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  1. I read a thread a while back about Space Invaders and was surprised that the Atari didn't really have a good conversion. Ataris attempts prioritized colour over accuracy, and the closest to a proper conversion was XXLs Apple Invaders which suffers from the stripes that are common on direct Apple ports along with a couple of other minor niggles. So I decided to give it a shot This is my first ever attempt at a game in assembler, so the code isn't the greatest but I've learned a lot in the process and if I were to do it again it would be better and easier (which is the main aim of this project anyway). The main game loop is called from FastBasic, and I'll probably code the intro screen in FB for simplicity. Here's a little video of current progress: Next task is the enemy missles (including mothership) then the game itself is pretty much complete and will just need all the boring stuff done I'm trying to make it as accurate as possible, using this page for info https://computerarcheology.com/Arcade/SpaceInvaders/ I also plan on adding a few little variations to make it a bit more interesting. Got a lot of work on over the next couple weeks so don't expect it too soon - this is a learning process, I'm no expert who can knock this game out in a day or two.
  2. First time poster. This whole Amico thing has really caught my interest and I have 2 thoughts on my head that not many are saying: 1. Regardless what you think about the system or how well you think it will do (successful in my opinion), this is the first time in history we get to sit in the passenger seat and watch Tommy the CEO (kinda like the Steve Jobs of Retro gaming), share insight and input to the development and release to this product. I feel the excitement surrounding this with geeks like myself is kinda helping guide Intellivision on making this even more tailored to our liking (or at least I hope), up till its release to through its life. What if the whole thing is a science experiment and they only make this based on the feedback of fans romanticizing over it? OEB Pete has great ideas about how D&D could be made using the touch screen to mix spell... perhaps that may become reality? Hope so. Just a thought. 2. Also - not quite related but on my mind. There has been some criticism over the content quality of the games (claiming that it is just playing mobile games). I once made this criticism about indie games on the PS4 and downplayed them. After giving them a shot and being able to not be consumed but AAA title-quality, photo-realistic graphics I was actually able take in the game for what is was. Games really don't need to be AAA to be great. Anyone played Braid? The other part is this rant is that we need to realize how good mobile gaming actually is. There are incredible crafted games made exclusively for mobile with incredible graphics, yet they are overshadowed that they are 'mobile games'. Anyone ever seen Infinity Blade? It's beautiful. The point here is that if anyone calls an Amico game just a 'mobile game' (false as it is an Amico game), then that is only really a compliment as mobile games can be pretty damn powerful even if it is stuck in a 6 inch screen. Thanks for the media to empty my thoughts, #notashill Quentin
  3. I've repeatedly stated over and over again, I will update people when I actually have something to update them on. Nothing has changed -- I am still doing what I said I would do. I'm shipping a few (unknown quantity) of carts to UK (done) and following that, taking stock and looking at what's left (todo). The UK orders have all gone without hitch and the new firmware update system is all working perfectly, which was one thing I wanted to confirm with these initial orders as it's something that's quite complex and has been in development for some time. I am currently working on new test hardware for the Jag such that I can produce carts more quickly (another one of my major goals for the overhaul going on over the last few months). This has already been completed for the NeoPocket and Lynx GD carts and is working very well. To put this all into context, I am a single person, I have other commitments and I am trying to juggle developing and making 3 carts while trying to also manage "homeschooling" (I hate that word) the kids and doing other work I have on. I have to work in "firefight" mode all the time, the problems with the greatest urgency and importance get my attention first. I am aware it's poor customer service not to be updating people, this is yet another reason why I am moving away from selling myself to using retailers, but I do not have the time or capacity to deal with all of this myself. Given no money changes hands until I have stock to send out, unfortunately updates saying nothing has changed take low priority. I'm sorry, it's not ideal, but this is why I am taking all the steps I am currently with regard to retailers / resellers. As ever, these things take way longer than I expect, but it is all happening. So I can't say much more than "please be patient". If waiting is getting to anyone that much, please feel free to cancel your order. You are in no way obligated to purchase or wait.
