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  1. LOL!!! No, that would be the Atari VCS you're thinking of I've already shipped out to quite a few 7800 developers. Only thing I'm waiting for is the beta of the Consumer BIOS so it can be fully testing out on the final boards (the last version now has the Motor line on the SIO connected, just a very minor change. All hardware work is done. I also need the final Consumer BIOS so the manual can be written. This is a rather extensive piece of software, as well as a rather impressive one as well. It will actually redefine several of the console buttons during power up to allow certain functions and settings to be done as the console boots. I already have an early version of the Consumer BIOS and it blew my mind when I tried it out, but many area's were not yet completed. Any of the 7800 coders... well, a coder on any of these consoles will tell you, the software side takes time. There are 3 people working on the BIOS and the Dev's have all seen a sneak peak of an early version of it as well as Albert. I'm just putting together boards and readying them on my end.
  2. BTW, I'm the one making hardware, not @intvsteve. Steve did the incredible GUI that makes it actually usable. 🙂 The last year has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me. I won't go into my personal life, but I will say I'm through most of it, but I'm getting back to all of the stuff that's built up that I'm behind on. I have a large quantity of LTO Flash PCBs sitting unprogrammed in my living room, a large quantity of shells w/ USB notches in them, manuals, boxes, etc. I have all the hardware. I thought I was going to have time over the winter to get the Special Edition out because I'd gotten everything sorted, but, to horribly abuse the quote: I currently have over six weeks of vacation time built up, as a consequence of working long hours and no breaks. The last major "vacations" I had were: Driving up to PRGE, and flying out to see folks at Xmas. I did take the last week off, but spent half of it sleeping. I was that burnt out. I informed my boss that I need to find a 2-3 week block that I can take off because my effectiveness at work is waning and my personal life stinks at the moment. This goes hand-in-hand with some other fairly large personal-life changes I've made over the last few months. (A couple folks here are aware of them, but otherwise, I'd rather keep my personal life personal.) I have kept every email and AtariAge PM I've received inquiring about LTO Flash (around 90 or so) and will contact everyone as soon as I can get things shipping. As far as I'm concerned, you're all on the waiting list and will have a cart ready and waiting for you. I'm working on arrangements to offload some of the production work and sales fulfillment, so we can get these shipping again. I appreciate everyones' patience.
  3. Thanks! Same here; and yea, can we try unplugging it and plugging it back in?
  4. I think you're right. It's sad that a company who was supposed to release their product a year ago still has no idea what it is they want to be. They are really like the next OUYA. They want to be everything and anything for everybody. In the end, it looks like they're for nobody. That's one of the things Intellivision has really nailed. They have a vision. They know exactly what this console is going to be and who it is for. They have games being designed with a vision in mind. It's really cool to see. Atari meanwhile has a... nice website.
  5. Happy Birthday America and may God Bless America and all of it's citizens. And may God also Bless all our friends around the world and especially those here on AA. Happy 4th of July one and all. HJ
  6. Early adopter prices? You mean they actually plan to charge more for this dumpster fire?
  7. Today I was reminded why I'm tired of AAA games. I put CoD Infinity Warfare disc inside PS4. Immediately it started downloading an update of 20gb which would have taken 14 hours. I cancelled the download and started playing. Then the installation started which seemed to last forever, so I went to eat a snack and came back 15 minutes later. Well what about the game itself? Looks and sounds amazing, but it felt like I was on the rails and trying to keep up with AI team. So much is happening around me that after an hour I was tired and bored at the same time. I don't know if I will continue anymore .. I wanted to go and play Commodore 64 games with kids. I'm ready for Amico, we need it ASAP. 😄 Whatever the release date is, doesn't matter. I've been waiting for two years, couple of months more is nothing. 😲
  8. Atari up to no good and looking to make a quick buck? I would never believe that...
  9. While we’re still on the topic of the company that crowd funded and hasn’t delivered yet, I think it would be interesting to run a pcap on the box when/if it is delivered to see exactly what info it sends and receives. I have this gut feeling that it’s potentially a combination of an off the shelf coin miner for the parent company, while having a system engineered to monetize user data. This is speculative, but based on the tidbit that it requires an internet connection to operate and the only thing we know about the proprietary OS is that is has “the vault” I see no good reason to require connectivity. I bring this up to highlight that Tommy has been really clear about what is NOT at risk regarding data exfiltration and the Amico. Another reason I’m team Amico beyond the games.
