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  1. Here are some Atari diagnostic and other dumps. I didn't photograph all of them. The Expandovision cart I tried multiple dumps just in case. It would not start with Altierra and I think it did the same on real hardware. Perhaps it's waiting for a handshake from the Expandovision device. It has no label. In fact, I can't be certain what exactly it is. The unknown board has 4 eproms. I believe I couldn't get it working on real hardware (tested on an 800xl only). I included multiple dumps, I was trying everything I could. Enjoy. @Rom Hunter A8 - 810 disc field exerciser 16K.bin A8 - Atari 1200 Super Salt Rev A.02.bin A8 - CPS Super Salt Master Rev. A.bin A8 - Direct Access Program Cartridge 800XL 16K.bin A8 - Disk Diagnostic Test Cartridge.bin A8 - Expandovision 8K.bin A8 - Expandovision 16K.bin A8 - SALT Tune FST Paddle Jitter Test16K.bin A8 - unknown 32K.bin A8 - unknown 64K.bin A8 - unknown.bin
  2. I bought this as a lot recently. Here are the dumps of all the carts. One of them didn't work in Altierra. I have attached photos of the carts, which for the most part are not very exciting. @Rom Hunter A8 - Computer Orthoptics - Therapeutics.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Auditory Visual Orientation.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Computer Pegboard.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Directionality Visualization.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Perceptual Speed.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Peripheral Awareness.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Spacial Orientation.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Tachistoscope.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Closure.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Coding copy 2.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Coding.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Concentration.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Diagnostics.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Memory.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Motor.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Scan.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Search.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Sequential.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Span.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Thinking.bin A8 - Computerized Perceptual Therapy - Visual Tracing.bin
  3. I dumped a bunch of Romox ECPC carts, some of which may be WIPs or unreleased or available and you've seen this all before. I don't know. I have images of the carts, but they are 2mb each and failed to upload. Further analysis appreciated. Enjoy. @Rom Hunter A8 - Beat It Mar-9-86.bin A8 - Castles & Keys Final.bin A8 - Castles & Keys.bin A8 - Dancing Feats Dec 08 83.bin A8 - Flapper.bin A8 - Maniac master Mar-9-84.bin A8 - Porky's.bin A8 - Retrofire.bin A8 - Ripper 9-15-85.bin A8 - Topper.bin
  4. Dakota County, Minnesota is open for business. You can use my basement, work room, and I have great bandwidth 🙂
  5. Figured out that drag and drop wasn't working for the pictures. So here they are.
  6. Tomorrow is the day of the giveaway for the 10 free Amicos.
  7. Im thinking we are going to see perhaps some gameplay from Intellivision Horse Racing.
  8. Good morning everyone! As we speak I am continuing to print cases for the new batch of Lock-On 2600s. This weekend I fractured a bone in my right foot so I may be a week late on shipping these. I am hoping to have these ready ASAP. Thanks for understanding!
  9. Here's my "something went 'kaka' checklist": 1. Check and touch re-flow all solder points on the bottom (maybe you missed *A* pin or got a cold solder somewhere or a small small bridge) 2. Doublecheck pins and insertion of parts (pins off by one, legs bent and not in the socket) 3. Check pin 1 orientation on EVERYTHING and check it with the SILK screen, not the socket. Lord knows I have reversed a socket in my day and didn't notice until the chip went in socket-oriented and not board-oriented. ESPECIALLY the SIP Resistor networks. 4. R & R daughterboards (U1M, UAV) especially since that U1M has been repaired. At least I am assuming it has been repaired since there is an empty pin and a jumper wire on the MMU connection. 5. R & R the 40 pin LSI with known good. 6. R & R the PIC chips with known good. 7. Crystal contact insertion with the SIP pins 8. Prayer, Mr. Saavik, the 1088 don't take prisoners. 9. Jumpers 10. R & R other socketed chips. 11. Start over at the top and make sure I really did all of the steps instead of saying to myself "Oh, that's not it!" because as soon as you say that, it is.
  10. Hi Tix, nice pixeling. Within the released source the sprite sheets have the separate 2bpp shapes and the 1bpp overlay shapes. As mentioned in the PM the sprite sheets don't contain the colours, that's dealt with in the code, it's just the shape data. The overlays which provide the 3rd colour are each one player and its associated missile for 10 pixel width so there are some edits required with your new sprites. I wasn't intending to revisit Bomb Jack but now that you've brought it up I'm contemplating whether I should pull the game apart and totally rewrite it a different way.
