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  1. Well I think this deserves a new topic !! (and a new avatar) !! This is much more than my previous sprite hack.. Moon Patrol was one of my first attempts in hacking, doctorclu helped me get started and I was hooked, I drew literally hundreds of buggies until I settle in the design I considered the best it can be in the limitations of the original game. So I released it and moved along.. but it doesn't leave my mind, I continued to draw assets of the game as I tried to learn how to hack the playfield to incorporate them.. In the rate I was learning I calculate it would take me 10 years to do it But then coder extraordinaire playsoft stepped in providing advice, tools and in many cases altering the code to fit in my crazy ideas !!  We worked together in the past weeks to bring you the best 8bit version of Moon Patrol ! Done: new mountains backdrop new moon city backdrop new starting base new title screen new tanks, mines, lives left, moon plant, rocks (all playfield graphics) new colors bug fixes introduced by the new buggy and I'm sure I forget something.. It's a dream come true for me !! Enjoy Moon Patrol redux.xex revision1> arcade font + title screen layout + progress bar: Moon Patrol redux (revision1).xex revision2> changed title screen layout: Moon Patrol redux (revision2).xex revision3> selectable control scheme: Moon Patrol redux (revision3).xex revision4> MANY changes: Moon Patrol redux (revision 4).xex
  2. I've started work on the Tacobox OS code, now in early access. It's not unfinished. It is the current state of the software which we will continue to refine and finesse up until launch, and as with any game system, beyond. Now throw money at me so I can continue work.
  3. So... that means it's incomplete or unfinished.
  4. But can moms use Netflix with it?
  5. Eh...you'd still have people defending the project. If people complained, supporters would just say they are entitled babies who are too stupid to put together a console. This would actually be an interesting idea for a reality TV show: Take a beloved IP, get people invested in it, and then take increasingly larger craps on the backers to see how much abuse they will take. At the very end, they could interview the last supporter and try to understand why they willing to stick it out so long. They could call it "Survivor: Taco Island".
  6. tmp


    some time ago i was working on autorun functionality for which i had to shuffle a lot of code and adjust some atari<->cart communication which caused some new subtle and sometimes bizarre bugs (mostly UI related) hopefully i've already fixed most of them but before i release 0018, here's an extremely beta version for those brave (and bored) enough d018 basically what i'm interested in is whether you're seeing any regression compared to 0017 (weird behavior in UI, freezes on loading files, etc) changelog: - Run AUTORUN.(CAR|XEX|AVF) on power-on if present in /_AVGCART/ - Added type 44 (OSS 8 KB cartridge) - Added type 53 (Low bank 8 KB cartridge) - Fix bank reenabling for some OSS carts - Fix cursor position after running file from search results - ESC exits search results instead of disabling cart
  7. Well you wouldn't understand as you release unfinished games. But we went from not knowing anything about his projects aside from what was written to seeing a work in progress that is a long time in the making but clearly not near a finished product, so I do not see any contradiction here.
  8. Sure, it won't be unfinished. They'd need had to have actually started something to call it that. 😁 Maybe their plan is to send out boxes of random loose parts and see if anyone can assemble them into a working machine?
  9. So, this isn't about what you probably think. I'm not talking about Imagic or Activision or 1982. I'm talking about Atariage, now, in 2019. I was sitting down this weekend with some of the new homebrews from PRGE (Galagon, Wizard of Wor, Baby Pacman) and just kind of shaking my head at how good they are, and how I never in a million years would have thought we'd be playing anything like this when I joined here back in 2004. Hell, even the near-mythical Zookeeper looks to be a thing reasonably soon. I kinda looked over my shoulder at my cart collection and realized that I now have a whole shelf of Atari 2600 homebrews now. Not only that, but that shelf is pretty much always the one I go to when I grab a game to play these days. Star Castle, Space Rocks, Medieval Mayhem, Thrust, Mappy, Draconian..... and on and on. Dozens of A+ games. Sure I still play some of my favorite classics (a good game is a good game after all), but most of the time, I play homebrews these days. So much care, knowledge and love has gone into so many of these, and there are now more than I can count. The Atariage homebrew library beats the pants of Activision and Imagic as a whole, just by sheer quantity of excellent games. There, I said it. But it's true. So this is just a big thank you post: to the devs, the artists, the players/testers, writers, and, of course, Al for banding together for so many years to make this a thing. I mean, it's 2019. We have AI, we can grow organs in a printer, virtual reality is a thing you can buy at Walmart, and we have tablet PCs that make the Star Trek ones Picard used look like crap. It's the future! Never in a million years would have expected in the 90s, when I started collecting, that the future would include a complete resurrection of one of my favorite consoles. This is truly the golden age of Atari games. And you know what? We did that. And it's pretty damned awesome.
