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  1. Hi all. It's a quiet morning of the Halloween day, and your child comes announcing he collapsed the neighbor's house. Enough to stop your heart, but fortunately the neighbor isn't angry, instead he gave your kid a juju. Instantaneously your house is attacked by zombies everywhere (of course, nothing to do with the juju), but your family is so afraid of the zombies that they are freezed by chilling horror. You need to carry them to the outside on your head (your wife, your kiddo and your daughter), but you only can carry one at a time. If the zombies touch you, you'll become a zombie dad, but you'll be dead pretty soon unless you eat some human flesh. If the zombies touch a member of your family, well, he or she will disappear. The level is complete when your family is saved or all eaten, your choice. On each level the difficulty will be harder, the zombies will be faster, and I forgot about the banshees. Once in a while, a zombie will turn onto a banshee, it won't eat your family but can turn you into a zombie dad. With a little luck the juju isn't so bad and the curse could disappear, but you don't know when!!! Move with the controller, left and right, up and down over the stairs, and also press the side button to carry a member of your family or put he/she on the floor. Enjoy it! zombie0.zip
  2. Hi all, I have been lurking here quite a lot recently, so I thought it was time to introduce myself and say "hi". My first ever computer was a TI99/4a in about 1983. At that time, I frankly considered buying it a mistake, because of limited availability of software and the very expensive accessories that were necessary to do practically anything beyond BASIC programming and playing games. I had a console, Extended Basic cartridge and that was it. I sold it quite quickly, bought a succession of Sinclair Spectrums, then a Sinclair QL, Atari ST and since the early 1990s, various PCs and Macs. I program for a living, so I suppose the TI deserves some credit for teaching me programming. Anyway, I have recently rediscovered the TI via Classic99, after barely thinking about it since I got rid of mine in the mid-1980s. I have been trying the various programming environments (various Basics, P-Code Pascal, Assembly, Fortran and Forth) as well as a few games (I was astounded to see that someone had ported some Ultimate games to the TI!). I have also been reading this forum and elsewhere. While I knew that the TI could be a reasonably capable machine if you added enough bits to it, I hadn't realised what a bizarre architecture it had I find myself quite hooked on it. D.
  3. I suspect it's insider trading by Fred. Looks like he unloaded a ton of shares before the Register article broke, then bought them back at what he thinks is the recent bottom. The change in price both times tracks on the volume, so it's not any indicator of value. "Technical Trading Imbalance In some cases, there is just too much buying compared to the selling, or too much selling compared to the buying. Often these technical imbalances are not even related to the operations of the underlying company but nonetheless can establish themselves simply because of chance or the timing of investors. This becomes especially true with penny stocks, because typically lower-priced shares will have fewer buyers, or they will have fewer sellers, at any given point. This thin trading activity can often result in pretty significant technical imbalances. Think of it as a raft with 10 people on it. The "vessel" (or some combination of boards and rope and planks) may float fine, but from time to time there might be too many people all on one side... causing the raft to tip. The same theory holds true with any thinly-traded stocks. If only an average of $5,000 worth of shares trades hands on any given day, but then someone dumps $22,575 of the stock in one minute, then that penny stock would suffer a technical imbalance. In our example, there probably wouldn't be enough buying demand to hold shares up, beneath the weight of someone selling $22,575 worth of the investment. The share price would tank until the selling was absorbed by the buyers. " Eventually, when a technical imbalance (which by its nature is usually temporary and artificial) gets absorbed over time, the shares often move back to where they were in the first place. Whether it takes minutes, days, weeks, or months, the penny stock usually rebounds to former levels. There are many temporary technical imbalances. Astute investors might spot sudden selling activity, and be able to capture a small position at a deeply undervalued price."
  4. Well not much of a secret now. Ill post some unused artwork and other interesting files in this thread. Here is artwork for the never released Air Strike.
  5. Albert

    Baby Pac-Man

    Hopefully by the end of next week. ..Al
  6. In this episode we discuss the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2019, Paul interviews the former head of Intellivision game development and leader of The Blue Sky Rangers, Gabriel Baum. And we have a new Amico segment, Feedback, listener voicemails, News (kind of), George, and an extended outtakes! http://intellivisionaries.com/episode-37-amico-portland-and-baum-oh-my/ Plug it into your ear-holes!
