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  1. Great Pete. Thanks to you and Tommy. So we all know because of Covid-19 that Launch date will be probably be in Q1 of 2021. (It hurts, but it is what it is !) But here is one of the highlight of the live we've got today. Tommy told us what games they hope would be ready for launch day. Sports/Recreational Baseball Hockey Bowling Soccer Pool Auto Racing Evel Knievel Retro re-imagined games (Potentially on launch) Moon Patrol Pong Bi-Plane Missile Command Night Stalker Armor Battle Breakout Frog Bug Centipede Utopia Astrosmash B-17 Bomber (trying hard for launch date) AD&D Cloudy Mountain (trying hard for launch date) Original IP Side Swipper (Next some games could have been mentioned in Retro-reimagined, but was not. Maybe Tommy came back on the second list and tell us more games, I don't know ! Safe Craker Horse Racing !!! I AM SO HAPPY ! Bomb Squad Dynablaster (Bomberman type game) Casual A lot of card Games that he can't told us. Charade game. Edutainment for kids 9 secret games ... THANK YOU TOMMY ( AND PETE ) Edit : Also, Tommy confirmed to Pete that Astrosmash will have bosses !! Great !
  2. Final part is up....thank you to @Tommy Tallarico for being so gracious with his time and answering so many questions, until next time Tommy. I want to give a special Thank you from the bottom to my heart to all the community that showed up and made this Stream amazing, we hit almost 150 concurrent viewers at one point, wow. Thanks
  3. ... and I think we're all getting sick of pushy, rude collectors who demand that independent/homebrew publishers conform to their personal preferences, even though they evidently understand nothing of the economics of production or distribution. We could use a lot less of that.
  4. [UPDATE] Demo now available: DragonsHavoc_1_18_2021_Demo.bas.a78 - Bug fixes DragonsHavoc_1_18_2021_Demo.bas.bin DragonsHavoc_12_31_2020b_Demo.bas.a78 - Start of a rage/fury meter DragonsHavoc_12_31_2020b_Demo.bas.bin - binary of above file DragonsHavoc_12_31_2020_Demo.bas.a78 DragonsHavoc_12_31_2020_Demo.bas.bin That's right - As I finish Dragon's Descent and Dragon's Cache, I figured why not make them part of a loosely connected thematic trilogy of games? Here's a build - this is just a tech test at this point, "as is", but I'm curious to see how it runs on different machines (and 7800 hardware). Press the joystick button to transition from the parallax to the tile level: DragonsHavocSunset_5_19_2020.bas.a78 DragonsHavocSunset_5_19_2020.bas.bin I've been sitting on this one for a while, working on it when I'm not occupied by other things. Some other folks have been posting the awesome stuff they've been working on recently, so I'm giving in to implicit peer pressure I'll warn everyone that there is a looooong way to go before this one is ready - One reason I didn't post this sooner is the fear that it will draw attention away from the other games I'm close to completion on. I'm still not 100% sure I'll be able to pull off all the features I think I'll need/want, but that's why I'm doing these tests. This particular demo is trying to juggle parallax scrolling, data-based tile scrolling, strategic use of sprite flicker, swapping graphics blocks, two simultaneous players, targeted projectiles, and some other stuff... The video capture seems to have not captured the full framerate - I'm using flicker for the projectiles, rendering half of them every other frame, so there are roughly twice as many projectiles during actual gameplay, at least in emulation - I'm curious to see how this looks on physical hardware. MAME A7800 seems to stutter every few seconds, while BupSystem and RetroPie have a nice, steady framerate that makes the projectiles look OK. I'm usually dead-set against using flicker normally (some folks make it work, I usually can't), but I can make an exception for projectiles if I can get them to look semi-decent. I'm totally using the double buffer for this, and working on ways to manage multiple graphic blocks (which is why the background glitches midway through, I'm switching blocks as I switch scrolling modes). I'll likely have a ton of questions on the finer points of juggling multiple graphics blocks, performance costs for various things, etc. The big things/questions I still need to implement/answer are proper collision detection, and implementation of enemy placement throughout a level - to say nothing of specific game features! I have the mechanics sketched out, but I want to see what my technical (in terms of the machine and my own skill are). These are things I more or less know how to do, the trick is to make sure they work on top of everything else going on... ...oh yeah, and the mechanics, levels, and story! *These* I actually have a pretty concrete ideas for, but that's why I'm stress-testing the 7800 (and my own coding skills) at the moment, to see if I can do this particular game on this particular platform. Special thanks to a ton of sources, particularly RevEng and others involved with 7800 homebrew and 7800Basic. Also, in this particular case, some code I fairly shamelessly took from this forum thread to start my experimentation with shmup projectile aiming.
