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  1. My son and his wife are expecting their first child in September. They requested that I build them a baby changing table/dresser. So I have been busy with that instead of retrocomputing. Below are pictures of the result. Now I can get back to working on XB 2.8 G.E.M.
  2. So I guess that would preclude referencing either the BOM or schematic that people such as myself and Dropcheck put hours into creating and fine tuning. Instead I should just answer any question immediately because that's what I'm suppose to do on a forum. You know as the person who put in thousands of $$$ creating and developing both the 1088XEL and 1088XLD, as well as a good portion of my life doing so for two years, I don't think it's asking too much to have someone read before posting questions that have either already been posted about previously or are covered in readily provided documentation. However with that said, I think I have always gone above and beyond to answer questions efficiently and quickly about the products I developed. Now mind you I am under no obligation what so ever to do so, since I do not sell or profit from any of this. BTW, the entire point of forums is for the free exchange of ideas, without any expectations. Best regards, An RTFM affiliate
  3. Sunset with a horse, 29 colors. amarok_sunset_horse.xex
  4. #ATARI8BIT #FujiNet developing #Assembler version of N: handler using AMAC/MEDIT. Using Amoeba for debugging. #FujiNet 1027 printer gives me a printed listing. -Thom
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    Fed Ex - great service! USPS - awesome job! UPS - you need to get your shit together...and quit treating my packages like two monkeys trying to fuck a football...
  6. Here is a game called "Gold Miner" from Compute! magazine, Aug 1983, Issue 039, Pages 114-116. The game will run in TI Basic, using about 5K. It does not run in TI Extended Basic because of the character definition using ASCII 144 and above. screenshot11.bmp screenshot22.bmp Gold Miner.dsk Gold Miner.txt
  7. Thanks, I hadn't tried using different hue values. Initially I wasn't sure as it doesn't look quite as nice, but I got used to it after playing a while. It definitely helps distinguishing the blocks, which was my reason for not finishing it off, so... I've added a title screen and 3 difficulty modes which select the initial speed of the blocks. I didn't think the game needed to be any harder, so EXPERT mode plays as before, NORMAL is a little slower and EASY a lot slower (those two speed up after a while). You can abort a game by pressing Reset which takes you back to the title screen. The NTSC build uses the hacked colours, the PAL colours aren't changed. SHADES_NTSC.BIN SHADES_PAL.BIN SHADES_PAL_60.BIN
  8. @INVISIBLE not sure what information you would like on the Texas Video card PHP1290, I do have manuals that came with it. The gentleman I brought it off, his uncle was part of the development team at Texas Instruments for this card.
  9. Here goes, I've not got that many items as rare as you guys, I mostly collect NOS original items.
  10. AT&T just left after spending about 2 hours working on my internet line. I've had way too many loss of connectivity issues which seemed to be more of a problem in the morning than in the evening. The tech discovered the line had 24Volts on it when it should not have that was being fed from an exposed battery system and an uninsulated line. Hopefully, connection will be better now. Beery
  11. I didn't make a big deal about it myself but yeah, basically. I mean, it's always awesome to see new A8 motherboards. I built my XEL and love it! But when Michael invited me to build the beta version of the XLD, THIS is exactly why I leapt at the opportunity. This MIDI file is being played by the S2 inside my 1088XLD:
  12. Here's a screen dump utility for the 1020. Written by the guys a wrote B/Graph http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-atari-1020-color-printer-screen-print-software_30231.html Here is the manual for it. https://archive.org/details/Atari1020ColorPrinterScreenPrintSoftware/mode/2up Here is another 1020 program written by the same guys. The manual should be on side b of the disk. http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-screen-plot_30586.html Allan
  13. Thanks for the hint. I have doubled the cable length (~30cm) to support XL, too. A few pictures below, so one can better estimate dimensions:
  14. Now that maybe setting expectations a bit high for a hobby forum. Over these many years I have seen, especially on this forum, folks bending over backwards to help others achieve success in addressing issues no matter the complication. My thanks goes out to you all for the help in the past and any help I may need in the future.
  15. Especially those who suggest you might start with the 37 page thread you’re already posting in, and those who have already successfully built these machines, or hell, the guy who designed it.
  16. 531100 Disc speed, no pause, single shot intellivision hardware
  17. #Atari8Bit #FujiNet The N: device allows you to easily make games that send network traffic using the UDP protocol, using nothing more than standard Atari I/O commands.
  18. It's unbelievable: during these past years, I have seen people complaining endlessly about the lack of copious user documentation for hard disk adapters, memory upgrades, cartridges, etc, disregarding the fact developers were generally too preoccupied with the hardware itself to focus on writing detailed manuals. Time passed, however, and now we have copious amounts of user documentation (and videos, and sticky threads, and a better forum search facility) for the most popular and prolific upgrades, created at considerable expense in terms of time and effort by those who wrote them, and now the complaint is that the manual is too long to read. I know I should not find this surprising, nor dwell on the irony.
