excellent install pics guys..Thank you all...Its just the official guide is a bit 'brief'.... Have not had the heart to look at the bank balance Last thing I brought was 2 silent night pillows (true) and I think if I raid the bank I may well be smothered by my wife with them Such a soft way to go
  6. Here are just a few of the top products our core team at Intellivision have worked on. The legacy and future is in good hands. ...to the doubters... any questions?
  7. Hi guys... Sorry to bump an old thread, but my NES port (of my 7800 port) of Berzerk / Frenzy is the next thing getting the mini arcade treatment (after Rainbow Brite): This was why I couldn't post the ROM for the NES version. It's actually licensed. The only main difference between the two is on the NES version when playing two-player simultaneous, the first player to exit the room ends the room for both players. (In the 7800 version, *both* players have to exit the room to move on).
  8. Here (would be valid if HW design remains the same as v1, original release): However, I am sure you will get plenty of work! Enjoy!
  9. You can download my firmware free of charge and apply the update yourself. Donations are welcome for those inclined to show support, but are not mandatory. The update process is as safe and simple as I can make it, but there's always the Sod's Law victim who suffers a power-cut mid-flash, has an installation issue which stalls the update, or manages to out-fox the safety measures with 'between the chair and the desk' ingenuity. The TL866 USB EPROM flasher is a recommended purchase for those who want to be totally insured against disaster. But I stress: during firmware development here, since last July, I flashed beta versions dozens upon dozens of times to various machines via UFLASH and maybe had recourse to the TL866 once after making some dumb programming error which made it onto real hardware in a test build and was bad enough to stop the machine from booting. Please don't argue about donations, etc: again - while appreciated, they are entirely voluntary. If the end user has the know-how and confidence to update the firmware after purchasing the cheaper version, I cannot see a sane argument against them doing so (especially since it's desirable to be able to apply further firmware updates in the future). In the interests of clarity, I pointed out that I receive less than half of the premium surcharge, but Lotharek has his own overheads to deal with. I won't coerce anyone one way or another. The firmware is licensed for those making a profit by selling it pre-installed on hardware, but it is free to download for the end user. Simple as that. Thanks everyone for their support. PS: Note my post #31 was intended to be tongue-in-cheek.
  10. I have x2 identical 800XL + Ultimate/1MB (including manufacturing site and MoBo/Keyboard revisions, fully socketed), as well as one mint 800 / Incognito. The architecture of the upgrades is quite different... being the 800 the more cohesive and integrated. Incognito hosts a very similar (almost identical) structured and programmable RAM and ROM space as Ultimate-1MB, with the benefit of supporting native Colleen mode, with up to 52 KB linear RAM space, 10KB OS rom-slots, and 1024 AXLON-banked (16KB) extended memory, also recognized by SDX and other applications, such as SynCalc, etc.) In addition to this, the Hard-Drive (solid state) resource resides internal ON Incognito, presented as a PBI device, thus eliminating ALL cartridge-ports contention (e.g. you do not need to plug anything on LEFT-cart port, nor RIGHT-cart port). Therefore, once you close the 800's top-lid, the machine looks exactly as factory-spec, and does not look as dumb-ass as my 800XLs with a cart. sticking out of the middle, which gets in the way of my 19" LCD/video-processor combo, as I like it standing near-flush with respect the machine's top surface (even rotation gets obstructed by the protruding cart on my 800XLs). In addition to the above, there are operational differences between both implementations. Incognito removes ALL RAM and ROM (every-bit) of the 800, and replaces it with its integrated, higher-density RAM residing ONLY on personality slot, thus leaving three, large slots free for future use, and also improving machine's reliability, quite a bit, and reducing power consumption, overall (I have measured as low as 7.9 watts, net of external power-supply brick). Because of the architecture of the 800, replacing (for instance) the clock-battery on-board Incognito is, simply put, a breeze: remove the top-cover of the 800, and there is the battery, immediately accesible. Also, installation and removal of Incognito (damaged SST flash-chip, bricked ROM needing external flashing, emergencies, etc.) is also a breeze on the 800, requiring almost no work... Any of these two steps require a significant removal of screws and parts on my 800 XLs, and it takes time (especially if, like me, you still preserve your shields in place). Other operational differences are, for instance, in the way Cartridges and SIDE's HD storage is accessed. On Ultimate 1MB, you MUST turn-off "HD access" on BIOS prior to booting any cart, whereas in Incognito, you don't have to do anything special. As an example, I just flashed Altirra Extended Basic on my 1Mbit AtariMax cart, plugged it in on LEFT-cart port, powered up the 800, landed on BIOS and mounted a DOS .ATR as D1:, and voila! ATX-Basic booted off the flashable cart, while STILL reading from Incognito's internal HD. That ease and flexibility is non-existent on my Ultimates, because you have Cart-port contention, unless you plug the cart on the PBI bus of the XL (?), but then you have PBI bus contention, which is also not a problem on Incognito's PBI bus). Furthermore, you can suppress SDX (completely) on Incognito, and boot an external load of SDX (from either a SIDE/SIDE2 cart or an 8Mbit AtariMax cart, which I have as backup), and you will