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  1. Hello all. I am new to the forum. The Intellivision was my first game console. Purchased in 1980. I think my mom purchased the console at Toys R US or Child World store. I'm not sure. Anyway, I was a supporter of the console until 1990, buying games from INT Corp until it closed. I still play the Intellivision a lot, mostly through emulation. My favorite game is D&D Cloudy Mountain. Also like Chip Shot golf. The new homebrews that have come out over the last 15 years really show what the console was capable of.
  2. My package arrived today! I was going to save it- it's been a fairly easy December in retail land. Buuuuuut- my niece was visiting. YOU tell the 5 year old you're not opening mail from Santa!😆 Anyway, here's what I got: Always down for more Reese's Pieces! I actually already have Lost Odyssey... so the next step is to check over each disc/manual & decide which ones are in the best condition to keep 😜 I'm amused at getting the Avengers. I used to have a copy, but I actually sent it as an Atari Age Secret Santa gift a couple years ago (since my giftee wanted the O-ring &my copy had it.) Pleased to have a replacement copy! I'm most pleased, though, with that copy of Concrete Genie! Of everything on my wish list this year, that's the one game I wanted the most! My niece was into it too: She decided, based on the cover, that the game was about ghosts & insisted we play the Ghost Game. Like, IMMEDIATELY. Sadly, my PS4 wanted to update, so she had to head home before we really got into it. I told her we can play next week on Christmas. In conclusion, to quote my niece: THANK YOU SANTA!
  3. Indeed. Something amazing is happening here. One thing I want to ask from everyone. If you see my code, and see something wrong with it, fix it. send a patch. Point it out. give reason why. It'll allow us to get this all done even faster. If I may be bold: What is happening here is the single largest jump in capability for an Atari 8-bit system in the last two decades, possibly ever. The amount of interest being generated is nothing short of staggering. We have people who are going out of their way to build their own boards, and people asking to come in and help. I am slack-jawed. In my three decades of contributing to open projects, I have never been a part of such an intense and consistent build-up of interest, and it is pushing me to try my best to keep this ball rolling. -Thom
  4. Wow... he aged so much, he wrinkled the surrounding fabric of time and space.
  5. So... Once I'm home from work tomorrow, I'll be scrambling to get packed for the Christmas trip to the parents' place. Saturday, I'll actually be on that trip. That meant tonight was the last night my roommate, his sister, her family and I could all get together for gift giving before going our separate holiday ways. This is what the tree (her tree) looked like before we all tore into our presents. Back home I also realized, I also had the perfect excuse for tearing into... ...my gift from Secret Santa! So tear into it I did! There was much curiosity as the box was opened... ..and much excitement as gifts were revealed! Or maybe it was just demands for food. It's hard to tell the difference. Anyway... Delicious treats and intriguing treats! Just what could be hiding under the wrapping? I had a clue... Whatever they were, they were going to be unique! That made them a special surprise even before being opened! LEGO kits! And not just any LEGO kits, but LEGO kits made just for me! Awesome! Fortunately for me, they also come with instructions on the USB stick! Sadly, this story won't get an ending until after the Christmas trip, when I finally get time to put these together. But I guarantee I'll have fun with them, and there will definitely be room on the toy shelf for these. Thank you, "Secret" Santa! Merry Christmas!
  6. I am new to this forum. Already introduced myself. I just wanted to say I am excited about the Amico console coming in 2020!! I am a long time Intellivision fan. Intellivision was my first real gaming console besides pong. I had one in 1980 when the system first launched nationwide. I supported the console until 1990, buying games from Int Corp until they closed. I was very disappointed back in the 80s when Intellivision closed it's doors. I wish the Intellivision 4 would have come out. Who knows if the crash would have happened. The Amico will be my Intellivision 4!!!
