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  1. ralphb

    SDD 99

    I've just completed a new SDD 99 demo on the P-System: I had to splice it together from 3 takes, since my Amiga monitor blacks out every couple of minutes. You'll notice that continuity is violated at least once, but nevertheless this is the P-System running on bare metal with the SDD. As I mention in the video, I'm currently in the process of designing the final board (assuming there are no bugs). Since I decided I won't have a bus pass-through, I can decrease the width of the board by 2cm, and I'm also adding a plug for an external power source. There is still quite some work on software left, but this can be done later, in part even after the SDD ships.
  2. Both Amico and VCS are charging current gen prices and both have talked about the major competitor products. Putting all of that aside, while I feel satisfied I know what the game offerings are on the Amico (and what their associated philosophical approach is) and that they're offering games not available elsewhere (whether you like them or not is a different discussion), there is nothing equivalent on the VCS side. Nothing. "Retro titles" and "indie games" are literally available on 100% of all existing computers, consoles, and mobile devices, and even on most streaming boxes. So again, if the VCS is not competing against existing and future products, and not even competitive against the Amico (who again, has shown actual exclusive games targeted to a specific demographic), what exactly is its purpose, especially at its price point? Please explain that to those of us who are "willfully ignorant."
  3. Since you posted this here in the Q&A thread, is there anything in particular that you wanted to say or ask about it? Setting aside for the moment my other issues with "Atari" (their multiple delays, their lack of communication, their involvement in multiple lawsuits and other shady business dealings, etc.), one of my main problems with the "VCS" is that they seem to be relying heavily on an amalgamation of existing third-party services and offerings—Antstream, AirConsole, Game Jolt, etc.—to fill out their game library and their feature list. As others have pointed out, all of these services are already available for a multitude of other platforms and devices, so their inclusion with the "VCS" does nothing to differentiate it. The core components of the "VCS", such as its commodity PC hardware and its Linux-based OS, are similarly generic and "off-the-shelf." About all that is unique about it is the plastic case—which others seem excited about, though I never particularly liked it—and the controllers, and even these were the work of outside contractors. This whole approach strikes me as haphazard and lazy. "Atari" is doing as little of the engineering work themselves as possible, and because they went the crowdfunding route, they don't even have to do it entirely with their own money. Their approach also strikes me as unfocused, since they don't appear to have a clearly-defined vision of who their target audience is. The result is a "platform" that is not really a coherent platform in its own right; it's a loose collection of borrowed bits and pieces "flying in formation," aimed at everybody in general and nobody in particular. Other than serving as a minimal effort to fulfill their obligations to their backers, I see no reason for the "VCS" to exist. If "Atari" were to ship their controllers in a decorative box, along with a self-booting USB flash drive that has the exact same distro of Linux and the exact same collection of third-party applications already installed, their users could get the same experience with the PCs they already have in their homes. (It would probably be a better experience, since even an inexpensive consumer PC would likely be cheaper and a better performer than the low-end hardware that the "VCS" is using.)
  4. So less than 2 weeks for August 4th, where we should have a lot of information about Amico and the games. Tommy has already said that we will not know everything, that some secrets will be kept, but we should have a lot to talk about for sometime ! So in the meantime, here are 10 personal pieces of information that I can't wait to know ! 1- How Intellivision Entertainment will present the special event. 2- Will we have developers like Mike Mika talking about their games. 3- Did Intellivision Entertainment will have find a place where they can show people playing together and having fun. 4- I can't wait to see Horse Racing ... 5- Ski cross play from Skiing ... 6- Burger Time ... 7- Frogger ... 8- Listen to the sounds of Astrosmash. 9- Baseball gameplay 10- Will we know the new launch date Thank you.