  10. And in Indiegogoland today: I've been reading The Register sporadically throughout the day (as is my custom), and there's no new Ataribollocks™ content on there that I can find. Either I've missed something, El Reg's search is broken, or the drugs in the supporters' group are having increased effect. @Max Ivi, you were once so close to stepping back from the edge. There's still time. Eat the taco. Savour the taco. Be one with the taco.
  11. @WAVE 1 GAMES dude, you've been taking the same example code, over and over again, recycling it for a never-ending train of shovel-ware, and you're charging people for it. Let's dispense with the kettle calling. -Thom
  12. Thank you! 😎👍🏻 BTW it is the first time in a long time that a game gets released the same day for Atari 2600 and Intellivision 😁
  13. Your collection seems to be a little thin: Its ok...you're getting there.
  14. why, here's another interview where no questions are really answered! https://www.usgamer.net/articles/interview-atari-vcs
  15. Where do they get off calling that an "interview?" As far as I can tell, only one question was asked, and it was a slow-pitch blooper: I wouldn't have bothered publishing this if I were them. It's basically an advertorial. Who lets off an interview subject with
  16. Shameless self-promotion. My ad. I have no idea what they're worth. Testing the waters.
  17. They really do write the jokes for us.
  18. Where's the easy $3M in that? You are giving them too much credit. They should have done what they tried to do in 2014. License their name to a computer maker.
  19. If it took two years to reach this point, a fully finished fun to play game will NOT happen in 2 months. The final 10% takes 90% of the time for most projects.
  20. I think this speaks volumes about the way you think. In your reply above you wrote something, edited it, not bothering but talking about fake people and then decided to edit it again to go on with a wild rant. Most people aren`t that black and white. (Hence why I said that I don`t see any contradiction in the way people react. Afterall everyone on here is interested in new Jaguar projects in general) I don`t hate the guy, it`s just that after all these years on the message board I have my reservations about what he is going to deliver. Why shouldn`t I, there is no personal attack in that, just observation. At the same time it`s not turning 180 degrees and supporting by asking why he doesn`t take more time for the project as two month is a pretty short timespan. Actually that was quite an objective question and participating in a discussion. Vlad even responded with his thoughts. The only one getting worked up about it are you right now it seems.
  21. Glad to finally see the videos, but considering all the hundreds of posts about the power the Jag has, how this could be Wipeout, or Need for Speed, or Road Rash, I was very surprised to see what I did in the demo. A few seconds of nearly straight levels with what looked to be at most a few dozens polygons on screen? Hopefully something can come from this, but I wouldn't even really call it an alpha tech demo at this point. Not too surprising though, given all the grandiose comments Vlad made about Klax and Outrun. Then I find out he never even played the games until PRGE, but he spoke and argued and huge debates were started like he was an ultimate expert. The pattern is all too obvious now.