  10. http://www.intellivisionrevolution.com/orderintelligentvision
  11. yeah me either. I did a take on Missile Command a little while back, I themed it all with a Pirate Genre. Basically the secret Pirate port of Bumboo Bay is being threatened when a nearby islands volcano erupts. As a Pirate ship in port you are required to blast the flying flaming volcanic rocks out of the sky before they set fire to and ultimately destroy your secret port and/or your ship. Here is a video still up that I made of one of the later levels when things are really going nuts.
  12. New program for rendering Mandelbrot set named Fractari was released as part of FLOP 65: http://flop.atariportal.cz/index.en.php It uses scanline GFX mode to get 8 colors, and fast square algorithm for 16, 24 and 32 bits. It then selects the best variant based on zoom. The goal was to create the fastest possible Mandelbrot set generator. Included presets render from few minutes to 1 hour. The basic overview of the Mandelbrot set takes 24 seconds, with preview in Antic D mode. It renders the image in 4 phases, first phase only renders every 4th pixel. This gives you quick preview and you can continue zooming without waiting for the rest, and it's also used to estimate where more calculation is needed, and where the color of the other pixels can be just assumed. After the image is rendered, it allows relatively quick change of visualization parameters, things like palette and color scaling, without repeating the calculation. Other features include: - 3 different DMA modes for previewing the image, from fastest to best looking - preset locations to render nice images even if you can't navigate Mandelbrot set at all - party mode, which just goes through the presets one by one - and more ! I consider this as something of a version 1.0, and I already have tons of ideas for 2.0. Things like built-in help, animation using extended memory and disk operations. Please read detailed description in stand-alone article in FLOP 65. The program supports both PAL and NTSC, and while not tested, it should also work on better CPUs. Nice video about exploring Mandelbrot set, which actually inspired me to make this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riLFpb-PcLs Few images from the program:
  13. So I just watched the latest Pat and Ian video on YouTube where they each gave their opinions about which console they'd play for the rest of their life should there only be one. To my surprise it wasnt bad at all, but what struck me most was Ian's argument about the PC Engine and GameBoy being the ones he'd choose, mainly because of the type of game he enjoys, shooter and mahjong games, but also that: he could have access to many games that he can play for short periods of time and have fun with (45 mins); he can log his scores in; they are simple games that he can access quickly; boot up time; He finally went a chose the PC Engine because he prefers to have a game console for TV. Seems to me that if a shooter game and a mahjong game was made available on Amico, he'd like it 😉
  14. I hear the Weekly World News is their favorite newspaper
  15. So if this is just you playing around with these awesome designs what would your official Amico designs look like if you worked for them? Just a thought... Have you made any photos what you think the box could look like?
  16. Dump of the lastest source code for posterity/review. Start with 'chess.asm' and follow the include files at the end. chess3e+20200705.zip
  17. Compare to the "Dixons Exclusive" pack.
  18. 5 points
    Opened a CRT and discharged the tube for the first time today - I didn't die. #Winning
  19. Had a troll a week ago all saying the atari is out and beat the Amico to the punch. Well evidence proves otherwise lol
  20. Documentation for Disk based software from Germany: 3D WORLD which draws wire frame pictures and rotates them in 3 axes. I bought this many years ago and never understood the English docs from Amerisoft, so shelved it. I have now used it and I have produced my own English docs- drawing on several sources. Here in pdf form for you, together with the Amerisoft disk, are English instructions for 3D World - enjoy! 3DWORLD.dsk 3Dworld_docs.pdf
  21. No they just shipped in 96 units for their marketing/sales company and developers. No units have been sent to the public and none have been sent for actual review. Really all that proves (and some people would say it is Atari and so you can’t even believe that) is the China manufacturing line is capable of producing some working units. People have noted the machines are made of a cheap shiny plastic that Atari has repeatedly said wont be in the production units.
  22. Just rewatched (and listened to) the Night Stalker Trailer (for like the 30th time), and was wondering if the bullet count will also be shown on the players controller? Would also be good to get a {{rumble}} when you are down to a few bullets.