  19. I can verify that SIDE2 IDE emulation also got a lot faster with the latest AVG firmware update.
  20. Most like it is one of the ultra rare sun-baked and heat/age faded label variants.
  21. I recently picked up a lot of 2600 stuff that had some great documentation and sales flyers with it, and figured I'd share the Atari Club stuff that was in the lot:
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    Snow's all gone! Feels like Summer! Soon it'll be the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of my mountain bike tires on gravel, BBQs, and that "HypnoToad" sound the Atari makes when the cartridge isn't inserted all the way...
  23. After WiPoSoFt published the Turbo Pascal 99 program in 1986, there was later an extension in the form of a Windows Manager Library. With the Windows Manager Library, two demo programs have also been released. The programs are labeled WI99DEMO and WI99MASK on the original disk and include a Windows demo and mask control in German. I used G ... Translate to translate the programs into English. The translated versions of the programs in the zip file are: WI99DE-P English version of the pascal source for WI99DEMO WI99ME-P English version of the pascal source for WI99MASK I found a documentation for the library in the Dutch language and also translated it into English. WIN99_english.pdf Here is the result: TP99V2.dsk The current compiler and linker as described in post # 2. TP2_V2.zip DSK2_TP99-WIN.zip The programs for the Windows Manager DSK2_TP99-WIN.zip classic99 configuration: cartridge = editor / assembler DSK1 = TP99V2.dsk DSK2 = please unpack the SK2_TP99-WIN.zip in FIAD folder Here are some screenshots for the DEMO program WI99DE Before trying the second example, please read the short instructions in the file: MASKDOC_E The library file WI99 @ must also be linked here In this example, PROC'D (FCTN6) is used to select a menu item and AID (FCTN + 7) for a help window. The complete compiling process: 1. Load the TP99 Editor/Compiler In E/A option 3 LOAD AND RUN? DSK1.TP99 2. LO DSK2.WI99DE-P Load the pascal source 3. CO DSK2.WI99DE-S Compile to the Assembler source 4. Q! Command for Exit TP99 5. Load the EA again 6. Option 2 Run the Assembler SOURCE FILE DSK2.WI99DE-S OBJECT FILE DSK2.WI99DE-O no list file OPTIONS R 7. Load the EA again and choose option 5 8. DSK1.LK99 run the LK99 linker 9. Enter the Module name DSK2.WI99DE-O 10. Enter the Module name [email protected] to link the library 11. Press ENTER 12. GENERATE A PROGRAM-FILE Answer Y for yes and the program name: DSK2.WI99DE1 13. RUN PROGRM? Answer Y for yes to run the program
  24. @senior_falcon Quite professional looking. Very nice, indeed! @BeeryMiller You are lucky to have that good of a tech visit you. Some of these numpties could not find their ass in a windstorm.
  25. Back then I've created two programs for the 1020 and improved another one: Banner printer, similar to "The Print Shop" you can enter messages and border styles. Unfortunately I browsed already through my disks, but found only an old incomplete version. Scan program. You exchange a pen with a light dependent resistor and feed a photography into the printer or glued it on the paper (still have this programm on my disks) - any interest to upload this? Once there was a program in a German magazine to print bitmap hard-copies with the 1020 (every pixel is a small rectangle). Improved this a lot (optimizing number of pen changes, different sizes, free color assignment) - have to browse my collection for that AFAIR all applications were written in TurboBasic.
  26. I can send them to you for Postage from Germany (also PAL TV Modulator PHA 2036 when you need) please PN (have the second largest European Central TI Warehouse after Schmitzi ! )
  27. In 86? Nah, given the decisions they were making then they had switched to Meth by that point.
  28. Thank you for the feedback; I value it. I am struggling with ROM space. Really struggling. Never say never, but for now no book. I do have a bit of a philosophical objection to books in computer chess, anyway. Here's a 5-ply version for you. I don't know how long it will take, but given the alpha-beta branching of about 8.5 then it would be about that many times the average 4-ply move time. So, say 40 minutes? Let me know, if you try it! chess20200429_5pq8.bin
  29. Just some stats: Sunflower: 4HP Peashooter: 4HP does 1 damage Walnut: 21HP Mine: 4HP takes 3-7 seconds to arm. Instant kill a zombie. Good to use to gain suns in the early in the level. Cherry: 91HP Kills 3 lanes of zombies in an area Cactus:7HP hurts zombie on touch, and does 2 damages Needie:9HP hurts zombie on touch, and does pierce 1-2 damages Yup and music too. Working on this. Making additional contents to the cartridge version.