  5. New Firmware release for CV core (Rev7) in first post -Re-written SN and AY sound modules -Fix for early Opcode games (Magical Tree, Road Fighter, and sky jaguar)
  6. Well, he didn't get to it, but I sure as hell am going to delete it and put a stop to this type of character assassination. Please focus on the merits of the Amico, and stop attacking others who don't share your opinions on the Amico. Surely you haven't run out of things to discuss that you've become bored and need to attack others? ..Al
  7. I made new image (for SD card, UltraSatan, Satandisk, ICD type adapters) with lot of hard disk adapted games, special for people with TOS 1.00 or 1.02 in their ST, Mega ST. Needed to take care about low RAM usage of driver and buffers, so partitions are smaller size. This works with higher TOS versions too, so can use with STE, Mega STE, TT . https://www.mediafire.com/file/hgkdnnwym334ilg/1000GamesT02.zip/file Size is 541 MB. Unpacked: 1.2 GB, so need card of min 2 GB size.
  8. LOL, what a weak argument in the defense of an incompetent company. If they weren't "intending" to compete with the XSX/PS5/Switch, then why didn't they just make yet another Flashback? It doesn't matter what you assume Atari is "trying" to do. You have to look at what they are doing. You can pretend all day long that it's not "intending" to compete with Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo, but it is regardless. Of course it stands no chance against them in terms of hardware, software, & marketing, so you have to spin reality like a politician getting caught texting underage girls. "I was hacked!!" Like it or not, they have made a gaming device that connects to your TV - a product that the rest of the world calls a "console." -It is shaped like one of the most iconic consoles in game history -The word "Atari" specifically evokes the idea of playing video games on it before anything else. -It has controllers for it like a console, offering an equally iconic joystick style that has been used to represent consoles for decades. -Unlike most All-In-One "retro consoles" like the Flashback, it does allow you to purchase or load games onto it to play. -It is priced in a similar range of other game consoles, especially when you have to throw in all of the extra hardware needed for a "complete" experience (controllers, additional storage space, an OS). -It has a digital storefront of some kind, like all modern consoles do. I haven't seen such a thing come with the NES Classic, the Flashbacks or AtGames' Sega remakes -It was initially pitched as a console, until Atari figured out that the power of their name alone wasn't enough to gain sales needed, then they've waffled back and forth on the "unconsole" moniker since. This is because they have no idea what their market is, so they don't know how to grow sales beyond the 11k pre-orders of people who will buy anything with a Fuji logo on it. -The primary function of the VCS is to play games, not function as a web server, a video editing device or to calculate spreadsheets. Rob Wyatt added the "open system" concept to it as a clever workaround for a complete lack of interest from developers. That's why it was an afterthought instead of a feature announced from the get-go. Atari announced the VCS, found tepid support on pre-orders and little interest from developers. So the solution was to cheat by letting people install Steam or GOG on it, then they could claim that it does in fact have thousands, if not millions of games. -They are trying to sell it through companies like GameStop & Wal-Mart gaming, not Wayfair, JCPenny or Verizon stores -You say that it's an "alternative gaming experience." So you are saying that the Switch doesn't offer an alternative to the PS4/PS5, or that phones don't offer an alternative to playing games on your PC? That's what every console is - an alternative to other gaming products out there. The only reason it's focused on retro/indie games is because Atari can't convince any studio worth their salt to develop something just for it, and they don't have a game development department. A company like EA or ActiVision or anyone else doesn't want to flush money down the toilet on an obvious flop. It's basic economics 101. Because the VCS is a console, it is competing with every other concurrent console on the market. Same goes for the Amico. Atari is asking people to spend a few/several hundred dollars on it, and the money that most people have is going to be limited to one or two gaming devices per generation (aka, they're competing for consumer dollars that would be set aside for such entertainment use). Guess you never heard of the Ouya, who did provide updates throughout the Kickstarter process...but at least the Ouya company didn't lie about the process and string people along for four years. Wait, I thought that the VCS didn't have competition because it's some sort of unique alternative gaming experience?? The Amico hadn't been announced prior to the VCS announcement, so in a universe with zero competitors, what would they need to be worried about?