  11. There is no scenario where it can be a retail success because they're basically selling something that's going to perform worse than even the base models of PS4 and Xbox One that sell for much less and have well-established killer libraries and services. A killer game wouldn't sway much of anyone, because even with a killer game, there would be no other titles to follow it up with. As it is now, there's not even a SINGLE exclusive on it, killer or otherwise. And frankly, I don't see how such a thing would be of help to them anyway, so no reason to worry about the investment. As of now, and since they never did come up with a raison d'être, the people who are going to buy it or not don't really need more convincing one way or the other. Only Atari knows the answer to this, but it may very well be that they already accomplished all the business-related goals for this they cared about and its OK that the VCS has already sold the majority of what it's going to ever really sell.
  12. People have been waiting, they will lose it sooner or later
  13. 5 points
    Obvious thoughts, by Atarian7: "The coronavirus sucks."
  14. I think the twitter images are hinting at a reveal of the controller overlays that were in the Koch Media press release.
  15. Wonder if the new office in salt lake city was opened due to this?
  16. And the complete sprite-sheet ! Apart from some robot frames that I have marked (and don't know the use for), everything is new, my idea is for all the robots to have the same colors (black, red, light grey), but here I kept them white, as the old sheet had them. @Tezz if you want to use them, be my guest 👍 old.Spritesheet.bmp vs My.Spritesheet.bmp vs
  17. In my opinion, the transition to 3 colors only, do them good ! I went with hard black shadows, and light grey, so if you try really hard you can take them for metallic objects.. 😆 These completes the enemies, Jack is already done, so some secondary pieces left to do..
  18. Day 1: This game is hard. I have the invisible aliens! Guided missiles are rough. Going to try and play every day and see how I can improve.
  19. I'm really looking forward to the Amico R-Type, and it's one of the games that really sold me on the system when it was announced. You probably remember me saying that, though... Still, I wonder what it's going to be. Dimensions is already basically perfect, so rather than port that, I'd rather have a new game or something. I hope Final 2 turns out to be great. It certainly looks nice so far, but Granzella really hasn't shown much, and I think it was originally scheduled to release a few months from now. Hopefully it's still on schedule. When I played the PS4 demo last year, you couldn't even move with the d-pad and you had to use the analog stick, but I'm guessing that build is long gone. It would be funny if you still couldn't use the d-pad in the final build. For Tommy: I imagine you can't say, but how is that Worms game for Amico going? I'm guessing it's not that weird new thing that Team 17 announced recently. It seems there's been quite a bit of negativity towards that game for obvious reasons, but I applied for the beta, so I suppose I'll at least try it for free if I can. As for the system possibly being delayed, I suppose there's not much that can be done about it at this point. Unfortunately, if you guys do decide to do some sort of event in the USA on 10/10 in case the console gets delayed, I can't go. Well, I actually can, but then I wouldn't be able to go home since Japan is not allowing the majority of non-Japanese people into Japan, even if they are permanent residents, so I can't exactly leave the country right now.
  20. My guess is there is a common theme between them. The Ferrari represents core and elegant horsepower The horse represents primitive and literal horsepower and, The busted remote represents Pat and Ian being figurative horse’s asses. The only thing I cant figure is how this is all supposed to tie to Amico. Guess I Just have to wait a week to find out about that part of it.
  21. Ed in the house.... wazzup dude? See guys 100k+ is VERY possible... 😜
  22. Note that it proably makes sense to add the possibility of an opening, especially for those planning to use it in TIPI mode--as the SD card slot is in there.
