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  1. Thanks to Edward Langley for this video of the AtariAge booth... ...and a pic...
  2. Trebor

    Baby Pac-Man

    [Ripped from Facebook and YouTube] Beautiful box art poster and feature in the large ad stands at PRGE... A signed box... Thanks to Edward Langley for the above pics and below video. At ~1:30 catch Arkanoid and Baby Pac-Man at the booth. Plus the ad (~2:27), other great (7800) games on boxed display (~2:55 & 4:58), and just a good overall capture of the AtariAge booth at PRGE. Oh, and celebrity appearances ~3:46 & 4:41 😁 Love all the 1702s, my mainly used display as well. 😀
  3. Songbird Productions is pleased to announce Biniax 2 and Xump - The Final Run coming to the Atari Lynx by Jan 2020. Each game comes in a professionally molded cartridge with printed box and instructions, and an EEPROM for saved game data such as scores and passwords. Biniax 2 is the tantalizing sequel to the Biniax puzzle game, and includes three play modes: Arcade, Tactic, and an all-new 2-player mode supported via link cable! BONUS: the original Biniax game is included too! Xump - The Final Run brings the frantic Retroguru classic to the Atari Lynx. Race against the clock and clear the grid of dissolving tiles while avoiding bombs, one-way barriers, and other hazards! Both games have been remastered and refined to provide maximum gaming pleasure on your Lynx system. Watch the Songbird Productions website for more details on these upcoming releases!
  4. Major shout-out to a few of the gentlemen that made the games that we still play to this day. Thank you Dan, David and Gary for taking the time to meet with me, sign my games and take this picture. You guys made me feel like a VIP. (L-R, Dan Kitchen, myself, David Crane, Gary Kitchen)
  5. Didn't really have time to post anything today, just too busy overall. Only made it out of the booth twice today to use the restroom. I suspect tomorrow will be similar, although a bit less hectic. I did take many photos inside the booth, not sure when I'll get them posted. Will take more tomorrow. ..Al
  6. well, if you want to know about what Woz thinks about the VCS, i wouldn't go to his Twitter feed. If you want to know about him going to PF Changs, though, there ya go!
  7. They removed it because I took over and refused to let them get away with it. Atari wasn't even aware this was happening.. Can't say more than that because of the way our new contract with Atari was written. But if you look at the Flashback timeline... I think you'll notice that my story lines up. AT Games were 100% illegally putting Imagic games on their as well. Long story on that one that is probably best I don't get into here. Bugertime and Bump & Jump were never owned by Intellivision and my understanding is that they did acquire those licenses through the proper channels. Atari Flashback sales ARE actually signficant. Enough that proper royalty payments would have easily been in the tens of thousands... and with me negotiating... maybe even close to $100K. Intellivision Productions never filed a claim because I was the one who found out they were doing it and they didn't start doing it until after Keith died. Bad move trying to take me for a fool. As Paul mentioned... he was in a few of the in person meetings we had at AT Games. Although cordial for the most part... there were very uncomfortable moments as they made the mistake of not being honest on a number of occassions and I don't think they realized I had the knowledge, power, industry friends and experience to call them out. They even tried going around my back a few times and getting to others who worked for me. As if my own folks weren't going to let me know. Seriously? Yes... that's how insane the situation was. In regards to the talk that Amico isn't really an Intellivision.... every example you gave absolutely 100% proves my point. NONE of those companies you mentioned were the company who owned those products. Those are companies who licensed the products from the owners to create something totally new. We ARE Intellivision... we don't need to license or need permission to do Amico or it's games. Those games and the name and trademarks and patents are us.
  8. Buy the cart, when it comes out and support the author? Screw Prosystem.
  9. Here are the final versions of these games. ENJOY!! Da Fuzz (Final).bin Lifespan (Final).bin Rockball (Final).bin Star Maze (Final).bin
  10. Selfie with Ed Logg, creator of my favorite coin-op game, Asteroids.
  11. Ah - I thought you took the picture from there (oops). A LOT of people were playing Arkanoid... I think you have a hit on your hands!!!!
  12. A few pics of the AtariAge booth. Al and the crew were working hard. @Albert I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t know how you do it, but I thank you, because (for me) PRGE would not be the same without AtariAge.
  13. Arkanoid was getting consistent play. The AA both had a ton of traffic and the times that I hung around, someone was always playing the game. It was great to hear it running in the background over the din of everyone talking. Sorry I didn’t get any video.
  14. The fix is up. https://github.com/mozzwald/Zimodem/tree/atari
  15. Too simple to be true 😂! Okay, so it works: Thanks! Gtx., andY
  16. I prepared a new version of Basic XE which is now compatible with BASICXE.OSS under SIDE2 (I hope so...). I ran the 2 samples from the Extension Disk and they are working but I guess it is not enough to say that it is OK. So I would like to get a few guys involved in the test. I would prefer people having specific Basic XE applications that uses features from BASICXE.OSS of course ! If you think you can help, please, PM me and I will give you a package for the test. The final version will be on FJC's web site.
  17. 18 of the scum that were infesting the Intellivision Enclave.
  18. Once this gets a great working Retropie I will have to ditch my Pi3.
  19. Awesome, I am glad it worked out good on real hardware. It does look awesome. 🌮
  20. Applause at PRGE as the winner was announced! I got to play Growing Ties on an Android tablet emu at the show courtesy of the Argo project people...
