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  1. I removed the post in extremely poor taste about Curt's house that also revealed his address. I also kicked the user out of this thread. If I see anything like that again, I will simply ban the individual responseible from AtariAge permanently without warning. ..Al
  2. Time to update. The redesigned PCB was launched and mostly programmed, unfortunately I made a mistake and I have to correct it again. The photo shows a few cables that I had to save the situation There was an additional expansion connector that I used for the module from YM2151. Yes, Dragonfly handles Yamaha just like the XM does. The YM2151 module will be available separately as an option. The proof below: In the meantime, I designed the case, this is what it looks like now: It took a while to fix the power connector problem, but it turned out fine. This is what Dragonfly looks like running in the console. Initial valuation at today's exchange rate; - Dragonfly basic version (without Pokey and YM2151) - 350PLN / $93 - Pokey Max - 160PLN / $42 - YM2151 module - 100PLN / $26 Worldwide shipping will probably be $ 25 / $ 6.5, but I have yet to check it out. When Pokey Max is installed, the Dual Pokey feature will be available at $0440 and Covox at $0430. Interrupts from Pokey and YM2151 are also available. The USB connector is based on the FT232, so drivers for it are available for every operating system. Due to different power supply standards, no power adapter will be attached to the cartridge, the required voltage is 9V and a current of min. 1.5A, connector 5.5 / 2.1 plus inside.
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    (Picture inside) I beat Dolphin! I achieve the maximum points of 300000 which ends in a kill screen text message ending typical of an 80’s style video game. It’s 3am and I was bored.
  4. http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.00-test16.zip http://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.00-test16-src.zip AltirraOS bumped to 3.29: NOCLIK is now implemented in XL/XE mode. Megacart (3) 512K banking fixed to only use bit 7 for disable. Fixed a crash that could occur if somehow a disk image got persisted in settings with an empty path. The Wine64 on macOS bug workaround has now been enabled by default -- it activates on the x64 build whenever a bad TEB pointer is detected and the program is running under Wine. Debugger: .diskreadsec command now always uses the virtual sector size, for consistency with .diskwritesec. Removed an unnecessary stat call in most file open paths and fixed some cases of poorly buffered disk image I/O. Fixed bug where some portions of the emulator like the Disk Explorer could not write to double-density boot sectors when formatted by a full drive emulator. Fixed bug where XFD image files were always completely rewritten on the first write instead of being incrementally updated. Fixed the FDC to use proper write track limits for 300 and 360 RPM disk drives. Removed a hack that had been put in to make the 1050 work, as it now properly runs the FDC in 8" mode as the real drive does. Fixed an FDC issue preventing the 1050 Duplicator firmware from formatting disks (waiting too long for initial byte write). ATX: Sectors are now properly sorted by ascending position when writing. ATX: Fixed bug where an unmatched extra sector info chunk would cause the parser to hang. ATX: Added experimental support for double density images. The specification for this is not yet finalized, so this is gated in Tools > Advanced Configuration > image.disk.atx.full_sector_support.
  5. This demo requires SAMS. There is a new maze, new wall textures, and lots of new monster textures borrowed from Buzzkill's 32x32 tileset for Angband. I have replaced the gun with a compass, and if you view the map you only see the areas you have visited. The monsters are harmless for now, so the only challenge to complete the 'game' is to find your way to the bottom left corner. P. S. I have not done anything yet to optimize the drawing of 'sprites'. texcaster8.bin
  6. Been a bit since I updated the thread here... We are up to beta 34, and 35 is (so far) looking like a first release candidate. I need to sit down and probably play through myself from beginning to end before making a final determination. I'm presently working on some of the tangibles such as getting the manual printed (Lulu), maps made (Spoonflower) and a game box created (BoardgamesMaker). In all likelihood a "tangible" copy of the game will be a bit pricey, as production of anything in small scale numbers is difficult. I also need to find out how tricky it's going to be to make cartridges. Those will probably need to wait until a release candidate has been fairly well exposed in a digital form to avoid burning a broken version. I also need to write up some documentation on running the game in other emulators. One of those times I really wish Classic99 ran on a Mac or Linux.
