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  1. 90 IS Good! Lol, those two Guys are walking Immortals, across the board, don't feel bad.
  2. Will the ATM hacking include an Atari Portfolio like in Terminator 2?
  3. I didn't work anything out about CF7's when working with TIPI, it was just that originally TML exposed that TIPI was not initializing the VDP stack pointers and that some software assumes a TI floppy controller or facsimile would have done so. I changed TIPI's powerup to be more of a facsimile if running at crubase >1100. However, along the way, I became aware of this nugget of information ( cause when you can't get something to work, read Tursi's prior art ) Tursi's classic99 source code has a comment regarding the CF7 and what it does to VDP: https://github.com/tursilion/classic99/blob/eae60d9952760eb06e4fc29da84a9b2b7db6b4de/disk/diskclass.cpp#L240 I believe this is to say CF7 powerup routine allocates 6 extra bytes of VRAM. (Note: Lee Stewart corrects us a few posts below with the knowledge that it allocates 8 extra bytes, not just 6) [email protected]
  4. Hey guys, thanks to @playsoft the best 8bit version of Moon Patrol is here ! Done: new mountains backdrop new moon city backdrop new starting base new title screen arcade classic font selectable control schemes PAL fixed redrawn single wide alien sprites (more frames plus slowed down animation)! redrawn double wide buggy (and title screen buggy) ! redrawn explosions !! new tanks, rocket car, mines, lives left, moon plant, rocks, progress bar, rolling boulders new colors bug fixes and I'm sure I forget something.. this version is in sync with revision 4 of the 8-bit, enjoy !!! Moon Patrol redux.bin
  5. They need to design the controllers for a wide variety of games and not just the legacy stuff. The old games whilst obviously appealing to us will most likely not be of much interest to newcomers to Amico and also, any reimagined intellivision games will be designed for these specific controllers. I think the new design is an excellent move.
  6. Over my head, above my pay grade, confusing for this old fart and apparently time consuming. I guess for programming types this would work, but for me, swapping an SD card is probably easier. Old dog, new tricks, failing memory. Thanks though.
  7. 2 points
    Happy Birthday, Intellivision!
  8. Here is another animation that might be a bit more organized. As I worked on different animations, I would find nicer ways to work some of the tables and try to keep the overall sprite definitions the same between every animation. In the actual game, all the tables are combined, and the sprites are all set up with a subroutine, I also have an ON / GOSUB routine that will call specific logic required for certain animations (like being able to grab a ledge while jumping). Here is the set of animations that have been flattened (originally it was layered to allow for easily repositioning and tweaking of individual sprites) Once I have run out of patience working on graphics, or feel satisfied with what I have, I reorganize the graphics like so: The pants are the first two grams, then arms, then turban/vest, and then shoes. After that I recolor the image to two colors so Intycolor won't invert any of the bitmaps. Once this is done, I run Intycolor with the arguments -b -a to convert everything to IntyBASIC, and lastly move all the data statements from the generated BAS file into the program attached and get to work on setting up the correct offsets in the various x and y tables. pop_climb5.bas
  9. Okay guys, I found a great deal for those that want a laser printer for Christmas. << THIS PRINTER >> is the best printer I've ever owned, in fact a few of us here in the TI section have the nearly identical M477. Now you can get one for hundreds less than what we paid.
  10. I checked Bing's "on this day" timeline this morning to see if there would be any acknowledgement. Instead, it was talking about The Who concert disaster. Oh well. Yesterday it was about Enron in 2001.
  11. Expensive, cool, belongs in Auctions forum.
  12. i commented on the thread already, but i love the continuation of the discussion. all my C64 time now is spent with emulation (C64 Mini, hopefully the full size later next year) and on work breaks at the office. We had a C64 breadbin growing up and then a C128 and I would love to have an original setup with a 1541/1571 disk drive, but really space and money constraints keep me in the emulation zone. That being said, I'm not sure I have any additional great moments, but i do have great memories as a kid playing games on our C64 both at our house and my grandparents'- I especially love Lode Runner and Space Taxi.
  13. It should be fine. It was designed to do just that Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  14. I thought 90 was good on Sky Diver. lol There are two perfect scores! 🤯
  15. It might be the main system ram, especially if they are labeled “MT”
  16. I received this reset userport adapter from Germany today and it does indeed work in the VIC-20, but it also does the same exact thing as the reset button on my RAM/SD2IEC cart....as I expected. Oh well, now I can reset from both sides of the back of the machine I suppose. Can't have enough reset action...lol!
  17. That's really impressive that you can get through level 3 without getting hit. The easiest way to switch between characters is to map all players to the player 1 controls. Then you can just activate the appropriate coin slot for the class you want to use. Although, I personally haven't had much success with any class but warrior.
  18. I'm sorry. I know this doesn't help and I'm not adding to your thread at all but it's in my head and I have to post it... You have a "Jag Snag" © 😂 I'm going away now!
