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  1. Here's a video of my 'little' Silly Venture 2019 entry: I'll release the ROM before Xmas - it needs a JagGD cart to run (I will look into making a cut down 6mb ROM for skunkboard) Enjoy, and get into that Xmas Feeling! The Snowman 16mb JaguarGD.rom
  2. http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-3.90-test20.zip http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-3.90-test20-src.zip Fixed a bug with high-pass optimization at volume level 0 that was causing some PDM glitches. Fixed an issue with denormals since the split filter changes that was using a bit of CPU time when everything went quiet. This was previously handled, but the mitigation code was bypassed in the new code. Fixed an issue where sometimes UI wouldn't display in full-screen mode in DirectX 11 mode while the emulator was paused. (This doesn't apply to modal UI that forced an exit from full-screen mode.) Fixed enhanced text mode sometimes not drawing its first frame properly. Started on HUD customization, available from View menu -- you can now move and resize HUD elements. Currently this is only supported for a few of the audio graphs. Note that there was some major UI system rework under the hood, so there may be some bugs with indicators. Added audio scope that shows the waveform coming out of POKEY, with all four channels. This is tapped between the two amplifier stages, so it uses a 64KHz source and shows the short time constant high-pass effect. Fixed a bug in the CPU emulation where an NMI was being improperly held off for one instruction if it had been delayed due to RDY cycles from WSYNC. Those RDY cycles now count against the timing check.
  3. All still happening in the background. I'll start shouting loudly once things start moving properly! I've sorted pretty much all the technical details out now and just have the last bit of testing hardware to develop. Shouldn't be too big a job, then I think that's everything needed to allow outsourcing of production. Things taking a while as ever, single person factory an all that.
  4. https://www.benheck.com/project-started-in-2000-finally-finished-atari-2600-junior-single-chip-portable/
  5. Last game of mine, coded with the great guys of OCEO team @marss and glafouk, for this great year of Atari Lynx coding. Game story: The contest for the best lawnmower is open and you want to win the first prize. First train yourself with nine basic lawns then enter the competition trying to mow 23 of the worst lawns of the city. To be a pro mower remember to cut only the grass because flowers and other obstacles will make you lose fuel. Don't hurt the moles if you don't want to be disqualified, but if you close their holes they will stop disturbing you If you are short of fuel find a tank before it is over; some special tanks have less fuel but contain additives that give you bonus powers for a limited time. There are three difficulty levels: it is better to practice with the easy one before trying the others. Good luck! The game ROM will be published by Silly Venture on December 25th, so there is time to make a final fixing and tuningof the games. Here are some pics and a video of the game (it is the backup video sent to Silly Venture in case there was problems running the game). Lawnmower.txt
  6. New 2019 Homebrew Releases Now Available! The new releases from October's Portland Retro Gaming Expo are now available to purchase online! In total we have nine new 2600 games, one new 5200 game, and one new 7800 title! You can click on the images below to jump directly to each game's entry in the store. Here's a list of the new games: Aardvark (2600) Amoeba Jump (2600) A Roach in Space (2600) Dragon's Descent (2600) Evil Magician Returns II (2600) Galagon (2600) Gyvolver (2600) Tyre Trax (2600) Wizard of Wor Arcade (2600) Scramble (5200) Baby Pac-Man (7800) We also have the AtariVox+ back in stock, which is used by four of the above new games for saving high scores, as well as by Wizard of Wor Arcade to replicate speech from the original arcade game! And, finally, we've added boxes as an option for about 50 games, including last year's new 2600, 5200, and 7800 boxed releases (Dungeon II: Solstice, Mappy, Space Game, Froggie, and RealSports Curling).
  7. Albert

    Baby Pac-Man

    Baby Pac-Man is now available for purchase in the AtariAge Store! https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1210
  8. Yes. Exactly! It's like a Round Robin to see which player can make it the farthest! That's the "versus" mode... but we also have a super cool "co-op" mode as well where multiple players (up to 3) all control something on the one vehicle. One player shoots, another jumps, and another is in charge of the speed. The concept works surprisingly well because of the type of game that Moon Patrol is (do I shoot or do I jump over the rock?). We even have a 2 player "race to the finish" planned... but will probably wait til the next version to implement. Yes... that's right... you heard me correctly! Notice how the name of this particular game is called Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles. This journey will start in our solor system for this first game... but at the end of it... something epic happens and will set up many more games to come! So this is merely the first one in the new series. And one last "nugget"... If we're going to various moon's throughout the solor system... how does the vehicle get from moon to moon? Mini-game anyone?