  22. GBS-PGM board works!!! I assembled one of the 3 boards I got from OSH Park yesterday and it worked like a charm 👍 . Getting ready to flash the PIC chip on the GBS-PGM board using the JOY2PIC-STIK Inserting it into the I2C header of the GBS-8200 (note: red jumper block on P8 required) Power Up! Momentarily a red LED indication is given, then turning green for "Ready" Pulled the GBS-PGM board from the GBS-8200 and as can be seen VGA is still displaying. Once the PIC has reprogrammed the Scaler chip, its no longer needed while power is maintained. Of course if powered down and back up without the GBS-PGM board in place, the 8200's Scaler will come up with empty presets and a black screen will be the result. Presently I'm using a female header on the bottom of the GBS-PGM to plug into a male header on the GBS-8200's I2C port. This means the small GBS-PGM board sits high above the 8200 board, and is a bit wobbly because of this. Probably not a reliability issue as far as the re-programming of presets is concerned, but if you don't need the ability to flash the PIC with the JOY2PIC through the ICSP header, it would probably be better to socket the PIC so it can be removed for flashing separately, and then solder the GBS-PGM board directly to the male I2C header of the 8200. This will give it a low profile over the 8200 board, and take out any wobble issues. It would still be re-flashable with a PICkit2-3 using the ICSP header, so still good for doing preset development changes. Also please note that the GBS-PGM can be used on either the GBS-8200 or GBS-8220 boards. Although it is not required for the 1088XLD carrier board version that is still in the works. That board will have the PIC circuit already incorporated.
  23. I was just thinking... someone at Atari is owed some non-snarky, non-sarcastic props: whoever their concept artist is. The VCS design caught people's attention visually. A lot of people think the box looks cool... specs aside. The controller mockups? People go "yeah, I'm not interested in a Linux box but I want that controller." Even the "for illustrative purposes" menus that some people here like that are probably not real was probably the work of Mr. (or Ms.) Unsung Concept Artist. So cheers Anonymous Concept Artist! 🍻 Like the great SFX artists of LucasFilm, your skill has transported believers to a world that they could never experience in real life.
  24. OK, I've edited and organized my pictures. Here is the online photo album: PRGE 2019 Here are some sample pictures...
  25. Beat me to it. Honestly there is nothing new there. It's a puff piece, likely to be able to keep communication lines open. We know Atari likes to shut down people who do not good the party line.
  26. I got my Phoenix last saturday Toby told me we're still on track to ship the units at the end of October He is working non-stop to make sure everyone in the first batch get their unit as soon as possible Meanwhile, here is the original CV console, the CV Flashback and the Phoenix so you can compare the size
  27. When the big boys take upwards of five years, spend hundreds of millions and hire thousands of people to make a console, there's only so much a two bit operation like Atari can do like them. Mind you, doing it all behind closed doors would have given them the option of quietly canning it.
  29. I must admit I'm largely just checking in at this point to see when Atari throws up the white flag and cops to not being able to ship in December to the backers.
  30. I picked up Wizard of Wor and Galagon as well. Both are outstanding ports. The former has like 99 levels, and is probably now the definitive home version, better even than the Astrocade port. Galagon is something I never in a million years thought I'd be playing on a 2600. Throw in Mappy, Draconian, Scramble etc. and we are truly living in a new 2600 golden age in terms of game quality.
  31. You are a narcissist, with nothing but empty vocalizations for defense.
  32. I also, really need to make a critical analysis, here: Yes, @VladR has been working on this, for years, now. It has been the product of what I can very much see is ADHD behavior. It's clear that he's interested in solving low level rendering aspects, and he has said as much, both directly and indirectly. This is what he's interested in. A final game seems to be, at best, a secondary goal, and at worst, an afterthought. My only criticism with this is not the ADHD behavior, but rather that at each "Oo squirrel!" moment, there is a potential game, with code. Sit and seriously think about that. This is code that can be studied. This is code that can be made public for others to finish into a finished game. It does not guarantee that it WOULD happen, but if such code is simply kept to one's self, it is guaranteed that it COULD NEVER happen. -Thom
  33. Don't forget the handful of little brass gears! @Agillig it does almost feel like an experiment to test how far brand loyalties can be stretched, doesn't it? It's amazing how far that, plus vague promises, can take some people, even with all the facts pulling in the completely opposite direction.
  34. Or, you know, just accept it for what it is and move elsewhere if you ain't satisfied or can't code well enough to use it [edited for clarity] general comment, not aimed at anyone.
  35. 4 points
    Sorry everyone. I went to an arcade CALLED Operating Room, not an actual room for any operation.
  36. Everyone calls out Native.. however... as I've said many times, that one level uses nearly all the RAM.... there isn't any sound and the display is ALREADY overloaded and tears badly in places. It is a fantastic demo, making it a game with that quality however.....