  5. Honestly? Because I wanted it there. Popeye Pac-Man has personal history with me. The first time I saw any bootleg of Pac-Man, it was the Popeye Pac-Man (with the Hangly-Man mazes) in a cabaret cabinet at a corner Stationary Store. Plus, I wanted *something* to be exclusive to this version. I originally also wanted 'Largest Pac-Man' in there to have something else exclusive, but that game keeps track of everything separately (the dot total points, energizer total points, blue monster total points, etc. and I was already starting to have issues with cycles so I didn't want to add to it by counting everything separately. As it stands, having the actual Ms. Pac-Attack, Popeye Pac-Man, and having a real random maze generator end up being the three things exclusive to this version (other than better TIA sounds and XM sound).
  6. The box artwork was finalized this morning. I am feeling indecisive on the layout / arrangement / palette for the box and logo, but will try to get that determined as soon as possible. There have been five different sketches and dozens of different mock up designs over these past months, but this last one I am very pleased with. The artist is Rudy Wilde, and I really think he has done fantastic work. Below is a mock up for those that are interested.
  7. I decided to reflow every chip with my reflow heat workstation. Now I am able to see all 4 partitions I created within DU2K I was able to Initialize the partitions and see them in DM2k. I then tried to create directories to see if the solder reflow solved the issue with the directory names changing if >3 characters. It did. But.... whenever I created a directory I would get a error 0 in DM2K although the directory would create correctly. I decided to pull my partition size down from the max to a bit smaller. Now no errors. I have tested copying, loading, saving all successful, but I want to do more testing. All this is using Fred's latest DSR with the new BQ4802 clock chip. Also verified DSR headers show correctly within DU2K: I have tested all the CALL commands from Basic for Fred's DSR and all function correclty. And some of Fred's utilities on my fresh IDE partition #1. All my testing I am using a IDE to SD card adapter:
  8. ... and if someone actually does a Joust movie adaptation, I just hope it has a scene like this ...
  9. As always with my answers (unless I say otherwise), these aren't canon Intellivision policy answers, but things I've heard around the watercooler, in team meetings, and in various other discussions. (Plus wild assed guesses on my part, since I'm not involved in the game team meetings.) Possibly hypothetical, but nothing confidential to my knowledge. @Tommy Tallarico can squash me and tell me to shut up if necessary, but I am trying to be careful. Disclaimer over. 1. Lack of game demos. I think this is for a couple of reasons. The first of which is that these games are by their nature, short and have limited development resources put into them. Second, is the way that we're going to be showing off and promoting the games in the Amico store. There are some really cool things that haven't been shown there, and I know I can't talk about, but that will alleviate a lot of concern I think. Third (and this is just a conjecture on my part... I'm not a console gamer (PC hardcore gamer to the extreme though)... what console or PC games have demos? None that I can recall on the PC, and my steam library has 150+ (301 actually!) games on it, not counting the free to play games.) 2. Release schedule. This has been brought up a couple times, but easy to miss. Just because we are starting out at an every-other week or so release schedule doesn't force us to keep that schedule. As we get a larger install base, and more funding to pay more developers, there's nothing that says we can't move up to weekly releases. Also, the schedule will probably vary depending on the time of year. Start of the school year? Maybe release edutainment games on a slightly faster schedule. Christmas or other major holiday coming up (or maybe in the few weeks following Christmas?)... release games weekly! Slow, boring part of the retail year? Slow down releases to biweekly. In general though, even the super affordable games like Amico is offering cost a fair bit to develop. Let's say it's a hypothetical $75,000 per game that Intellivision has to pay to create a game, and it takes 4 months to develop a game. If we were doing weekly releases from the start, we'd need 4 months (~20 weeks) worth of games that we already paid for in the queue. At $75,000 per pop, that's $3,000,000 before any retail systems had sold. Not to mention having to feed games beyond that initial 4 month window. We're already going to have a pretty huge starting library, and 15-20 additional games in the queue, but at some point we have to try balance how much we've spent on games and actually starting to get some money back from those games. As far as promotion of older games... I don't think there is anything saying Intellivision can't go back and promote "old" games. Maybe in one of the doldrum weeks between biweekly releases there will be a promotion week for an older game.
