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    NYD 2020

    Ok, missed the timeline a bit... But here, we are: NYD2020.zip Pouet: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=84458 New Year's Disc 2020 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! Welcome to this years edition of NYD! It was a hard year for me in 2019 - a big not expected thing happend to me. So it was not so easy to create something for the A8. But I didn't want to stop this tradition and even if I had no clue, what to code myselves I started the call for entries at November 8th 2019. Gunstar and eMKay where about the first who had contacted me and eMKay just had a nice tune ready, so I had an idea, what I could try to code and asked both to help. But due to some more problems here, time ran out to do a nice production. At the end I had to cancel this project, to have at least one thing ready for NYD 2020. Again: Sorry Gunstar and eMKay that I did not complete the thing and your work is not presented as we had planned. I really hope to come back to this project and make it to a presentable and nice thing. Ok, now back to this NYD... My little intro should run on NTSC or PAL, but should be watched in PAL, as the colours are not set for NTSC - sound runs well even at 60 Hz PAL machines this time. Tools used to do this are: Rasterconverter, mads, graph2font, ATARI Font Maker, Raster Music Tracker, WUDSN - Thanks to the authors of these tools. The music was ripped from a modfile ebbhead made in 1992. Other words from the people who had made the projects are added below the lineup. We hope you all got well into 2020 and will have fun watching, listening and yes, PLAYING!!! There is imho a very well done game there this time :) At least my daughter had some minutes of fun playing the ATARI, yet. This NYD's lineup: NYD2020 Disc 01 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- 2020 (intro) by PPs Happy 2020 (256 Byte) by F#READY Happy New Year (animation) by miker SEGA Rocky (PAL picture) by Gunstar Runner Bear by playsoft & friends Ei aus der Taiga (intro) by eMKay ------------------------------- ED 128kB======008/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 02 - NewTek demo (Filippo Santellocco)(pal).atr ------------------------------- NewTek Demo (PAL slideshow) by Philsan ------------------------------- ED 128kB======007/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 03 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- Mines (BASIC 10 liner) by Fabrizio Caruso Ei aus der Taiga 2 (intro) by eMKay Air fist Rocky (PAL picture) by Gunstar Snowfall (intro) by Philsan Boris & Farage (picture) by snicklin 2020 (intro) by TiRED Doomfire (intro) by Wrathchild 2020 (NTSC picture) by Philsan ------------------------------- ED 128kB======057/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 04 - cartoon slideshow (Sikor).atr ------------------------------- classic cartoons slideshow by Sikor ------------------------------- ED 128kB======274/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 05 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- Ei aus der Taiga 3 (intro) by eMKay 2020 (PAL picture) by Philsan Champ Rocky (PAL pictrue) by Gunstar ------------------------------- ED 128kB======342/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 06 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- Neon (320 kB animation) by miker ------------------------------- DD 180kB======063/0720 sec free total count: ------------------------------- 6 discs======0751/5920 sec free ----100% fun for your ATARI---- ------------------------------------------------------------------2020-01-01 PPs authors words: F#READY - Happy 2020 ******************** Happy 2020 Atari Invasion 256 bytes thingy for New Years Disk F#READY, December 2019 Snow routine ripped/optimised Credits: Claus Buchholz 1981, Xmas Tree Demo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fabrizio Caruso - Mines *********************** - Atari Basic 10-liner strategy game - game available for many platforms (github.com/Fabrizio-Caruso/mines) Instructions: You are in a minefield where mines appear both - under your feet once you move and - around you (more if you do not move) You can clear the area around you with anti-mine charges but you can only carry a maximum of 9. If you reach a "$" item you get an extra anti-mine charge. The field has upper and lower borders that kill you if reached. Left and right borders wrap around. The rate of mines appearing around you increases continuously. Goals: - reach the highest score possible by walking on empty positions or collecting charges "$" - avoid stepping on mines or the upper and lower borders - reach the next 100 points to get a full recharge of your anti-mine charges Score: - walk into an empty position: 1 point - walk into an anti-mine charge "$": 5 points Controls: - use I J K L keys to move - use SPACE bar to clear nearby area (if you have enough charges) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philsan - NewTek demo ********************* - inspired by Amiga NewTek Demo Reel #1 (1987) - images ripped from Amiga, edited and converted with RastaConverter program by Ilmenit - slideshow code by PPS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philsan - Snowfall Atari ************************ - compiled Turbo-Basic XL - graphics 7 image edited and converted with Atari Graphics Studio program by Tebe - RMT player by Raster, adapted for TBXL by Marok - original Atari Basic snowfall code by Fred Key (1986) - Depeche Mode Little 15 tune by JaKub Husak (2010) - packed by Homesoft -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- milpool/TiRED - 2020 ******************** _____ _________/_ /-----.