  4. As noted, Stephen Reid has modified the cc40 project to build from the Arduino editor, which makes it easier to build and upload. So, here's what folks need to create their own unit: An Arduino Uno (Yes, a Nano or other that is Uno compatible will work, but start with an Uno): eBay option: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Arduino-Uno-R3-USB-Acrylic-Box-Enclosure-Transparent-Case-for-Arduino-Uno-R3/132940030524?hash=item1ef3d7e23c:m:m4lEBwtSZi0JjnWjh4QHRiA Official Option: https://store.arduino.cc/usa/arduino-uno-rev3 A SD card module: https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Arduino-UNO-SD-Card-Logging-Recorder-Data-Logger-Module-Shield-New-DS1307/164212784718?hash=item263bd83e4e:g:jnoAAOSwby5exgRH The project itself: https://github.com/go4retro/HEXTIr/tree/sreid_mods The Arduino IDE (I know 1.8.12 works, so I'd recommend it: https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/software Download the files from github into a dir, and load up the src.ino file in the IDE. Ctrl U will build and upload the file to the UNO (You'll have to configure the IDE for UNO and for the right COM port). A FAT32 formatted SD card. A bit of wire and a 2x4 straight or right angle set of header pins. Now, before you can use the unit, you need to wire up a few things. Solder the 2x4 header as shown on the board. Place it along the edge if possible, for easier hookup. Solder WP to 9 Solder CD to 8 Solder L1 to 7 Solder the wires underneath the board as shown in the picture Done. Power up your Arduino and load/save files from device 100.
  5. Hi guys. A week or so ago I started to develop an endless runner game for atari xl/xe computers. it's called "I RAN" and is a port of a game I wrote for atari 2600. UPDATE (2020/06/10) I wrote a 4 colour PNG convertor so now I can create backgrounds / titlescreen for 4 colour mode a lot easily than before, so I change from GR14 to GR7 New gr7 version: IRANV002.XEX IRANV002.ATR This is the first playable demo: IRAN.XEX IRAN.ATR atr created with MAKEATR Testing and feedback will be appreciated
  6. The renown homebrew video game programmer Bob Decrescenzo (aka Pac Man Plus) gives Funkmaster V (aka Cousin Vinnie) the rundown. In this interview, Bob talks about why he makes games for the 7800, how he chooses what titles to make, which popular game he almost threw the towel in on, which game he DID scrap, the development of the XM module, the passing of Ken Silders, amazing projects on the horizon and much more. Also: Funkmaster V says "the F" to a very nice man and they rap about Roof Pooper. #atari7800 #homebrew #atari https://youtu.be/vQ-2DR2BSxs
  7. Also try explaining "I'm gonna go hang out with a bunch of strange men in Vegas for a few days" to my husband, lol.
  8. I found out about the Amico in '18 with the original announcement. Checked back on the site every so often. Searched for it every so often. Then I discovered this group in Atari Age in early November of last year. I didn't do much posting until then. But when you have the chance to help with any part of the development cycle of a console, regardless of how many it sells. How can you not? Especially when the CEO of that company responds to you. And gives you a real answer. Yes. No. Wouldn't that be something? (TM) Plus we have a fun group of misfits!!! What more do you need? During that same time, we've watched some people come and go. Some haters come and go. We've watched a Pandemic sweep the globe. The shutting down and locking down of the world's economy. The slow crawl back to normal. Whatever that will look like in the future. Now riots. AND THERE IS STILL A CHANCE THE AMICO WILL COME OUT ON TIME. How amazing is that? If the date does slip, so be it! That means more completed games to choose at launch. Darn.
  9. Getting some revision 002 boards made, with my modifications and support for a full SIO port. As soon as I get the blanks, I'm going to build one up while using the revision 001 board for testing and debugging the bios..
  10. Ran All Tests All Tests Passed with Expected Results Homemade ESP32Wroom Fujinet using external usb power Stock 800XL Looks like Epson 80 print emulation is now working perfect, great job Jeffpiep
  11. I first heard about the Amico from the generally dismissive YouTube buzz coming out of the Portland Gaming Expo in 2018. According to them it was at best a tired play on another retro rehash, would never sell and Tommy was an idiot for even trying. Fortunately shortly thereafter Tommy did one of his patented "Tommy-a-thon" hour & half interviews on the Rerez YouTube channel. I watched that interview over & over because I am one of those hyper analytical people and wanted to think through every single point he was making. The need for a simple, affordable system, with approachable games, that the whole family could play, with no parent 'gotcha' traps of inappropriate content or yet-another-single-screen-babysitter-syndrome - it all just made sense. In short, Tommy went from idiot to genius in about 1 1/2 hours.