  23. This was my 1st game. I took about 10 more attempts & couldn’t beat it. It felt nice to play Space Armada without a sore finger... (until the 2nd game)
  24. Last Tuesday, batari Basic turned 15 years old! here's the original post by @batari Thanks batari! Now I feel old! happy15bB.bashappy15bB.bas.bin
  25. Hi Folks!, A lot to catch up on, but wanted to pop in real quick to bring your attention to a few "tough questions" I was challenged by on YouTube today. I know we want to keep a positive vibe so I prefer never to post negative videos here. But a set of 4 videos were trying to stump me with their so called "tough" questions. The questions weren't tough at all. When you have nothing to hide... then no need to hide anything. Because of the negativity angle, there were a few questions that haven't been asked in here, so I wanted to share the answers with you all. This is a Q&A thread after all. I'm not going to post the links to the videos (they'll probably end up deleting my answers anyway) and if anyone finds the videos and comments on them... please try to keep it positive. So-called "tough" questions. Q: What would it take for you to abandon your sunk costs and walk away from a failed project? A: Nothing at all. EVER. Sorry fellas. Hate to break your hearts. Q: You stated that you were going to have some big reveals at e3 2020, which was just a few months after the global pandemic started. You didn’t show much. Why is that? A: Because we are saving it for our own online press conference. Exactly the same as every game company has done. More info on ours (date & time) coming within the next week. Reason we've waited a little longer than others? Wanted to make sure that if we are forced to delay... that it would be a part of that conference as well. Q: What is the team working on? Software developers don’t need to be in the same room. The mobile app hasn’t been updated since January 2020. A: Our internal full time (w/benefits) team of 30+ hardware, firmware, mechanical, OS, Testing, backend, servers, UI/UX, and software engineers are working on the same things they have been working on for years. We also have marketing, PR, art department, audio, controller/accounting and customer service. A simple LinkedIn search will show you most of the folks and when they started. Very easy to verify. A few employees don't have LinkedIn, but you get the idea: https://www.linkedin.com/company/intellivisionentertainment/people/ In regards to our developers, there are literally hundreds of people working on games for us right now. Q: Did Intellivision Entertainment take any paycheck protection loans since it is operating as a small business? Or are they such a big deal, as Tommy often implies, that they don’t need anyone’s help? A: As with most pre-revenue start up companies affected by COVID we did receive one PPP assistance loan. Every small company applied. No reason not to. We qualified. Here is a published list of all the game studios that received them. You will see that we are at the very bottom tier of folks who received assistance. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-07-10-game-companies-lining-up-for-pandemic-relief-loans This is an explanation of what PPP is: https://www.investopedia.com/your-guide-to-the-paycheck-protection-program-ppp-and-how-to-apply-4802195 Q: What do you feel that you, personally, can bring to this project? You're not an engineer, programmer, game designer, or project manager. What makes you think you can succeed where so many others have not? A: You're wrong about assuming any of those things about me. Please feel free to read my bio here: https://www.tallarico.com/bio In regards to what makes me think I can succeed where so many others have not? It's called confidence. Because folks like you have told me my entire career that I "can't" do things. And at EVERY turn I have proven the "doubters" and "haters" wrong. Again, read my bio... then ask yourself if you think I'll fail. If you still think yes... then I look forward to adding you to the list of folks I have been proving wrong my entire career. That's the great thing about always being the underdog... no one sees ya coming and when you pull it off... it's even that much more sweeter. Q: How far along are you with FCC testing for EMF radiation? Battery testing? Will you share parts of the process with the public so they have a better sense of how things are going? A: Halfway through testing. COVID has delayed. Known fact by everyone manufacturing hardware. Easy to Google. Q: How long do you really think it will take for shipping from China to the US? How long to clear customs? A: Takes 1 month from China to US shores. 3 days in customs. We can manufacture approximately 1,500 machines per day, shipment crates are 3,900. So approximately 2 1/2 days to create a shipment. Could potentially start manufacturing in early to mid August, but compliance testing is backed up. Decision to be made by the end of this month. Been saying this since March of this year. More news will come as we get it. Been transparent from the beginning. California once again shut down by the governor yesterday. Orange County specifically named. Things getting worse here... not better. Q: Can we disable the LED lights? A: Yes. You will be able to disable the LED Lights. Q: How much of your personal money have you put into this project? A: None of your business. Enough to matter. What difference would that make anyway? Q: What factors would go into your go/no go decision regarding product launch? A: Distributors, compliance testing, manufacturing windows and most of all... retailers. I won't be answering any more of their so-called "tough" questions. I gave them 10 shots... and answered them all with ease. Of course from here on out, if I don't answer other questions then they will say I'm ignoring them and that I'm hiding something. The ridiculousness never ends. So just thought I'd answer everything they asked (across the videos they posted) and now I'm done with them. If they have any more "questions" they are more than happy to come on in here and ask them in a respectful manner (if they haven't already been banned). I like to try and dedicate a hour or so each day to answering various questions around the internet so I picked this one today. But as you can see, they are mostly asked in a negative, disrespectful or demeaning way... so no reason to give that very small group any kind of further attention. They tried their hardest to "stump" me... and like always... failed. They spent a lot more time making all those videos and graphics than I did answering the questions. At what point do you start to question your life choices or be more productive with your time? Prepare for 10 other videos over the next few days I'm sure. Anyway... bottom line... I thought the answers were interesting so I wanted to share them here with everyone. Normally I wouldn't have responded... but thought that some of you would be interested in some of the answers. Thanks!