  9. I can answer that - they don't. I gave up on mobile. Yeah, okay it was partly my fault every one of my games failed as I REFUSED to do whe whole freemium thing (apparently people are happy to spends hundreds on IAP if a game is free but they can't bring themselves to spend $1-2 for an entire game). Sure, my games weren't groundbreaking or amazing, but they were solid, bug-free, well tested fun little original titles that were very well recieved by the few who played them - it's just nigh on impossible to get noticed in the swathes of shovelware. Same deal with Steam, Nintendo and to a lesser extent, Xbox stores (I don't have a PS4) these days. Oh, one of my most successful games was quickly ripped off by an utter c#%t who made a "template" of my game to sell on an asset store. So not only did he steal my exact idea, he sold it on to anyone who wanted to make the same game. As a result there were tons of these ripoffs on Google Play and Apple stores - so many I had to give up on trying to get them pulled. The #[email protected]^knuckle who made said "template" also bragged about how he made so much money off it. So yeah, I'm amped for Amico too and hoping to heck the team deems me worthy of developing for it. If not, I'm still amped for a clutter free device as a customer. I'm legitimately way more excited about the Amico than PS5 or whatever the next Xbox will be called - and this is coming from someone who thought it looked and sounded like a silly idea initially (I think the Coleco Chameleon debacle kinda made me wary). Only other thing I'm really amped for is the PolyMega but it's looking like that thing will never come out
  10. Also: Very nice and clever use of anything. Seems they finally made it to bring ambient to the great features of that machine.
  11. I've had a bad experience operating w/o shielding... ...on some case bottoms there is a steel leaf-spring that helps support the shielding and thus the main-board, near the expansion port. There can be a bit of play on the main-board when connected to that giant, heavy P-BOX connector! This can cause contact between the leaf-spring and the main-board, resulting in a short! So if you do remove the shielding, remove the leaf-spring as well, before reassembling the case, then be careful to check alignment when using the expansion connector.
  12. Anyone have a chance to check out this video on YouTube? Another initial hater bites the dust and becomes an Amico cheerleader.
  13. Yes... we are HUGELY aware of this problem. This is why it cracks me up when some of these know nothing industy inexperienced numbskull YouTubers or snarky moronic message board posters are so quick to say... "No one is going to make games for this because Intellivision wants exclusivity!". Hmm... lets review... if you're a small indie developer... what scenario would you rather have? 1. Bootstrap everything yourself for zero money and then release on platforms that give away everything for free, have thousands of new games a month and no recourse for rip-offs or... 2. Get paid up front to fund your dream the right way, get marketing, audio, optimization/programing and art help from some of the most experienced people in the industry. Have Intellivision go get the rights and pay for big licenses if needed. Then have your product be the ONLY one released during a certain window so that EVERYONE who owns a machine will see it front and center. Hmmm... tough choice eh? The "exclusivity will never work" arguement is almost as priceless as the "Who is this for?? No one wants this thing!" And people call me the "stupid" one who is going to fail for saying all of our games are going to be exclusive and that there is a vast underserved market out there.
  14. How does anybody make money on the Google Play store with 3 trillion junk games to have to wade through..there's this 1st person racing game that the engine must have been duplicated 500 times with different titles like "fast race car" "speed racing" I can't wait for the uncluttered Amico store
  15. Wifey and I have been watching classic Bond. @25: "That's his pigeon waiting for him now. Goldfinger has been taking him to the cleaners every day for a week."
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    Now! https://atariage.com/store/
  17. Improvement I've worked out the "secret" just need to stop dying by my own hands so to speak Bermuda Triangle 1BB : 74,000
  18. Today marks day 10 of "no news is good news"!
  19. Thanks! I spent a lot of time coming up with custom sounds that felt right for the gameplay, but also tipped a hat to retro. Honestly though... the sound in that demo is only about 50% completed. I didn't have time to mess with the volumes (the engine sound should be louder as well as the "land" sound)... and we have some really cool and dynamic rock explosion stuff that didn't quite make it in the demo. The vehicle exploding is also just a placeholder for now. We had it tuned prettty good for our E3 demo... but the game has changed a lot since then. But we all still love playing the full level that was created for E3. Can't wait for everyone to see the stuff we're doing inside the caves! So frickin' cool!!!!!!!!
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    Finally recieved my 4th Odyssey 2 I've paid for. Through a long history of bad sellers and items not working, I finally have a boxed working Odyssey 2.