______ -------. _( /__/ ) ___)_____ )_____._ \___ ____/ _/ _- /__ _/ |/ \ _// : \_/ \___\ __\_____/_____:_______/mpl : : : : TiRED - 2020 - Atari 8Bit intro : :_ . .// TiRED sends a happy new year to : : the atari scene with this little . : intro. GFX/Music/Code by milpool! . : Requires 64kb. . . : . _[ trd2020.xex ]________________________: \_______________________________________/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wrathchild - Doomfire ********************* This demo I initially worked on in April 2019 after converting the original Javascript into a C and Allegro prototype on Windows. The aim was to then port take that code onto the UNO Cart’s ARM processor to see it running on the A8 but that hasn’t been done yet. There were two flavours, a 2x2 pixel mode for 2 rows of Graphics 10 per square at 80 pixels wide or 4x4 pixels for 4 rows at 40 pixels wide. For the NYD 2020, I have converted the C into 6502 assembler and first tried to see if the 2x2 version would run ok on a stock machine. It was almost acceptable but I chose to move to the 4x4 mode instead and this works fine. Coding was done across 3 days from 29th-31st Dec but has taken about a day overall. NTSC/PAL is detected at startup and colors/colours are adjusted accordingly however the music will run a little faster on NTSC. Having listened through the Winter Olympiad 88 songs, initially I was thinking to use the Biathlon tune but preferred the Downhill one in the end. I hope, that everything is in and I did not forget something. I tested every entry and every disc with my 600XL with U1MB and ASAP's microSD2SIO Device. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  2. 2020... the year that the Intellivision Amico is released to the world!!
  3. Ataribox dropped the ball several times already
  4. Happy New Year, everyone! Here's hoping that 2020 will deliver good times and good fortune to all of you. To start the year on a good note, keep reading for several interesting Team Pixelboy news bits! STATUS UPDATE FOR THE NEW RELEASES Over the last few days, I finished assembling the cartridges and gluing the boxes of The Cure, Prisoner of War and Ghost. For the material I have currently in my possession, only the cartridges (and boxes) of 1942 remain to be assembled, and I'll be doing this in the coming days. Since I don't have the electronics for Bomber King, R-Type, Jewel Panic and Arcomage, I have decided to postpone the release of all eight games until I have received those electronics, and for now, I have no idea when the releases will actually happen. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. WHAT'S IN STORE FOR 2020? New games have been added to teampixelboy.com, namely Arabian, and also eight SG-1000 ports, which I like to call the "Mystery Man Collection" because they were all ported by Mystery Man. There's also another game which I may add to my to-do list for this year, but this new project is special enough that it deserves its own section in this news bulletin (see further below) and I haven't added it to the web site yet. (QUICK NOTE: I didn't have time to snap any screenshots for the eight SG-1000 ports, that's why the screenshots are all "COMING SOON" images. I will fix that shortly.) Arabian is a personal arcade favorite of mine, and the only home port ever done was Super Arabian on the Famicom. A game like this seems right at home on the ColecoVision, and just for kicks, I decided to use the American Coleco arcade cabinet box style for this release. You can see what the box looks like on the official Team Pixelboy web site. Programming of this game hasn't begun yet. As some of you may recall, the eight SG-1000 ports are GP World, Mikie, N-Sub, Sega Flipper, Sindbad Mystery, Star Jacker, Zaxxon II and Zoom 909. They will come in the same kind of two-piece boxes that I used for the Budget Series from a couple of years ago. I'll be looking to release all these games later this year, together with Space Shuttle - a Journey Into Space. This makes my to-do list full enough that I'm not sure I'll be able to release Utopia this year. We'll see how that goes. NOW IS THE TIME TO PRE-ORDER! Over the last few months, I stopped recording pre-orders for all my previous and upcoming releases, mostly because I wanted to freeze my order of cartridge electronics leading up to the Holiday season. I am now accepting pre-orders again, so if there are any Team Pixelboy titles you want, send your requests to me via e-mail. If you do contact me to place any pre-orders, it may take many weeks before I can manufacture and ship the games, so your patience may be tested. I'm very sorry to keep people waiting, but please be aware that such delays are linked to factors beyond my control. Only 85 copies of each of the eight SG-1000 ports will be produced, and then those games will be permanently sold out. Same goes for Arabian, which will be limited to 100 copies. So if you want to secure your copies of those games, please send me an e-mail to record your pre-orders. The new games will probably be released in the fall of 2020. TRADING CARDS, TRADING CARDS, TRADING ALL THE WAY... I really wanted to add a section to teampixelboy.com for