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  1. https://www.benheck.com/project-started-in-2000-finally-finished-atari-2600-junior-single-chip-portable/
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    Now! https://atariage.com/store/
  3. 20,130 Bonus: Han Solo's Cantina Shoot Out. Welcome to the hive of scum and villainy. You control Han Solo as he faces off against a wide assortment of enemies from domineering Imperial Storm troopers, arrogant Rodians , inebriated Arcona, treacherous Kubaz, aggressive Dug, marauding Klatooinians and more. Achieve a score of 1,000,000 and take a Polaroid of your score and send it in to receive this awesome T-shirt.
  4. Hi guys. In the last year I have programmed some games for Atari2600 and a couple of months ago I started to learn how to program for A8 in an attempt to port some of those game, one of those games is PERIL https://atariage.com/forums/topic/284157-peril-wip-game/ And I want to share a beta for the XL/XE version. If someone could test it and give some feedback it would be great. ##########UPDATE Nov 25 New beta: XEX PERIL-0.4.XEX ATR PERIL-0.4.ATR #################################### XEX PERILb2.XEX ATR PERILb2.ATR
  5. I was asked if I could make a Goonies version that runs from an 128K Switchable XEGS cartridge instead of disk. Here it is, in case somebody else is interested. I'd also be interested in test results on (other) real S-XEGS cartridges. - Peter/JAC EDIT: Updated on 2019-12-23, now boots correctly also if OPTION is not held down Goonies-ROM.rom Goonies.atr
  6. The rom is available for testing in my closed club. Let me know who wants to join
  7. Turns out the 800 was unstable even with a good 16K board, and so the 48K board was likely working all along. Happy accident though because the redesign has more solid CAS timing, based on Phi2 instead of a couple gate delays. Reseating boards and chips in the 800 fixed it, and it and the 48K RAM have run flawlessly for 36 hours.
  8. Not likely I'll get a ton of gaming in tomorrow. These times are from my whole family... kids did quite a bit of playing this week. Mac OS Classic: 5-a-Day Adventures (45 minutes) Age of Empires II (240 minutes) Barbie Beauty Styler (90 minutes) Barbie Mermaid Adventure (30 minutes) Enduro-(AGP) (20 minutes) Lemmings (40 minutes) Pitfall-(AGP) (15 minutes) Theldrow (40 minutes) TI-99/4A: Alpiner (30 minutes) Eric in Monsterland (30 minutes) Micro Pinball II (45 minutes) Realms of Antiquity (480 minutes)
  9. I suppose that the audio chip installed in your computer is a TMS-9919 (or 447 KHz equivalent). As the sound is distorted at the same time the graphics have problems and GROM cartridges end up to crash, the problem seems to be created by an unstable VDP GROMCLK signal due to a faultly TMS-9918A or an excessive heat. You should replace the thermal paste for a better dissipation and, if the problem persists, replace the TMS-9918A.
  10. Favorite Character: Rey Game: Star Wars - Rey's Awakening Description: Rey is learning the powers of the Force, but to do so she must undergo numerous trials to help her master the task of becoming a Jedi. Using the joystick controller, you must guide Rey through a series of trials to master the Force. The first level is Blaster Training, which involves her shooting objects being thrown at her by her trainers off-screen. Rey is on the left side of the screen with the objects coming at her from the right. Rey must shoot as many objects as she can while making sure she doesn't miss too many or let them hit her. Shooting objects earns her points based on the type of object being thrown at her. Below the score is a 'miss meter.' Every time Rey is hit or misses an object, her meter decreases. If it empties, she has failed the test and loses one chance. The second involves her navigating through a dark cavern using the Force to guide her. While the background is black, the platforms are colored a slightly brighter color because of the force. Rey must dodge obstacles and 'cave inhabitants' (whatever the Star Wars equivalent of bats are!) while jumping over pits. If she hits too many obstacles or falls down a pit, she returns to the start of the cave and loses one life. The third level involves Rey mastering the use of the Lightsaber. Using the joystick, she must fight off numerous 'drones' which are wielding lightsabers as well (albeit not as strong but still painful) with the joystick and the button. Too many hits, like in the first level, costs her a chance. The final level would involve a lightsaber duel with Luke Skywalker. Each participant can take eight hits total. If Rey fails, she loses a chance and has to try again. If she wins, a picture of Luke telling her, "The Force is strong with you." appears, she gets a bonus to her score along with a rendition of the Star Wars theme, then the game starts over at a more difficult level.