  23. It's been a long time since it was discussed, but when did Intellivision officially decide to upgrade the internal memory from 16gb to 32gb? I know there was debate about doing that, or including an SD card. I just noticed the official Amico website now says it has 32gb built in.
  24. To me, and this is just me, it looks like a a few guys bought the Atari license and are just trying to milk it for whatever they can. It's sad since the Atari name has been through this dance a few times before, it deserves better.
  25. They are using the new low wattage AMD R1606G APU - 2 cores 4 threads and VEGA 3 integrated graphics. As you might imagine from the specs when using it as a Linux/Windows box it struggles in anything not retro or indie or highly optimized 3D titles. You can look up gaming reviews for the AMD 200GE if you want to see what a similar spec chip is capable of. The real problem is direction - it isn’t fast enough to be a good at modern games but they aren’t doing much so far in getting software to the platform that is more suitable either. With such a small number of units sold (11,000ish is my guess) and no software development money like Intellivision, at best you are going to get games with minor tweaking (basically support for the controllers and ability to run under Linux). I wouldn’t doubt Atari is requiring that PC dev retro game licensees now support it as part of the deal - probably how this new Missile Command game is coming to the platform. However without a compelling software library it is just a power draw in a cute case so are VCS owners going to use the App Store, subscribe to Ant Stream and keep the system alive or will it be flashed over to be a pirate retrobox or sold on FB for someone who wants to setup a mini Linux web server/pi hole/etc. The good news for VCS backers is the VCS is the cheapest way to get a R1606G right now so it will be popular among hobbyists - just not as an Atari console.
  26. I thought we've established that my wife is made up. If my kid is made up please let me continue to live the lie because he is too adorable. And 3 members is misleading, it's really 3 households. My mother who is around 60 really wants to play Animal Crossing. Actually that is the selling point for all the households at this point. My wife in so many imaginary words said she wanted Animal Crossing. I really wish she made this decision before all the Covid stuff. I get tired of answering all the, "No X, Y, & Z places are still out of Switches!" It is even more annoying that my mother is doing the same thing now.... My son isn't that old but he did recently clear one column of invaders out in the 2600 Space Invaders by himself. The reason we like things like that is because even though we are a huge family of 6 with a 19 year spread between the oldest and youngest (That means our family spans boomer to zoomer!) we are really close. Us older siblings in some ways are second parents to the younger siblings. A game like Animal Crossing lets us chill and have fun with each other and marvel over a town. My mother really wants to go visit some other towns and she can't anymore on the Wii one. Funny side note. My boomer mom use to have the Pitfall mazes memorized to maximize her treasure score output. It was really cool when watching her play when I was younger. It sucks that she doesn't remember it anymore because I would love to be as good as she was back then. What is funny is she isn't what I would call a gamer but did have specific games she would play. 2600 - Pitfall, NES - Friday the 13th (yeah it sucks but in our family it's a classic), SNES Goof Troop & Zombies ate my Neighbors, and then from there it was Animal Crossing on Gamecube/Wii. It was a weird assortment of games she liked and didn't make sense. Also this thread has been missing this some. I'm sorry it isn't tacos but a close sibling. Breakfast burrito made with spinach wrap, egg, leftover pepperoni, homegrown peppers, onions, and fresh garden squash. With a touch of hot sauce it was great. Probably should have added cheese but oh well. Actually I think it was fresher tasting without the cheese since it had a lot of squash as filler.
