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  1. With all the basement talk, I figured I might as well point out what a typical troll/hater's basement looks like.
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    According to the foreign Robocalls: I'm wanted by the FBI, the CIA, my local Sheriff and Police Departments, The IRS, The Department of Homeland Security, My Windows 10 computer has been hacked, my Wells Fargo account has been hacked, my auto warranty has expired, and I've won the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. Now, most of this is just untrue.
  3. Latest release (0.24) of the U-235 SoundEngine just uploaded to our site. There are some breaking changes in this release so PLEASE read the changelog before trying to use, they are only minor but without them it won't work. Big improvements in bus access and sound quality in this release too, so I highly recommend it. And thanks to feedback from CJ an annoying bug that would intermittently kill off module playback when changing modules has been resolved! Full Update here
  4. After many attempts at these it's time to move on. [NTSC] [PAL] I took shot at this picture as well. I wasn't able to disguise the LINE dither nor process out the errors (right cheek). On the Atari the image looks better a couple feet back from the monitor. [NTSC] These were processed using my saturation 50 palettes. If viewing in Atari800 emulator you'll need my palettes (see my sig) or in Altirra bump the saturation to 50 for the PAL image. For NTSC there's a bit more tweaking. Saturation also 50, hue start is -44, and hue step 24.1, On real hardware you might need to boost saturation of your monitor some but the colors are achievable. -SteveS a8isa1_chameleon2.xex a8isa1_chameleon2_PAL.xex a8isa1_mouth.xex
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    Played H.E.R.O on the 2600 for the first time last night... Damn that's an awesome (and addicting) game!!!!
  6. There will be multiple 7800 flashcarts out there, and I am sure each will have its own strengths. Maybe one will play games the other can't and vice versa, or each will have features the other doesn't. And as Concerto will have multiple levels of feature sets and price points, there will be choices even there too. The way it's currently designed, full 2600 compatibility, including the Melody schemes, are possible on all levels of Concerto. Since they are possible I might as well add these features to the cart. Although this is less important to those who already have Harmony carts, some might buy a Concerto because of it.
  7. I thought it was about time for another update; NTSC only for the current build because a few things need to be updated for PAL. There's still a lot to get in place before it's really a proper demo, but it shows the direction things are moving in. At present you can get as far as the 'Watchman's Hut' map by finding the key to open the door (you have to be holding the key in one of your hands for the door to open). Off the top of my head the changes are (besides the maps): The single Atarivox phrase on the title screen (will need to add more and get the save system working again later) In game music. Currently a single track and the sound priorities will need adjusting later. If another brief snippet plays such as the secret chime it will automatically restart the map's music track Rain that shows off the particle effects nicely. There's a westerly wind so the rain falls differently depending on where you look. A nifty lightning effect. It's been oddly difficult to get a sound that's both loud and low to best represent thunder. Fixed the positioning of torches Fixed a graphical bug that has been annoying me for some time where the colour of the objects you look at will briefly be the colour of what you were previously looking at when you turn Introduced and fixed a crash when looking at doors. That was a fun day of troubleshooting. Probably broke a lot of things I don't know about yet. (I do know that side views of doors are broken already) SotA NTSC.a78 SotA NTSC.bin SotA NTSC.bin.CC2
  8. Splatterhouse Sprites: Rick: Body Eater: Hey guys & gals! Halloween is soon and I designed some horror sprites from the Arcade game Splatterhouse. Enjoy! illya
  9. In that case I can only suggest this:
  10. And yes, this is really the final version ! Always with the support of Playsoft, we now have a fully functioning sea hug (witch) in all her 2 frame ugly glory Here is the new 'sprite' for her (the two frames share the lower right portion, that's why the foot remain stationary..) And here is the final final version of Popeye for you to enjoy ! Popeye Hack (final.. no really).xex
  11. Haha, thanks! Here is a shot of the main game wall.
  12. H.E.R.O. - 80,680 Finally got the patch!!
  13. And note, these are the test boards I'm getting, to verify that my layout is good. A production order would follow that once any issues are quashed. . .and then I'll have to build a lot of them it seems--and that's a good thing too.