  9. So just to be clear, you're saying the VCS is going to be appealing to those who either have thus far not been interested in emulators or emulation or lack the skills to set up emulators or emulation to suddenly set up said emulators and emulation? For the former group, they're still not going to be interested and for the latter group there are plenty of turnkey solutions to do just that already. I haven't taken a survey - and neither have you, of course - but I suspect most people are not targeting this as an emulation box. If that's what you're targeting it as, great, but I think that market is far smaller than you probably care to realize. There's simply nothing here with the VCS for the average person to give it even a cursory glance. It's DOA if it ever even makes it to wide release unless there's something more to it than they already revealed, which I find unlikely. I suspect this will top out in the 20k sales range at best and have little to no support, either first or third party, again assuming it even sees a wide release. It might just be released to market as-is and the fact that a user can go to the trouble of installing Windows themselves will be their out in terms of delivering on some of the past promises or when the default OS is all but empty after not having the resources to maintain support to such a low population of users who are not making purchases or subscribing to things.
  10. You didn't make any points. You suggested that it was for people who didn't have PCs in 2020... implying that the only thing preventing them from buying one was the lack of an Atari logo on it. The HTPC aspect is the most bizarre logic pretzel that's come up in this project. "The Ataribox is good because it'll have a bunch of games." "All those games are available on other platforms, already, and for the same money or even less." "Yeah, but it's also a PC, so you can install your own stuff on it." "I can already do that with any PC." "Yeah, but some people don't know how to do that. So it has its own OS." "You mean the OS that runs nothing new or original? And quite honestly, barely anything at all?" "It can run anything you want! You just install it! A hobbyists dream!" "...which is what a PC has been, for almost half a century now."
  11. Now your trolling is just too blatant. You went one or two steps too far. There is no competition and no need to "one up their new product." This is not on any "competitor's" radar.
  12. What original content? So far, nada. You would think we'd hear about some of this original content since the console was already supposed to have been released long ago. AntStream, AirConsole, and Game Jolt, like everything else for the VCS, are already available on tons of other platforms. No need for a VCS to experience those monthly pay services. The "Atari Modern Controller" is basically an Xbox controller. The "Atari Classic Joystick" concept has been well-received and will likely be the only enduring legacy of the whole VCS concept, but it remains to be seen what features they'll keep in from the original vision versus what we'll actually get once released. Also, it's not a "universal retro gaming device." I don't know where you're getting that from, but you seem to be running with that pet idea. That's not what it's being pitched as, and you'll certainly have to go through some hoops to make it anything remotely like that. It's easy to get excited by big dollar amounts on an Indiegogo campaign and Kickstarter, but roughly 10,000 system backers (being generous, as you need to account for those who just put in for updates or controllers) on Indiegogo is not exactly a big number. Keep in mind that the Ouya had over 60,000 system backers on Kickstarter (a more impressive platform than Indiegogo) and was able to get on physical shelves in places like Target, and still had limited game support and, more critically, few game purchases from owners. So the VCS has far bigger hurdles than Ouya in a market with more options than ever to do everything the VCS does and more (and better).