STILL have access to Incognito's internal PBI HD drive !!! Ultimate-1MB on the other hand, has electrical contacts for HW add-ons, also providing low-level (BIOS) integration with these add-ons via PlugIns (which are also flashable). Incognito does not provide this functionality, for example. Ultimate also provides a XEGS-mode that I do not recall exists on Incognito (IIRC). Also, the .ATR switch button on Incognito can be installed on a remote location, and hidden away from plain-sight, whereas on Ultimate, it is installed on the body of SIDE/2 cart, itself. Easy to access, as well... but everything sticking out as sore-thump... Performance / throughput wise, I have measure basically the same speed on both setups (e.g. HD-speed) and you will not notice any difference there. All-in-all, BOTH upgrades are almost mandatory if you own XL and 800/Colleen platforms (I have them both). Now, in my opinion, it is the 800 / Incognito the real system, the real machine riding on a more cohesive and upgrade-oriented platform (much more than my 800 XLs). Cheers!
  11. I was looking for Intellivision parts from Sears and found that they still have some parts for the 400, hope it might be of some use to someone: https://www.searspartsdirect.com/model/ytyxqlymqw-000074/atari-400-office-parts
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    I have become interested lately in the history of computers before the mid 70s when I first got into them. Maybe it's because I sort of exhausted my curiosity about computers during the 70s and 80s and always thought of anything earlier as the dark ages and not worth spending any time learning. But this hit a fever pitch lately with the project I picked up on via Youtube to restore an Apollo guidance computer. That actual AGC then went on tour and I got to see it in action at the MIT Museum about a month ago. As much respect as I have for the original Atari programmers who had to code for the 2600, the AGC is next-level in what they had to do compared to what they had available in tooling. I now have this completely impractical and pointless (and probably impossible) desire to learn how to build my own CPU out of TTL logic, similar to what Larry Rosenthal did with Vectorbeam. I still feel like there's some unfinished business in my life for having never truly learning the ins and outs of assembly language, let alone electrical engineering. But there comes a time when you get too old to put in Malcolm Gladwell's 10K hours anymore.
  13. Meh. I get the appeal of the rare game, the sealed game. I love having that time capsule and popping it open to breathe the air from 198x. But there's one big difference... ... I want it cheap. Because at the end of the day, it's still an old game, and it's most likely still sealed because it was overproduced. So I'll pay $10-20 premium for the sealed game and the pleasure of deflowering it, but the second the prices went above that, I lost interest. When it gets to the point where the packaging is worth $600 and the game itself is worth $10 (and that's where so many retrogames are at these days) then You have a hard time convincing me there isn't a better way to spend $590.
  14. So [email protected] excited. Eclaire XL, Velocifire TKL78, ATARI layout keyboard stickers and PartsExpress project box. Not sure if I'll use the box or a 3D printed case yet, but... ...have options, will play. 🙂 THANK YOU santosp for this amazing board!
  15. Everyone just chill for a moment. There was no deliberate attempt to spread false information, just a mistake. Why is everyone so testy these days? We're ready to bring out the pitchforks and torches at at a drop of a hat. I'll edit the posts to remove the offending comment and clean up the thread, but come on guys, we're better than this.
  16. Hmm, I haven't really thought much about this. Testing is, of course, always appreciated, especially with some of the more unusual configurations. Designs, I don't really need, I have far more designs in mind than I can actually implement. Hardware reverse engineering is something that is always helpful, but I don't have specific suggestions off-hand. The work that Nezgar's been doing to dump previously unknown or rare disk drive ROMs is excellent. I've recently been given an Atari 400 and a Happy 1050 for testing which are going to come in real handy, but unfortunately they're not something I can get help with over the Internet unless you're skillful at writing custom drive code to exercise the floppy drive controller. So... it wouldn't be hard to implement SIO-level support for the B: device since the emulator's device intrastructure makes this easy to do, but I'm a little uneasy about the reuse of the APE device ID. The SIO specification does say that devices should NAK commands that aren't valid, but this interpretation is up to the device. I'm not sure it's a good idea to co-opt command IDs on another device's ID, especially for a multi-function device implemented in various versions on a PC. I would suggest switching to another device ID for adding a new function like this. There is a known issue in Altirra where browsing to an existing hard drive image may not reflect values in the UI if the hard drive image is already mounted, because the UI tries to open another file handle to the image and fails. When this happens, you need to remove the existing image from the device tree first. There is also a note for IOCTL_DISK_GET_PARTITION_INFO that it may not work with GPT disks. This should only affect the UI, but I haven't tested that case because ordinarily removable drives are not formatted as such. In any case, the next time you see this, please run the .ide command in the debugger and check its output -- it should indicate if something is amiss with the physical disk image geometry. Needless to say, this is not expected or normal. Were you seeing this long startup on 3.20 even before doing reset all settings + make portable?