  14. There are no ads, only tacos....
  15. How do you boycott a company that can't make any product???
  16. Here is a big list of the stuff I'm giving away. I figured people would like it better if I had a "buffet style" instead of giving away package bundles. That way, you can get exactly what you want. As it is claimed, I'll edit the list and cross the items off. If anyone needs to see pictures, please let me know. Atari computers Atari 400, tested, works (composite modded) (claimed by AdamChevy) Atari 800, tested, works (claimed by LarryLaffer) Atari computer carts: Basic (claimed by stupus) Basketball (claimed by stupus) Educational System (claimed by stupus) Missle command (claimed by stupus) Star Raiders (claimed by stupus) Atari 5200 consoles: Atari 5200 (2 port, un-modded, un-tested) (claimed by joeAtari1) Atari 5200 (2 port, un-modded, un-tested) (claimed by x=usr(1536)) Atari 5200 (4 port, un-modded, un-tested) (claimed by bluejay) Atari 5200 (works, A/V modded, in a custom woodgrain top) (claimed by RickR) Atari 5200 Carts: Mountain King (broken?) (claimed by JoeAtari1) Blue Print (claimed by x=usr(1536)) Jungle Hunt (claimed by LarryLaffer) Centipede (claimed by bluejay) Centipede (claimed by JoeAtari1) Realsports Baseball (claimed by bluejay) Pac-Man (claimed by bluejay) Pole Position (claimed by bluejay) Kangaroo (claimed by x=usr(1536)) Dig Dug (claimed by bluejay) Dig Dug (claimed by JoeAtari1) Space Invaders (claimed by bluejay) Ms Pacman (claimed by x=usr(1536)) 1 empty 5200 joystick shells (claimed by JoeAtari1) 1 empty 5200 joystick shells (claimed by x=usr(1536)) Atari 2600 Hardware Atari 2600 Jr. in a homemade clear plastic case (claimed by RickR) Atari 2600 Jr. in a homemade clear plastic case (claimed by SinisterMoon) Atari 2600 Jr. in a homemade clear plastic case (claimed by RockyRaccoon) (these clear plastic cases used to be Ferrero Rocher candy cases) (they are also single-transistor A/V composite modded, and use the "modern" 9v jack) Atari Flashback 2 (claimed by stupus) Atari 2600 Joystick (claimed by stupus) Atari 2600 Joystick (claimed by stupus) Atari "Slik Stik" (claimed by AdamChevy) Atari SpectraVideo quickshot joystick (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Atari 2600 Carts Adventure (claimed by AdamChevy) Barnstorming (really bad label) (claimed by OldGuyGaming) Blueprint (claimed by OverMuch) Bowling (claimed by OldGuyGaming) Breakout (claimed by stupus) Bridge (claimed by OldGuyGaming) California Games (claimed by OverMuch) Dodge Em (claimed by sixersfan105) DragonFire (really bad label) (claimed by bluejay) E.T (claimed by AdamChevy) E.T. (claimed by bluejay) Fathom (claimed by bluejay) Football (M-network) (claimed by sixersfan105) Football (Atari) (claimed by sixersfan105) Golf (claimed by OldGuyGaming) Maze Craze (claimed by sixersfan105) Miniature Golf (claimed by sixersfan105) Moon Patrol (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Raiders of the lost Ark (claimed by OldGuyGaming) Raiders of the lost Ark (claimed by sixersfan105) Riddle of the Sphynx (claimed by bluejay) Robot Tank (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Slot Racers (claimed by sixersfan105) Stellar Track (claimed by bluejay) SQ Earthworld (claimed by bluejay) SQ Fireworld (claimed by bluejay) Sneak & Peek (claimed by bluejay) Solaris (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Space Shuttle (claimed by OldGuyGaming) Stella's Stocking (claimed by RickR) Summer Games (claimed by OverMuch) Video Olympics (claimed by stupus) Warlords (claimed by stupus) Books: Atari 2600 Encyclopedia, Vol 1 (claimed by CaptainKiwi) Retro-Gamer special: "The Atari book" (claimed by CaptainKiwi) Breakout: how Atari 8-bit computers defined a generation (claimed by CaptainKiwi) Racing the beam (claimed by AdamChevy) Miscellaneous 1 shell of the ATgames intellivision