  10. Had some unexpected play time this weekend. Thanks to [email protected] for answering a few questions along the way. Pictures are the TIPI operating with my Geneve, in GPL mode, without the need for rompage. Level 3 is about 95% operational. I haven't sorted out how to deal with level 2. Don't even ask about native MDOS mode ...
  11. Can't find any commercials for this one, but the original got a sweet ad. Enjoy!
  12. Well one silver lining if the launch is pushed back to say 02 21 2021 or there abouts, there should be even more launch titles available at that date and/or some games will have a little more time to bake in the oven ( which is usually a good thing). COVID sucks on so many levels but you gotta find the good in all the bad.
  13. Joust is the one game I would LOVE to see on Amico. It's probably my favorite game of all time, and I enjoy it so much, my wife went and got me the Arcade1Up Joust cabinet for the living room. Probably a frivolous purchase, but it's just so good. I would love to see it get re-imagined, but not changed drastically. The simplicity in it is its genius. It would be cool if there were some more features though, like in between levels you could purchase upgrades that would roll into the next round. Like you could spend 5000 points to purchase armor that would allow your character to take an extra hit, but it would also make your bird fly with a bit more eight. You could buy a longer lance that would so that in scenarios where it would normally be a tie and you'd bounce off each other, you'd win the joust. Just little things like that. Or maybe change something with the eggs so that you could drop them as traps or something (and you'd lose points for letting them go). You could also throw in a mini story as well. Something like the evil Warlord Zog has taken over the realm, and every stage you win, you win back a piece of the map. Then if you are able to clear the whole map, he comes back with an even stronger army, and you start at the beginning but have much tougher opponents to face. Even if it's just the regular Joust with no changes, I'll be happy. Four player competitive Joust would be fun. 8 player? .... Damn. Now I want this.
  14. This is pretty much complete ! the jump frame couldn't be better, because it's shared as walk second frame.. other than that I'm pleased with it, and it renew my interest for other small sprite hacks if only I could slow down the @#$ing timer....😬 Enjoy Snokie - but better v1.xex
  15. The introductions *are* there. There are 8 'intermissions' during the attract mode that are randomly chosen. One of them introduces one of the four monsters at random. Another one introduces Pac & Ms. Pac (together). Regarding Piranha - I *hated* that game. No mazes (even partially) = monster unfair advantage. Hangly man is different in that there actually is an (invisible) maze that the monsters follow. The player has the freedom to go wherever. Regarding the kill screen... I'm not saying anything.
  16. It was an awesome interview Pete - such a great job. I love seeing the new Amico console carrying bag & Tommy's rundown of games he is hoping for launch. Just tons of good stuff in there.