  7. Here is a zip file of clean hi res TIF images (480dpi) for you to read, OCR, print or PDF... YAHTZEE PHM3039 (Milton Bradley 1980) "adds 6k active memory" Yahtzee.zip
  8. I know it's early but I had to mention it's now down to 62 days since one of my favorite movies of a fictional TV station has that number.
  9. This may just be what my 7yo, 5yo, and I have been waiting for. We love playing my Vader, but they are also used to Xbox 360 and mobile games. A system that the kids can play together, and can hook up to our real entertainment center, that's gold and badly lacking in the marketplace. Now my wife isn't too interested in playing with us, but she doesn't mind watching. Shoot, she used to watch her brother play the Intellivision. At one point I thought she used to play with her brother, so I bought her a Flashback Intellivision for Christmas. That's when I learned that she only ever watched him play. So I did what any husband would do. I played with her ding-dong brother for hours while she watched and talked smack to both of us. That was one of the best Christmas's we as an extended family had together. I also found the D&D games on there and they were fantastic, so if you found a way to get them on there (even without the branding), that'd be aces. I have to say if you can deliver all of this, this might just be a day one purchase for us. I think we're your target market. Sell it to me. UPDATE: Continued reading the thread; sorry for the derail. Back to your F*ing tacos kids.
  10. All these fine Amico observations, arguments, pontifications and more.....Available now at the Amico Thread right up there...
  11. I've updated the store to make five different POKEY-compatible homebrew games available with the new PokeyONE board: Beef Drop VE (PokeyONE Included) Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest (PokeyONE Included) Froggie (PokeyONE Included) Pac-Man Collecition (PokeyONE Included) Super Circus AtariAge (PokeyONE Included) You can also order POKEY versions of these games where you can supply your own POKEY chip or Ballblazer cart (which has a built-in POKEY chip we can utilize). ..Al
  12. Want to play old Atari/Sega games? Get a Flashback or Mini Classic... Want a current console experience? Get a Xbox or Playstation... Want current experiences from Atari/Sega? Get a time machine...
  13. I'm not suggesting that specifically, I'm just looking at the volume of trading compared to their history. There was a lot more activity leading up to the news release and a huge jump the day before/of the release. It was not as a result of the story. People can assume what they will, but there was definitely a large orchestrated action prior to the story coming out. There was another large action on the 29th. I'm no stock expert (but I play one on TV). As I mentioned, those transactions could have been part of the stock buybacks or transfers or any number of other corporate transactions, and any number of them may have been perfectly legal. Even if a corporate or personal transaction was performed because of knowledge about a news story coming out, I'm not sure that would be an illegal act, I'm definitely no attorney (blood sucking vampires). I think ol Martha was a case of a CEO pal tells her about a pending merger or something and she bought or sold stock prior to the deal being announced and profited greatly from it. That's sounds very different to me than some shit company who is in the habit of screwing up having a reporter ask around a week in advance about some bad news he was gonna publish. At their level, any gains are not likely to raise regulators' eyebrows. I don't even know what if any kind of regulation they're subject to being some off-off market penny stock listed on foreign exchanges. My understanding is the contortions they've used to list their stock the way they do has been to avoid the scrutiny applied to more legitimate stocks on major markets. I couldn't begin to say what's legal or could be prosecuted in their case. What is patently obvious is the timing of the transactions is one hell of a coincidence.