  17. lol, both fixes are identical. I just got beat by 6 years.
  18. There is a patched version of Skeleton+ that Thomas Jentzsch did a few years ago that will work on the Harmony. Skeleton Plus (FIXED).bin
  19. Does the attached one work? I noticed the game doesn't seem to hit vblank, and I'm guessing harmony happens to leave this register set. SkelPlus-harmonyfix.bin
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    replaced the 6507 on the heavy sixer that wasn't working, fixed it.
  21. Basically, an 800 with Incognito, is the same as an 800XL with U1MB + SIDE2 cartridge. With the obvious benefits of the 800 - takes twice the desk space, weighs more, but has 4 joystick ports.
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    It's nice that (for the most part) Atari 2600 games have stayed very affordable over the years. 2019 was the year of rebuilding my old Sega Genesis collection, which went quite well even though a lot of games had gone up in price, and I think 2020 is going to be the year I get my former Atari 2600 library back together.
  23. It appears Lotharek is taking preorders for a small batch of Incognito boards. https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=276 this version has the FJC firmware already flashed and part of the added price goes direct to Jon. I would recommend this version as the functionality is much improved and a far superior experience. https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=275 this version is the original firmware by Candle, slightly cheaper but not as functional. Sadly not the incognito II but I know there have been a lot of people lamenting the fact these have not been available.
  24. Hello assembler coders, I would like to ask you to review code for the TSCBL cassette loader. it is nothing else than binary loader for the "C:" device. If you can spot any fatal mistakes... https://github.com/baktragh/turgen_tape_loaders/tree/master/standard_tscbl This loader should be the ultimate result of my effort to provide an open source replacement for the "exclamation mark" loader. Thanks a lot.
  25. It would be interesting to get a ROM dump of the 80 column board prototype for ICD's MIO, and see if that could be brought to fruition. First with emulation, then via modern hardware. I really like the idea of PBI type expansions like this that have so much more i/o bandwidth available.
  26. I just figured out, that I still have some pictures from when I installed my Incognito a few years ago. They are totally uncommented and take some time to load, but maybe they are helpful: http://www.mac-emu.de/bilder/incognito
  27. Thanks for the replies, Flashjazzcat: I checked and for some reason it had changed the setting to 576k CompyShop not seen this sort of change in previous upgrades. I reset to 1088k and it now works fine. _The_Doctor_ : You beat me to it, that thought just crossed my mind, although my problem is now solved, I will still change the CONFIG.SYS as you suggest
  28. I think retroclouds is asking for something like returning with all the current context of the shell intact, like when 'cat' exits back to 'bash' Yes that is aspirationally planned. Force Command currently uses about half of the 32k. I want consolidate that, and make the ROM routines for console interaction available, as well as Command line argument passing. But, I've been on TI vacation. Playing with my Amiga, ZX Spectrum, and GR8BIT. [email protected]
  29. Please consider go fund me and other wonderful crowd funding sites for a boost! Also consider adding donation links to help the causes you have outlined! there is a whole world of good guys/girls waiting to help out!
  30. I just added a PDF of the Percom Doubler manual for the AT-88 drive if anybody needs it in the future. https://archive.org/details/doublerfortheat88percomdatacorp Allan
  31. Nice! Just wait and see... You will never look back!
  32. Probably shouldn't go too far into it on this thread, but writes to $D5Ex don't affect the AtariMax 1Mbit cart type that Altirra Extended BASIC uses. If it were actually turning off the cart, you wouldn't see the prompt afterward. The problem is that, for some reason, SpartaDOS X is deliberately hitting $D518 and $D500 when it switches library banks. This resets ATXBasic to bank 0, which then causes it to restart. As it turns out, bank 0 is almost completely empty as it's only currently used for Atari BASIC $A000 cold start compatibility. I might be able to put in a hack to re-bank the cart.