  17. Sorry, this time no "cover" 😉... 39 Colors PurpleBeach.xex
  18. you guys get bored and want to feel good for a bit. Check out this you Tube Channel. Josh Gad has reunited the cast of Goonies and Back the Future these last couple weeks... Good stuff
  19. tmp


    (very beta + sio diy mod needed)
  20. Demos for games seems to have faded out a lot over the years. I remember when they were hyped as features for game consoles, but now demos for games are few and far between. I seem to remember reading somewhere awhile back that game developers/publishers discovered that there was really no good data pointing to them leading to sales. Now people just look up the game on YouTube and watch it to see if it looks like something they'd enjoy. I'm sure that with Amico games being both shorter in scope and cheaper in price, the idea of a demo doesn't make much sense.
  21. The fact Atari gave the green light for this thing, knowing it would interest the same group of people the VCS is targeting seems to be more evidence the VCS is no where near completion. Afterall, it wouldn't make sense to sell a 99 dollar model when you supposedly are going to release a 300 dollar model that is only marginally better. It kinda reminds me of the 32X debacle, except in reverse.
  22. This is a quick video showing file upload to FTP using the N: device courtesy of SpartaDOS. #ATARI8BIT #FujiNet
  23. Great questions and well asked. Thanks. Demo : Most of the games are short and easy to learn. Bowling, Cornhole. Some people can play over and over again the same small demo without paying ! Maybe the only thing I can see for this shorter game, will be to have a 5 or 10 minutes demo, and after that you can't do it again ! But for me, I am okay without a demo, and price will be low. Release Schedule : You bring good points. Tommy said that sometimes they will let the place for games already in stores. At 14 days, yes, maybe we will have to wait 2 months for those who like only one category. But to remember when a new release is happening, that can be really easy. Every 14 days, so each first of the month and every 15th of the month. Every 10 days, let say the 10th, 20th and 30th ! ( Oh my god, what are we going to do in February ! 😉 lol ) Also most of us are already used in life to calculate every two weeks ! I had my pay every two weeks. I have to fill my unemployment every two weeks. The bins every two weeks, the other week recycling! (I admit on this one that sometimes I look at what is already on the street so as not to be mistaken ! Lol 😆) I am really looking forward for the Amico store. Tommy teases us a lot about it, can't wait to see that in action. Thank you Jake67, I am also waiting for Tommy's answers, because I know that was not my answers that you were waiting for ! lol 😀
  24. I’ve been all-in with the Amico since I first heard about and there’s no way I’m cancelling my pre-orders. I do have a couple of concerns still. Nothing major in any way, but being that there’s a worldwide pandemic going on and I’ve got a bit of spare time on my hands... 1. Lack of game demos First off, Pete’s interview last night was great... lots of Q&A quick-hits. I’m still not clear on why demos won’t be a part of games. That’s not a deal killer for me because I’m sure YouTubers here and elsewhere will review them quickly, and we’ll probably get official videos with each release. But this idea that we can try games that our friends bring over seems to side-step the reason for demos. Especially starting out, the Amico won’t be in huge supply from what I’m gathering. It’s a nice thought that I’ll have friends upon Amico’s release who will be happy to be the gaming guinea pig and bring over games for me to try, but I don’t think it’s likely, especially in the early days. I must have missed it, but is there a specific reason that demos aren’t going to be made? If it’s resources (the time it takes to add demo code to a game) I certainly get that. I just don’t feel “have a friend bring it over to play on your system” is a suitable replacement for a demo I can try out whenever I want, and having to hope I have a nearby friend who bought the game already. Listen, the games are inexpensive, so this is not a huge deal at all. But I cringe a bit when I hear Tommy say that my “demo” experience can be a friend who will supposedly buy the game before I do so I can try it out. That’s certainly an option, but not as easy as being able to play a demo whenever I want without calling on a friend to rush over with his controller. 