  26. Here are clean hi-res (480dpi) scans in TIF format for you to read, print, OCR or pdf for: PHM3118 MINUS MISSION in two zip files- quite a large manual at 72 pages. (c) 1982 Texas Instruments, Manual back cover (c) 1983.. Joysticks optional. The second zip includes the green module label at 720dpi, but the original label is very unsharp to start with. This is the EU five language version, Eng, DE, I, NL, and F. The front cover and every other page has two words of French. The inside front cover has two paragraphs of Swedish- anyone from Sweden looking for "Las detta forst" is out of luck. Subtraction 0 to 9, with numbers 0 to 9. For US school grades K to 6, approx age 5 to 12 next project- one or two Asgard manuals for disk programs, then another DLM module... MinusM_Pt1.zip MinusM_Pt2.zip
  27. I'm sort of regretting not ordering the founders edition. Not sure what I was thinking.
  28. I finally got to test out my Lock-On this weekend, and it worked great. I'd actually been thinking about building something like this for myself with wires and a donor cart(s). I'd also looked at getting one of those Game Brains to serve the same purpose, but buying this was simply cheaper and easier. I love it. The community was probably overdue for something like this being widely available.
  29. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. To be honest I don't think I'd be able to build and ship anything with either foot so you're clearly skilled to be able to do that with just your left. 😁
  30. Unless some non Cali staff are out that way, Salt Lake is about 10+ hours drive out of LA so it isn't a practical main office replacement. I think it is mostly for the coming call/support center and was driven by the pro small business incentives of the state. Of course, all just my speculation and from what little Tommy has said about it.
  31. I stumbled accross this and thought it might be interesting to share: https://retrobrewcomputers.org/n8vem-pbwiki-archive/0/35845334/48860720/33053543/SRAM Replacement for TMS99x8 VRAM.pdf
  32. Honestly, if it were not for it being a subscription service (God I loathe being forced into buying access to a game on a reoccurring monthly basis) a lot of the games they demoed look like things I would enjoy playing. I do sometimes enjoy massive world games like Zelda, Fallout and Skyrim; but sometimes you just want to pop in a game and be playing seconds later. This is exactly why my 2600 is hooked to my TV and still sees a lot of use. The Atari Box also still needs its 'Halo', 'Sonic' or 'Mario' system exclusive game if it is going to be a retail success. This latest announcement is more in my line of gaming interest; but certainly not to the point where I would be considering dropping 400$ on a console for it. Especially when it is locked behind 4.99 a month paywall and once again is something that can be accessed on pretty much any device with internet capabilities.
  33. The games look like just ordinary flash games. The free version limits to only 11 games unless you cough up $5 per month, but still the games don't seem very appealing.
  34. Thanks for let me know!. I will not post an correct update yet because I am migrating it to a bankswitching scheme, but I found the cause of the issue and corrected it.
  35. Amaurote(Disk Version): -------- Take No Damage = [8DAC63D8:EAEAEAXX] Gremlins: -------- Infinite Lives = [75C65E:XXEAEA] Kill The Timer = [00C960:XXA930] Hardhat Mac: ----------- Infinite Lives = [CEB14D:A901EA] Freeze Bonus Counter = [CE1C58:EAEAEA] Super Cobra: ----------- Unlimited Ships = [B48888:XXXXEA] Unlimited Fuel = [07C697:XXEAEA] Surf's Up(DISK Version): ----------------------- Unlimited Boards = (All Three Of The Following) [C6C7A5:EAEAXX] [00A5C2F019C6C7F0:XXXXXXXXXXEAEAXX] [60A5C2F019C6C7F0:XXXXXXXXXXEAEAXX] Star Trek: --------- Unlimited Ships = [0DCEE506:XXA901EA] Preppie: ------- Infinite Lives = [0DDECB0A:XXEAA902] Kill The Timer = [21CE0120:XXEAA901] Preppie II: ---------- Infinite Lives = [D69B10:A901XX] Unlimited Cloak = [C6DF20:EAEAXX]
  36. Demonstrating: - new intro screen - debug mode command: level selection (all 5 levels implemented) - collapsing walls: activated when player walks by an invisible trigger in certain screens. Creates a persistent obstacle to movement. - new gfx for rescued people inside cells
  37. 25,030 Emu connection fixed. I'm back in the game! 👍 I'm glad, too, 'cause I really like River Raid. .
  38. ...or maybe it is? It doesn't get the "Wouldn't That Be Something?™" just yet... but lets just say I friends in high places over there. Shannon & I visiting the home office...
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