my ColecoVision trading card project, but I couldn't get that done in time for this news bulletin. I wish I could provide more details, but for now, all I can say is that 2020 will be the year I will be getting serious about this project. I have already done some important ground work over the last year or so, and some specific parts of the project are already in motion. Once the new section for the trading cards has been added to my web site, I'll post a new Team Pixelboy News Bulletin with all the details. SEEKING A SOLUTION FOR A STYROFOAM PROBLEM I'm in need of suggestions for dealing with a problem. I have enough styrofoam inserts in stock for the short-term releases, but I'll probably won't have enough for future releases such as Space Shuttle, Arabian and Utopia. Styrofoam manufacturers typically have a minimum order of 2000 units, and I definitely don't need anywhere near that many for the remaining games on my to-do list. Can anyone help me out? I just need 500 inserts made, either in styrofoam or perhaps some kind of cheap 3D-printed material. I want to avoid cardboard inserts if at all possible, because they tend to warp and tear apart over time. INTEREST CHECK FOR A SPECIAL CONTROLLER Over a month ago, a certain individual we all know as Yurkie posted an innocent suggestion in doubledown's custom controller thread: It didn't take more than that to make me say "Alert! Alert! Potential project identified!". So I casually talked it over with doubledown, to see if he would be interested in manufacturing a large batch of such Asteroids controllers, and I also had a quick chat with Mystery Man about the possibility of coding a proper ColecoVision version of Asteroids, which could be included as a pack-in game. I'm glad to report that both these gentlemen are very interested in this project, but there's a rather large catch... doubledown went seriously out of his way to estimate the actual cost of this proposed Asteroids controller, and he came up with a final price tag of 150$US. And that's just for the controller, the pack-in game would add at least 25$ to that price, if not more. On the plus side, we're talking about a quality doubledown controller made from quality components. Also, the controller would be designed to work with the Atari 2600 and 7800 versions of Asteroids, and would be compatible with several other games as well. This implies that the ColecoVision Asteroids pack-in cartridge would be optional, just in case some customers (who do not own a ColecoVision) want to use it exclusively on their Atari 2600/7800. Because of this hefty price tag, I believe a proper survey should be done, so about 20 hours after the posting of this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin, I will start a poll on the AtariAge forums that will help us evaluate the actual interest in such a controller. In the first post of this poll, I will present all the information required to make an informed decision, and if you have any interest in this proposed controller, please read that first post before you answer the questions of the poll. Here's a quick overview of the Asteroids controller: First of all, we envision two variants of this controller, which we like to call the Asteroids Upright Edition - VVG Enhanced Controller and the Asteroids Cabaret Edition – VVG Enhanced Controller. The first features the full-color artwork from the upright arcade cabinet of Asteroids, while the other is in black and white, and features the artwork of the "cabaret-style" cabinet of Asteroids, with some woodgrain decoration applied on the sides of the controller for added nostalgia. Secondly, for the controls, as this is an Asteroids Edition controller, all it needs is buttons. They will be leaf-switch push-buttons (we’re currently looking at GGG CLASSX push-buttons with their True-Leaf Pro switch upgrade) and will be of matching size, style, color, and layout of the original arcade cabinets, and wired like this: - ROTATE LEFT = Joystick Left - ROTATE RIGHT = Joystick Right - HYPERSPACE = Joystick Down - THRUST = Joystick Up - FIRE = Left trigger button - (Unmarked sixth button) = Right trigger button The placement of the unmarked sixth button (mapped to the right trigger button of the ColecoVision controller) made us consider two sub-variants, one where the sixth button is located in the center of the controller, below the Hyperspace button, and the other sub-variant has the sixth button placed next to the fire button, in order to have the two fire buttons next to each other. Images are better than words, so here are some preliminary pictures to illustrate: As you can see, the buttons are placed high on the controller's surface, in order to provide sufficient resting space for the player's palms and wrists. We feel this is an important ergonomic comfort factor, especially for long play sessions. The controller's enclosure will be a Hammond Mfg. 14.00” x 8.25” black aluminum, sloped-top housing. While we feel the enclosure looks (and for the most part feels) very nice, we believe it falls short in two aspects, namely its assembly and its weight. The enclosure itself is constructed as two “c-shaped” powder-coated aluminum forms, assembled with four #6 sheet-metal screws on the bottom side; two along the front edge, and two along the rear. The concern we have with this is that nothing supports the upright sides from flexing outward (creating an unsightly gap) and nothing supports the