2. Release schedule I think the release of new games has been stated as every 10-14 days. I do think it’s great that one game gets released at a time and gets the full attention of every gamer. But I would prefer to see a weekly release for two reasons. First, habits are important. If I know a new game is released every Friday before the weekend, I will quickly have that burned into my skull. That’s just me, though. But the second reason is related to how often we’ll see a new game in a given genre. Let’s say I’m a parent with young kids and those educational games really appeal to me. How often will I see a game like that... every 5th release? In other words, is there a plan for rotating through the genres? I would think production schedules will be a huge factor... can’t release a game in a certain genre if none are currently ready. And obviously people will have all the launch titles to keep them busy, no matter what type of game they like. This comes back, though, to a more frequent release schedule where, in theory, a game in a genre I like will come quicker on a weekly schedule than a 10-day or bi-weekly schedule. I also wonder what sort of backlog will be created when you have even more developers making games for the Amico. Is is possible that a finished game doesn’t get released for a year or longer because the pipeline is already filled with completed games? Or is that more managed because Amico is investing in each game and helping in its creation? I don’t bring either of these up thinking I have the insight and info the Amico team has. Decisions are made for various reasons and these two points won’t kill my enjoyment of the Amico. But I figured I’d bring them up for possible discussion... or have it pointed out that I should pick up another hobby while we wait for the planet to reboot. Final thing which isn’t a concern, but more a curiosity... how do older games get promoted? It occurred to me this morning that, as a developer, I’d be a bit torn on being an “early release” title vs. a title that gets released after the first year. I can see the pros and cons either way. If you’re an early release when there’s not many games available (relatively speaking), you have a great shot at a sale. But the installed base of Amicos a year or two after launch will be much higher. If I’m an “early” game, then a year from launch I’m not getting as many eyeballs on my game because it’s not getting promotion on the home screen. One of the joys of getting an Amico on day one is more easily keeping up with each new release and few games, if any, slipping through the cracks. But later buyers won’t have that advantage. I guess this points to how good the store will need to be to discover the older titles. This is such a crap experience on some platforms. I hope the Amico team can really nail this one. Again, I want to be very clear... these aren’t complaints, and I’m still 100% excited for the Amico... just thoughts that popped into my head as I’m waiting for our governor to say it’s safe to get a haircut from a professional without condemning the state’s population to certain death from infected combs.
  25. Part 3 had issues, so it is re uploading as we speak, will be available within the hour
  26. Another interesting point from yesterday that Tommy was talking about, it's the good relationship with Warner Bros. If I am not mistaking, they have the rights for Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971), a movie that Tommy really like ! Same thing for Looney Tunes ... And I don't remember if he was talking about them when he said that they have the rights for : JOUST DEFENDER ROBOTRON Really cool stuff ahead ! 😀 From Wiki : Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment purchased most of Midway's assets, including Joust, with the intent to develop movie adaptations. So yes, I think I quote him right ! 😊
  27. Hello all, first time I'm entering (might try again for a higher score). Is Javatari alright for these? If not, will Stella take this PS4 stick? All the best. 23,600
  28. Two years later, but I took darfpga's LPC vhdl code and hooked up some extra code for the TMS5200 and added speech ROM code. Parsec is finally now less confusing on my MiSTer port of speccery's core. To try for yourself, just add the speech ROMs to your file to load and switch the speech OSD option to 5200. "Press fire to begin."
  29. Great demo so far. I 3d printed a simple dual cx40 holder and bolted it to a piece of particle board. Put some big rubber feet on it so it can't slide around.
  30. #FujiNet #Atari8bit Continuing the march of adding protocols to the N: device, FTP starts to work, shown here showing directories, copying files, and running software!