flashback (claimed by SinisterMoon) Oregon Trail handheld game (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Coleco Zodiac Astrology game (1979) (claimed by SinisterMoon) Plug-n-play Ms. Pacman (composite jack modded) (claimed by stupus) Plug-n-play Pacman (composite jack modded) (claimed by stupus) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) (claimed by RockyRaccoon) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) (claimed by stupus) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) (claimed by bluejay) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) Namco Plug-n-play (purple) Atari Duo-powered joystick/stand for iPod
  17. Hi all. Just a rainy Sunday mini-project. I've ported my bootRogue game to Z80, made first the MSX version and then it was pretty easy to do the Colecovision version. >> HOW TO PLAY << Move with the joystick to reveal the area where you are. Any action is done by touching the target. Any letter is a monster, the Aardvark monster is the most easiest of the game, while the Zombie master monster is the most difficult one. Touching them will cause a battle to start, press any key to keep advancing the battle and see how your HP goes down. The diamonds are traps that will suck your HP. The clover symbol is food. The square with a hole in the center is armor, getting more of these means the monsters will have a hard time hitting you. The up arrow is weapon, getting more of these means the monsters will receive harder hits. The asterisk like symbol is gold, but doesn't affect the gameplay nor is counted, but I wanted to have gold in the game Finally the Amulet of Yendor is represented by a Female sign, and it will appear only in level 26 or deeper. Once you get the amulet, the ladders will start taking you to upper levels. The game will stop once you lose all your HP or take the last ladder to surface. Enjoy it! roguecv.rom
  18. The finished box art for Tyre Trax. I think @Atariboy2600's design is absolutely fantastic and a big thank you to @Albert for coordinating it all together.
  19. At 0:33, talking about the NES and the Super Nintendo controllers, "...but with Super Nintendo games you're getting a bit more complex." I find interesting that instead of a neutral, "more input buttons," he chose, "more complex." Maybe I read too much into that choice of words, but I'm tempted to believe he agrees controllers have indeed become "complex."
  20. Don't know why the admin turned off commenting for the last post? Have the admin turn off commenting for your post, too! (edited because omg huge image)
  21. Eternal lurker here...nice work! The little details (like the exhaust bubbles underwater) make all the difference. Now we need a time machine, to travel back and swap this in for the Trevor McFur pack-in 🙂
  22. I typically don't eat while playing- if I get hungry, I stop, go eat, then come back. Partially for the sake of clean controllers, partially becuase it's a distraction- I need my hands to play! I do tend to keep a drink handy for longer play sessions- this alternates between Dr. Pepper and just plain water, depending on how healthy I feel like being that day. Always with a lid, no open glasses- just in case of a spill. Keep things tidier for a quick cleanup. This is specifically for videogames- if it happens to be board game night, there's usually some sort of snacks floating around! We tend to have a mix of the dry & crunchy (popcorn, chips, etc.), candy, possibly snack cakes. Basically anything that can keep in a bowl on the table for an extended period of time. The proper 'meal' of board game night is usually pizza, burgers, or breaded chicken- and much like when playing videogames, it is handled separately from the actual games. This is purely for preservation's sake- we don't want greasy fingers or pizza sauce on the easily-stained cardboard bits!