large, flat, top surface from bowing downward. To remedy both of these issues, and to give the controller a more solid feel overall, we want to install two steel angle braces which will connect the sides of the enclosure to the underside of the top surface. Additionally the steel braces (one mounted on each side, and running front to back) nicely bump up the "bare" enclosure weight from 2.36 lbs (1.07 kg) to 3.15 lbs (1.43 kg). Lastly we will ditch the manufacturer’s assembly screws, and new #8-32 machine screws will be used for the housing assembly. All of these modifications strengthen, and beef up the enclosure to our quality standards, but do require additional hardware, and add approximately 1 to 1.5 extra hours to the overall build/assembly time of each controller. A few aspects of this proposed Asteroids controller are currently undetermined, including the cable length and a few other minor details, but we intend to include some sort of cable management on the rear of the enclosure, such as a cable wrapping cleat or something similar. One thing is absolutely certain, however: There will be NO keypad on this controller, so don't bother asking about that. For the pack-in cartridge, if we actually decide to go ahead with that, we are considering two possibilities: A 32K cartridge with just Asteroids on it, or a 128K multicart with Asteroids together with hacked versions of Carnival, Omega Race, Space Fury, Star Trek, Victory, and perhaps one other game. All these extra hacks would have small alterations to make them fully compatible with the Asteroids controller, and also to remove any need for a keypad. Note that the added sixth controller button would be useful for Star Trek and Victory. It should be noted that while we are considering several options, we are ultimately looking to produce one "model" of the controller. By that, we mostly mean that the sixth button will always be in the same spot on all the manufactured controllers. If there's a clear public consensus regarding the upright versus cabaret schemes (i.e. full color versus black-and-white) we will only produce controllers following the preferred scheme, unless some people are ready to pay extra to get exactly what they want in terms of artwork. One final note: Nobody can prevent you from posting comments about the Asteroids controller in this forum thread, but it would probably be preferable to keep comments and questions for the poll thread. Some additional details (about deposits made in advance at pre-order time, for example) will be posted in the poll thread. This information posted above is only to wet your appetite. This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  5. +Adam+

    NYD 2020

    Game's instructions: On title screen: START - new game SELECT - change between Bentley Bear and Dragon OPTION - change controller: JOYSTICK/ JOY 2B+ C - continue previous game
  6. Galagon arrived a couple of days ago... finally got a chance to play it for a while this evening. Amazing work. So balanced for an Atari 2600 game. Never imagined seeing something with this much diversity on the Atari. This is the first current production game I have bought for the Atari... I plan to do this more often. This isn't just nostalgia overload talking, as this is a really high quality product in so many ways. I don't know what inspires Champ Games to do something like this, but I am very glad something does. MrBlackCat
  7. "New Atari Year that 2020?" Happy New Year, everyone!
  8. ^^ Safety word is "Taco" Happy new leap year everyone!
  9. Hello, I´m an occasional writer for a Brazilian retro video game magazine called "Jogos 80" ("Games 80"). For the latest issue I was lucky enough to interview our own Thomas Jentzsch. Attached are the original interview in Brazilian Portuguese, and also a rough translation for english - that is not my primary language so please forgive me. Here´s the magazine cover: Here´s the link for the full magazine in case someone is curious about it 🙂 : http://garrettimus.org/Jogos80/jogos80-22.pdf Interview Thomas Jentzsch.pdf entrevista-thomas-j.pdf
  10. XB G.E.M. uses virtually all the remaining space in the 5 XB groms, so there is no room for turther development other than bug fixes. However, in developing G.E.M. I learned how to use bank switched cartridge roms. This greatly simplifies the process. Now XB256 can go into one page of cartridge memory and then be quickly copied over to low memory with an XML routine, rather than using GPL to copy the decompressor to high memory, the compressed XB256 code to high memory, then run the compressor to put XB256 into low memory. This is way faster and more versatile, plus revisions get a whole lot easier. I am now using XB2.7 as a base, so there are the additional calls provided by XB2.7. Another one that I added was CALL FONT, which gives you a choice of 30 fonts. Even better, you can now change the font and colors of the XB editor. This is shown in the short GIF below. There is still much to do. I will add the additional CALL LINKs to TML that formerly had to be embedded in the XB program, so now this will be a complete package. I will also include TML GA which can be used to create graphics adventures. The top two thirds of the screen can be used for pictures and the bottom third for text. I will probably include DM1000. This is not very useful for those running in emulation, but could be very useful if you have real iron. More to come.....