  7. No one will ever play a guitar like he did... ever again. Only Hendrix, Page, Allman, Lifeson, Rhodes, and a very small handful of others could play to his level... but never shred like he could. Even Malsteem, Satriani and Vai couldn't hold a candle to Eddie. Not only was he amazing, he was quiet and simple... the smile was all it took. No other drama, or antics. Just pure focus and blazing speed like no one else on this planet. At age 60... he was faster than men 40 years younger. That's when you know he was a purist and a master at his art. When you're 18, young and dedicated...it's easy. At 60... arthritic joints in his fingers, tendons not as elastic, hands hardened from age... and he plays it all like he was 20 again. Look at the stretch... the pinky working the strings with speed and accuracy.. all masterful technique. Fucking unreal... and on a level all his own. That was Eddie.
  8. Also, there is talk of implementing the Yamaha sound chip on the HOKEY hardware so potentially, you could get a two-for-one deal. This is just at the discussion phase at this point but someday, maybe.
  9. I'm definitely in again this year! AA Secret Santa is one of the best parts of the season! 😁
  10. That's a great idea! I'll create the new forum later this evening. ..Al
  11. This is the 5200 build of the game published in issue 141 of ABBUC magazine. Thanks to Darryl and Jaden for all their help and Dave Hughes who wrote the original ZX Spectrum version. Here is a video of it running on the A8, the 5200 is identical except it doesn't have the loading or credits screen. https://youtu.be/9p1SPeNkQso instructions.txt biscuits5200_32K.bin
  12. As always my aim is to support everything required for retail, including POKEY in CPLD solution. As it will be CPLD / micro based, I would be able to support new mappers. Things like the bupchip are a possibility also. But as ever, I have a million things on the go, so grab what you can while you can.
  13. I am surprised you did not mention Tallarico !! ?? 🙄😁 lol
  14. Eruption tends to get a lot of attention (and it is great), but songs like this and Spanish Fly showed that Eddie was more than just a shredder when it came to solo pieces.
  15. And if your think your family doesn't have one, then you yourself must be the wacky cousin.
  16. Hey guys here's the design, unless anyone else pipes up I'm only going to do 5 of these and keep one for myself. Sramirez2008 and SpecialTeams - I'll save a copy for you guys. Anybody else wants one let me know soon. Thanks
  17. I’m assuming breakout, but would love to see skiing (well, actually, would love to see Night Stalker, but do not think it would translate well to mobile).
  18. From what I can gather, the SIDE3 casing is narrower at the 'stepped' section at the connector edge, but basically the same width as SIDE2 in all other respects. If this is the case, it's symptomatic of a cataclysmic communication problem, since I was advocating 1-2mm off the width over the entire length of the casing. When I have sanded a SIDE2 casing down by rubbing it along a sheet of sandpaper, I'm not narrowing the 'stepped' section at the end, since this doesn't even come into contact with the sandpaper. So reducing the width of said stepped section will accomplish nothing at all, as far as I can tell. This is what happens when one person provides data whose meaning is assumed to be clear, and said data disappears down a sink hole and emerges months later as a mass-produced item.
  19. Non-collector’s guide to selling Atari computers via online auction If it says Atari, it’s RARE. Put RARE in the auction title. Maybe put it two or three times so bidders will be sure to notice. If it says Atari, it’s VALUABLE. Don’t worry if it’s in poor condition, cracked, or not working. Even if all you have is the box (or part of the box), it’s worth money. Search online for your item and sort from high to low price. Offer yours for at least 20% higher than the highest price. If this seems like too much work, USD999.99 is always a good starting bid. If you can’t find your item in an active auction listing, it’s probably worth billions. If it says Atari, it’s IN DEMAND. Because it’s RARE (see #1), desperate collectors will fight over it. There’s no need to waste time and effort cleaning, gluing, or otherwise trying to fix it up, people will bid on it just the same. In fact, if it’s covered in dirt and looks like it came out of a landfill, people will probably pay more for it. If it says Atari, it’s INDESTRUCTABLE. No need to waste time and money on careful packaging. Throw everything into a box with a few pieces of crumpled up paper and ship it. Or, for even more cost savings, just wrap it in one sheet of bubble wrap and put a shipping label on it. If you position the shipping label just right, it can double as tape to hold the bubble wrap together.
  20. Bass - John Entwistle Drums/Percussion - Neil Peart Lead Guitar/Keyboards - Eddie Van Halen Vocals - Presently Jesus Christ, but will be filled at a later date. RIP... but God is putting together the most colossal Rock Band the Heavens have ever seen! It's obvious he loves Hard Rock...