  31. I've said this previously, but bears repeating - Atari should have begun manufacturing at the end of 2018/early 2019 to meet their originally promised dates (sooner than that for the Spring 2018 dates they first promised). When July 2019 came and went (remember how they promised big updates that Summer, then after they were pressured, announced Antstream?), they pushed it back to December 2019 for backers, March for everyone else. To have met those dates, they should have been mass producing these things throughout Fall 2019, well before any virus was causing any sort of disruption to manufacturing. But as we found out from Rob Wyatt's lawsuit, Atari doesn't pay people it hires, and the work that Wyatt had done had not really been completed for his part until the end of the summer. After Wyatt left, they had to find a 3rd architect to work on this thing and figure out the rest, but they won't fess up to anything about these troubles, as they know it would unveil them to be the incredibly incompetent company that they are. To Mikebloke's point, Konami on the other had still has an active arcade division in Japan, who creates both hardware and software for their latest music machines and whatever else they throw out. They actually have experience with hardware that they can go to within the company, as opposed to modern Atari, who only has experience in lawsuits, sending out press releases and playing games with stocks. But even though Konami doesn't have console machine experience, they've still managed to announce a product, polish it, and get it to market despite a temporary shut down in manufacturing in China. Atari on the other hand, has missed three high profile release dates, lost two of their system architects because they are such tightwads that they refuse to pay out what they promise, and we're now five months past when backers should have had their product, and there is still nothing they can grab. Except for tacos. Tacos are available, even in quarantined districts, so Tacos win again. On another note, is this new? I don't tend to hit up Atarivcs.com very often, but look at how they're branding the Box now: I love how they wrote that line in their blog, to make-believe that there are 500 individuals or companies out there working on their awesome unconsole. If I had to wager, I'd say that's 495 units over-the-mark. I think we've talked about this a few times, but yes, it's absolutely bizarre that a $300+ gaming device that's been known about for 3 years and counting, still has no developers announced for it apart from Antstream and the implication about YaK porting T4K to Linux. They used to list out their Atari partners on the VCS site, but that's since been scrubbed. Last time I think they were given heat about it, they ducked by using the NDA/contractual obligations excuse, until they realized that they could just claim that everyone making something for a PC can count as one of "their" developers, so take that haters! In RealityLand, when things like this are ignored by the producer, it means that it's too embarrassing to talk about, so you just don't mention it. It would be laughable if they only had devs in the single digits for this, so just never tell anyone and problem solved! Also to the point that the PS5/XSX (and maybe Switch Pro) will be out by the end of the year, the best that Atari can hope to attract is an indie dev who is worried about being lost in the sea of Steam/Epic Games/GOG/PS/eShop/XBL stores. But the number of devs who would find that worthwhile to take the risk on, for a console that will have a laughably minuscule user base, is extremely small. I don't say that to knock indie devs, as there are some who can create some great games. But if anything awesome was headed to the VCS, why would Atari be muzzling the developer in the first place? The oddest thing about devs on the VCS for me is how Atari has released a few different games to mobile over the past few years (Night Driver, Pong Quest, Ninja Golf, etc), and yet none of these games have mentioned the VCS as being an intended platform to play them on. I also think it's telling that they never have mentioned RollerCoaster Tycoon as coming to it, given that RT is Atari's star money-making IP. If anyone over at Atari HQ had a brain, a VCS-exclusive RT would have been the first game announced for it. Instead, enjoy those games that you already own several times over with Mega Vault! And here I thought that Super Breakout being the pack-in title for the Atari 5200 was one of the dumbest launch moves ever...
  32. As part of a LFSR development tool I put together recently, I put together a version of the bB rand lfsr that runs backwards through the usual bB rand sequence. I'll leave this here, in case anybody is interested... asm .unrand LDA rand ASL BCC unrandnoeor EOR #$69 unrandnoeor: STA rand STA temp6 RETURN end Just "gosub unrand" to run rand backwards. In the code above I stuffed a copy of "rand" into temp6, which you can use to read the value. (if you don't read temp6, when you try to read "rand", bB will call it's rand routine, which will undo the work the unrand routine did. What's this good for? Well, this is more or less how pitfall creates algorithmic level data, since it can be reversed when the player backtracks. There are other ways to do this without reversal (e.g. stuffing your own data into the rand seed) but this is one more tool for the kit. I took a crack at reversing the rand16 lfsr, but no luck on that. It's not entirely clear to me if it's actually trivially reversible.