  11. R2-D2 Starfighter Simulator 2019 (part of other Simulator series of games? Farming, Automotive, etc) You're R2-D2 and the pilot of your starfighter is always getting into trouble! You must deal with all of the real time problems to keep the ship running for you and the pilot to survive! Fix broken systems, put out fires, send electricity via your probes all at the same time! Will you save the day once again?
  12. R2D2: Holographic Fighter Only Available on the Atari 2600 Use your Droid to project holographic images of creatures you have captured in the Star Wars Empire. Fight other images that your friends have captured and win the battle! Note: Must use the Driving controller in port 2 to move R2D2. Battle with Joystick in port 1.
  13. Week 17 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle CLARIFICATION: No use of CHEATS, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that gives you an unfair advantage in this HSC. Please assume you have to follow the game difficulty and mode for the playing week/s. There cannot be any game enhancements or favorite settings to play in the 2600 HSC, unless you are given authorization to do so by your humble yet strict MODERATOR! Vocelli Star Wars: Death Star Battle Released By: Parker Brothers Left Difficulty: B Right Difficulty: B Game Mode: Game 1 Post your scores right here in this thread, and we will add them to the list. Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so that your scores will be consistent with everyone else. The deadline for posting scores is Midnight (EST) the evening of Dec 15, 2019 Bonus: The New Star Wars Movie is Upon Us! Post a Pic of your favorite Star Wars Character for a +1 Bonus. You can use any character and it is fine to use a character that someone else uses. What if your Character had an Atari 2600 Game? What would it be called? Create a name of a fictitious Atari 2600 Game for an additional +1 Bonus. Offer a description of your newly created game for an additional +1 Bonus Star Wars: ROTJ Death Star Battle Scores 73625 - OldManG (+50) 71300 - ZilchSr (+49) 62202 - TRB_MetroidTeam (+48) 56705 - Tempest (+47) 44474 - JasonAtari (+46) 42626 - PatLarocque (+45) 42504 - Nads (+44) 42422 - GBAG (+43) 39160 - RogerPoco (+42) 36437 - NovaStar (+41) 36361 - RetroRob (+40) 34458 - Keilbaca (+39) 32558 - Evandro (+38) 31980 - IsaiahAustin (+37) 30490 - Diamonds (+36) 28142 - Oyama (+35) 26381 - ToileTunes (+34) 24920 - JacobZu7Zu7 (+33) 22351 - AtariWarlord (+32) 22479 - ASponge (+31) 21711 - Vocelli (+30) 20130 - DarthKur (+29) 15594 - RoadRunner (+28) 14066 - SBAZ (+27) 12029 - LaurenTyler (+26) 11082 - HankR (+25) 11072 - Scrabbler (+24) 9574 - DrMooCowz (+23) 9394 - RedMiller (+22) 8663 - Atari_Warlord (+21) 7780 - AbleMV (+20) 7300 - AGB (+19) 7260 - Atarin7 (+18) 7100 - MisterVCS (+17) 6812 - JBlenkle (+16) 2300 - ClassicGamer (+15) Star Wars Bonus R2-D2: Holographic Fighter - Vocelli +3 R2-D2 Starfighter Simulator 2019 - DrMooCowz +3 Chewbacca's Holographic Chess! - ToileTunes +3 Star Wars: Supreme Jedi Master - OldManG +3 Boba Fett's Bounty Adventures - PatLarocque +3 Star Wars: DSM (Death Star Meeting) - Tempest +3 Star Wars - Death Star Rescue - Atari_Warlord +3 Star Wars - Rey's Awakening - LaurenTyler +3 Sarlacc Escape! - RogerPoco +3 Han Solo's Cantina Shoot Out - DarthKur +3 - Redmiller +1 (you need to name your game and offer a description) - RoadRunner +1 (you need to name your game and offer a description) Ugnaught Robot Junk Assembling Factory - RetroRob +3 Star Wars DDR: The Revenge of Camie - AtariWarlord +3 