  21. Here are a couple of ideas, but I am holding out for that Unlimited Power attachment (divert your eyes @CurlyQ, bad Photoshop ahead):
  22. Hello everyone! The PiTrex cartridge which adds an Raspberry Pi to the Vectrex is now ready to release to developers! PiTrex is a cartridge for the Vectrex aimed at being a host system for vector arcade emulation as well as hosting new games in high-level languages. The idea for this project first surfaced in mid 2018 and we had our hardware by early 2019. At that point it was still an R&D project, and we were not yet sure if we could even draw vectors successfully... but after a while we did... and found that the real-time interrupts that go on all the time on linux were interfering with drawing and that the display was always glitchy. At that point we thought we had to drop the idea of running under Linux, and we spent most of 2019 and much of early 2020 working on a bare-metal standalone environment for running vector programs on the Pi. It wasn't until mid 2020 that we finally found a way to draw from Linux without glitches! Since then we have been full speed ahead getting this initial release ready to share with developers. We will be supporting both bare-metal and linux-hosted environments. Bare metal does boot straight into a game quickly and is unlikely to suffer SD corruption if just switched off without a clean shutdown - it's a good environment for someone selling a game for example. But we expect the majority of development to be done under linux initially - much better library support and features like audio and networking. If you haven't heard of the PiTrex over those last couple of years - it is primarily for new games written in C (for now) and emulation. The emulated games that we have so far are basically at proof-of-concept stage - they mostly all need some tweaking to integrate the Vectrex joystick and buttons to drive them - one of the tasks we're hoping will be sped up by the addition of more developers. (at our best so far we've been a 3-man team, but it has all been unpaid spare-time work by people with day jobs) So that's where we are now. It's not a ready-to-play system, but the basics that a software author may need to develop games or languages like Logo or Forth are in place. We have a mailing list which is how we'll communicate with you, and would like you to sign up for it when you place the order for the PiTrex PCB at https://www.ombertech.com/pitrexdev.php For now the PiTrex will only be supplied as an uncased cartridge board, We do supply a custom case you can 3D print, and we'll discuss future case options on the mailing list once you're all signed up. You'll need to get a Pi Zero from one of several suppliers. We strongly recommend getting a Pi Zero WH for simplicity - saving $10 by getting the most basic Pi Zero could be a mistake that will cost much more than $10 to rectify later unless you're already an electronics enthusiast with soldering skills and various headers to hand! We're committed to making as many boards as are wanted in the long term, so if you are only interested in playing games on the PiTrex or feel you need to grab one now in case they sell out - please don't! Leave the initial batch for developers so we can start getting some serious new content on the machines. We have about 40 tested boards and that should be enough for developers to get started. If we have some spare after the devs have had a chance to get one, and you're willing to live with the restrictions of alpha-level software, we could let some of any remaining boards go in a few weeks time.
  23. This weekend! http://vcfed.org/wp/festivals/vintage-computer-festival-east/
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    hit a garage sale today, got a prototype of enduro! (among some otherthings) unfortunately the proto is from late january 83 so probably no different from release
  25. I know it will be breakout.. But I can hope for Tempest... Considering it hasn't even been started yet.. I know it MAY be a long shot.
  26. Exodus: Ultima III. 49 colors. ExodusU3.xex
  27. Because people will ask, I should clarify that the $99 price includes free shipping in the USA. In Canada, add $8, elsewhere add $12.
  28. Just a little teaser (U1MB PokeyMAX plugin): Special thanks for foft for his excellent communication and very clear documentation.
  29. Well I've pledge to support batari and SainT 7800 carts for years so I'd like to get both. Then I'll decide which is better and not tell them! 😆
  30. I’m thinking Breakout too but just to go with an off the wall guess I hope it’s Horse Racing it’d be fun to see how that is going to be it’s a game I am very much looking forward to as it’s one my dad and I played a ton