  7. Most recent revision: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/299706-1-vs-1-baseball-complete/?do=findComment&comment=4456453 This one will take a bit longer than my last couple of games. When I was a kid my friend and I used to play a game in the sandlot/ back yard that was 1 on 1 baseball. No fielding or running, but more similar to electronic hand held baseball. Here is the way it worked : There were predetermined areas where the ball would land that were considered singles or doubles , basically line drives down the line or in the gaps, off the wall , or hard grounders through the holes. Any fly ball or pop up to where a fielder would be was an out. Also any routine ground ball was an out. Strikeout was an out .Homerun was Homerun of course. Hits placed ghost runners on the bases , and a single or double would score a runner from second base. So it was all kept track of in our heads and all of the hits/ outs were agreed on . I have been thinking about this for a while , and think I can do this now that I think the graphics might look decent . A full baseball game is beyond my ability. I did another childhood game "Pickle" , and hope to rework that game at some point now that my graphics ability has improved. After hit, the view will switch to an overhead view of field , runners, traveling ball, fence, etc..
  8. Nice article about Intellivision and the upcoming Amico in ToyNewsOnline magazine & website... https://www.toynews-online.biz/2019/12/18/gaming-innovation-from-console-wars-to-family-gaming-together/
  9. I found a keyboard to suit for ya. .. and of course, we have to finish with the garbled wisdoms from the Yoda of Atacobox IGG. 😣
  10. I wanted tacos, but ended up at Del Taco. Close enough. And yep, that's the El Yucateco Mayan Sauce on the tacos.
  11. Legos = awesome! —————————— Gift #3! The gaming cave is starting to look good with all this bling! 😁
  12. Giles N

    Rikki & Vikki

    @TailChao Pleased with the warranty card, but not sure what to make of the appendix to it with small text... 🤨🧐😳😬 — 😂
  13. You won't miss them--we've just about finished testing. It was an interesting journey to find a good source of in-spec 1N34A diodes. Most of the ones you can buy today are horribly off-spec Chinese knockoffs. I went on a cross-reference hunt and found out that the old Soviet D9K is a suitable sub, and the test lot I bought were well within the specifications for a 1N34A. I'll be building a test board using them during the holidays that incorporates all of the board changes identified during the initial testing. I'll then order the production boards sometime in January, with board production done as time allows once I receive them (a lot of folks asked for one or more of these). I'm not accepting money until I have assembled boards in-hand (or for those who want to build their own, bare boards in-hand). All bare boards will include six D9K diodes to ensure folks have as few problems as possible with this critical part.
  14. If I were a backer, I'd be livid about that response.
  15. It looks like the multisprite always puts out the player0 first/bottom-most data line. The bB interpreter always inserts an extra zeroed line for graphics for it, but not the virtual sprites. The player0 pointer is updated on each kernel line to maintain this. I'm thinking batari didn't have enough kernel time where he needed the player graphic update to happen, so he used this technique as a trade-off. I don't think you'll get your technique to work here, without adding a bunch of otherwise unused zeroes to the top of each score digit. If you decide to do this, you'll need to adjust the starting position of the score graphics to allow for the padding.
  16. This one we DO have an answer to, via Karl Guttag. This was on the Yahoo TI99-Dev group on Jun 3, 2011. It gets a bit technical, and is more about the how than the why, but there are some hints of meddling that may explain the why.
  17. TI did their development on a TI-990 computer with a GPL Assembler and a standard Assembler for almost all of their coding (a few Assembly-only packages were actually programmed on the TI with an Editor Assembler). Software could be tested several ways: there were EGROM cartridges that had space for GRAM simulation circuitry and EPROMs to contain the data, and EGROM box that sat beside the console and plugged into the cartridge slot (this method could simulate five GROMs as opposed tot he one that could be emulate on an EGROM cartridge), a GSIM box that emulated GRAM chips and which could be loaded with programs like a GRAM Kracker (a big silver pizza-box that plugged into the cartridge port using a cable), and a PEB GRAM card which plugged into the cartridge port too. All of these items were from TI. Later, there was the Mechatronic GRAM Karte, the p-GRAM card, the GRAM Kracker, the GRAMULATOR, the Maxi-Mem, the Wiesbaden Supermodul (versions I and II), the Karlsruhe Module, and the Baunatal Module.