Galactic Gasbag - AbleMV +3 - ClassicGamer +1 Dianoga's Feats - ZilchSr +3 Dark Schwartz ROTA: Lone Star Battle - SBAZ +3 Hoth Derby - Scrabble +3 Admiral Ackbar: It's a Trap - JasonAtari +3 Star Wars ROTJ: Jabba's Place - GType +2 (you need a pic) Death Star - Evandro +3 Star Wars: Trench Run - NovaStar +3 R2-D2 vs Capcom - TRB_MetroidTeam +3 Star Wars: Frongs and NO Flies - HankR +3 Death Star Defenders - Diamonds +3 Yoda's Revenge - JacobZu7Zu7 +3 Overall Standings Remember the Top 32 make the Bracket Challenge at the end of the Season!!! 895 ZilchSr 856 OldManG 725 Tempest 704 GBAG 684 PatLarocque 678 JasonAtari 655 TRB_MetroidTeam 636 Deteacher 630 RogerPoco 601 Vocelli 582 OyamaFamily 572 JacobZu7Zu7 566 Evandro 559 Dr Moocowz 538 AtariWarlord 537 Darthkur 520 Diamonds 479 LaurenTyler 463 NovaStar 462 Keilbaca 450 Toiletunes 438 HankR 416 SBAZ 414 AGB 372 MisterVCS 366 Atarian7 360 Scrabbler 348 Nads 317 IsaiahAustin 298 Atari_Warlord 295 ClassicGamer 276 KaeruY 259 AbelMV 258 McCallister 218 RedMiller 218 TwentySixHundred 215 JeffRamsey 214 ClassicGMR 206 HatefulGravey 200 RGC 185 Spriggy 173 Jblenkle 169 Root42 149 Karok 147 BugCatcher 142 RetroRob 133 Gtype 129 TheActivisionary 123 Roadrunner 119 Asponge 107 AtariUCLA24 106 Leto 101 Jin 96 SneakyTurtleEgg 86 MangiaBoy 83 Spiceware 83 Troff 69 Captain Classic 58 DamonicFury 52 Gorfy 51 CaptainKiWi 49 TheBjork 38 AdamChevy 38 MikeBloke 36 Lord Innit 27 Eltigro 23 RetroGoober 21 ElecctricMayhem 10 AtariPerson23 Season 9 will have: ~ Request Week ~ HomeBrew Holiday Weeks ~ Winter Sports ~ Paddle Weeks ~ Beat the leader weeks This Season will last about 25 weeks. The TOP 32 will qualify for the Medal Bracket Challenge which will include a special Paper Medal Bracket Knockout Tourney.
  14. Originally for internal use, I have created a command-line tool that dumps ATR disk images and also dumps and checks the file system inside. It is heavily inspired by the look and feel of the DSN1PRNT utility for the Db2 database from IBM and provides similar output. The tool is available at: https://github.com/baktragh/atr1prnt The supported file systems are: Atari DOS 2 (all densities), and DOS II+ (from S. Dorndorf). Other file systems (MyDOS, SpartaDOS) might come later. The tool requires Java 8 or newer to run. The atr1prnt.jar with executable code is located in the dist/ directory of the repository. That's all you need to download. Why I wrote the tool? Few reasons... I wanted to learn everything about the DOS 2 and DOS II+ file systems. I needed a tool that tells me if an .ATR file is OK. I need textual output for "forensic" analysis using tools that compare plain text (e.g. diff). I need to see the inside of a file system in a compact form. A sample output is attached. DUMP.TXT
  15. Oh, please do! The wait till the 24th will drive me nuts! 🕰️ Same here. I usually view demos as "if only the effort were put into a game", but this year we have so many great new games shown to look forward to, that I really enjoyed and appreciated the demos as well. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this and the previous competition. It's been an amazing year and I'm very thankful for every game you've all put out. 🥳
  16. Yes. Working on a program for those who previously purchased an AtariVox+ to have them updated. Will post details about that in January or February. Not at this time, sorry. ..Al
  17. I don't recall Backin89 being a part of this Secret Santa, I think he's still sleeping out in the cold ... Sorry, many of you probably have no idea what that means.