  21. It’s finally here! Dungeon Hunt II Game of the Year Edition is ready for ordering! The new version of Dungeon Hunt includes the following features: 24 levels – (4 new more than the ABBUC version) Improved pliability and game balancing 15 different monsters Multiple weapons – melee and ranged Magical attacks Ladders that link upper and lower levels – 3D dungeons! New Sneak mode to bypass difficult enemies Up to 80 monsters per level And more! Separate autosave for each level Automatic PAL/NTSC compatibility Cartridge version will save directly to the cart Requirements: An Atari home computer with joystick. The Disk version requires 48K and a compatible disk drive, the Cartridge version requires 64K. Ordering Information: There will be two versions of the package – prices include shipping to Canada, USA and (most of) Europe. Disk version $40.00 USD Cartridge version $62.00 USD I have a dozen copies of the disk version ready to ship now, more disks are on order. The cartridge version will start shipping in approximately 1 week – as soon as my shipment of AtariMax carts arrives. To order, please send me a PM detailing your order and shipping address and I will provide a PayPal address. (Package includes: shrink wrapped box, full colour manual, diskette or cartridge, custom feelie, letter - Disk version shown) Thank you! P.S. I’m looking for the Page Six package from Synapse. If anyone has an extra one, please contact me – perhaps we can make a deal! 😊
  22. Well I have finally managed to get BSG and not one of these reproductions/pirates but the real thing in mint condition with the original outer plastic seal still intact except for the top of it where the contents were removed to play the game. Bizarrely I bought this from someone in the UK 60 miles away from my house who lives in the same county as me. I really did think that I would never be able to afford to add this game to my collection, but for £550 ($725) I was really pleased to get one in such great condition. The game had been bought by the seller years ago, and he nearly didn't buy it, but he went the extra price and bought it because the money was going to charity to help fight diabetes. It really was great to get one in the UK, and to not be paying tax/customs fees as I would if this had come from the USA so that was a massive bonus. I know it still seems a crazy price for a single game, but it was missing from my collection, and it is near Christmas after all so it's my Christmas present to myself. I've added some nice photos the seller took of the items. When I went to his house to collect this we had a great chat about video games, and how he was very reluctantly parting with his gaming collection (no more Jaguar games). It really was a strange feeling handing over so much money for a video game, and was something I never thought I would do, but I am delighted I now finally own this game... Would I say it was money well spent? Well actually I would... Some people may think a fool and his money are easily parted, but for me to finally own this game has made today a great day and means to me the money (in my head) was very well spent. For those of you who have been lucky enough to own this game from its first release you might find it hard to understand the price some of us are willing to pay to own BSG. I never imagined I would ever pay this kind of money for a video game, but I actually feel it was money really well spent... My Mrs on the other hand has been slightly less impressed with my purchase!
  23. Amoeba Jump is now available for purchase in the AtariAge Store! https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1211
  24. Aardvark is now available for purchase in the AtariAge Store! https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1212
  25. Bermuda Triangle - 46,200 Another small improvement!
  26. If someone has a nice skew tool and some rainy-day free time, please feel free to put Yars' Revenge, 2600 Asteroids, or any of the other priceless treasures owned by Atari SA on her screen. "No news is good news!"
  27. We decided to wait til Monday. Needed to make sure the Moon Patrol stuff got out first and that we weren't confusing people with multiple e-mails.
  28. Official Compo results: ---Atari Lynx Game Compo--- 01. 996 pt Silas' Adventure.............. KK/Altair 02. 914 pt NGSV2019...................... New Generation (Solo,Laoo,Miker,Tiger) 03. 728 pt Odynexus: Journey to Ithaca... LordKraken, Agradeneu, Courtesy of Drozerix 04. 664 pt Fishing for Atari............. Dr. Ludos 05. 613 pt Scroll of the Time Lords...... Turbo Laser Lynx 06. 583 pt Lawnmower..................... OCEO (Nop90, Marss,Glafouk) 07. 505 pt Silly Blaster................. Fadest, Der Luchs 08. 497 pt SillySis...................... KARRI ---Atari Lynx Demo Compo--- 01. 896 pt The Devil's Show.............. Dentifrice : 02. 845 pt No Time....................... New Generation : 03. 830 pt Bastion....................... PriorArt (enthusi, Jackasser, Jammer, Zooperdan, JonEgg, Dawnbringer) Congratulations to all great productions, sorry for all the shortcomings on Compo. I will write more in a while, now I need a moment to rest and return home
  29. I have had several similar experiences when blown up with wheels eventually rolling back to the buggy, one time a wheel hit it and the buggy collapsed further to the lunar surface. The longest sequence had 4 wheels eventually roll back and then 3 of them rolled away again down the hill. I guess because the game play is so short I have the time to watch this stuff! edit- another time I got blown up I landed upside down on a rock and eventually a alien blew up the rock from under me and the buggy fell back to the lunar surface in a puff of dust. Fantastic game dynamics.
  30. Same with all the crossing road games and pixel dungeon games... I gave up years ago. Nothing better than Retro Gaming.... and our future new favorite system. LOL!
  31. Found a couple of "Scorching Chips", 2 of the RAMs. Was able to replace them with 2 good ones and we are in business! Now I have 2 working 800XL's. Fantastic! My next project is to upgrade one with a ULTIMATE 1MB and a Sophia rev. C (DVI output) Thanks again for every ones input.