  27. And those are only Cmart’s copies.
  28. Just dumping the latest source code here for anyone wanting to review... Start with the file 'sokoboo.asm' and then follow the include files at the end of that. sokoboo20200705.zip
  29. I've been thinking about how I'd do this for a while... I've implemented it today... ==Run XB program== xb <program-path> Switch a FinalGROM99 to an Extended BASIC cartridge, configured to RUN the specified program. Default cartridge name is TIXB_G with start address 25474. Use variable XBMOD to override cartridge name, and XBADDR to override start address. So... the simple example with TIXB on the finalgram as 'TIXB_G', and 'TIXB_C' (tested with version 110) CD TIPI.BAS.PROJ1. XB GOBOTS That'll run your GOBOTS program from TIPI.BAS.PROJ1. If TIPI's AUTOMAP is on, then DSK1. will be mapped to TIPI.BAS.PROJ1. by the automatic mechanism... The persistent TIPI mapping for DSK1. gets changed to TIPI.FC. To use RXB or XB G.E.M. you have to do some detective work... For current version of XB G.E.M. T40XB mode, do this: XBMOD=XBGEM_G XBADDR=-12381 XB TIPI.GAME10.LOAD If you don't know the value of XBADDR for the cartridge entry point you want, you can set it to 0, and you'll get taken to the TI title screen, but when you pick your XB from that menu, you'll get your specified program auto loaded and running. This depends on an update to TIPI as well, to allow loading DV80 files as XB programs. Which is how this works... XB's look for a file named DSK1.LOAD, so I put a file in TIPI.FC. called LOAD that contains: 10 RUN "TIPI.FC.FC/XB" Force Command creates TIPI.FC.FC/XB by writing a DV80 file by that name, creating another similar 1 line program: 10 RUN "<your program path & name>" The 2 step process is just easier than having Force Command write the original TIPI.FC.LOAD, since it is tokenized. TIPI then lets me run a non-tokenized file, which is easily written to in standard record fashion. And they are tiny files, and TIPI delivers them quickly... so not really a noticeable issue. I can demo this in tomorrow's pandemic club call.
  30. Happy 4th everyone! Time to drink a beer and forget about 2020 for a while.
  31. I've got a 600XL off eBay sold as not working. To my surprise it was working fine but keyboard cable and connector were damaged beyond repair. So I designed (in march!!) solution around 26pin 1mm FFC cable used commonly for notebook floppy drives, as I happened to have both connectors and cables already in my supply. There are adapters on both sides of cable from 2.54mm -> 1mm Adapter on keyboard is made be PCBWay from 0.6mm substrate. It took more than 2 months to arrive btw.. I tried two adapter(s) for motherboard. Green one is also 0.6mm PCBWay with through hole components. Brown one is OSH Park Flex PCB which is only 0.1mm thin!! It is probably thinner than the original flex cable Atari used. They both work. But I will stick to OSH Park material. 600XL is now sound and happy. I think I will let OSH make also keyboard side adapter from Flex. Currently I can still insert sheet of paper between keyboard platics and top side of the ffc connector. With Flex it would be much more space left. If there is interest I will publish all the projects. FFC cable is 20cm, Atari original was 15cm.
  32. RC1-1 UPDATE Corrects misplaced respawn in room 49 and bug in room 91 Reset key redirects to title screen. knightguyRC1-1.a78 RELEASE CANDIDATE 1 is here! knightguyRC1.a78 QUICK UPDATE Wip Beta 13 Corrects bug that forced you to fight again the last midboss when backtracking. knightguy20200912d.a78 revision D, corrects bug in crate pushing. knightguy20200912c.a78 revision C knightguy20200912b.a78 revision B UPDATE Wip Beta 12 90+ screens Cosmetic changes. Sir Meowmington edition. knightguy20200912.a78 New Boss UPDATE Wip Beta 11 80+ screens New Boss Cosmetic changes. Now with frogs! knightguy20200828.a78 Classic Jump Scheme DELETED Test Jump Scheme UPDATE Wip Beta 10 is here! 70 screens New Boss. New Item some minor cosmetic changes. knightguy20200817.a78 Quick Update 2020 08 08 Corrects misplaced respawn screen 60 and a couple of minor corrections in other screens. Add a couple of new screens. Tweak the boss attack pattern in current last boss Minor cosmetic changes in potions and hearts screens. knightguy20200808.a78 UPDATE 2020 08 06 Celebrating a month of development Now with 60 screens. Even more cosmetic changes. knightguy20200806.a78 UPDATE 2020 07 28 a LOT of cosmetic changes. Some water levels 5 new screens. knightguy20200728.a78 Quick Update 2020 07 22 Corrects a bug in screen 30 Adds 4 screens Changes some sprites. knightguy20200722.a78 UPDATE 2020 07 19 Tweaks the timer font and made it more precise. Corrects the position of exit of END of BETA screen Hopefully corrects the incorrect jump to upper platform in levels 20-23 Some minor cosmetic changes as well. knightguy20200719.a78 UPDATE 2020 07 18 Migrated to