  11. I have brought this Tutor Pro back to life! Turns out the board (serial# 8652) had a cracked 5V trace so a section of it wasn't receiving enough power. This is also why the LED wasn't working. I fixed it by running a red wire from one section of the board to another. After that, I made some lesser fixes. The LED wires were cut to put a 2 pin connector in the middle (eases any future servicing). I also cleaned and fixed the left controller since it had issues (soda inside and someone else reassembled it wrong). Thanks out to Freewheel's FW Diagnostic cart; it was key to getting the controller fixed.
  12. https://archive.org/details/super3dplotter2elfinmagic I just finished scanning this. Hopefully somebody does some interesting demos with this.
  13. Happy New Year. Here's a little fireworks demo. I didn't have time to polish it very much or compress the data, but maybe I will expand it next year. The file is a 64K non-inverted cartridge image that requires 32K RAM. You can open it directly in Classic99 or https://js99er.net, or use it on hardware with the FinalGROM. fireworks8.bin
  14. Happy New Atari Year 2020! 26 colors PAL Philsan_2020_PAL.xex 33 colors NTSC Philsan_2020_NTSC.xex
  15. 2020, year of the Knight Rider!
  16. I'll probably be asleep when new years hits Chicago, so HAPPY EARLY NEW YEAR!
  17. There is a guy named Angus in your neck of the woods. Here is his contact info... Pick up the phone I'm always home Call me any time Just ring 36 24 36 hey I lead a life of crime Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap
  18. Tommy, if you haven't seen Uberleben you might take a look. 1-7 player simultaneous game where you simply move your falling skydiver around the screen avoiding obstacles in a canyon, mine shaft, snow cavern, etc. The last person falling still has to try to make it though to the landing zone. The blood could easily be removed This is great fun, even crowding around a single keyboard. Rooting for/trash talking the last guy while he tries to finish without distraction is half of the charm.
  19. 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards Celebrating the best in Atari Homebrew presented by ZeroPage Homebrew, The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion and AtariAge Atari 8bit/5200 Homebrew Released in 2019 This list compiled by @+Adam+ is the complete list of all homebrew for Atari 8bit/5200 (excluding hacks, demos and conversions) either completed in 2019 so far! Please comment below if we are missing any, or if we have any errors, as we don't want to leave any games out of the 2019 Awards nominations! Finished and Released Atari 8bit/5200 Homebrew in 2019 (Binary or Physical Release): 601F - by Kamil „Gorgh” Trzaska Abyssus - by Frantisek "Fandal" Houra (Missed from list before nomination voting and will be added to next year's list) Adventure Ponies by Gibstov Animal Keeper - by Peter J. Meyer Another Pong - by Ralf "PPs" Patschke AtariNet - by James Wilkinson (Not Eligible: Due to being a sequel with non-substantive updates to game engine, only map changes) Berks Four - by Jon Wiliams Block on Legs: First Steps - by Jason "TheRealBountyBob" Kendall Bocianoric - by Tomasz "TDC" Cieślewicz Bomber - by Kevin Savetz Borek in ASCII World - by Marek "Koala" Ogłodek Borek stworek z Tworek by Tomasz "TDC" Cieślewicz (Note, Re-Added to the List. Published on Dec 31, 2019) Bosconian by ? (Not Eligible: Conversion of an already released game) Bounce & Catch - by Victor "Vitoco" Parada Bouncy - by Kevin Savetz Bugs Fight M4 - by Michael Kalous, Petr Postava Castle Defender - by Martin "MatoSimi" Simeček Defence - by Ales Horvat, Bostjan „Gury” Gorisek Deszczownik - by tbxx Dragon Trainer - by Jason "8Bit 1337" Gruetzmacher Dungeon Hunt II - by Jim „Jacobus” Wilkinson, Daniel Wilkinson, Bob Follett Floody Bot - by Kevin Savetz Fruit Machine - by TGB1718 Fruity Pete - by Frantisek "Fandal" Houra Full House Poker - by Florian Dingler Gravity Worms - by Krzysztof "XXL" Dudek Great Green Adventure 2: Prologue - by Daniel Koźmiński, Olek Koźmiński, Jakub Machnio Hubbub - by Eric Henneke Imogen - by Michael St Aubyn, Frantisek "Fandal" Houra Jaskinia City Quest - by Wojciech "Bocianu" Bociański Jaskiniowiec w czasach Inkwizycji - by Marek "Koala" Ogłodek Jet Set Willy 2019 - by Terrence "Tezz" Derby Lander - by Kevin Savetz License Plates - by Victor "Vitoco" Parada Mini Kaboom - by Victor "Vitoco" Parada Mini Bros - by Victor "Vitoco" Parada Missile - by "Etom000001" Missile10 - by Bill Kendrick Mister Hoppe - by Wojciech "Bocianu" Bociański Moj Mikro Asteroids - by Ivan Zrimsek, Bostjan „Gury” Gorisek Monty on the Run - by Jason Perkins, Marek "Konop" Konopka Mouse Mervin - by Marko Jerič, Bostjan „Gury” Gorisek Multi10 - by Frantisek "Fandal" Houra My Home, My Space, My Planet by Tomasz "TDC" Cieślewicz (Not Eligible: Still a WIP) Neverending Sorry - by Paweł "Pirx" Kalinowski New Year Girls - by Paweł "Sikor" Sikorski Novawolf - by Peter J. Meyer PET Frogger - by John C. Dale (PET version), Ken Jennings (Not Eligible: Still a WIP) Pixelated Puzzle - by Victor "Vitoco" Parada Poke Pig - by Kevin Savetz ReactorX - by Jeff "jeffpiep" Piepmeier Realsports Curling by ? (Not Eligible: Conversion of an already released game) Rescue Expedition, The - by Kamil "Gorgh" Trzaska, Michal "Caruso" Brzezicki, Krzysztof "KAZ" Ziembik Rodmän - by Mika Keränen (Not Eligible: First released in 2018. This is a minor update) Ruczajowa proza życia - by Tomasz "TDC" Cieślewicz Star Vagrant - by Rafal "MADRAFi" Czemko, Rafal "Broniu" Broniarek, Michal "Caruso" Brzezicki, Krzysztof "KAZ" Ziembik The Last Disk+ - by Mariusz Ejchsztet, Krzysztof Kaźmierczak The Warriors - by Vladimir "Popmilo" Janković (Not Eligible: Still a WIP) Train 3 - by Michael Kalous, Petr Postava (Not Eligible: Due to being a sequel with non-substantive updates to game engine, only map changes) Tutoris - by Ingo "1NG" Boller UFO Attack! - by Victor "Vitoco" Parada Vader’s Last Stand - by Jason H. Moore Wasteland - by Michael Jaskula Wiedźmin Wiesiek - by Paweł "Sikor" Sikorski Yahtzee M8 - by Michael Kalous, Petr Postavaby Petr Postava
  20. I decided to get the console repaired, no longer available for trade. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SN2H9lFf9qGlWmOOhKKZeuVbtAMgN8sE
  21. You have reminded me I had started another attempt at this rendering. I think this one is better. -SteveS a8isa1_gort2.xex
  22. I missed this topic when it first appeared. If I understand the question correctly, I don't think you'll find this for Atari era computers, but you can find plenty of 3D math fundamentals books, the concepts are the same for any platform. It's pretty rare on the 8bit that "3D graphics programming" resembled what we do today, that is, perspective correct, world and camera view, 3D projection into a 2D planar surface. This is because it's an enormously expensive computationally and very floating point math intensive. It required processors that were hyper optimized to float speed before it became very viable. Most of the 3D demos/games, impressive as they were, are actually various forms of approximations or pre-computed to the point they aren't actually real-time other than display. A really good article on the fundamentals of 3D math and object draw that is applicable to any of the 8bit computers is this one: http://machinethink.net/blog/3d-rendering-without-shaders/ The code is unfortunately in a high level language, but easily translated into even machine language. The reason it's highly applicable is because it only has one fundamental OS ability it calls: setting a pixel at a point in space to a color. This is what was so different about 3D work on old computers versus modern; we had to do rasterization ourselves. It's literally the difference of the computer telling you "I know how to draw a point and a color" versus the now evolved modern "I know how to draw a triangle of arbitrary size and 3-space coordinates, and fill it, in either a color or with a texture mapped, and allowing for per-pixel or per-triangle special effects ". It's a little bit easier nowadays =). This here is all of the fundamentals of a 3D projection system done in 6502 (particularly look in source/maths.asm). It has the common optimization of look up tables for the geo math and could probably be optimized further. Here is another 3D engine in 6502, but unfortunately (looking through the source) it is heavily optimized for the Apple II, and thus requires work to run anywhere else; the Apple II memory layout for graphics is affecting code ease of use.