  13. Here's a render of the box for Ninjish Guy in Low Res World. Coming soon!
  14. I thought we've established that the VCS was for the niche market of taco shell warmers? Too bad they couldn't keep the original design as I think that would have been better for warming hard shells. Niche or not any new console needs to get itself established and dig into that niche/not niche market. I haven't really seen any marketing suggesting who it is for. So when like Bill said it has current gen prices you can't get mad when its compared to that. Not to mention I think I saw an article somewhere saying there is a new Ryzen chip. Which will once again make the VCS hardware even more less relevant. It is a pretty taco warmer, but I can easily do that with a skillet that is way cheaper. As of this past week my entire family (family of 6 siblings) all have a Switch in their household. That includes my boomer mother. Why? Because Nintendo is welcoming to all, they have great communication, ignore whoever tries to shout them down, doesn't insult them, continues to do what Nintendo does, and does a great job at it. All of them were like, "We need this for Animal Crossing." I haven't seen all my family jump into a single system like that since the Wii, and not everyone had a Wii either. Maybe if companies like Atari VCS spent less time trying to edit/delete reddit posts/etc and focus on doing, and showing we wouldn't be where we are at. Right now the VCS just seems to be trying to cash in on those who loved the good ole days. It would be an acceptable Steam box for lower end games, but they aren't even really marketing that (ignoring pricing and such). On a side note, I'm a little embarrassed today because my slowly getting older butt fell asleep while playing Animal Crossing, and my boomer mother was able to stay up later than me (Gaming fail). My redemption thought is I've had tacos for the past two nights and I'm going to try and get some for lunch to make it a Hat Trick.
  15. My incredibly advanced brain has processed all the information available and has come to the conclusion that the deleted picture was a photoshopped version of a screenshot of the video where Pat "the NES Punk" Contri is the guy who's knocked down during the slingshot test.
  16. Thank you. I haven't had to do much moderating in here recently, but I've been preoccupied with interviews today and haven't had the chance to check in very often. I would only direct everyone back to my earlier post: it's better to ignore the critics than to needlessly antagonize them.
  17. Boy, do I feel dumb. When doing CALL LOAD("DSKXXX") the error message is I/O ERROR 00. The first digit is the operation that caused the error which is OPEN and the second digit means "Bad Device Name" In my font loader CALL LOAD("DSKXXX") gives the error messages I/O ERROR 50. The first digit is the operation that caused the error which is LOAD and the second digit means "Bad Device Name" So it turns out the error reporting is doing what it should and the only error is a "layer 8" error.
  18. For those who are new to this little Taco World we live in. I am a day one backer of this paperweight. I was easily sold on fancy renders and gimmicky videos. I am not a gamer at all. I just thought it was an interesting idea. So I have been with this mess since the beginning. Atari lies, cheats and deletes. That simple. I don't think Atari ever intended to make this thing. It was a quick cash grab to get a corporate buyout because here is an upcoming underdog effort with a big following. Classic story with a happy ending! Right? Wrong. I don't trust anything they do. They would go months with no updates. They would make excuse after excuse. They sue or slander anyone or anything they don't like. This is not a reputable company. Do not give them your money or you will regret it. I count giving them money as a top mistake in my life. It rates up with this time I dated a girl twice. Sometimes you learn the hard way. I did. Now back to tacos.
  19. It would be nice if we did get Tunnels and Trolls on Amico. It looks like a cool game. Wouldn't that be something?
  20. This was more of a play on words.. Troll Hunter... For some reason my head went way back to this flyer. And a bit of wishful thinking on my part. Some of the never finished Coleco games looked amazing for their time. Tommy sees these things and some end up in the Wonka book. Then end up on your screen sometime later.
  21. A friendly little light-hearted tit-for-tat was my only real intention. Nothing more, nothing less. (I actually find Pat & Ian to be somewhat entertaining from time to time). Character assassination sounds a little over-the-top, but nevertheless I will respect your authority going forward. Regards, CurlyQ
  22. Well...speaking as a collector of over two two decades now: I don't understand. 🤷‍♂️ I don't understand the thought process that ends at the notion that sticking stuff in plastic cases emblazoned with some number assigned by a self-credentialed organization makes it intrinsically more valuable by orders of magnitude--while simultaneously disregarding that said organization has a vested interest in their items being valued as highly as possible by virtue of their partnership with Heritage Auctions--and buying into that notion to the tune of $114,000. The "collector" here essentially trades a new Maserati for what amounts to glorified shelf candy (which will more likely be stored in a safe deposit box or somesuch anyway), and since it's sealed in its airtight, sterile case, no "gamer" will ever get to play it. Nobody wins here except Wata and Heritage Auctions. (And if it doesn't turn out that the one person who would spend that amount of money on it already has, then the collector investor, too. Good for him/her.) Personally, my problem really isn't about any of that, though. People can spend their money how they want--that's their business. It's just disappointing that there is such a large and ever-growing speculative element in the classic gaming scene that, when it comes down to it, isn't in it for the games, community, preservation, or even its own nostalgia, but rather to exploit and profit from our collective passion. A regrettably natural consequence of the scene growing exponentially over the last quarter-century, but disappointing nonetheless. Wata/Heritage Auctions and their grading scheme represent the apex of it--the logical extreme of speculation culture mutated and run amok. "Prestigious" high profile sales like this do not help; they only contribute to artificial price inflation and make it harder for collectors to collect, and for gamers to game. Classic gaming doesn't need prestige--at least not from outsiders with dollar signs in their eyes.