a 144k bankswitching rom. More screen, added some sounds, changed some tiles and sprites, etc. knightguy20200718.a78 Quick UPDATE 2020 07 11 Corrects "hidden obstacle" glitch in springboard room KnightGuy20200711.a78 UPDATE 2020 07 10 New beta. More screens, more sprites more everything (except sound) KnightGuy20200710.a78 ###################### Hi guys A couple of weeks ago I started to port one of my 2600 projects, Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days, to 7800 and want to share the first beta/playable demo for testing and comments. It is a platformer with a humble touch of metroidvania. It is in early development stage so there is not too much content (15 screens so far), but it is totally playable. KnightGuy20200704.a78
  33. Hello, Nuts is a Technovision game that originally only saw a PAL release in German. Recently Mr. @Thomas Jentzsch managed to convert it to NTSC, and Mr. @CPUWIZ ran a limited, high-quality cart release. Joining the gang Mr. @Marc Oberhäuser created a great-looking, professionally printed box for this cart. Unfortunately, there was no english manual for the combo - the only manual available was a watermarked scan on the german manual online. Long story short, myself & Mr. @Ballblaɀer joined efforts to translate this manual, so we could have a CIB Franken-release of the game. 🙂 Attached you can find the end result. There are three available files: - Nuts_Manual.pdf: A plain PDF that you can open on you computer or mobile. - Nuts_Manual_HOME_PRINT.zip: A file you can print and assemble yourself at home. - Nuts_Manual_PROFESSIONAL_PRINT.zip: A PDF file with all markings required for professional printing and binding at a dedicated shop. Hope you guys enjoy. 🙂 Nuts_Manual.pdf Nuts_Manual_HOME_PRINT.zip Nuts_Manual_PROFESSIONAL_PRINT.pdf
  34. Preparing the 2nd beta to release it hopefully before the next weekend.
  35. I've thought about this before. I have many game consoles, handhelds, and PC's to play games. If I had to pick just one to play for the rest of my life, I don't think I could choose one. But if someone were to look at all my gaming devices and say "That is the only one you can play for the rest of your life" I'd be ok with any of them.
  36. Nice beta! Like the comments concerning the 2nd button. I tested the beta on my stock 7800 via the Mateos multicart (bin extension = 48K). Thanks for sharing this ROM, looking forward to the next one.👍
  37. What I meant was no need to load two files. Yes, I'm aware of a8t "trainer" files, this thread is for an alternate approach. Just another "option" for gamers.
  38. Atari SA is not a video game company they are a licensing company; not much different than Intellivision Productions was. They invested a lot of money in those licenses and have every right to generate profit from it. That's why they licensed titles to Amico and any other video game company that wants to make video games with their titles. Every once in a while they try to make something on their own and it's good they try.
  39. While I've been writing code and waiting on some parts, I wanted to see how hard it would be to add 512K SRAM support to my portable. I had to re-layout portions of the board and move some of the logic and the crystal around, but I was able to cleanly route everything. I also swapped out the 7-pin DIN connector on the upper-left with a standard DB-9 joystick port, for joystick-1. I've never programmed a PAL before, but I've been looking over Matthias' SRAM 1.3 code, and I'm using the same GAL, so I think understand this logic. I also included DIP switches for the different RAMDISK options. Not sure if I will build up this version, but nice to know I could, if wanted..
  40. 3 family members? Are you married? Do you have kids? How old are they? Is your wife and kids real people? Why do you think they enjoy porn as family entertainment? Ask yourself why that is. I'd like your perspective on that. Just curious.
  41. MrBeefy

    Rikki & Vikki

    I was here to do the same thing and promote this. Great game if you don't have it or only have it on cart get it on Steam now! Worth it!
  42. That is a really cool take on the game. Love the pirate theme. I'd play this game in a heartbeat.
  43. Atari SA hasn't promised any exclusives. Looks like the Steam version supports mouse/trackball controllers, so the Atari VCS version might also. I'd hate to play it with a Switch controller.
  44. ^ Great! I suggest you all pre-order now, & immediately call to start a credit card dispute for non-delivery, get the ball rolling early so that they cannot wait out all those back-charges for 5 months. You know they make money from the interest even if they refund everyone xD I should also start a pre-order as well, undercut Atari by selling it for $99, hold the money, make a guranteed small interest then return the free loan :D
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