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  1. Here are the final versions of these games. ENJOY!! Da Fuzz (Final).bin Lifespan (Final).bin Rockball (Final).bin Star Maze (Final).bin
  2. Haha! It was a cardboard cut out all along!!!
  3. Exciting news on the Facebook front! There's a new group called the Atarivcs Haters. Wait...Hatters?
  4. Okay if I put this hat on will you go away? Wait ..... where is this music coming from?????
  5. I'm not sure UberStrategist is being paid enough:
  6. The Leaker strikes again! Real classy, Fred. Real classy:
  7. Observing how after the coleco chameleon scam, how people were willing to part with cash so fast on yet another non-existant console, I have decided that society has to much money & it is better I hold onto it for "safe keeping" I do not have a prototype, or a shell, heck all I have is a drawing on a used napkin, but that should not stop me. So to save $$$, instead of shelling out to use a name, I have decided that I will come up with my own console names that evoques a pretentious air of a video game systems from the past. Here are a few names I came up with. please add to the list. Towns Marty Mc.Fly Woodgrain Retro-8 Game-a-Tron 2000 Vectorex IntelectaVision Fairchildren Channel Ocho Arcstadia Odyssey 2001 Bandaid Superversion Xanthippe 2 Aristotle-8 X-AX-OOO Galleria-3000 Cassette Commander Ballet Grandstander Retro Remix CAR Studio-1
  8. All of the Internet: There goes Fred with his non-working Ataribox. Powerdubs: We don't know for sure what's in the inside. 🤪🤪🤪😂
  9. OH, right, we were gonna do a recap of the past 900 pages... A long, long time ago... On a website far, far away... Atari - Guess what, we're gonna make a console... Internet - Yea... Right... Atari - Don't doubt us, we're really gonna do it... Internet - Tell us another tall tale... Atari - All you got to do is... GIVE US YOUR MONEY ! Internet - We knew there was a catch to this... Atari - We'll call it "Ataribox" Internet - What a stupid name, people will get it mixed up with the Xbox... Atari - Okay we changed our minds, we'll call it the Atari VCS... Internet - Great, now folks will get it mixed up with the 2600 as it is also known as the VCS... Atari - We're going with Indiegogo... Indiegogo - You don't have to have a working anything to use our services, come right in Atari... Atari - Not to worry Internet we'll keep you up to date on what we're doing... ~ Time Passes ~ Internet - This has to be a scam, there hasn't been any updates for months... VCS fans - You all are just haters, give them time... ~ More Time Passes ~ Atari - We're making an announcement that there will be an announcement soon (tm) VCS fans - see we told you so... ~ Yet even more time passes ~ Atari - We promise we'll have something to show soon (tm) ~ Sometime later ~ [ Insert video of someone playing Tempest 4000 here ] VCS fans - ooooooooo, aaaaahhhhh, woooooow Tempest 4000 programmers - That video is a fake as no one here is working on a port for the Atari VCS... VCS fans - .... Atari - Uhm... Look... it says demo only right there on the video... ~ Things go quiet for awhile ~ Atari - We'll have something to show this 'Summer' ~ Summer Passes ~ Internet - Well ? ~ Fall Starts ~ Atari - We got something to show now... [ Shows off 'the board' ] VSC fans - see you were worried over nothing... Internet - That's nice, where is the RAM ? [ News leaks about the main guy working on the innards gets out ] Internet - Oh this just keeps getting better... Atari - Watch this... [ Video / Gif of the logo going on & off on the Unit ] VCS fans - see it works... Me - a $400.00 light switch, I'm not impressed... ( this brings us up to date ) P.S. Insert something about Tacos somewhere in the timeline above...
  10. Yeah, I got nothing against Woz. Here's one without him I like how on the stock tracker, the latest press release is the PANIC BUTTON release that was sent out to try and save face in lieu of El Reg.
  11. Oh, yeah, the AtariVCS Hatters. They're a splinter group from the usual haters and trolls - as far as they're concerned, tacos have no supremacy and the speakerhat is Atari's crowning achievement. Despite also being anti-VCS, their tactics and methods are generally disavowed here.
  12. You folks are on a roll. Busted. It was actually Fred and Stewart Varney.
  13. Our TI and one of ours, Barry Boone, is discussed for his role as being the first to create a Z-Machine interpreter for Infocom adventures. https://www.filfre.net/2019/10/new-tricks-for-an-old-z-machine-part-1-digging-the-trenches/
  14. A small fix - loading image without colored frames - music during the game, A=music+fx,F=only fx,M=only music highway.xexhighway.atr
  15. Baby Pac-Man & Arkanoid...together at last! 😁
  16. Gosh, there's so much delay on that audio that maybe it is the Ataribox he's singing about.
  17. Fred won't allow that pic of him and Woz to be shown to all the "pigeons." Instead he'll use a doctored up photo similar to this one:
  18. Good grief. What did Woz do to deserve this?
  19. Ah, the SpeakerHat. And the same empty boxes from the E3 hotel. If only Kieren McCarthy were there to write about it once more.
  20. Cool - at least we know we'll see a demo of one new Jag game at PRGE Can it be finished in 40 minutes?
  21. NotOutrun has a new name! Watch this video for a compilation of clips showing the game's progress, as well as a reveal of the new name. We're demoing this exciting new Jaguar title at this weekend's Portland Retro Gaming Expo!
  22. Hey you stupid haters! You missed what this meeting of the minds did to the stock price. Look!
  23. He looks kinda bored frankly... Like, can we just get on with this con ? When is lunch ? Who is this bozo ? What is he even talking about ? I sure could go for some Tacos...
  24. What comes to my mind looking at the pictures of Woz with the unit, controller and hat is: paid product placement to try to establish legitimacy.
  25. You can feel the pride on Fred's face... 😑
  26. I'm sure Atari will be posting an official video of the event any time now...
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