  18. Hello, I will ask again: So are the harder levels is it just cubes of different colors? Makes it hard for people who are colorblind. Just a thought These means that I won't be able to play the game. I have issues with Dr Mario and Candy Crush due to the colors. This would probably be a nightmare, oh well can't please everyone!
  19. Detailed infirmation, movie clip soon (we are coming back from the event, 600km and are super tired Compos and party were awesome. Both our productions works on any vanilla unmodified Lynx1 and 2, rom is 512kb For happy birthday Lynx purposes party version had additional 512kb Mortal Kombat theme music.
  20. eightbitwhit

    WTB: AtariVox+

    I’d be telling a lie if I said my F5 key worked as well as all my other keys. [emoji6]. I’m giving it a good workout. I’m sure I’m speaking for a crowd - I’ve got a cart ready to go - bring on the AtariVox!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I'm not happy for the result, and I think ir's human wanting to win, but I'm satisfied of how our team worked and of how the game come out. Compliments to all the participants, the level is very high, that is a good thing for the AtariLynx scene, and in the end this is the important thing.
  22. The first time pinning Lord Tuff on Bop 'N Wrestle.......only to be disappointed that there was no belt ceremony, no congratulations message, no nothing except an extra crowd roar.
  23. Yes, it was. The single-chip “blob” package IC was basically a single-chip VCS designed by @Curt Vendel back when “Atari” still had some modicum of ambition in doing something besides endlessly licensing IP for emulation.
  24. Luca :Unseen64 was after him for further info on Unity (G.C) But used the coverage from Edge Magazine etc instead. I found him talking about his Panther work via various sources,so that was put to rest. He was Tweeted and kind enough to reply that he had never touched the Lynx, let alone Ultra Star Raiders and i since found interviews with him explaining Llamasoft was too small to do any Jaguar development and Atari UK were showing no interest in him bringing ST Defender II to the Lynx. Scott Stilphen passed on the D2K documents. So whilst it was a case of the long road taken,we did piece together everything we wanted in the end. B-)
  25. Thank you, guys! I really appreciate your help!!! 👍
  26. Update: IMGRLH.ZIP Added some code, fixes, so it works with TOS 1.02 - 4.04 (Falcon) . Needed special fix for 1.02 . 1.00 will be not supported - really not good with hard disks. There are 2 variants, IMGRH.TOS will install in high RAM, what is good for some SW, not liking too much low RAM occupied. Please use this v. instead what is in first post here.
  27. The HSC Banana record is: BANANA (Graphics:7 Sound:7 Playability:6 HSCR *5*) Deteacher : 370 [8-13] https://atariage.com/forums/topic/171724-all-time-games-ratings-and-hsc-records/
  28. I loaded Markus of Marinus on a 4A with CF7+. The real cassette loaded on a vintage TI recorder, with some tweaks like Tone=9 Vol=8. Here is a classic99 DSK image. I made 2 wav files with Audacity, but I could not get either one to load into a real 4A. Get WAV files here, maybe you'll have better luck loading them. First try. About -5dB signal. No clipping. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xZWImt2_0FnDckSrThh-4DQvOERYrNeG Second try, more volume. About -3dB signal. No clipping. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Mt03tYCoXFYDwy5Wk2ZeY20lA1w96t2d Hope this helps! P.S. this is the TE2 version. I didn't realize there was a second side to it, without speech. markus.dsk
  29. My first GUESS would be the 9918 overheating. It could be that the heatsink compound is dried out and useless after all these years. Opening up the clamshell, removing the "white stuff" and replacing it with new << thermal paste >> may fix the problem. Be very careful when unplugging the keyboard from the motherboard! The ribbon cable may be very fragile.
  30. Sounds like as it heats up something is getting loose. If star by taking out apart, reseating any socketed chips, checking the voltages on the power supply. Sent from my SM-G960U1 using Tapatalk
  31. Yep, POKEY isn't mapped to the right spot.
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    That's enough Windows 10 for today..