  30. You can also inspect the header in TIMT using right-click on the file, then "View file information block".
  31. Nice work! You can avoid wiring to the motherboard by plugging into the second RAM slot. There you get all your signals except one, and that one you get from the OS ROM board in slot 0. Slot 2 has A0 - A13 and /S2 - /S5. Slot 0 has A15. So your /CE would be A15 AND /S4 AND /S5. Your A14 would be /S2 AND /S3. That gets you 48K. So you don't need /S0 or /S1, and the /S4 and /S5 you get from slot 2 are already disabled by inserted cartridges. Of course banking is more complicated (I recommend the Axlon scheme) but the point is you don't need anything beyond what's available in slots 0 and 2. Here's how to modify that Axlon-compatible SRAM board linked above so as not to need any 16K boards:
  32. Rybags, Thank you for your help!! looks like the Late R/W did the trick!! Dr. Venkman, Mr Micheal 1088XEL work is amazing! thanks for the link. His Schematics are a big help!! I will connect /OE to inverted Late R/W. right know I have it tied low in hopes the /CE timing is "good enough" LOL! so here is what I did today... /OE to GND S0 to /CE 8k is recognized!!! S0 AND'ed with S1 to /CE (with 74LS11 AND gate) 16K!! SO AND S1 AND S2 24K S0 AND S1 AND S2 to the next AND gate AND S3 and S4 40k...(I skipped 32K) Tomorrow I will Invert Late R/W to /OE and figure out the logic for bank switching...is it better to have 8k Banks or 16 k banks?? what is more useful?
  33. And make sure the BOB-12731 has it's voltage switch set to 3.3V. ------------ This is a continuation of something that was talked about earlier today in the 1088XLD topic (I posted it here by accident, but it's still pertinent to this system as well). Essentially this is a way to translate a stock XE or XL keyboard to PS/2 in a way that the XEL or XLD can understand. The board has been designed with drop-in installation in mind for the XEGS keyboard, taking the place of it's key scanning PCB. Well new plan for the Atari keyboard to PS/2 adapter board. Since the XE and the XL have radically different pin-outs for their keyboards, I've decided the best plan is to go with a larger PIC chip and have it handle all the I/O on the keyboard connector, and then via a dip switch, the PIC will reconfigure itself to match. This means that the key matrix scanning is now done entirely inside the PIC. More complicated software-wise, but much simpler hardware. That particular PIC has the option of directly driving an LCD, which I won't need for this application. It just happens to be supported by the current software that can turn a hex file into a com file for flashing with the JOY2PIC. It's also relatively cheap at $2 or less, and it has a built-in precision oscillator that can run at 32Mhz. The dip switch also has a setting for either AKI or TK, which simple means it can match up with the latest TK-II 2.5J firmware that has two different choices for how the PS/2 function keys are mapped for the HELP, Console, and Reset keys.
  34. I finally found the device, in a page of "Turbonews" magazine. It was probably locally developed.
  35. Some less common carts. Nothing all that exciting, as I'm not a collector. And not great condition, but honestly, these labels were born busted. Just stuff I've had since the late eighties which I don't often see pictured, that maybe someone can use on TI cart catalogue page sometime. The Great Word Race Black Hole QMAZE Midnite/Midnight Mason Barrage
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    Vs. Super Mario Bros. is a great psychological game. You're used to the original levels, so every difference in this game almost feels like a betrayal.
  37. Yesss! Finally reached a patch worthy score on Star Fire. I was maybe midway through level 9. @Thomas Jentzschyour score is still incredible. @ZeroPage Homebrew James keep on playing. I expect you to achieve the patch soon.
  38. Seems like a prime candidate for FujiNet reworking
  39. Also picked this up recently. I think I have only seen this packaging one other time.
  40. Thanks to a fellow AA member my son and I filled in some holes in our collection. Sealed of course! The collection is getting pretty sweet. Maybe not CMart sweet but sweet none the less.
  41. LOLOL, looks like you need a "biggerer" house, my friend! ("biggerer" ist mit Absicht falsch geschrieben)
  42. Here's a very simple concept for the adapter board (some parts missing). This has been verified to fit in the XEGS keyboard case and clear the bottom of the keyboard. Unfortunately the XL keyboard connector has an entirely different pin-out (why???). Probably have to squeeze in two different connector footprints, one for XE and the other for XL, and move some stuff around.
  43. I just dumped my 4K BSM (thanks, Bob!) Here's the binary. It's different from Ksarul's binary. bsm_jon.bin
  44. Ah late to the posting but this was mine last week... Xbox 360 - Torchlight 503 minutes Xbox 1 - Star Wars Battlefront 2 53 minutes Android - SpellTower 143 minutes PC/Steam - MagiCat 188 minutes.
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