  14. That's what I'd guess. Uberstrategist probably stopped getting paid. On the stock activity, you can see below that somebody unloaded 4MM shares just hours before the Register article about Rob quitting and the other reports of a S#!t show. That was not a response to the article. Then on the 28th, somebody bought nearly 4MM shares. Probably every bit of that between the 28th and the days prior. I'm not sure if that activity represents an expectation of the company value totally bottoming out with the news, or manipulation of the stock based on the new permissions they granted themselves recently. The timing is very very suspicious. You can definitely see patterns building up to the news release that they knew was coming a week prior. A number of them unloaded their penny stock between 31 and 26 cents a share, and once they determined the bleeding settled at 26 cents, they bought it back between 26 and 31 cents. How well they did depends entirely on the method they were able to conduct the purchase. (allegedly) Only Fredo and his compatriots could do that kind of volume in a way that guarantees they make profit since an over the counter transaction wouldn't find buyers for the shares in time to beat the price bottoming out. I doubt that stock could genuinely sustain that kind of volume through normal OTC transactions. I bet they sold personal shares in advance of a corporate loophole transaction where they moved shares around as alluded to in their shareholder report. They probably just did some paper shuffling to take valuation of 4MM shares at 31 cents, transferred the loss to other shareholders, then redistributed shares at 26 cents, thereby avoiding the time and risk needed to conduct an OTC trade. In any case, Atari only exists now for what you see going on in these charts. Everything else is window dressing.
  15. i am happy to discuss productions/sales with author`s commision paid 🙂
  16. Just starting a new thread now that the Phoenix has started shipping. I will be updating this post with more information. -Up to date cores attached (Uploaded older stable CV version) (Make sure when you download and copy onto the sd card that the file name doesn't change and that it doesn't append any (1) or anything like that.) Updated CV Core (07/21/20) Rev 7 CORE01.PHX -Re-written SN and AY sound modules -Fix for early Opcode games (Magical Tree, Road Fighter, and sky jaguar) Atari 2600 Core(03/14/20) Rev 4 CORE02.PHX Changes: -Preliminary Cartridge support -2nd player can now be controlled with colecovision controller in port 2 Service Menu (11/23/19) Rev A0 SERVICE.PHX Install by pressing # to go to service menu and then press 3 to install service. Changes: -Added core revision display on install and load core screens --------------------------OLD Cores------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Atari 2600 Core CORE02.PHX Updated CV Core (11/23/19) Rev 6 CORE01.PHX Changes: -Changed Keyboard detection fix from port 30 to 31 to fix issue with Courtney -Changed back to Courtney sound chip from generic AY chip -Speech in Wizard of Wor and QBIQS fixed -still might need a few audio mixing tweaks -Fixes to F18a settings menu CV Core(11/13/19) Rev 5 CORE01.PHX Changes: -Changes to the audio mixing -Added menu on boot or reset for scanlines/flicker. Also works on sd loader If you hold * or # on reset or power on, it will take you to a menu where you can adjust scanlines and flicker. This should fix the issue with 55AA games. -Put in M1 wait to fix ntsc/pal detection on QBIQS -Changed Front LED to Yellow for CV core. This should help with power backfeed detection as the red LED should stay on after power is turned off if the issue is present. Github pages for the Colecovision and 2600 cores have been setup below. You should now be able to report bugs in the corresponding repositories. https://github.com/CollectorVision Check the know issues here: https://github.com/CollectorVision/Phoenix-Colecovision/issues
  17. One of my greatest deals last time on Ebay, was this ATARI 800 (see pictures) Sold as: "Powers on, no other testing performed. Sold for parts or repair." Without any more details (e.g. Memory configuration etc.), very risky, to buy a pig in a poke! But: Fixed Price: 49,95USD 😲! So I couldn´t resist and hit the "Buy now" button as hard as possible 😉! Yesterday, after a long trip, finally arrived.... The housing in top condition, no breaks or damages! Asap connected to my TV and powered on and "voilá"! It works well! Full memory configuration (48k) and all keys from the keyboard response like the first day! In short: I am absolutely happy with it 😍! andY
  18. The October 8th statement was required because a public claim was made that they were aware they were not on schedule and wouldn't deliver as planned. That would put them in hot water, so their carefully worded statement skirted the legitimacy of the Register's claim, and simply said they're "proceeding" according to their previously announced (to shareholders) schedule, and all that is inherently uncertain. The Medium update on the 8th was clearly a smokescreen for the Register article they knew was coming. The Shareholders meeting was where several new permissions were granted to do some tinkering with the stock (buyback, sell, issue new shares, etc.) The actions based on the huge volume on the 8th were probably related to those new permissions in some way, but the timing sure seems to indicate a reaction to the story just like their well times Medium release. I suspect it's all just the usual effort to keep the stock propped up as much as possible while they continue to drain their life support. When they miss their release schedule, they'll keep on with the carrot dangling at the end of the stick routine to try and sustain themselves for some other last ditch efforts.
