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  1. Hi everyone on atari age. This is my first time posting anything so I guess you could call me an atari age virgin, so be gentle. I wanted to give my 2 cents on amico controller and how great it could be, if used in the right way. I'll start by saying some of my favorite games ever are the Warcraft and Starcraft franchises. I don't know what genre their called I guess building Sims. Well any way some of them got ported to consoles and I couldn't stand using a controller over a mouse. This is where I think the amico controller could really shine. The reasons I hated a regular controller is that it was pretty difficult to pick only some of the troops when they were all bunch together because you were limited to a box. It would be great to use your finger to make any shape you want so you can select the troops you want while leaving out the ones you don't. Another reason I believe the amico controller would be great for those style of games is that you could click and drag spells. How great would it be to click a button and drag your finger in the direction of your enemies or allies depending on spell. To be honest it may even be better than mouse. I know some people might think that's crazy talk but we will see. I'm actually trying to make that type of game my self that I think would be great for the amico one day. It has a lot of twists to make it familiar to both older generation gamers as well as new generation gamers. While still having a lot depth without complication. I believe you can have both if done in the right way. So I want to wish you Mr. Tallarico all the luck in the world. Maybe one day we will meet. Also don't listen to all the haters and do whatever you can to make your dream a reality. I always consider myself a dreamer. People act like to be grown up you need to put those things aside but where's the wonder in that. Thanks for reading my rambles and I realize I don't have a question.
  2. do these people give shit to chefs about food they havent eaten yet because they got a bad meal once from some other chef? just curious as to why people waste their precious time in life hating things they never tried, I thought most people grew out of that by the time they were 10 or 11, I guess not. oh well, they are missing out not us, so... whatev
  3. When the haters get tired of hating, and/or they lose the greater part of their audience, YouTube (and the world) will be a better place.
  4. THIS. I cant tell you how many podcasts and Youtube channels I've unsubscribed from the last few months. Criticism is one thing....downright hate episode after episode is another thing. Gets too exhausting. At least now I have a more manageable rotation of things to watch and listen too
  5. Finally finished the demo without continuing. I agree that at first I found it hard to distinguish obstacles from scenery but by the third or fourth session it was no longer an issue.
  6. Yes, the negativity/personal attacks by those not into the Amico is absurd, honestly. I don't care for Orange Sherbet but I understand that there are those that do and don't feel the need to post videos and memes on the evils of sherbet and those who make it and enjoy it. I just choose not to buy that product and move on with life. "Can't we all just get along?"
  7. got no time for hate..... this whole hate this, hate that is feeling mighty worn and played out to me. Im hoping that at some point soon maybe being nice is cool again
  8. Card Sharks Concentration Password Tattletales Pyramid To Tell The Truth Press Your Luck Joker's Wild To say the least would be a lot of fun to play. They wouldn't need to be individual games either. You could do a group of 70's Games, 60's, 80's... much like they did for the Arcade game packs (Williams, Atari, Midway, Capcom).
  9. I don't mean to step on any toes. I know this is not my project, but I thought I'd upload some quick mockups of some of the ideas mentioned by others. These are just quick jobs, so don't laugh too hard at the bad color edits.