  23. As far as the differences between the 256K and 1MB versions of the MIO, the official ICD ROMs were created from the same assembly source, with a macro defining which version to build (their comments, not mine): if ameg jsr comkey ; waste 3 bytes... 1Meg and 256K versions lda #$10 ; are not same size else lda #$04 endif This is why there is an offset between both ICD versions. My guess is they did this to obfuscate the differences to discourage folks from upgrading themselves and having them do the memory upgrade for you. The other variants you might find out there likely just have one-byte difference ($04 vs $10). All this means is someone just patched the max bank byte on the 256K version to run on a 1MB, otherwise they are identical. I know 1.2 is of ICD origin, but doesn't really have any major changes. Use at your own risk. MIO12M.128
  24. Hey with your obvious relationship with Ferrari, time to think bigger. Time to think.. Outrun!
  25. Hey, big fan of the game here, the sprites are perfectly doable in 3 colors ! and if we have the frame number available, it's pretty easy to recreate the rolling running effect !! Here is a quick (8x30) 8 frame run cycle:
  26. Re: snacks and gaming, the thread above is a good read. I pity the fool who eats Cheetos while gaming! 🤣
  27. At Fujiama me and @manterola were trying out various things with an ESP-07. We used our AVG Cart to load either Bobterm,Ice-T or PlatoTerm since the SIO bus is occupied. I still have to upgrade my firmware to get a more extensive AT command set but just connecting it with RX,TX,VCC,GND works. We tested this with Manterola's ESP-07 at Fujiama which was running the ZiModem firmware here https://github.com/RolandJuno/esp8266_modem At Fujiama he also showed me the SIO2IO prototype made by @Dropcheck which he lend me at the end of Fujiama to take with me to Belgium so I could experiment further with it. The SIO2IO for my uses is a perfect Atari 850 Replacement when used in combination with an AVGcart for example. It has a header for an ESP board. But also a serial (standard pin layout) and parallel port (not tested yet have to find a printer) I tested the serial port with both a WiModem232 and an SX212. Bobterm doesn't like ANSI , telnetting to FrontierBBS.net (Amiga board which I use since they have colorful ANSI welcome screens) But ICE-T does the job I can even use the arrow keys to move through the Matrix Login screen And yesterday I went to my parents house since they still own a landline to test the SX212 modem. I thought about connecting to this Belgium BBS still offering dialup but the number was no longer in use http://www.ibbbs.be/new/nl/index.htm So I called directly to the US (sorry Mom) to the first dialup BBS that actually had a modem responding https://www.telnetbbsguide.com/bbs/rof/ And although it disconnected me (maybe the Commodore detected my Atari ) , I first had the handshake noises. Since I didn't want to run up my parents phone bill , I decided to call it a day. The SX212 can be used with an SIO cable and an R-Verter handler but to use it via serial port , I had to resort to SX-Express. Might have to look if there is an SX212 handler which I could use in Bobterm or ICE-T.
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  29. Here is topo with my early version pong And the only known cib mega duck game collection on top of pong lololol yes, i have alot more odyssey stuff too. -the ralph baer brown box - 1 of about a dozen he made. -a blue double ender odyssey card with manual -a mexican odisea in box -a spanish overkal in box -an argentina telematch de panoramic cib -cib new run 1 odyssey in its shipping carton with console signed by ralph -all 10 later odyssey games mint and cib with shipping cartons -a percepts still sealed in its shipping box -all three sets of original odyssey battery types and original tape roll. -rare odyssey with the odyssey nameplate on the console itself in its carry case -the very rare late yellow case version odyssey - all odyssey pong systems cib 100,200,300,400,500,2000,3000,4000 -original service manuals for every odyssey system and original magnavox service dealer master binder - only known brand new in shipping carton odyssey dealer display set (posters, banners, pennants, flyers etc) - both versions of the optional ac adapter new in different version boxes (im a big odyssey fan) lol
  30. If I were Fred, I'd purchase about 10,000 Raspberry Pi units, slap them inside VCS cases, and call it a success. Judging from the responses to "Atari Dude's" well done hoax, most of the supporters would be perfectly fine with it.