  12. None of the games on the Amico will be really complex, but it doesn’t mean they can’t have depth.
  13. Classic 80s movie, classic 80s machine. Palette is PAL, I may re-render with NTSC, although color matching on NTSC always seems problematic. plissken.xex
  14. 76,820...tried not to look at the score while playing...very pleasantly surprised when I looked up 🙂😀👍
  15. An awesome team you assembled, theres no doubt in my mind the Amico will be a success. Please tell the Irem guy to remake R type delta! I had that game as a kid and now its like 300 bucks😑. I found out about the amico watching Pat the nes punk and then i watched your interviews. Immediately saw the vision and loved the fire and passion youre putting behind this. I like keeping an eye on future winners its cool watching it play out. Also I hate people like Pat who are talentless hacks and man babies like Ian. Also the other room temperature IQ retro youtubers like toploaded gaming. What a jackass that guy was. Love seeing people like that be dead wrong about something because their brains are too small to see outside their own narrow perspectives.
  16. Thanks, guys - you are all too nice to me... I appreciate this, all of it.
  17. Here's a "worst case scenario", where you have invaders that would be split between the two color (hue) sections. Not bad; but what I found is that changing the lower portion to a green that tends towards blue, you can get a much better, almost unnoticeable, transition. space invaders 2 (decent).xex space invaders 3 (decent).xex space invaders 3.xex
  18. got some black filament today so here are some pics: ...need to find the spring for play and record - it went *ping!!*
  19. Please stop here and continue with AVG relevant stuff, thank you !
  20. I posted this over on the Amico Society group but had to post it here. I could not stop laughing... Intellivision should get Kevin James as a spokesman for Amico and use something like this for "CouchX-Coop". hahaha TJ
  21. Well, for those asking... I recreated the 7800 Console Case top and Bottom in Solidworks... Here are the files, please share them far and wide. Atari_7800_Case.zip
  22. Whats wrong with both? I’m looking forward to all and differing aspects of the games i’ve heard about to date. With 5 main categories, there is bound to be something for everyone (not accounting for the 5 or so folks who wont have time to enjoy playing it because they are to busy following things they do not like).
  23. I loved the Netlink back in the day. I purchased the Netlink Edition console bundle that came with the Netlink, Saturn console, keyboard, mouse and Sega Rally and Virtual On. I spent most of my time in the chatroom. Seganet I think it was called? We had some good times. Lots of late nights. I think my wife thought I was cheating on her at one time. She thought I had an online "Sega" girlfriend. Pretty funny stuff.
  24. Finally cracked 75k after grinding this game for the past couple days! I could try going for an even better score, but I think I'm good for now. Really fun game, but super stressful!
  25. I also would like to see a spectrum of games from super casual to more strategic and complex on the Amico. But I think this is their plan anyway. One thing I think would be important: that all the different games share some Amico-ness. Something you feel familiar with and what you associate with the special Amico spirit. It's like great companies have some corporate identity, so in the best case, also the Amico system including the games will have some distinctive identity. Because all games that are released for the system must go through Intellivision Entertainment, this is something they can accomplish if they want. I loved the Network categorization system of the old Intellivision (Sports, Action, Strategy, Space etc.) with the different box colors. Maybe for Amico something similar can be used to categorize the different kinds of games from hyper casual to advanced so that the customer has some orientation in finding the kind of game he is looking for. I hope the Intellivision Amico will be a system I can feel home again - like the original Mattel Intellivision was for me in the 1980s.