  10. I have been thinking about the box art for the Amico. When you collect games you get to see alot of cool box art. I love it more when the box jumps out at you. Lately the consoles have been a tad drab. My xbox 1 x= a black box lol my original xbox 1 = a green box lol. The switch it a bit better because its bright red but nothing really exciting. When the neo geo mini arcade came out I fell in love with it and the box. Something you can display proudly. So Tommy what will we get? Hints man come on
  11. Just want to take a moment to highlight how this simple, introductory little game has a pretty decent amount of TLC put into something as seemingly old-hat as Moon Patrol. First, you'd think it'd be a pretty non-starter to just press the fire button and blast your way through the level. It isn't. Your front cannon recoils, takes just about a second to reload, and the blast has a limited range. Fire too soon and you lose your opportunity to destroy an obstacle. Fine, just jump over it. But if you weren't intending to jump, it's a split second reaction. Oh and jumping an obstacle is 50 points rather than 100, so your high score run is probably moot. Second, terrain alters your line of fire. Hit a slightly elevated bump and you think you will take out an obstacle with your shot (or be on the downward slope of said terrain) and you may be shooting over that obstacle or into the soil just before it.. oops. Jumps have affect your fire when you land as your shocks absorb the impact and you realign, making it a little difficult to land that jump AND get the rock out of your way in that moment. UFOs and flying enemies only have a brief fraction of a second when they align with your antiballistic turrets.. miss and you've spent your front cannon shot, making it that much more dangerous if you are taking too much focus on the ships firing at you. Mines are discreetly placed (maniacally placed?) as you progress, lots of traps to memorize as you progress.. it's a challenge. More than a couple Checkpoints are just beyond difficult obstacle courses (UFOs+jumps+rocks+mines with changes in speed needed). We've seen one level.. a brief taste of the game.. a power-up (maybe there are a lot of others, I've only made it to about Checkpoint S), a little variety in the waves of enemies, ramping difficulty, change-up in the music as you get later, some thoughtful level design and placement - gratifying power-through moments and cautious lots-coming-at-you sections. I heard this was just another Moon Patrol clone of which there are several so no need for it. I was told by a casual observing podcast host how this looks like garbage. I can't find all those "better looking" 'Moon Patrol' games in my App Store or cursory searches online. There seems to be a good deal being put into this (before I even play VS mode, competitive challenges, or the Co-Op mode where friends control different functions of the rover, the in-between levels where you travel between moons). This is a good little demo - something you don't see much of in games these days (free demos).. definitely a better game than other app versions of Moon Patrol I've trialed over the years. This is a hefty Moon Patrol iteration, I'm excited to play it with buttons and see some of the tricks and surprises in store. Well done.
  12. I wouldn't rule it out. I thought about this very thing too. I really love starcraft and the game could be a 2 player coop and a single player option. Maybe a command and conquer game where your friend commands a certain color troops. We also have to remember the cpu in the Amico is still alot more powerful than the computer's that originally ran starcraft command and conquer games when they originally came out
  13. Here is the latest version of the non-textured game. It has a boss at the end and a little puzzle. raycaster.dsk raycaster.rpk raycaster8.bin
  14. Rudy definitely had some serious mental issues which could be clearly seen not only here but on his YouTube and pretty much anywhere he commented or posted. While I would in no way be surprised if this does indeed turn out to be true, it is still sad and tragic, worse still how it affects those around him and that it would drive him to take the life of another as well as his own. 😮😢
  15. You guys are missing the obvious Killer App in the room, while I do think the controller and the family friendliness is huge pluses, I dont think they are in and of themselves the "killer app", the " the killer app" I think is the game prices. 8 to 10 bucks for a complete no DLC game.. you kidding me. Thats HUGE. Thats do I dare say killer?!? I also hold out some hope that one or more of these sports games is so damn fun, people will take notice...
  16. I don’t think there will be any one “killer app” that stands above the rest, but a variety of things that appeal to different groups of people. For some, the “family safe” aspect of Amico is “killer” enough. For others it might be inexpensive games with no harassment to spend more money in-game. For the EWJ fans, it’ll be that game. For us old-time gamers, the eventual original games will be “killer”. For parents with young kids, whatever Amico is doing with Sesame Street will be a major buying factor. And as @vongruetz I think wisely points out, the controller will be “killer”, especially for group games where you need to have private info on your controller.
  17. @Tommy Tallarico or @RxScram, been playing a lot of Moon Patrol. Honestly wasn’t a huge fan of the teaser, but the dropped level is a blast. Thanks for the demo to hold us over! Are the best recorded times online? First time I cleared the level it showed a faster time on record... What about high scores? It said I broke a record, but assume that was local. Also, will the Amico version include different gravities on the different moons? Thanks. MP has got to be the best free app on Mobile.
  18. I don't know! but your analogy about the chef had me laughing pretty hard over here
  19. Small improvement, but every point counts and the consistency is nice. 57,500
  20. 112650 mame, intellivision controller Any of you guys kill sharks after 100k? .
  21. 5 points
    I think they need to rename the internet to "Anger Generator 9000," because it seems that's all it's good for anymore.