  18. TLS 1.2 is currently supported in the SSL libs that also works on the NodeMCU boards. Soon after I finish the Full TNFS Client (should just be on the Atari side with the N: Handler and demo program), my next objective is to make a TNFS Server that could be ran on the FujiiNet Board with the built-in SD Card. So it shouldn't be much of a problem adding a SSL wrapper on that The Great and Powerful mOZz has graciously sent one of his boards my way too
  19. Hey !! Thanks for your support !! Last WIP with some various effects, pixel art rework, destruction management, etc ... https://twitter.com/StudioVetea/status/1207746581941891073 Cheers, Vetea
  20. Just in case it doesn't link right, it starts at 1:04:18. https://youtu.be/j4k_CO_bq74?t=3858
  21. Gift #2!! Optimus Prime! There’s a welcome addition to my collection. 😊
  22. Looks great. I'd adjust the pixelart and/or frames and probably speed of the swaying wheat/yellow grass, as it looks kinda like floppy dildos.
  23. I just tried it out. It works fine, since the sprite data is upside down. The last P0 data to be displayed is actually the first byte in the table. i.e the zero value. To make it stay in place and "melt" you need to also add to player0y as you decrease player0height, otherwise it rolls up like a roller blind.
  24. Here's some mode 7 stuff in a crap game I wrote...
  25. Hi Bob, i was hoping that there would be an simple OS-patch solution. I have already installed an OS switch and i don´t want to drill more holes in my XL. @xxl I burned QMEG in OS-eprom so that the 4th position of the os switch does not remain empty. I have QMEG not used it yet because I am not familiar with it. Now I started an experiment with QMEG and I was able to change the boot drive with SHIFT-2/3/4, great. But on cold boot (SHIFT-RESET) QMEG settings change to default. I thank you both for the informations, I've become a little smarter again! (sorry for my bad english) DQ
  26. To late me thinks Beefy. Darth Phelan turned to the dark side along time ago! Well. I fear a harmless jovial not-so-funny meme appears to have come to reality. 😦 A snapshot of JP from his latest youtube monologue.
  27. I was thinking there may be some type of basic AI/Alexa type interface or similar to a tamagotchi type thing. Since Tommy I think said didn't want to call it THE Amico (thus making it a thing). But just Amico as in friend. Just a thought.
  28. This cart arrived today and is truly astounding. They have fixed my major gripe with the first version which was the fact that some of the games were PAL versions (namely Demon Attack) and did not run right. Now this version detects the machine you are using and either shows you all of the games in NTSC if you are using that, or PAL if you are using that machine. Not to mention the fact that the menu is incredible and the inclusion of their exclusive titles is just awesome. My kid played "ViccyBird" for an hour https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/vic20-penultimate-plus.html Of course it works with the SD2IEC seemlessly, offers various RAM configs, a Deadtest check...just awesome. Highly recommended!
  29. Had you asked me before the last about 10 years I'd say it was everything to me. Before that time you didn't have a premium involved in getting paper, cardboard, dust sleeves and the rest. It was more just luck of the draw if sight unseen, or you just got it and the prices were just what they were. When I was a kid, not really on the NES time period, but Gameboy forward I kept all the game boxes, manuals, etc. I lost my boxes some years back but I've retained most my manuals and I wouldn't part with them now unless the game went too. Today though with how bad stuff is, if I even buy a game now, and it's a cartridge based system I'll take the game alone as the asinine prices on the rest would deny me quite a few other opportunities which is just sad. Now though when it comes to stuff in a jewel case (CDs) or mini cards (DS/Switch sized) it's complete or forget it because they're too small or easily jacked up so I want it protected, plus as I figure if someone took good care of a lousy jewel case from the 90s then odds are the disc isn't a disaster either as they cared.