  33. Thanks Beery. So far what i have learned is that watching the TIPI log is very useful to determine what is happening with file access/file IO. I was able to squash a few bugs in my own code that way. Now I keep a PUTTY session open to watch the log in real time I'll describe what I'm doing in another thread for the Geneve/TIPI code once I get further along. Right now it is more proof of concept stage though I'm pretty confident most of the TIPI support can be handled within GPL while at the same time not losing access to the other peripherals the master DSR manages.
  34. Thanks @Revontuli. To be honest, I look at the work you and @mksmith, @PacManPlus & others have done (both new and old) and that motivates me to do my best work. The bar was already high, you guys constantly set new levels of awesome
  35. Both are excellent games. Now that you’re becoming familiar with the thread (and hopefully the Store Reviews), I dare you to not catch the bug and order more home brews. 😉 <Edit> Not responsible for future “In$piration” Btw, ZeroPageHomebrew is a good way to keep up with the latest homebrew intel. (Just in case your not aware of this). Have fun playing Atari today!
  36. Here's a mockup I did some months ago (uses a 32 pixel width tile) less busy, yet still dungeony 😀
  37. Part 3 was on YouTube but disappeared. I'll upload it here once it comes back.
  38. Just a quick one this time- lovely clear crisp 480dpi tif images all zipped up for you to read, pdf, ocr or simply read for: TI RUNNER from EB Software. I am seeking more information for 3D-World but will in due course recreate the docs for it and include a dsk file (the Amerisoft version). So the next here will be the multi-language Milliken games, starting with Dragon Mix- a fat manual so it will be a few days/weeks. Somewhere in the period I'll update the manual lists too as we have quite a few new ones. s TI_Runner.zip
  39. Went ahead and compiled all these into a single video.
  40. I certainly agree something does not add up. You would think for the number of dev kits they are building and sending out, that there would also be something out there about who is working on it and what they are making. It is not like it needs to be a secret after all. Pure speculation and personal opinion on my part here (so don't sue me Arzt), but seeing that Atari is already almost a year and a half behind schedule on their Atari Box and Corona is now making the needed parts more expensive; I am wondering if at this point Atari simply does not have the money needed to produce the Indiegogo backer units. So with that in mind it is possible that the silence around the 500 'dev kits' is because they are going out to potential investors in an attempt to raise needed funds, and not to actual software developers for the console. It would explain why they need so many units, and yet refuse to say anything about who or what they are being used for. You would think Atari would be promoting the hell out of any actual development taking place; seeing that Antstream seems to be the only one so far. Contrary to the opinion of Atari, no news is not good news. No news makes it look like you have nothing to offer; and/or something to hide, either of which is not exactly a big selling feature.
  41. Important: Before shooting targets, "MUTE" the Carnival music by hitting that note on the far right side of screen. The game will become 100% more enjoyable on mute lol.
  42. Well. Er. Ahem. That explains a great deal of how folks are getting better scores and will be far less annoying when I'm on a collision course with a bandit. RTFM! Reading is fundamental! Stay in school, kids!
  43. Hey everyone, Here is my new retro computer desk that I just built! I very happy with it, but it's already to small! I'm going to add two sliding keyboard trays to it, so I can add a few more systems
  44. These arrived today. I'm just overwhelmed by how this community supports hardware more than 40 years old with software that's lights out. And AtariAge box and packaging is first rate as well. T:ME Salvo Juno First Squish 'Em Berzerk Voice Enhanced
  45. No Lara Croft this week... Jaguar Tempest 2000 - 150 min (Played through some more Tempest. Got some a new score on the Top Ten (409988, 8th spot), but still haven't broken the 500,000 point barrier. One day...) Raiden - 45 min (I need more practice to get back to where I was when I was playing for the Jaguar High Score Club. I didn't get past the second level this time around. If this game had an autofire option, the first loop would probably be a breeze.)
  46. This is my best work yet. 1 iteration, normal distance 1. Stephen-White-Album.xex
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