  23. 4th Entry - A little improvement. The goal is 100k plus, but that damn invisible robot is DREADFUL!!! 🥴
  24. Finally broke 20K. The higher you get the faster your score goes up, but the harder it gets. Getting pretty good at shooting the red space ship.
  25. Update: Manuals just arrived, thanks Mark T! Overlays are in the mail, boxes being assembled now.
  26. So, you're saying it's a PC, for people who don't have PCs, so they can enjoy the benefits of having a PC... by buying a PC? is that about right?
  27. I used the board to make a GRAM-device (like GRAM-Kracker) with battery backup and logic for bank switching the >6000 ROM XB-style. The two stacked NEC D43256 are the GRAM, two 6264 (below the leaked battery) are the ROM (when write protected).
  28. 34,008 patience, patience, patience, oops, no, whew!
  29. CurlyQ, I agree with you that “character assassination“ is way over the top to describe it. At the risk of being admonished here, I thought your post was funny, as did a lot of people here as evidenced by all of the laughing emoji reactions you got before it was deleted. I don’t think it was as big of a deal as Albert makes it sound like it was. But I understand that it would be removed here anyway, and as we all know, this is not our forum and we’ll have to respect the rules.
  30. 5:30 seems about right. This is my best run. I took one potion, died several times, and dawdled a bit in a few rooms.
  31. I only have 5 days to play Space Armada ... I really need 6 days to catch Rickster... but I’ll try LOL
  32. Finally, destroyed that enemy mothership! 31,671!
  33. Now see? If Atari had that kind of clear-headed thinking running the company, they wouldn't be in this mess. And we'd have tacos.
  34. Rear lights of Chevrolet Impala 1960, 63 colors. amarok_impala_rear.xex
  35. Oh Karen, you are so cute when you're mad.
  36. In reading the last few posts, I realized (suddenly) that I'm in much the same boat. I'm a developer (of sorts) in that I'm a podcaster and I like to think my content would be of moderate value to the 11,000 people buying a FujiSphere. In theory, I should want to contact Atari and ask if they could provide some sort of access to my show from their box. It has an internet connection, right? So there should be a way to do it, with minimal assistance from me personally. And I doubt I'd have to offer much in the way of incentives for such a low-budget project. On paper, a few e-mails could put me in touch with 11,000 new listeners. But I won't do that. I won't even bother to draft an e-mail. Why? Because I have no confidence that Atari will deliver this box, and if they do, I actually think it would be a negative to have my name associated with it. The best case scenario (if this ever ships) is that there are thousands of disappointed backers. More likely, this project will be buried under class action lawsuits and calls from developers who went unpaid. I'm a guy who runs a podcast out of his guest room, and could "develop" something for this console for nothing, and it's actually not worth it to me to do so. It's too toxic for ME, and I'm a NOBODY.