  22. Yes in the photo they are using white but you can change the color of the led used in the menu to whatever available color you want
  23. Hi Everyone, so I've released and submitted my entry too! Timeloop is a fun game where you play future soccer against your past self(s)! You'll control a blue robot who have to push the green ball into the goal to score points. Move with D-Pad and press A or B button to Dash. Sounds simple? Well there is a catch: the whole game plays inside an endlessly repeating timeloop! Every 6 seconds, the timeloop will reset the game. Your previous avatar will turn red, and it will move exactly like you did during the previous timeloop. You will play as another robot, always in blue. Up to 8 robots can play at the same time: your current avatar, and 7 of your previous incarnations. So, in this game you'll face the ultimate opponent: yourself! There is an increasing "score limit" to reach on each timeloop to be able to continue the game. It starts easy, but quickly become challenging. My current best score is 40 points. Can you do better? You can download the game roms and the full commented source code here: https://drludos.itch.io/timeloop I hope you'll enjoy it!
  24. Then why did you feel the need to post this? If it's not interesting to you, move on. I will not be deleting the thread. Rudy obviously isn't going to be deriving any satisfaction from watching us talk about him here, and I certainly feel people are entitled to know what happened. ..Al
  25. Any chance for some classic game shows? I Think a game like Password would work well with the controller screen. The Match Game Buzzers for Jeopardy Spin the disc.... Wheel of Fortune. This list could grow quickly. During Covid, I have watched some classic game shows. Forgot how funny some of them were/are.
  26. I'm with you on this @cmart604. I'd further it by saying even the ones that i'm not sure about only cost $10 USD and most days that's enough for me to take a chance...this system doesn't need to be for everyone but its creating an ecosystem that is affordable and inclusive and that is something the world can never have enough of Cheers All, The Wren
  27. I fixed some bugs and optimized a bit, and it now looks like this: The screen in drawn in bitmap mode using the color table only, which gives a resolution of 64x192 with fat 4x1 pixels in full 16 colors.
  28. Here's a couple of cool ideas I wanted to share: 1) Halo Infinite was delayed too. But Halo Infinite was shown to its target market in its infamous state. Tommy hasn't shown anything to his target market (non gamers, moms) that could become a laughing stock for them. So in that regard, Intellivision Entertainment has done a better job than Microsoft (just as they did a better job than Google when it comes to having a clear mission releasing a new console). 2) I think we're doing a great job at ignoring the last video of the most famous Amico haters. Let's keep it that way!
  29. Sorry for the rapid fire scores. Taking a little break until later in the day. New PB:
  30. Throwing my regular Pac-Man strategies of grouping and eating ghosts right out the window and focusing on finishing levels is getting me much higher scores than when I started with this one. I hear what's being said about the ghosts coming back so dang fast. Sometimes I don't bother eating some if it means giving me a better way to escape. Made it to the 2nd pineapple stage...which is a fruit I haven't seen before in different versions. 38,950
  31. @Tommy Tallarico The Stream last night with Level857 was great. You and Vic have amazing chemistry and it was super fun hearing about the early days of EP. I'm excited that G4 is coming back and would love to think you guys might get back together for a ROTR remake of some kind. It was that show (and you both) that sort of legitimized video gaming to alot of my non-gaming friends. Showing the devs as serious (most of the time ) people working on bringing their ideas to life was a side of gaming that people simply didn't know...until you two. Thanks for the memories both then and those to come
  32. Yes it's white but the console has different colors for the LED. For example, when playing games the lights will change color.
  33. I got everything working, including the knobs (for two paddles) and the LEDs on the front light up. They are powered by the +5v from the joystick port. I've started on the game but haven't gotten very far yet. Here's another video demonstration:
  34. Tommy daid they can do contra style games. If the enemy is shot but disappears like in contra
  35. No it's not army or anything like that my wording wasn't great it's going to be cartoony. Like one class is going to be circus with clowns some abilities will be like the water flower and electrifying hand buzzer. Another will be aliens with shrink rays. Another will be mad scientist with mutated creatures. You get the idea. What you think
  36. Hello, It's been a little while since I've developed a full game as I've been experimenting with writing more simple games. I have attached a demo of a simple game that I started several months ago and recently managed to complete more or less called Square War! One file I saved in the Classic99 format (SQUAREDEMO) and the other is a .dsk file (SQUAREDEMO_dsk). I've also included the listing below in the spoiler. It might be easier to copy and past it into an emulator to try it. I have been trying to write games over the last few months in the spirit of the Texas Program Book 35 programs for home, educational and business use with the TI99/4A by Vince Apps. The Texas Program Book was my favourite TI programming book, apart from the TI manual itself. I remember the programs being easy to type in, consistently mediocre, and simple to understand. Also I don't think I had to debug any of the programs. This game is an Invaders type game except you don't shoot the invader you shoot the colourful blocks behind it which is the source of all its power! To destroy a segment of the block you have to wait until your square is the same colour as the invader's block. You score 10 points once you have destroyed one whole block. The game ends once you have lost three lives or the invader makes it to the bottom of the screen. The keys are S left and D right and space bar to fire. Different levels are not available yet and I need to refine the game a little more too. SQUAREDEMO.zip SQUAREDEMO_dsk.zip