  33. Bank Panic - 248,000 It's definitely more profitbale starting on Easy...
  34. For now, I decided to put aside the video write issue and continue with the GenMod. But there I also found a problem, or let's say, something to clarify. I do not have a Genmod; I hope we have some owner here, who is also able to run the attached program GMWAIT. The point is that the Genmod intercepts the READY line from the Gate Array and feeds its own READY into the PAL. This is important, since the Gate Array produces a wait state for external accesses, and the Genmod promises by its TURBO switch to turn off these 1-ws accesses. The daughter board is soldered to the back of the Gate Array, so we can assume it gets the same inputs, and it can watch its outputs. The Gate Array can be set to create an additional wait state for all accesses (using a CRU bit). My problem is: How does the Genmod daughter board know what is the actual cause of the wait state? It cannot look inside the Gate Array, so it cannot see the mapper and the additional wait state flag. In particular, when accessing the Pbox, the Gate Array pulls down READY, so the Genmod may possibly ignore this, but if there is an additional wait state, it should probably also pull down READY. I could imagine a solution, but which looks a bit too complicated for two GALs on that daugther board. Before, it would be wiser to check on a real Genmod that these additional wait states actually occur. It could also be that with TIMODE set to off and TURBO set to on, no additional wait states are supported. So my request would be to run the GMWAIT program on a Genmod once for each combination of settings of the switch box, i.e. test with TURBO=0 / TIMODE=0; TURBO=0 / TIMODE=1; TURBO=1 / TIMODE=0; TURBO=1 / TIMODE=1. Each run should take only a few minutes. Thanks in advance. timing3.dsk
  35. Hmmm, I now have one problem though: So many choices! I am sorry, but stupid as I am, I do not know what all of the configurations and selections mean, e.g.: Preset (4 selections), DC Offset (16 selections), Coarse Levels (16 selections), Fine Levels (16 selections), Bump (4 selections), Non-Linear Pulse (no clue what can be input there), Linear Pulse (again, no cue what can be input there). So all in all we have 4 x 16 x 16 x 16 x4 x X x Y available selections. I do not want to test all possibilities (more than 65,535) to get a good result, so can you suggest some selections for a good PDM result ?!?
  36. The Atari cartridge slot has a maximum of 16K address space from $8000 to $BFFF, larger cartridges need internal bank-switching to ‚show’ different parts of their code at the same address depending on the state of the game. That is usually done by writing to a specific address on the cart and needs extra hardware on the cart that decodes such writes and activates the switching circuit. So the main game code might reside in one half while the other half might contain level data and gets selected depending on which level you‘re currently playing. This makes the cart even more expensive to build but bitd was a good copy protection as well as you couldn‘t simply dump it. Action! and iirc BASIC XL/XE used this as well and could even bank out part of themselves totally to run a part of DOS XL from the underlying RAM to leave more RAM for code. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  37. Loved this game BITD. I'd love to see a big graphical update to this.
  38. Counterpoint: a moment enjoyed is not wasted. Watching "Atari" fumble this again and again is endlessly entertaining. Let's not lose sight of the fact that we are all typing into a forum about ancient video games. It's all a pointless waste of time, and that's okay. "I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut
  39. Not that I am aware. I can probably prepare a palette loader if that sounds useful. I have finally started doing some VBXE coding.
  40. Add for post #1713: On page 73 ff in the manual of SynGraph we find a program, which could be understood as a very first PowerPoint version, while presenting pre-created graphics in a slide show. Have fun. PowerPoint with SynGraph-DOS 2.5 MD.atr
  41. Practically speaking, I may not enjoy the HW-upgrade that much per-se, but I really enjoy (and to a MUCH larger degree) the skills, know-how and dexterity displayed in crafting these cute inventions... Talk about a REAL, TRUE 800 "connoisseur" and user, clearly beyond anything I remember knowing back at the time, and even today! I am also surprised that the power-consumption has not been even raised, here... I've always wondered how much a 8K, 16K (or even this board) really consume when powered, based on the chips used on-board (!) What about 3x16K + ROM board? Have you ever had a chance to check it? All I know (since I am a bit lazy in reaching back my original ROM+RAM set), is that the machine, powered-on, with NO boards on the expansion bays, chews up about 9.1 watts (minus 1.8w parasitic, from just having the Power Supply on), so that equates to a 7.3w. net). At least I know that's where it all starts... Just wondering....
  42. Truely impressive. Add Atari consoles and we'll talk.
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