  33. The ability to run 800 and XL/XE software. <=- Hard drive in the form of cf card... Kyle22 and I both used spinning cf disks <=- (kyle22 still has his and does) 4 slots for OS separate for Colleen and XL/XE mode <=- 64k of FLASH for future GUI 2 slots for BASIC/CARTRIDGE <=- built in configurable PBI CF card storage (works as PBI in XL/XE mode, and through SDX driver in Colleen mode) <=- built in FAT32 loader (SIDE) with both ATR and XEX file handling (though FJC has probably improved on this yet again as we type) SpartaDosX onboard RTC 1MB Axlon compatible memory expansion for Colleen mode <=- 64k/320k/576/1088k total memory available in XL/XE mode up to 52k of memory in Colleen mode (configurable) <=- -=> missing are the configurable control pins for add ons like stereo pokey and antix (which isn't out) I marked things that I feel stand out. It's everything the other machines are and more in the venerable 800. Just two things on it need to be updated (one of which was fixed but lost) pretty bullet proof all things considered.
  34. May I present---the ColecoVision---Donkey Kong Edition---Super Arcade Controller! The joystick Coleco should have sold us 37 years ago to properly pair with their "Arcade Quality Video Game System." I'll be back with more info later this evening. I got a few things I gotta take care of, just wanted to get the buzz going.
  35. This is the add on I am most looking forward to! I have all of these amazing homebrew games and carts and don't care much to run ROMS, its that tactile experience of playing a cart. I never cared for "the kid in the candy store syndrome" of having all the ROMS and only skimming through a few before I say.. I think I will play something else.. carts for some reason don't give me that phenomenon. Hey Collectorvision, if you are going to do a 7800 core, can the add on slot work for both? If I can play my Colecovision, Collectorvision, 2600 and 7800 carts that would be ideal! Most of my homebrew carts I own are those 3 systems. I plan to use the SD Slot for any systems, if implemented, that are hard to get or are just rare.. (eg MSX, Astrocade, Super Cassette Vision, Casio PV-1000, etc.) This system is going to be so hype!
  36. When I've first subscribed here in 2008, I did my very first game with the help on another fellow member here, I never ever thought we would someday release a ColecoVision FPGA console. I feel blessed and very thankful to have been part of this community for 11 years now, I would never have been able to do most of what we did so far all alone Since then, a bunch of folks joined CollectorVision Same goes for the Phoenix, Brian (bmack36) lead the project and surround himself with awesome people wich are all members here as well. They did a tremendeous job and almost did the impossible in only just 1 year (from prototype to final version) Also, a HUGE shoutout to Toby (coleco_master) who is doing all the assembling and shipping Just surround yourself with good people, awesome things can happen! Thanks to EVERYONE of you who are supporting us and believe in our crazy ideas Cheers!
  37. Or just pre-order the new Atari VCS with it's sandbox mode for that... I don't want to turn my 800 into a PC, I hate PC's and only use them for Internet and I hate emulating things on PC's. But I like the idea of a board for Apple II or C64 compatibility!
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    Keep rearranging my home, but I think we've finally settled on the half-converted attic becoming a library/office. Would also be a nice place to put my retrogame room, if only CRTs weren't 5 million tons and would have to go up stairs.
  39. The joystick thing could be found, re-discovered, or who knows on a quieter day a recollection of it could occur and a chance to re do it. as for the memory protection, try some language / utility carts and make sure you have floppies to save your work to if it nails you. Most people never run into it. If your like kyle, or you muck about in obscure stuff like I do you might see it. Maybe it's because we both mess around with BBS stuff, spinning disks, and actually use some really old things You simply can't go wrong buying one. In that you can trust!
  40. Yes they do, unlike all the other FPGAs and flashbacks. You just need to plug in the roller controller power in separately with a standard power brick or the new ColUSB power supply.
  41. Indeed. Elon has raised billions in seed capital over 15 years plus billions more in customer payments for payload launches. Unless every billionaire VC angel investor and satellite operations company is wrong, there’s no shortcuts through physics. Sorry.
  42. The tanks are sprites. Most programming languages for the TI have access to sprites. There's 32 sprites, but the TI will only show a maximum of 4 of these horizontally. Distribute the sprites vertically and you can have all of the 32 sprites on screen at once.
  43. https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=276 Available with second-gen firmware pre-installed for those who prefer not to flash it after the fact.
  44. Went with 2 temps instead of a single temp and and an index register. This version saves 1 byte and 3 cycles over the BCDtoBin4 routine in post #5 above. ; BCD value $0 - $99 is in A. Returns binary number 0-99 in A BCDtoBin6: sta Temp and #$F0 lsr sta Temp2 lsr lsr adc Temp sec sbc Temp2 rts
  45. I'm waiting for this Pac Man to come on cart: PacMan 8K.bin
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