  37. I'm cool with cmart, no matter what everyone else is saying about him.
  38. 5th Entry - Finally had a breakout game. Would have been better too, but my screen blacked out for a few seconds and I got caught.... 😠 157,450
  39. senior_falcon - I have been out of the TI dev space for a while. But I have been watching XB G.E.M. refinement and have been a little bit inspired. I have 2 or 3 projects started that I feel are worth spending the time to finish. I figure when 2.8 is ready, I should be as well. The future support of Missing Link etc. sounds amazing also! I just want to Thank you for your efforts! The Compiler and Classic99 have changed everything for me in the TI world! So a quick Thank you to Tursi as well!
  40. Played some more tonight and was able to increase my score: 165,750
  41. This is genuinely tragic. I can't believe that he died so young. Then again, it seemed like he always had some emotional and mental issues.
  42. I still say that the "killer app" or the thing that makes this desirable, is the controller. Yes, Wii Sports helped to sell the Wii, but it was because of its controller that made those games fun. If it came with a typical video game controller, I doubt most would have bought it. Amico's controller combined with any of the games they've shown, should be an enticing sale. For me, the killer app will be the controller... and Night Stalker.
  43. No. The compiler will work with XB256 but at present it is not compatible with The Missing Link, T40XB or T80XB. In the future I hope to be able to make it compatible with not just these, but most assembly support programs. I hope to have XB 2.8 G.E.M. finished in a week or so and then will take a long vacation from this stuff. Maybe in the winter I will look into combining assembly with the compiler.
  44. I keep seeing videos where people say the Amico needs a killer app. I also see a lot of people saying Skiing looks amazing and they are really excited for it...and it's a pack in game...and so are Astrosmash and Shark! Shark! As an Intellivision fan, those three games alone make for a killer app. Cornhole and Farkle are just icing on the cake, and we even have another pack in game yet to be announced. I didn't get any pack in games with my XBOX One, PS4, or Switch. Honestly, Skiing alone makes me want to buy the system. I still play Skiing on my 2600 and Intellivison, and I haven't found a modern Skiing game out there that is as much fun. Let's keep talking about killer apps though. Cloudy Mountain and Night Stalker look fantastic, and we've seen gameplay. These look to be well into development. Then we get Moon Patrol, an absolute arcade classic, and we can already get a taste of the gameplay on our phones. As a retro gamer, just hearing those titles makes me excited. And before someone calls me out for nostalgia, these retro games are actually still fun to play and totally hold up. I'm not worried about the gameplay for these classics, and the graphics are appropriately scaled up for modern gamers who want a fun experience. I agree that maybe there is still some polish to be done on the graphics, but these are all still in development. Let's talk surprises. Evel Knieval and Space Strike. I had zero interest in Evel Knievel--until I saw the gameplay and stylized graphics. Seems like a winner. But then, out of nowhere, Space Strike is shown and it looks like Rocket League for retro gamers! Let's talk about future games. Earthworm Jim 4. Do we need to say more about this one? Graphics looked promising, beloved franchise, still recognizable even today. MLB Baseball could be great as well. Name the last "fun" baseball game since the 16-bit era? Maybe "The Bigs" or "Mario Baseball," but games like Sony's "The Show" would put my family to sleep! And personally I can't wait for Asteroids because I'm a huge fan. And I love that game. And it still holds up. I think my long rambling point is that a new console can't survive on nostalgia alone, it needs multiple fun games to play. I can be very honest about games that I used to play and love that don't hold up anymore. This happens in all media. Try watching that "hilarious" movie or television show from your youth and maybe it's surprisingly no longer entertaining. I think what we've seen already is a promising library of games that should be a lot of fun to play. I understand that most of us have not even had a chance to play these games yet, but I haven't played any of the upcoming new games on the next gen consoles either. The list of Amico games that have already been announced have gameplay styles that absolutely still hold up, and that's "killer app" enough for me.
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