  31. Who here wants to guess at what the new demo might be? I'm hoping it's Breakout.
  32. As promised: ******************************************* * TI BASIC/EXTENDED BASIC COMPILED GAMES * * MEGA COMPILATION V1.0.0 * ******************************************* All the 50 games in one .zip archive, with scripts to rename for FinalGROM (I've only tested the Windows script, not the Un*x counterpart). There is also an Excel file with the list and some additional fields to track the status of the various compiled games. I need your support to complete all the blank fields! Feedbacks (and help...) are welcome, expecially if we want to try to reach 100 compiled games... TI99_Compiled_Games_MEGA_Pack_V1.0.0_by_TMOP.zip TI99_Compiled_Games_List_V1.0.0.xlsx
  33. if you're still taking "I'm interested in..." then put me down for 1. Or do you need a DM? I'm maxing out my 800XL, so interested in all the things
  34. V1.1 is available ( See First post! ) 2 new pictures and 1 removed so the total is now 20 and the cart is almost fully used! 2nd tune: "Pro BMX sim" by Matt Gray, turned into a pretty cool Pokey-Sid version by Emkay. This tune can take up to 40 scanlines when replayed with RMT but takes only about 10 with LZS
  35. I aprecititate that you admit that you were wrong moreover publicly and thanks for the apology which I didn't needed or asked for. (if you will read this at all because of putting me on ignore list )
  36. Ver 1.1 has the wildcard support for DELETE now, with an option to not be prompted for each file... Fixes the other bugs I found in 1.0 as well. For the RMDIR option to recursively delete a tree, I think I'll add a new command DELTREE for that. I need to refactor my wildcarding code so it doesn't use global variables, put the context on the stack, then it should be able to be used in a recursive depth first manner. Maybe next week's release.
  37. SMASH N DASH!!!! I got to level Winter 5 and smashed the most I've smashed yet..... 😜 37,776
  38. This is exactly why I own a Harmony Encore and an UnoCart. As for the 7800, I have a Mateos but can’t wait for one or all of these SD options to become available.
  39. One dot wafer 😆 away from 30k. I've played Jr. Pac-Man before, but I've never really played it, ya know? Let's break this down: Huge, complicated mazes Scrolling screens Bouncing bonuses that increase dot points that slow you down and destroy power pellets Super fast ghosts Tim That kite level is crazy, there are passages that easily become death traps if you're not careful. And am I missing the tunnels? ¿Dónde están? The scrolling adds another challenge b/c ghosts come out of nowhere when you can't keep an eye on all of them. Can't say I'm a fan of that. I love how the "candy toys" have pretty much done away with perfect level scores by changing dot points, and I like how when you stop hearing them bounce it's b/c they're about to blow up an energizer. The ghosts are fast from the start, but so are you, phew. And the manual says the "ghostly bullies" tickle Jr. Pac-Man to death. Ms. Pac will always be my fav, but I like that this one is just different enough to make it worth it. 29,990 Kite Level
  40. Yes, as HOKEY will also be available in a 40-pin DIP like the other aftermarket POKEY clones.
  41. First of all, if you show a Japanese programmer a game on the Atari 2600, and then show the same game to an American programmer (an entire ocean away) and ask both programmers to reproduce the game on other local consoles, you can be sure that they're not going to produce the same final product. The Japanese programmer will be influenced by his own culture, and more to the point, by what he believes Japanese kids will be more inclined to buy and play, based on the screenshot(s) displayed on the box. This alone explains the widely different graphics between the CV and SG-1000 versions of H.E.R.O.. Look at the other games available in Japan at the time, and you'll notice that H.E.R.O.'s graphics on the SG-1000 are not that far off from other games on the SG-1000, the MSX or the Famicom. Meanwhile, in North-America, programmers had a different philosophy for designing graphics for their games, putting more emphasis on making backgrounds look like paintings as much as possible, and making sprites multicolored, which was something Americans were used to right from the days of the Apple II and TI99-4A. We're talking about a totally different environment, where video game were concerned. Secondly, the CV version of H.E.R.O. doesn't push any particular hardware limits, and neither does the SG-1000 version. In fact, with a little bit of work, you could port the CV version to the SG-1000, and vice-versa. The programmers of the CV version simply put more time into the graphic design phase, nothing more. If you think the SG-1000 version of H.E.R.O. looks worse, then that simply shows that you are America-centric. I'm sure you can find Japanese people who will look at the graphics of the CV version, call them ugly as f*ck, and say that they much prefer the SG-1000 version they grew up with.
  42. Okay, so I've put everything into a github repo: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-sd-card And have cut an appropriate release: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-sd-card/releases/tag/sd-card-2020-10-08 Of special note, is the DOS folder, which contains lots of different FMSes, each with a copy of fnc-tools ready for use. fujinet-sd-card-sd-card-2020-10-08.zip fujinet-sd-card-sd-card-2020-10-08.tar.gz
  43. Your choice to hold out, but if you want to buy both, I can at least say that Concerto's pricing will be very reasonable. Concerto will debut at $99, and Concertino will be $59.
  44. Update! Secret service intelligence reports state that I now have support for the following languages (besides the completed DE, NL, PL, FR): Czech/CZ (complete) Russian/RU (complete) Italian/IT (in the making) Spanish/ES (in the making) Any other volunteers/languages? There are still some pages left in the booklet!
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