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    Bill Shatner is coming to my small hometown theater: https://www.flynntix.org/flynn-mainstage/william-shatner/Details?perfNo=16893&perfCodePrefix=FLL20W
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    Would you like to go to Antarctica and visit the big mother ship that is under the ice?
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    Am grateful and thankful for all the work everyone does around here. Some amazing people and talent. Thanks for sharing and doing what you do! 🎄
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    Coworkers: I don't care if you believe your email is of high importance. I removed that column from my view.
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    I wanna take a two-week vacation, 26 times a year..
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    I feel bad today because even all our efforts, doctor told me my wife has near to zero hopes because brain cancer advances, cannot receive more radiotheraphy, and the chemotheraphy only helps for the lung.
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