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    Sometimes your status update should be a blog post or a topic in the forums. Just sayin.
  2. BITD I used the 850, ATR-8000 and then an ICD MIO for parallel printer interface. Today my preference is the ICD P: R: Connection. Its small"ish", runs off the SIO 5VDC, has an SIO pass-thru and has the ability to add carriage return at end of line. Most other Atari interfaces don't have that option. You have to set a dip switch on the printer to advance the line feed. It's a small thing, but important to me. I've tried smaller Ape Face, MPP-1150 and the U-Print inerfaces. The latter two have the SIO pass-thru which is nice since my SIO2SD is already a dead end device. I recently bought a NIB Star NX-1000 Multi Font that came with a little known (at least to me) parallel interface called the Xetec Graphics AT. Its small, has no SIO pass-thru, but it has two features that seem unique. 1) Has 8 dip switches on the outside to select different modes and functions. One of which is carriage return at end of line (like the P: R: Connection). 2) The ability to print ATASCII Ctrl characters! What? Yes. By flipping one of the dip switches, you can list programs directly to your printer with ATASCII Ctrl characters. Really a nice feature.
  3. We are about as close to total compatibility as we can be. Nearly all the major players (SIDE, SIDE2, U1MB/SIDE, U1MB/AVG, Incognito, 1088XEL/XLD) are totally HDD media compatible now. The only outliers I know of which don't support APT are MYIDE/MYBIOS (as you point out) and older devices such as MIO and BlackBox. Sure there are others but with one conspicuous aforementioned exception, I think every new device which provided PBI mass storage during the last decade supports the exact same partitioning format. Don't forget that APT FDISK does NOT require SpartaDOS X, just in case that's a perceived motivation to downgrade.
  4. Or, this - I have always wanted to have a stab at this...
  5. I have for sale the two CIB editions of Mario Bros as released by CollectorVision. Both are in like new condition. US$220 each + tracked shipping from Canada for shipping. PM me your country and post/zip code for shipping quotes. 1st Edition This is the very first release of Mario Bros. by CollectorVision that came in a distinctive red box and with a red cart shell. The cart contains the Rev.A rom of the game and does NOT require an SGM to play. The glue applied by CollectorVision to secure the side of the box has dried and the side has come partly unstuck. This is easily fixed using a glue stick but I thought the future owner of this may prefer to do this themselves and so I have left it as-is from the "factory". BONUS - I have bundled a pair of Mario Bros. Coleco controller overlays with this game. These were only included with the second edition and never came with this first edition. I purchased a spare set separately and am including them with this game. 2nd Edition This is the second and final boxed release of Mario Bros. by CollectorVision. This is original arcade cabinet version of the box (there were also three coloured artwork variants released at the same time). This version comes with a distinctive green cart shell. The cart contains the Rev.D rom of the game and does NOT require an SGM to play.
  6. No Jeff, if you were able to update.. the device is good. Its in the configuration of the device. I just went through all this with UDS and MSS devices. SO.. here is the thing to note. A UDS device is a END device a MODEM.. an MSS is a SERVER device. You have a UDS - SO.. you need to use a STD (ATARI wired) MODEM cable.. - NOT a NULL modem cable.. BUT - since you have people calling and their typing shows up.. ITS WORKING.. so the cable is FINE. IT is in the configuration.. - ON AA - go to clubs - you will see BBS GURU's club.. look in there.. you will see a configuration posted for a UDS10 from John Polka. Follow that. John uses his to run bbs's The 1100 is just a faster device. If you can run deviceinstaller see the device and telnet to it to see the config.. its working.. - its just getting the config correct. James
  7. If you like the lower case characters that are in the 99/8’s character set, it would be trivial to provide the character definitions. Let me know if those work and I can get them from MAME and put it here.
  8. Had the great pleasure to meet Éric Chahi today at Gamescom thanks to a very nice colleague from France. A very nice and humble person whose games I know since I have been a little kid. He gave me an Another World card that he had with him and a bit of promo material for his next game Paper Beast, nice surprise. 🙂
  9. Not Pong, but in a similar vein. CastleCrisis_5200.bin
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    I built IRATA.ONLINE expressly with the goal of getting many people in the retro computing communities at large to come together and do something interesting. Two years in, and I'm starting to wonder if I am wasting my time trying to promote it, as very few seem to even notice or care, even within these relatively small communities. I guess everybody's just fine with playing with themselves...
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