  32. I found a box of TI and TI-99/4A documents in my garage. Here is a scan of the Jan 1986 Front Range 99ers newsletter. I didn't see any FR99er newsletters in the cache at whtech. Since it was my users group from 1986-1991, I'd like it if there were some record of its existence in the repo. I enjoyed reading the Amarillo newsletters there. I'll be scanning away now... [UPDATE: Added Welcome Packet with an early history of the Users Group. Added April 1989 issue (My first attempt at editing!) I'll add other issues as I find them.] FrontRange99ers-1986-01.PDF Front Range 99ers Welcome Packet.PDF FrontRange99ers-1989-04.PDF FrontRange99ers-1988-05.PDF FrontRange99ers-1988-07.PDF FrontRange99ers-1989-06.PDF FrontRange99ers-1990-02.PDF FrontRange99ers-1990-03.PDF
  33. Anyone plug in some quality headphones, or buds yet? WOW!!! The music and sounds are fantastic!
  34. I have to wonder, did Jedimatt have some dark help when he was ironing out the kinks on the early versions of Force Command?
  35. If you had all of the files in the same folder (_8, _9, _C), that would explain it working. If you look at the debug log (first place you should ALWAYS look for weird behaviour), you'll see that Classic99 is loading them ALL if you are using User->Open or drag and drop. If the right one loads last, then it works. The reason is the old C/D/G issue. Since User->Open is an automatic mode, Classic99 doesn't assume that it knows what all the files associated with one cartridge are, so it just tries them all, and loads any that it finds (even if they overlap). So, it looks for 3,8,9,C,D, and G versions of the filename passed in. So if you're in there making different versions of the ROM and testing in Classic99, make sure you change the filename as well as the last character, or put them in different folders, OR just use a Classic99.ini entry so the emulator doesn't have to guess.
  36. A cute thing I observed... let the buggy get blasted just at the entry to the cave. Left the controls alone. The busted buggy slowly continued to slide down into the cave. A minute later, a wheel fell off and rolled away. Nice touch. I was hoping the camera would continue to follow the parts sliding into the cave to see what came next. Certainly made the wait at the DMV a lot more fun.
  37. I'd also possibly be interested in a cased one. Has anyone modelled an XL or XE case for Sys-Check?
  38. 20,130 Bonus: Han Solo's Cantina Shoot Out. Welcome to the hive of scum and villainy. You control Han Solo as he faces off against a wide assortment of enemies from domineering Imperial Storm troopers, arrogant Rodians , inebriated Arcona, treacherous Kubaz, aggressive Dug, marauding Klatooinians and more. Achieve a score of 1,000,000 and take a Polaroid of your score and send it in to receive this awesome T-shirt.
  39. I was asked if I could make a Goonies version that runs from an 128K Switchable XEGS cartridge instead of disk. Here it is, in case somebody else is interested. I'd also be interested in test results on (other) real S-XEGS cartridges. - Peter/JAC EDIT: Updated on 2019-12-23, now boots correctly also if OPTION is not held down Goonies-ROM.rom Goonies.atr
  40. It wasn't me either ... and I can't recall anyone else from here giving him anything resembling a hard time. Maybe it's not so much "bullying" and "harassment" as people disagreeing with things he said? I see that he very sensibly anonymized his avatar. Anyway, back on topic: Atari VCS is still not released Atari VCS has still not been shown in public turned on or playing games Atari VCS has no announced games or partners list except Vault and Antstream Atari VCS has no firm release date Atari VCS spokesman actually said "when it comes to Atari VCS, no news is good news" which may well be true
  41. US Odyssey2 consoles: https://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/collect/hardware/usconsoles/ European Videopac consoles: https://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/collect/hardware/euroconsoles/ Other countries: https://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/collect/hardware/otherconsoles/
  42. I'm in the batter's box for this in 2020. I turn 50 in less than 20 days... so I'll ask for that option and see what my Dr. says. I'm sure our relationship is about to change anyway... I think Rick Wakeman pretty much sums it up pretty good in his RRHF speech with Yes in 2017...
  43. Sarlacc Escape! You are Boba Fett, fighting your way to escape from the bowels of the Sarlacc Pit Monster. Each wave consists of two "levels", in the first you are fighting your way to an escape hatch, not entirely unlike Tutankham. Then you reach the escape tunnel, taking you from one area to the next-this would play similar to Entombed, but fighting your way to the top of the screen, to an actual goal. Mebbe not unlike Journey Escape. Let's also make this one that can be "beaten", after so many loops mebbe a primitive escape scene from the Pit Monster. Ehh. Mebbe not too good-I like the first three movies more than a little bit, but tbh(gasp...), I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan(Boo!!!). However, no question, the Sarlacc Pit Monster, and Boba Fett to a degree, have ALWAYS been my favorite "things" from the movies, the Rancor would surely rank second...
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