  26. I can't say 'thank you' enough - you were very gracious, and left me speechless numerous times. Thanks, man.
  27. I am convinced that Atari had never intended to build the Atari Box. I imagine the plan was this: Run an Indiegogo for the concept of the Atari Box (keep in mind at the time the Indigogo was running Atari had no prototype, and only a handful of actual staff, none of who had any experience with or the skills required to create a new console) and get the Atari brand trending. If the project failed in its funding goal, then they could at least cash out on the increased stock prices. If the Indiegogo succeeded, then plan B was sit back and wait for one of the big players to notice them and buy Atari out for an obscene amount of cash (we can call this the 'Oculus Rift Effect'.), or just wait a bit of time then put out their 'This is a hard letter to write.... you were buying into a vision, not buying a product....' and ride off into the sunset. I really do not think they ever actually planned for having to build the console themselves. When the Atari Box Indiegogo succeeded, and with a surprising three million plus raised, they were now stuck. That is entirely too much money for them to pull an Atari Gameband and disappear with the cash (The US is now pressing class action lawsuits against high dollar fraud campaigns), and none of the big boys were coming to them with a giant novelty cheque for millions to buy them out. So now with no manufacturing capabilities, no engineers, no programmers, absolutely nothing Atari needed to actually build and design a console; Atari had to start right from square one and design then manufacture 11,000 Atari Boxes and do all this for three million dollars. Which brings up to a point I had mentioned a few weeks ago, the five hundred 'Atari Box 'Dev kits'. I would put my money on that Atari is now nearly out of cash; and that five hundred units is all they could afford to manufacture. 260K to Rob Wyatt, 100K or so for Feargal Mac Conuladh; add on three years worth of of salary and expenses (I bet Arzt pays himself handsomely) and top with considerably increased costs of electronic components need for the Atari box and I would think that the initial three million is now pretty much finished. I would bet that the majority of these five hundred units is their 'Hail Mary' throw, and they are desperately shopping them around as demo units while looking for some investor money to pay for the actual production. Of course this is all 100% conjecture on my part and I could be completely wrong about this. But looking at Atari's 'no news is good news' consistent silence on most aspects of the project, the repeated missed deadlines bringing them to now a year and a half past their initial delivery date with still no real idea when production is even beginning, critical staff quitting and then suing them for delinquent payment and I will certainly believe they are experiencing serious problems over believing everything is perfectly fine, but Atari just doesn't feel like keeping their backers updated.
  28. Besides Peter sounding like a crazy lunatic (especially in that longer wall of text comment), I want to note two things about the first comment above: I warned Peter MULTIPLE times over the period of several years to stop creating additional sock puppet accounts on AtariAge. When I caught him doing this yet again at the beginning of 2019, I finally banned him. And even then he continued to create new accounts (and then went crazy doing the same thing on Facebook, which he admitted to doing multiple times). To say he was banned without warning and "that was their goal all along" is ludicrous. He's just spewing lies to try and make me and AtariAge look bad, typical of people who get banned. And as for Peter's comment, "I am glad to be off that forum", well then, Peter, why did you create several additional new accounts on the forum here at the end of last year and the beginning of this year? One of which you were using to solicit 7800 programming advice? I nuked those three accounts once I discovered them, but I wouldn't be surprised if you've created more since then. Again, more lies. The JacksonK72 account was created on April 5th, 2020. He proceeded to use this account to attack Sal, which he did also in the above long rant.. He even sent SAL a PM directly to harass him: I didn't mask the above IPs, as Peter was using a proxy or VPN to try and conceal his identity: Here are all the IPs used by his "RALPH!" account, which is the one he was using to solicit 7800 programming advice: He slipped up with two of them, though, revealing his actual location in Buffalo, New York, which is where he resides. But, yeah, AtariAge is the bad guy here. ..Al
  29. When I first heard about this, I wasn’t really interested in those “Arcade” titles either, but since 80% was going to be other types of games it was still a very interesting system (kids/edutainment/sports/board/dice/card games), but after having seen the “re-imagined” versions with 4-8 player co-op & vs modes, I’m now very interested in those as well, as I think it would be fun to play with the whole family.
  30. Updated version: IRANV002.XEX IRANV002.ATR
  31. In my opinion we have no further to look than the Amico for what could have been. The Amico project is exactly what the Atari VCS project should have been. The Amico has a clear target audience, clear vision for its software, clear vision for what the hardware should do, etc. While the Amico is still a niche product at best, that's perfectly fine as long as you can create a sustainable business from it. And I think they can. I just don't see how what the VCS is offering - whenever it actually releases in volume - it can have ambitions beyond "micro niche." It has little more overall market potential than the Atari-branded Raspberry Pi from Micro Center.
  32. Yeah some folks here remember the bad-old-days, back when the Internet was just a dream and two computers talking to each other was a big deal (not to mention expensive, clunky and slow as hell). You also had to choose between having your computer connected & making a phone call. Also just someone picking up the regular phone in the house would disconnect you and ruin that multi-hour download. Ah, the memories (nightmares)... But yes some of those classic Parker Brothers (now Hasbro) board games like Risk, Clue, Sorry, Aggravation, etc. would be a great additions to the family gaming section of the Amico. There is a classic Intellivision, somewhat Risk like game, called Utopia being remade but nothing says you couldn't have both.
  33. He is a complete sweetheart... I don't think I know anyone in my life that humble and gracious. I was on my best behavior and still sounded like an asshole. He's a good man. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you recover.