  21. It's back: https://www.tingiant.com/about/ But doing a TinEye search, it came up 1,701 times. https://tineye.com/search/e9fce63b205aadba93d8fa4bb3405708b73f4cc5?page=1
  22. Enough of this nomenclature argument. Let's move on to something more important to world peace and nuclear disarmament! 'Country Music' is an oxymoron.🤔
  23. Really good video (Thanks to Edward Langley), below, that was also posted in the Baby Pac-Man thread. A first pass by ~1:30 is shown for Arkanoid. The real money shot is at the end though. Starting around 5:16 you can hear Arkanoid. It captures Edward's attention and he focuses the camera back to the respective setup, recording Arkanoid in action ~5:30.
  24. This connector is take from another (dead, not worth to repair) XL mainboard. Unfortunately BEST Electronics has a strong limit of this item, and the price raises high the last years. I´m sure Brad has only a few one left. I never found any similar connector at Mouser, Digikey and so on, so "my way" is the replace the cable from the keyboard completely with standard ribbon cable (works only for the non-mylar ones) and KeyCon.
  25. This is already planned (partly started) and on my roadmap. The V2.0 Sys-Check firmware will test expanded memory and more stuff. I will include some basic hardware tests (with the need of some patch / test cables, of course) for joystick ports, SIO etc. My "problem" is: writing software costs much more time then developing the hardware. I´ve too much irons in the fire since months (some would say... years) and only a limited free time for hobby related stuff. Unfortunately retirement is over 15 years in the future 🤣 But some day in the next few months I will publish the next firmware with extended memory test.
  26. Hi Guys here is a first playablel Level...i added all enemies,i have at the Moment.. Next will be Tuning the look of the Level and making different Levels.... PAC MAN Player is not complete for now....it Needs some changes. pacland.a78
  27. Detailed results and my comments and some other announcements will be in the Atari Gamer article tomorrow. Congrats to the winners and big hand applause to everyone for participating!
  28. Can you guess the two new Lynx games coming from Songbird in the next 3 months?
  29. All you folks on the fence about the 400, jump off!
  30. Woz: Oh hey, we got this thing called AppleTV that also streams Netflix and play games. You got 2600 games running on the iOS platform right? Fred: Oh, about that... 🥵
  31. Hey Bob - if referring to me i'm stuck at home in Australia living vicariously through any pics on Al's twitter page 😂 Have a great time! And thanks again for your paddle code and help early on with the game!
  32. A small fix - loading image without colored frames - music during the game, A=music+fx,F=only fx,M=only music highway.xexhighway.atr
  33. OK, back on topic.... Detail from Ophelia Ophelia (1852) is a painting in the Pre-Raphaelite style by British artist Sir John Everett Millais. Held in the collection of Tate Britain in London it depicts Ophelia, a character from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. The model in the painting is Dante Gabriel Rosseti's muse and future wife the 21-year-old Elizabeth Siddal, later an important artist and poet in her own right, who posed daily over the course of many months floating fully clothed in a bathtub of water kept heated by oil lamps. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mad with grief for her father Polonius- murdered by the hand of Hamlet- the wandering Ophelia falls accidentally into a river where, apparently incapable of acting to save herself, she sings distractedly until dragged beneath the waters. Hamlet Act 4 Scene 7 QUEEN GERTRUDE One woe doth tread upon another’s heel, So fast they follow.—Your sister’s drowned, Laertes. LAERTES Drowned? Oh, where? QUEEN GERTRUDE There is a willow grows aslant a brook That shows his hoar leaves in the glassy stream. There with fantastic garlands did she come Of crowflowers, nettles, daisies, and long purples, That liberal shepherds give a grosser name, But our cold maids do “dead men’s fingers” call them. There, on the pendant boughs her coronet weeds Clambering to hang, an envious sliver broke, When down her weedy trophies and herself Fell in the weeping brook. Her clothes spread wide, And mermaid-like a while they bore her up, Which time she chanted snatches of old lauds As one incapable of her own distress, Or like a creature native and indued Unto that element. But long it could not be Till that her garments, heavy with their drink, Pulled the poor wretch from her melodious lay To muddy death. drpeter_Ophelia.xex
  34. Vlad the Impaler. Jeff didn't make it. He chickened out. So we don't talk to him anymore.
  35. Ya, hit it eight times relatively dead center. Big thing is to protect your Guys, so think "Block, shoot, block, shoot". Block first. Good Luck!!!
  36. G.I. Joe Cobra Strike-29,150 Was somehow a "first attempt on the video", really surprised myself. I'm not sure if it's the game, or just a random thing, but at about 25k or so I got a terrible headache, really felt brought on by the game...
  37. If the owner calls the third xbox an xbox one, then I think said owner needs to go back to elementary school and re-learn numerical order! 😄
  38. Hi - we believe it may be the pokey location - as the pokey is configured specifically for the cart I'll disable the music for the prosystem emulator if that is the cause. As said the A7800 emulator is maintained and works as expected so is the recommended emulator nowadays. A release with TIA music will be coming down the track also. Keep an eye out as there will be a new build after the PRGE event is finished 👍
  39. Walter Day, Garry Kitchen, David Crane, Dan Kitchen Bill Donohue and Joe Decuir talk Amiga
  40. Thanks for your help with building the cart too!
  41. Hope your enjoying PRGE! Well that's great news - the whole team should be proud of where we've got to and validates all the time and effort so far! All good Al - sounds flat out which I guess is a great reason for you to put in all the effort to go to these events. Hope can you get to enjoy yourself too!
  42. I'm not sure UberStrategist is being paid enough:
  43. lmfao what an idiot, the 400 is a full computer with a real operating system light years ahead of the VIC... and can be expanded well beyond whatever hot mess I've seen done to or with a VIC over all these years... I thinks we gots a troll here...
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