  30. I don't recall making any Force Command docs downloadable... But it has a help command, and brief hints of changes are here: There is also a sub section of help once you are in the FTP client. [email protected]
  31. Here is the passive adapter: And here are the joystick ports: The mouse only works when the system cartridge is included in the console. That is, the processing of the ps / 2 protocol is done programmatically. Connecting a joystick instead of a mouse does not work. However, if you connect the joystick to another port (which is signed by the Джойстик), then you can control the cursor.
  32. I hope the Amico sells 10 million consoles for each Flojomojo deleted passive/aggressive ad hominemmessage in this thread.
  33. The ESP32 can do TLS quite comfortably, so at the very least, we will be able to make TCP (TLS) and UDP (DTLS) connections at some point. We will also be able to do SSH. Adding this to TNFS will need some coordination with those people on the ZX Spectrum side, as well, but it is doable.
  34. I did mention that my development cycles are getting longer, this is still true. Right now, I am working on the next pass of the Diskulator, (called the Multilator), which adds the following features: * Connect to Hidden SSID * Multiple Disk Image mounting support * Multiple TNFS support * Search filter when asking for image The program flow is now (from FujiNet cold start): * boot CONFIG * Check network config, if configured, try to connect and go to diskulator, if SELECT held, fall through to network config * If not configured, get SSID and PASSWORD. Once in Diskulator, the following loop is done: * Check for OPTION, if held, cold start. If you want BASIC, let go. * Select/Edit host * Connect to TNFS, get directory, select image * Select Drive slot (1-8 to mount to) * rinse and repeat Currently, for the sake of getting something working, I have imposed the following temporary limitations: * 36 character filenames * no subdirs on TNFS * max of 16 files to display, no pagination It must be understood that I am MAKING myself do fast release cycles with small changes each cycle, so I can keep my head above water, and to keep the feedback loop nice and tight. This is part of the reason that even though things appear to be moving fast, it will still take a long time to get things firmed up. I hope you all understand. -Thom
  35. Yeah... the show is basically a "pay to play" experience. I get it... you need funds to create a show like that. I can't blame him for needing money to produce the show. It is what it is. What do I get as an AtariAge subscriber? Does this mean I can post in other threads without people getting pissy at me?
  36. The great and amazing Steve Roney has spoken! For those new folks here... Steve started at Intellivision in 1981! He was the programmer for such greats as B-17 Bomber and Space Spartans and is the person responsible for keeping the Blue Sky Rangers website and Intellivision history alive and available to anyone. Not only is he one of the co-founders of Intellivision Entertainment (the new entity) but also the person for who Intellivision may not exist at all as he helped to get everything squared away after Keith passed away. This thread wouldn't exist without Steve! Steve is also a bit of a board game expert and he has been helping to secure popular titles. He has a huge passion for this and one of the big games we got (thanks to Steve) is being done in house at Intellivision. In fact there are 2 or 3 really big board game experts in the office. And 2 of the folks have even successful created and sold board games.
  37. The Little Professor has been claimed. But next up we have a Kenner Live Action Football! This unit works good but has a finicky power switch. Someone who has the time to clean it can make it work perfectly. Bids start at... oh wait I'm giving it away! Here ya go!
  38. I think the mascot needs to be something new, not based on existing IP. Looking backwards is what causes them so much trouble. They need to reinvent themselves to move forward. I suggest something unique and edgy, how about Charly, the Dead French Horse? The pack in game can be Stick Beater! The goal is to beat a dead horse with a stick until it disintegrates.
  39. This is something I've been wanting to do since I first read about it many years ago - Taking all the SS/SD Plato disks and converting them to DS/DD. What does this mean? It means that the entire Plato courseware has been put onto 139 DS/DD disks instead of over 450 SS/SD disks. I primarily did this so I could pile all the disks on to one of my Nanopebs's - starting at Volume 100 (see attached Word file) Note that I do not have: Seperating Fact from Fiction Physics Elementary Mechanics Please note - These disks must be transfered as a complete sector copy - As Plato uses sector 359 (>167) as the directory sector. I believe I have done them all correctly, let me know if not - And yes, It was a pain in the ass! Plato DSDD.zip PLATOLIST.doc
  40. A little experiment: 2-plane-mario.webm
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