  23. I'll let Jose speak (he's sending me messages over email as that is only thing he can do over his old phone): He's a person in tough spot in life. Consider yourself very lucky if you've never been so close to the bottom. Never forget that it can all happen to you too. Only takes a bad decision, or an accident and you're f.... Such a thing happened to me just few days ago. Broken capillary in my right eye. Woke up with no sight in that eye... It's been five days and eye is getting better, but it's for sure I'll never regain full 100% sight on that eye. If the damage is in middle of vision field, I'm f....d. All my work is based on starring at computer screen, reading, writing text and code... What if ? Good thing for me, I still have loving family and friends around me to support me, maybe just because I've always been there for them and supported them without reservation... I would say - give what you can afford in such cases. Don't borrow. Just give it away. Doesn't have to be much ... I still have trust in Jose. Let's see what Jose will have to say for himself.
  24. Proof you can put anything up for sale on wlamart.com
  25. Hooray 2020! Despite the new decade, Rikki & Vikki is still on for 90% off until January 2. Two players for one dollar. The MMC3 doesn't add many new graphical enhancements outside of more addressable memory, but the MMC5 definitely gives a helpful nudge. Not quite We gave Maria and Sally separate paging, but it's infeasible for both of them to operate simultaneously. One way to think of it is that the cartridge is a book which can be read by either Maria or Sally. The existing mappers only allowed one bookmark to be placed at a time. We added a second bookmark for Maria so there's less requirements for each chip to accommodate the other's needs. I'd like to think we got the 7800 vs NES vs CD-i comparisons taken care of around twenty pages back - but do want to point out the "simultaneous" aspect is extremely important. On the NES, the PPU operates independently of the CPU and can fetch data while the CPU processes game logic. The 7800 only allows one of them to operate at a time - so the performance is significantly reduced right out of the gate. Not that I don't appreciate the complements (I do) - but there seems to be a belief here that the MMCs are the equivalent of bolting an aircraft's engine onto a vespa when this is absolutely not the case. The NES and 7800 have very different design priorities, which is fine - they both exist and you can pick whichever you like. But one isn't universally able to trounce the other, even in their stock configurations. Thanks! We've been getting a lot of feedback from customers who bought a 7800 just to play the game, or tried it on Windows and wanted to get the hardware experience afterward. It's pretty wild.
  26. People will need something to do after the virtual orgy...(Oh, and remember No Smoking on the Holodeck)
  27. I think I've said this before. The Atari 2600 and other consoles will be recreated down to the last atom in a highly realistic holographic-style virtual world. No emulation will be required because these consoles will be exact copies of the real thing. They will look, sound, smell, and act as expected without lag or other problems. You'll also be able to "print" them physically if you want to deal with finding space for them. Most people will choose the virtual option.
  28. @bennybingo Congrats on making the first post of the year! Happy New Year everyone!
  29. I just may have to pick up Style B, for my collection.🤔
  30. Here is the updated schematic set for the HRD4000B. I'm still working on the manual updates and I'll be placing a board order soon. They still won't be available to anyone before the end of January or the first part of February. A3-Horizon RAMDisk 4000B-P1(R1).pdf A3-Horizon RAMDisk 4000B-P2(R1).pdf A3-Horizon RAMDisk 4000B-P3(R1).pdf
  31. There are updated dip switch settings for the new version of the AtariVox+, and I didn't actually realize this until a few days ago. I built another large batch (as part of my efforts to get caught up on orders by early next week), and when testing all three modes, that's when I realized the dip switches had changed. I was using a new graphic Richard sent me as a reference, and it wasn't until I compared that with the existing manual that I realized they were different. The manual will be updated soon to reflect these changes, as well as some others, such as the fact that a header is no longer included. And the list of supported games on the back will be amended. With the next batch, I'll print this graphic out as a sticker and put it on the inside of the AtariVox case. I'll also print out a sheet to include with the older manuals with the updated dipswitch settings and will include that inside the manual and cross out the old dip switch chart. I'll also send an email out to everyone who purchased the first batch of AtariVox+ units I sent out to alert them that the switches have changed. Fortunately I think only a small percentage of people are using them with a Vectrex (versus the 2600, which is the default setting), so hopefully nobody else has run into this yet. Here's a graphic with the updated switches: Sorry for the confusion. ..Al