  19. I did not start out with a TI calculator. My first experience(s) at programming was as a kid standing up in front of the TRS-80 Model I kiosk at the local Radio Shack store. Years later I became the Computer Marketing Manager of the same store. I left in 1986, before the companies downward spiral began.
  20. Yay!!! Good to see you Joe! ill be sending you a PM here in a day or two... Want to get some notes from you on programming with the 256/compiler package.
  21. That was a mistake, and I've fixed the store entry. The PokeyONE is included, no need to send anything else in when buying any of the five games in the store that include a PokeyONE. ..Al
  22. The 4 scan matrix isn't the same as the 4A scan matrix... it also has fewer keys (as has been noted). Even the joysticks are on different CRU pins... Even if the physical remap accommodated the different CRU connections, the maps I have don't match between the two systems. Also, the 99/4 keyboards were soldered to the motherboard, they didn't have connectors. http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/computers/ti994.html
  23. Nothing really new to share, it’ll probably be quite a while until the backend stuff is fully available in regards to the JagSD / GD so working on the smaller things for now. I have made progress on two of the mini-game modules though (one puzzle and one racing) so I’ll have 3 out of the dozen or so almost done for implementation. The 3rd being the ATM hacking, probably the easiest one to make. No plans for a Cybertruck but there will be hovercrafts and a few Double Dragon-styled fighting scenes, which is also what I would categorize as a mini game, so I guess that would be 4. 6 Jag fans submitted to become implemented in game and that’ll probably just about do it unless I add a few more random encounter types throughout.
  24. Hey, thanks, I am using your firmware. This morning I learned that CF cards are still sold, and yes, I suspect the adapter as well, so I'm looking at purchasing a 16GB SanDisk CF card. When I started this project, I did not have access to a CF USB adapter, but my iMac does have an SD slot, so that is why I went the CF/SD route. Maybe that was a bad choice; either way, I'll buy a real CF card now. Thanks for the lead on RWCRC - I'll run that and see what it reports.
  25. Which firmware are you using? The loader calls the SIO only for the purpose of mounting and unmounting partitions and disk images (and the newer loader issues additional SIO calls for drive mapping and other purposes). I don't think the original loader issued SIO calls at all while simply cataloguing a FAT partition, so the inference is that the newer firmware (i.e. mine) is being used, since the most recent loader attempts to map mount points immediately after reading the disk directory. The most common cause of the 'NAK' error is when the PBI BIOS has completely failed to identify the media on the ATA bus. The Micro-SD adapter and Micro-SD card you're using do not appear to be 'known working', and if a 128MB CF card does work in circumstances where the SD adapter doesn't, then you can probably safely conclude that the choice of media/adapter is at fault. With regard to the SD/CF adapter on Lotharek's site: yours looks identical, but I have no idea what 'Lothark's customized' is supposed to mean. The only SD/CF adapters of which I have experience are the same brand but using full-sized SD cards. If might be worth formatting an APT partition and running RWCRC to see if you get any IO errors. The PBI BIOS (responsible for all SIO-based communication with the hard disk) is a little more forgiving than the loader when it comes to IO errors; the SIO driver will retry any sector transfers if the DRQ (data ready) bit in the ATA status register is prematurely low prior to the last byte of the sector being transferred, or remains high after the last byte is transferred. Either situation implies one of more bytes in the controller's sector buffer were transferred twice or completely skipped, and this is caused by incompatible media or stability issues elsewhere on the system. The checks are not really a reliable defence against instability, however: they are mainly there to provide a better chance of IO errors being generated when proper transmission is not possible. A system which encounters transmission errors 0.01 per cent of the time may appear fully functional thanks to the retry logic in the PBI BIOS. The loader performs no such checks, meanwhile, so it's really the loader which offers a less flattering picture of system reliability.
  26. I've tried the following with the game "Astiroids" by Bill Bies: - in Classic99 with EA module I've loaded the game (option 3, Load and Run). The game starts automatically when loaded; - at the initial screen, I've selected the Debugger and paused it; - from Make menu in debugger, I've selected the Save memory. For the Save Type I've choosed "GROM Copy" with High RAM from >A000 to >FFFF, inserted a cartridge name and set the start address to >A000. Not set any flag, except for the recommended "Initialize keyboard". Then I've generated a .bin file pressing the Build button. - I've then loaded the .bin file and I can correctly see the cartridge name in the option menu, but when selected it just returns to the initial TI99 screen after few seconds. Looking at the .bin file with and Hex Editor I can see that there are data in the first 8KB (the original file size is approx. that size). So, you suggest to place the >A000 address in the .bin file with an Hex Editor on this dump. At which position of the header exactly? In attachment the file generated in this test. astiroidsG.BIN
  27. This is an interesting observation. Surely if you intend to program for a read only memory it's necessary to avoid such development approach. For the conversion of EA3 files the idea was to use the cartridge just as a storage medium istead of using the disk. The program will be executed using the 32K RAM, as in the modules converted using Tursi's MakeCart or the Module Creator 2 program. The MiSTer core for the TI99 does not (yet?) support the disk, so the only choice to run disk games is to convert to a cart. On my real TI99 I have a 32K memory espansion and a FinalGROM, but not the PEB or a nanoPEB.