  34. an Italian flying from Hong Kong in COVID-19 and trade war times? If by chance the guys of the Homeland Security Department left me enter the US I would personally call the local sheriff to block me and send me back to where I'm from
  35. Oooh, oooh... I had some colorization ideas for Space Invaders, if you're interested. Here's an XEX and Graph2Font file. Graph2Font can be made to spit out an ASM file, if that's any help for you. Not a lot to it: just some DLI's and one PM overlay for the saucer. space invaders 2.xex space invaders 2.g2f
  36. 4 points
    I think I cracked The Code!! AFTER you create an account on Amazon.JP (Amazon Japan) THEN you can select Change Country/Region (under Language) to switch from your U.S. account to your Japanese account. I know that people on here were to trying to explain that to us, us boneheads haha (For Example, in the Turbografx thread), but without a second account, that option will not appear (As I understand it). Anyway I got my TURBOGRAFX MINI Ordered!! WOOOHOOO! (Suck it Amazon US!)
  37. Crackpots: 15,320. Playing with a mouse instead of a joystick = not highly recommended. 😕
  38. Did some clean up on the wiring. Then finally installed the case. I think the color was off due to the screen saver.
  39. This game with the paddle controller... 👌🏼🔥💯
  40. That is kind of like saying I interviewed a group of gardeners and it seems the most popular hobby in the world is growing plants. Of course the Atari Age crowd (including me) like certain retro games (casual or not) and hope those get remade. Also almost everyone here is a gamer of some ilk and not just a super casual gamer. However nobody (including Tommy) wants the Amico to be like a mile wide mud puddle of simple, causal games. That would make it a toy. I think we all know, expect and appreciate the Amico will be maybe 20-35% hyper causal games (cornhole and the like), another 20 to 35% casual but not trivial games (like Evel Knievel, Asteroids, etc.) and the balance will have a bit more grunt like Utopia (semi complex strategy), Cloudy Mountain (semi RPG) and Night Stalker (semi hard core run & shoot). We are just strategically rooting for a few games here & there for the casual & non casual class that appeal to us.
  41. While I'm one of the earliest backers (just because I'm me), I agree with you that it's a tough sell. I guess my real point was was that they clearly defined what their product is, what it does, etc., and are specifically targeting families, so it's "easy" to decide if you'll want it or not versus something like the nebulous VCS offering. If the Amico people can get say, roughly 50,000 - 100,000 console sales a year and have an attach rate of 5 games or so a year, I suspect they can create a sustainable business model as long as their operation is lean enough. I suspect it is. So, to summarize, I think they do have a potential market and a case to be made for their product to exist in a very crowded field, but whether or not they can actually get enough sell-through is an entirely different matter/discussion. I just think that they've set themselves up for the potential to succeed, unlike the VCS.
  42. Yup I 100% agree. Ive seen mobile games kook 10x better than games on the original xbox and no one question the quality of those games of the past. To me gaming is an art form. Does anyone question the quality of a galaga arcade? Do we call those old games mobile games and make fun of them? No I sure dont.
  43. I can explain what's happening here, guys: Basically, when you write a DOS file, it simply writes the memory from $0700 to the end of the DOS to a file on the disk, and writes boot sectors to boot from it. This memory image not only contains DOS code, but also the contents of various buffers, and if you notice, the last error message gets written to one of the line buffers. There really isn't such a thing as a clean master copy of DOS 1 or DOS 2, for this very reason. -Thom
  44. v8 is working on Incognito and XL/XE OS loads!!! The problem experienced on v7 has been mitigated. (NOTES: v7 has code that directly manipulates TRIG3 ($D013) and GINTLK ($03FA) at rom-file offset 0218h, and then at 0230h. What is interesting is that v8 DOES have 0218h code present, but 0230h has been removed... If, in the future, it is absolutely necessary to manipulate / equate values read from $D013 into $03FA, and we want to make sure things run on Incognito/800, Antic-DMA has to be shut down first, prior to any GINTLK ($03FA) writing. The above is due to a significant bug on Incognito (on XL/XE mode), in which reads from $D013 produce a range of floating-bus data if ANTIC is on, and $D0 if Antic is OFF, all of which are DIFFERENT than official XL/XE OS values for this register (O or 1). It is an incompatibility. Cheers!
  45. I agree that there will be a balance of games with some being less casual than others but I’m sure even a game like Cloudy Mountain will be no where near as complex and those types of games on a Sony or Microsoft console . We will likely have “complex” Games Amico style.
  46. Rialto bridge, Venice. 56 colors. amarok_venice.xex
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