  37. 4 points
    Hi everyone, gosh things have changed since I first got my hands on an Atari 400 mid 1981. I remember going to a computer club where most computers had black & white displays and were mainly, Atoms, Pets & 1 Ti99-4a (cassette loaded stuff). When they saw my Atari 400 with rom carts loading instantly, and the colour display (TV) with sound, their jaws dropped. A crowd gathered around the machine. A bit about me (Atariwise). I went onto 800's, XL's then the ST's of course. I think my first PC was about 1993 the web was primitive in the UK back then. I'm afraid that's when the Atari stuff took a back seat. I just couldn't get rid of my Atari gear, thank goodness, and now I find quite a lot of add on hardware about! Great. Well now to dust off the cobwebs. Lets play..... Martin.
  38. Old cell phones from the 40s could only take photos in black and white. ..Al
  39. Did I miss something here? Is Amico actually going to do a version of Tunnels & Trolls?! Either that or you were referring to one of the other possiblities: 1. Comparing T&T to the D&D Cloudy Mountain game that is coming together nicely. 2. The seasonal "trolls" that lurk in the Amico forum. I'm not sure which one you were referring to, but all could easily apply! I would really love to see a long awaited Tunnels & Trolls game on the Amico. Wouldn't that be something?! 😄
  40. Captain Beeble: 66,400 (regular speed) Completed the first run of 8 stages, and was one level away from completing the second run (lethal walls) Some hints for the Beebs: Conserve your fuel! If you're actively pressing the joystick, fuel depletes quickly. If you let go of the joystick and coast, you'll still lose fuel, but at a MUCH slower rate. Coast as often as you can, especially in the later levels. There's no shame in bouncing along the bottom of the level. Or stopping to rest on the ground while you watch the pattern of a moving block, rather than "hovering" in midair. Conserving fuel, in addition to keeping you alive, also nets a bonus when you return the crystal to the C.P.U. The catch is, you only get the fuel bonus if you've beaten the level on one life. Killing all of the bugs gives you a big bonus. Shooting a bug is 100 points. Killing every bug in the level nets you a bonus of 100 x (number of bugs in the level) when you return to the C.P.U. You still get this bonus if you've used more than one life to beat a level. Beware of the little "explosion" that happens after you shoot a bug - it won't kill you, but you can bounce off of it, potentially sending you into something deadly. One of the levels is reversed (maybe level 7?), meaning that you get the crystal at the beginning, and must transport it to the end. I find it easiest to fly through the level once before picking up the crystal, clearing out baddies, and then returning to pick up the crystal when the coast is clear. On the level with the moving C.P.U., hover above and let it come to you - perhaps even flying slowly upward. If you're accelerating downward, you'll pass through the C.P.U. and hit the deadly wall on the bottom. The bugs are constrained to invisible "zones" which prevents them from getting in the way of the moving blocks and other hazards. You can use this to your advantage: stay on one side of a moving block and pick off the bugs from a distance.
  41. 3rd Entry - Ohhh goodie, at 80,000 pts the black robot is invisible. I forgot about that 'wonderful' detail.... 🙄
  42. There will be another delay. But tacos will never let you down.
  43. xesf: You appear to be new here, and can't be faulted to not wanting to read the past 1,151 pages of this thread. Please let me try to condense it down for you, and I apologize in advance for any nuance that will be lost in the process. Having tracked this project since the day it was announced, this thread has gathered substantial evidence that Atari never actually intended to manufacture the Atari VCS. Their strategy appeared to be to make themselves appealing for a company buyout, and the company that bought them would have had the ultimate responsibility of delivering the crowdfunded Atari VCS. When no buyout happened, Atari found themselves in the predicament of being legally obligated to deliver a product while not having the finances, know-how, or (quite honestly) desire to do so. So when we're noticing delays, lack of communication, questionable messaging, etc., this isn't coming from a place of concern for the project. This is coming from pattern recognition from several other scam projects that went down this exact same path. The Atari VCS isn't the first crowdfunded console that was never even close to being delivered. It's not even the fifth. It's simply the highest-profile example to people outside the hobby.
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