  19. People are excited about the new console coming out. I am as well. We should be wishing it well; I would love to see a resurgence of these old companies making new consoles. I'm not worried there will be a industry crash either because of it. Really hoping Sega gets on it's feet again and makes a new console to rival Microsoft, Nintendo, etc. I want the good old days of gaming back
  20. Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2019 was a blast!! It was a pleasure to meet Albert and his wife, John Champeau and his brother Paul, and of course James and Tanya from ZeroPage Homebrew. Here are some photos of Amoeba Jump being sold at the AtariAge booth. The box and cartridge labels look great! Thanks to Nathan for the artwork and Albert for the high quality printing and cartridge production.
  21. Indirectly. As much as he's a cunt, there is fact behind his abhorrent nature and behavior. There's just so much involved when you start to try and do things at a larger scale, the more you look, the more you see. It gets to a point you just think "fuck it". It's not something I can tackle by myself. And to be quite honest, when you find people like that out there trying to actively fuck you over, you wonder why the hell you bother. As I have mentioned, as much as everyone seems to think it's a license to print money selling "super expensive" hardware, I earnt more a decade ago than I do now doing this. I've largely been doing this because I enjoy doing it and I needed a more flexible and relaxed way of life due to chronic illness over the last few years, and its nice being part of a community and contributing to what you enjoy. When you encounter people like cunt-face over there, it makes you wonder why you bother. I'm in a situation I can return to earning more and doing less and with considerably less stress via other means at the moment, so hence I'm looking at ways of both increasing production / availability and reducing the load on myself.
  22. Would it be better to ignore this nonsense and just enjoy the Atari's we all have, because it doesn't matter to us? Remember, even bad "news" is another eye set watching. We should promote small taco places and trucks instead.
  23. The funny thing is, Sega are probably doing better as a business nowadays than back when they made consoles and arcade games. It's just that resorts, pachinko and third-party games publishing isn't nearly as sexy or high-profile, especially outside Japan. Also, getting back into the console business nowadays - at least properly rather than by making plug-and-play retro machines - is an astronomically expensive business. Sony wrote down about $3 billion for the development of the PS3, and Microsoft $100 million for the Xbox 1 controller alone, to give a couple of examples. On the sort of chump change Atari are operating with, it's either off-the-shelf tech in a new case or don't bother.
  24. Look what came in Loot Crate this month! There are two nice "12 gauge" shot glasses and a really nice bottle opener(very heavy) that sticks to the frig! They must have heard about the New Jag Edition! We cancelled Loot Crate months ago cuz there was just crap in the boxes, but this month and the last month have been extremely cool. Plus it's fun opening them with my son.
  25. I've been wanting to recap my TI for a while, and recently did the internal power supply. Here's what I used : 3300µF/35V Radial. Quantity: 1. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/panasonic-electronic-components/ECA-1VHG332/P5557-ND/245156 1000µF/25V Radial. Quantity: 1. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/panasonic-electronic-components/ECA-1EHG102/P5544-ND/245143 470µF/25V radial. Quantity: 1. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/panasonic-electronic-components/ECA-1EHG471/P5543-ND/245142 47µF/25V Radial. Quantity: 2. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/panasonic-electronic-components/EEU-FM1E470/P12923-ND/762833 4.7µF/50V Radial. Quantity: 1. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/nichicon/UPW1H4R7MDD1TD/493-11360-1-ND/4319999 Note that some caps have higher voltage ratings than the originals. Also, all caps here are rated at 2000 hours at 105°C.
  26. Last few tweets are very encouraging. I mean, the reason I never grew concerned was that this is the ATARI community, and it never lets us down!