  31. Yup. The same. Noticed the language straight away.. which is sad in itself. After Joe posted the JP link, I insinuated I couldn't bare to watch him again. Well ... I was curious and ..... I closed it within 5 seconds after seeing Phelan topless with that bloody hat and continued to wash my eyes out with soap. Damn you Joe! 🖕 Hence, I didn't realize he made those comments. Burn his shit? 🤔 Now that's one extreme to the next. 🙄 "Indigogo are donations. They have no obligation to make anything" ?? Just wow. What are these unconsole-that-really-is-a-console-if-it-does-exist-at-all disciples injecting? Too support and back up Atari SA with mind-boggling statements like this is f#cking ludicrous. Pigeon: "Here ya go Freddy boy. Have $300 spondoolies of my hard earned cash that I can't really afford because I still live in my mom's basement eating those blasphemous pita tacos that Spriggy makes. Ahhhh noooo. I don't want anything for it mate ..... although you promised to have them done and delivered by summer. Just keep the cash. I'll just have to resort to cardboard tacos for a while. Actually ... I might go and check out Mr Pants Last Gameboard kickstarter. Sounds gr8" As for Biff. Looks like he's talking to himself again. Sock Puppet to Sock Muppet.
  32. Hi all. Here is the source code for z80rogue. It has some nifty examples for doing games for both Colecovision/MSX https://github.com/nanochess/z80rogue Enjoy it!
  33. Hadn't powered this machine up in probably twelve or thirteen years at a minimum, but it always fired up on the first flick of the switch prior to being put in storage. Tonight, it did exactly that. Needs more of a cleaning than I remember, but that's easy. Have a 10-pack of floppies en route so that I can start testing it out; hopefully most of them will be good. So nice to be sitting in front of a CRT with that desktop up again. Major nostalgia 😊
  34. Hi! Yes, the $() function is a new addition, so it is not available in the last release (4.0), but it is in the last betas. So, you are using a newer IDE but an old cross compiler. I need to do a new release soon, but I want to to finalize some things before. Have Fun!
  35. Ooh, I actually have that game! Never played it though.
  36. Recently I used a paint mixing service to get Indigo Purple for a painting/mirror frame and I noticed that you can bring in your own sample color! They use a kind of spectrometer to determine the color and then mix an exact replica. https://www.praxis.nl/voordemakers/verfmengservice/ I suppose if you bring your case and have them scan the inside, you should be able to get pretty close to the original color your particular Atari was back in the day.
  37. Formula One sponsorship!! Imagine seeing the Running Man on a Ferrari or Mercedes! It's on our corporate vision board. (On a Ferrari).
  38. Its unlikely Ill get a Score for Kaboom! no working Paddles, but you never know. Anyway I can at least bowl BOWLING 1BB : 264 pins
  39. That's the crux of this whole clusterfuck. Good old Atari is not the same as dumb New Atari. He doesn't seem to get that for some reason.
  40. drludos

    Growing Ties

    Thanks for liking the game, and it's unique / weird concept! Regarding ports, I think it may actually be challenging to port it on other handhelds, such as the Game Boy or the Game Gear. It may not be obvious at first, but the game actually uses the Lynx sprite scaling features to generate the ties, allowing to have many loooooong ties on screen without any frame drop :). And it's the only retro handheld I know with such powerful features. To do something similar on a "tile based" 8/16 bits machine, you'll have to use loads of small sprites, possibly exceeding the total number of sprites the machine can handle (40 for the Game Boy, and 64 for the Game Gear). I'm not familiar with Atari 8 bit platforms though, so I don't know if it could be done or not on them . And for modern platform like the Switch, I think you need to be an actual game studio to get a devkit from Nintendo (sadly - it would be cool to be able to make Switch or PS4 homebrews like we can do for retro platforms). But yeah, considering the screen size, I think you could even make a multiplayer version on the Switch, with multiple "tie-o-matic" machines competing for customers!
  41. The best steaming device ever. Steaming lump of 💩!
  42. @Tempest I am sorry that my Stevie Wonder meme comment in your thread has become the Thumbnail associated with it. And yes I am very exited for @SainT's project even though I currently have a couple 7800 SD options already. The more the merrier.
  43. Really, the best solution would be to have both. Personally, I prefer the 2600 version.
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