  28. M-Network did the same. They were so cheap, they re-used Intellivision shells. No main label, and cartridges that don't stack.
  29. Thanks for posting the pictures. I was a bit concerned after seeing the Super Community video which had overscan and a black colour change in the display area on the right: The amount of overscan will vary depending on the TV/monitor - yours looks about perfect! My LCD monitor is not bad, a tiny amount on the left: My CRT monitor and LDC TV both show a bit more overscan on the left: I do not see the black colour change at all. In Altirra, if I configure for extended or full overscan, then I can see the overscan on the right as expected. However I still don't see the black colour change.
  30. Title Match is ok on round one. You punch or kick your opponent multiple times, at a frame where he’s stunned; grab him (push button and hold toward him. Release. Push button again and pull stick/pad upwards; you lift him over head. Then thrown him to the ground. Move over him. Press action button and down. Now you pin him down. Shake/wiggle fast to outperform him trying to break free.) But... on round 2, it feels like the computer just ‘makes up its mind to break your pin. Not knowing what one can do better makes it feel like its about luck...
  31. In all fairness I doubt Parker was researching adhesive that would last 30+ years while coming up with their cartridge designs. Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  32. I found this in an Atari age magazine article.
  33. It's not my intention to interfere VinsCool's nice Thread, but as it seems, you still have to learn a lot. Particulary that SID is build wit the the knowledge of EXISITNG sound solutions back in that time. The "Filter" of POKEY is definitely a direct modulation processing feature. The creator of the SID Chip never named special devices, but he named them by the flaws. The programming speed of POKEY isn't the real problem. It's the type of programming. I have to admit that I failed to get why particular Atari "Fans" like special POKEY tuning. That's why I started to build POKEY edits without taking care . The real weird part is that you have to "detune" everything in RMT , if you want to get something like "music" . Sid styles? Well, POKEY styles that can sound like SID have been possible BEFORE SID was built. The Intro you see in the Video could run on an 800 from 1979.
  34. I'm currently working on a couple of Tron Legacy tunes in IntyBASIC, and Derezzed is going to be one of them. I can let you know when it's ready.
  35. Here's a ''more up to date'' works in progress of Venture DX It was first going to be developped for SNES, but it's now going to be a Phoenix exclusive game Don't hesitate to share your ideas on how the game should be or what it should have
  36. I received my new "bare bones" PSU today and it works like a charm. Very reasonably priced, too. I'd pay 1/3 to a half what Ray charges just to buy the 5V DC and 9V AC PSU's, then have to spend time soldering up a DIN (*) and risk screwing something up ... Ugh. No thanks. (*I made a DIN13 A/V connector this past winter for my 1088XLD prototype board - even though I only wired up 5 of the 13 pins, I still missed a pin assignment on one of the signals. Arrgh. I have zero desire to ever make DIN connectors again if someone is willing to let me pay them instead!*).
  37. I just purchased some Coleco advertisements, I thought that I would scan and share. They have probably been scanned and shared before, but some I had never seen before. This first one is something...I can't get over the 80's hair! Some Coleco Pac Man Collectables: And finally, a "More for You" Coleco catalog from 1982. It's probably been scanned before, but here it is anyway: The ads were a little weathered, but I got a great deal on them. The package also included a Pac Man table top arcade instruction book, and an "Illusions" instruction manual. Enjoy!
  38. Hello, For all scart version owners, here the document for this special version. It came with the "normal" French instruction. Have a nice day Intellivision Scart version instruction.pdf
  39. That's interesting. What you say certainly rings true in retrospect, but I seem to recall people being in love with ZELDA AT LAUNCH!! but you're probably right, it was new system infatuation. The only negative review that I remember was from a crazy site called Actionbutton.net, and it was VERY negative, hilariously so in my opinion. One star out of four. The site's graphics are deliberately monochrome and grainy, just as pasted here. The site's archive is down but I found a copy of the review on wayback. https://web.archive.org/web/20070716173345/http://www.actionbutton.net/?p=70 Maybe that last line is the inspiration behind Breath of the Wild?
  40. Hello Vincent, I decided to make a demo of a sound and test routine I programmed not long ago. I attached source and .rom. It uses SOUND to play frequency data every 30/25 frames. Frequency data can have special meanings: values ending in 1 lowers volume, 1=reset volume, 0=end of data. In the demo, "VolFX" is about 4 different volume effects (volume down, down + no volume reset, up, and static). Press Enter in the controller to change. "SynthFX" (toggles on/off when VolFX goes back to 0) uses 2 sound channels playing similar frequencies. Another way to play sound effects is using the PSG volume envelope (SOUND 3 and 4). I don't use it in the demo. It's tricky to figure out how it works, but it's fantastic for noise/explosions. Unfortunately PSG can only do 1 envelope at a time. SoundPlayer.zip
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