  27. I had a couple of XE´s in the past, all with stucked or broken Power switches... But I found a source in germany, where you can buy it as new stock 😉. (see the right ones on the 1st picture) It fits perfectly, the only difference between this and the original switch is, that the new one has a O/I printed on the switch... BTW: I grabbed this shown 800XE with broken Power switch on Ebay for only 30€, and it works perfectly now 😍. If anybody is interested in getting the switches, here is the source: -> Power-Switch for XE series Gtx., andY
  28. Stock looks to be correcting itself. Maybe PDubs got himself a nice payday. Or as Berel suggests, perhaps Fred treated himself to one last heist. Maybe they should join forces with that other project. Bringing People Together Again with Netflix for Mom in an Unprecedented Sandbox of Freedom. BPTANMUSF!
  29. Isn't insider trading illegal? 🙄 I guess he knew he couldn't keep the story under wraps. Smart boy.
  30. It has been some time. Sept and Oct have been very busy for me and I have had little time to work on the MK2. It never goes as fast as I want. The WIP is: * Decouple the pixel generation from the video timing. This is necessary to fix the video timing for real and support the DVI resolution of 720x480. This will also make it easier / possible to implement other resolutions if I become crazy and decide to do some 9938 modes and such. * The above also requires rewriting the sprite and tile generation modules, which is what is taking the most time. * Finish the DVI encoder. * Build the new prototype boards that have been sitting on my bench for weeks. * Design the VGA header.
  31. Unlucky Pony. May use this artwork for the upcoming Unlucky Pony's Adventures. background.bmp pony.bmp pony_fly.bmp
  32. Is Max back? So been seeing you disgruntled and such online. So have you come to join in the taco fun?
  33. Nice slogan! TAKE THREE MILLION BUCKS DON'T DELIVER ANYTHING So what do you think explains "Atari" stock going up 40% in one day? Sunspots?
  34. Wait... Albert and John are married? Thanks for asking me to work on such a fun project! I'm glad it turned out well, and can't wait to start reading peoples' reviews in the AA store.
  35. I've seen the HUGE fish only three times playing and once I was about 2 pixels away from snagging him. This score is just about a perfect game (without a HUGE fish), possibly I could snag one more of the normal big fish if I optimized a little bit more.
  36. In that case....... 10 rem "fix major game defect runtime" 20 execute script (controller config correction) 30 if dad throws controller=1 then goto 80 40 if kid > dad then kid score = -1 50 if dad bitching about controller not working = 1 then execute clean sweep protocol 60 d=d+1 70 if d=1000000000000 then resume else goto 60 80 Print "game over" 90 end
  37. Week 43 Top games 1. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch) - 795 min. 2. XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Xbox 360) - 697 min. 3. Divinity: Original Sin 2 (PC) - 607 min. 4. Borderlands 3 (Xbox One) - 520 min. 5. Looney Tunes: Back in Action (Gamecube) - 496 min. 6. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (Xbox One) - 448 min. 7. Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Xbox One) - 422 min. 8. Microsoft Solitaire Collection (iOS) - 412 min. 9. XCOM: Enemy Within (PS3) - 294 min. 10. God of War: Chains of Olympus (PS3) - 209 min. Top systems 1. Xbox One - 1592 min. 2. Switch - 1170 min. 3. Xbox 360 - 697 min. 4. PC - 607 min. 5. Gamecube - 575 min. 6. PS3 - 503 min. 7. iOS - 412 min. 8. GBA - 30 min. Total 5586 minutes and 17 different games on 8 different systems. Link's Awakening on the Switch receives two players this week which is enough to take the title ahead of the Xbox 360 game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Most of the titles have been on the list before, some are new. Stats wise the tracker exceeds 250K minutes for the year and 450K minutes in total. We're now up to 618 games, and that is after combining various demo and beta versions of upcoming games with the final versions. We're still at 20 participants for this season of which 12 regulars and 8 visitors (counting myself in that figure).
  38. You just need to keep reminding yourself for every dirtbag, there are 100 more people who appreciate your efforts. Unfortunately, the dirtbags usually make more noise and get heard most. The masses support you, so forget the few negative assholes!
  39. Do I dare risk the lone remaining social media outlet they haven't banned me from?
  40. SainT, I'm also willing to help, as I've done a couple projects with custom PCBs and surface mount parts. Feel free to send me a PM or email if you'd like to chat further.
  41. I think this is a more apporiate graph...
  42. How about we just skip ahead to Christmas?
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