  32. This reminds me that the Jaguar supports light guns... If only hardware was downloadable...
  33. A while back Tempest shared a great idea of adding a menu screen for Atari games which had their options laid out in a matrix at the back of the manual. I really loved that idea because it breathes some new life into these old games. Menu screens are great because they take away the awfulness of having to use the select switch to cycle through all 112 options of Space Invaders, and lets you know what game you are selecting in Video Olympics. You can also choose valid game types for the amount of players that you have. Example: Games: Video Olympics - Video Olympics Menu.zip Space Invaders - Space Invaders Menu.zip Super Breakout - Super Breakout Menu.zip Asteroids - Asteroids Menu Combat - Combat Menu Indy 500 - Indy 500 Menu Warlords - Warlords Menu Hangman - Hangman Menu Championship Soccer - Championship Soccer Menu Outlaw - Outlaw Menu - START -
  34. I've shipped a couple successfully but ymmv best to double box them if you are going to try. Bubble wrap the peb then box that then put that box in another box surrounded by at least 2 in of peanuts on all sides. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  35. 2 points
    I just got a red N64 with 4 controllers and 3 games(MK64, Pokemon something, Excitebike 64) and a PS1 with 1 blue controller for free. Looks like it's gonna be a lucky year!
  36. I mention how I do it on both the UAV installation guide and in my UAV installation video. Since the UAV doesn't include anything for audio, the audio portion can be used for pretty much any AV mod on the 7800, composite or s-video..etc. The easiest method if you don't plan to use the RF anymore is to cut the leads from R5 and R6 on the end towards the back of the console or the 'North' legs as I call them. Twist them together. Then get a 10uf 16v cap and attach the + lead off the twisted resistors and run the a wire from the - lead of the cap to your RCAs. If you want to keep the RF then you need to add another set of resistors attached to the 'South' legs of R5 and R6. Use a 6k8 for R5 and an 18k for R6. Then just like before you twist the unsoldered legs together of these new resistors you added and attach a capacitor just like before.
  37. #1 rule for rework: Desoldering is twice as hard as soldering. The vacuum-powered desolder tools are generally well worth the money if you use them enough (which is what makes their high cost a hard decision to make for a hobbyist). Like arcadeshopper, I spent the money on a Hakko FR-300 some years ago, and I'm very glad to have it for DIP rework. But it is a single-task tool, so for me it does not get used much. I also find that you have to be very careful with it since it gets very hot and can easily dump too much heat into a pad and even damage the PCB substrate. The more professional vacuum stations are the next step up from the hand-held ones. Going the in the cheaper direction are the manual pumps and the heated gizmos with the air-bulb on them, both of which I have used, and neither of which I would recommend. A good hot-air rework station will go a long way these days. Also, ChipQuik. The #2 rule of rework: keep everything (tips, surfaces, parts, etc.) clean and use a good no-clean flux!
  38. Holy crap! What an amazing job! I will definitely be picking this up when it's released!
  39. And of course any one touch/one switch games where the players are competing based on how well they can count /time things in their brains. A template might be Odyssey 2 Smithereens, but I'm sure there are infinite other ways to implement that mechanic in a multi player game. It doesn't sound fun on paper, but when you hold down that button for just the right amount of time and then release it and get the satisfaction of blowing something up as a result (or sending a rock off a catapult into a castle as in Smithereens...), there's just something very satisfying about that. Also, it's something where non video games players who just happen to be really good at counting /timing things in their head can excel... My girlfriend kicked my butt at Smithereens the first time we played....
  40. I am very sorry to have to do this..... I (Rewind Games) gave José a good sum of money as a gift (75 euros at the beginning of October, the start of this thread). A few weeks later he asked me if I could send him 189.91 euros by bank, because Paypal was not releasing his money for 3 weeks (it was a new Paypal account). I sent him that amount as a loan and he promised to pay me back in a month (because Paypal would release his money). Paypal released his money but he did not pay me back. He asked me for another 50 euros a few weeks ago and I said no. So, I will let other people help him this time. I really think he is not a bad person and is struggling at the moment.
  41. 200 million units!! Damn... now I really got my work cut out for me and the team! So much for taking tomorrow off! Nice video though. Glad that folks are paying attention and starting to understand the idea of bringing people together (of all skill levels) to play together... once again.
  42. Updates 12-31 2 player option added. Right Difficulty B = 1 player ( you control red player) Right Difficulty A = 2 player ( right player controls blue player) -- Left difficulty A = AI pitcher is better Also added: -refined pitch locations. - game now ends in bottom of ninth if blue player is leading. - Title Screen added
  43. Hey, I get a mention! Something like "stubborn bastard".
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