  37. ZPH LIVE FROM PRGE2019! Just posted the LIVE broadcast on YouTube from the AtariAge booth at Portland Retro Gaming Expo from Oct 20, 2019. Appearances/Interviews: - John Champeau (Champ Games) - Dan Kitchen (Activision, Gold Rush) - Albert Yarusso (AtariAge) - Dion Olsthoorn (Amoeba Jump, Tower of Rubble) - Bob Decrescenzo (Baby Pac-Man) - Todd Furmanski (Dragon's Descent) ENJOY!! (SET VIDEO TO 1080P60 FOR FULL QUALITY)
  38. Mehrere Leute Hier verstehen Deutsch. Einige von uns verstehen auch Spanisch, Niederländisch, Dänisch, Schwedisch, Italienisch, Französisch, Griechisch, Portugiesisch, oder Türkisch. Englisch ist unsere gemeinsame Sprache, aber manche von uns sprechen mehrere von diesen Sprachen. Ich spreche mal Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch, oder Türkisch--aber einige Leute Hier sprechen mehr. . .
  39. Summer Moon Seen from Itsukushima Shrine Woodblock print, Tsuchiya Koitsu 1936 Itsukushima, commonly known as Miyajima, is a historic sacred island set in the Seto inland sea off the coast of Hiroshima, Japan. It is best known for its 'floating' vermilion Shinto torii gate, which is surrounded by the sea at high tide and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but there are numerous other shrines and attractions scattered across the island which is a popular tourist attraction. This view of the moonlit shrine predates the nocturnal illumination that now keeps the torii gate brightly visible day and night. The striking violet tint in the clouds is sometimes seen in brightly moonlit coastal scenes and is not (necessarily) artistic license! 86 colours drpeter_Miyajima.xex
  40. Or an ASCSI card from SNUG, as I have. May be extremely hard to find, though. (No, you can't have mine, forget it.)
  41. Don't take my comment too seriously, I really like this new version. The thing is, though I love the Atari font, I don't think it has its place in modern productions or updates of arcade games such as this one. If you want to go the extra mile and have all the resources, why stop halfway through? This is just me rumbling anyway, don't pay too much attention...
  42. Tutankham-2042 Last improvement for today, I'm off to do some Barnstorming(Game 4 ;P). Looped it twice, then died like a dummy pretty quickly, my goal for the week is to get through it three times, but I'm not holding my breath... Pressure Cooker is surely gonna be my favorite game I thought I hated from this tourney, 'cause I SURE love Activision, starting a boxed/complete collection, and I thought I hated that game, but love it now, but definitely the same with this, I thought it was a real stinker, and it's definitely not, glad to know! Seriously-I have this "You never know when a meteor might fall on your house" mentality, no way I could work on a game and improve it all week and sub when I finally got my best(tho there's not a thing wrong with that), plus with all the beer, my forgeterry kicks in more often than I'd like... See ya tomorrow!
  43. I'd buy that for a dollar! And that's about all it's worth!
  44. Fixed Atari’s problem. Who wouldn’t trust Mayor McCheese?
  45. You're right. I appologize. Perhaps I did overreact a little bit and maybe I just need to step back and relax. The history of this particular thread is messy though, and there is no denying that. If he decides to take your advice and invest more time into the project, then good for him! If that additional time turns into another year instead of whatever he predicts however, I don't feel like anyone has the right to come in talk smack like they have before (in this thread). People forget that people still have lives to live. Take for example the most recent making fun of him for the snow. I googled it and he was telling the truth about the weather conditions in his area. He still made it. Good for him. I WOULDN'T HAVE. Because my life is more important than people on the internet and what their expectations are. I would never EVER risk my life to show off a game to a group of internet people. I would instead have just uploaded a video like I had suggested to him. But you are right. I overreacted and I'm not ashamed to admit that.
  46. You know what's absolutely fucking great? Because of you writing that little piece of code, posting it here and declaring it as code for Atari OS, we technically speaking now have proof that it exists IN SOME FORM. ;D Lol.....
  47. so i answered my own question in the end... hehe i'll report my findings after i have attached it to the 1050 apologies for the darkness of the vids, my stills cam isnt that good at vids so here is a pic of it in all its prototype glory (button tops now added since vids)
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