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  1. This past weekend, I introduce my son to Biplanes, Battle Tanks, and Armor Battle on my ps2 with Intellivision Lives. I let him a good 5 minutes to understand the control of the plane before I begin to play againts him. He's 9 years old, and it was not easy for him to understand "stall" and that he need to take some speed to control the plane ! But I was not hard on him, and a lots of times I make my plane stall and crashed. Also crashing in the tower while I was trying to hit him. ( Could be cool for Amico when you hit the tower a couple of times to see it crumble ! ) He was laughing out loud, even when his plane lost control ! It was a lot of fun. After that, we tried Battle Tanks. It was easier for him. First we played without the bouncing ball (realism). After that, with bouncing balls it was really fast for the two of us to die ! Finally, Battle Armor, one of the original game to hit stores at launch ! 200 different maps ! Our expectations were high ! It was a little pointless to have 2 Tanks each at the same time on the map, and there was much less place to avoid the shots. For several reasons, we preferred Battle Tanks. We played almost one hour ( 3 games ) and my son really appreciated it. I am happy to have a 9 years old boy that want to play games that was made 40 years ago ! Next step he will make is top 10 from the last gameplay trailer ! We can't wait to play Amico's games !
  2. Greetings mates, lovers of Atari, Some years ago I acquired a never used, a brand new (non opened box), Atari STE computer. That is really a great machine, heavily underrated machine. Quickly I update it with 4 MB SIMM RAM modules... and I started on the search about how to program for it using C language... some time after I reached this state: This demonstration illustrates many of AGT libraries features, such fast sprite drawing routines, frame slipping, smooth scrolling and dualfield colouring technique, in order to increase the number of colours far beyond 16 usual ones. It is designed and running on a standard 8 MHz Atari STE with 4 MB RAM at 50 frames per second. Loading from diskette is granted, but hard drive or new sd card reader for extended joystick port is easier and recommended. Due to games developed on this way requires plenty disk space; this demo loads up to 3.1 MB of data, 512 KB of them are used for music and fx effects, other 512 KB are needed to store the extremely detailed NeoGeo quality level map graphics; the rest of them are for sprites; where many animations are not yet programmed, but these frames are being loaded. Sound is completely based on digital sound samples, mixed in a Real-Time manner; 3 voices at 12,5 KHz, arcade sound quality. The Yamaha YM2149 is not used in this example. Original game code is not used here. Game code is programmed on C language using STE oriented libraries, the digital audio mixer is written on 68k assembly. Original Metal Slug name, graphics and sounds/musics are property of their respective owners.
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    Question Everything You should question your ideas, your thoughts, your beliefs, and those of others and the things people say and tell you. What the news and media tell you, the mental stimuli your senses tell you. Ask yourself what you hate, what you love, what you are passionate about what is important and what doesn't matter. You can only know who you are when you figure out who you aren't.
  4. So this arrived today from a Buy It Now listing... We had one CIS (Complete in Styrofoam) now we have a genuine CIB! We will be posting for sale or offering our first one for Trade soon...
  5. Absolutely nothing - here are just a few of the low power gaming devices I have had hours & hours of fun on this year. That is difference between a gamer and a complainer.
  6. This is the END of Season 10! Time Line: Final Standings Posted Tuesday Oct 20. Our WINNER will be crowned and congratulated! Round 1 Bracket Challenge Starts Oct 22. Round 1 Bracket Challenge Ends Nov 1. Round 2 Starts Nov 3 and Ends Nov 8 Round 3 (FINALS for Medal Brackets) Starts Nov 10 and Ends Nov 22 Round 4 (Paper Medal Finals ) Starts Nov 24 and ends Dec 6. SEASON 11: STARTS FEB 4, 2021 It will last 23-26 weeks and feature 28-30 Games. And will End in August 2021 Edited just now by Vocelli
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    You gotta enjoy Life! Dance like nobody else is moshing!
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    Oh yeah, it's all coming together.... https://ibb.co/dM6vCG2 https://ibb.co/D10XBQZ
  9. ^ I removed the URL from the previous post. They're not getting much attention outside of their little circle, but let's not give them any more.
  10. I know much more, but I can't talk about it, unfortunately. I also don't want to get my friend in trouble. Anything Shawn knows, he knows from me and I can trust him not to talk about it. I know you guys always think, "Bah, NDA's, tell me already.", but it is quite serious for someone who works in the industry. I am not risking anything for a bunch of fanboys and doubters. EDIT: I also don't give a flying fuck about all of these wannabe retro consoles, including the Intellivision thing, I don't even own a Flashback. It's all for young dorks, that want to be cool.
  11. No score update from me, but when Jr starts going in directions that you’re positive you didn’t move him, then that means it’s quitting time. I did have a game earlier this evening where I hit 43k on my first life, so that was a new record which was frickin sweet. But just like in Ms. Pac, my highest games aren’t from my best first lives. I really wanna play the arcade version now. I read that one gives you an extra life every 10k, which if true, is insane. The biggest frustration that I think I had with this game was that I don’t start off consistently well. Sometimes I’ll sit down to one game and kick butt. Most other times, I’m having a rough start and restarting a lot. Although actually, that usually gets me in a rut and I need a break. The tricycle maze is just a hard first level, harder than cherry in Ms. Pac-Man for sure. I guess it just boils down to this: Jr. Pac-Man VCS is frickin hard and I want to knock that stupid propeller hat off of his head sometimes. end rant
  12. I have bad ominous feeling that the software is not complete and they are just stalling for extra time. Remember that blackberry playbook 7" tablet years back that went straight to the liquidation bins when Blackberry/RIM went poof? Well, when you initially booted it up it needed to have WIFI or it would not start, reason is because it needed an update at the start.. and not just an update a MASSIVE update that basically was the entire OS. If you stopped the update it would brick itself. Even at $99 I returned it. Junk is Junk and a company that cannot finish a product before shipping it out needs to go bye bye! These are not videogames, these are physical products. I bet when you start the Atari VCS up it will do the same, meaning there will be no OS installed other than a splash screen and an update partition that will erase itself after the evil deed is done. This way they can meet the "deadline" without having ship a complete product.
  13. Hi all, been following the thread for a while, and a big fan of Neo Geo for a long time. AES was completely unobtainable for me as a child, so Sega Mega Drive it was. I would look at the adverts in my gaming magazines, only to be reminded of the massive costs. I only ever really got to see Neo Geo via TV shows such as GamesMaster in the UK. Fast forward, I've finally picked up an MVS board, and plenty of other supplies as I've decided - at this point questionably - to build myself a US style MVS red cabinet - MVS one slot, with CRT and all. It's a new project for me, something I've not really done before. Anyway here are some pics, not much as yet, but hopefully will take shape over the next few weeks.
  14. I purchased a http://www.2600-daptor.com/ I've been hesitant to mess with joysticks and pc's as it seemed unfamiliar and uncharted territory... Fortunately, there is good help to be found on the above website. So I plugged in the -daptor and an old Atari 2600 joystick. I tested with joy.cpl. Then, the moment of truth, I started Classic99 and TI Invaders. Everything worked like a charm. Thanks Tursi and -daptor man!
  15. I just keep wondering how Atari expects to support the Ataribox assuming it gets out the door. Does it have a warranty? Can it be returned or repaired? Who do people call for tech support when one of these things fails? Sure, most tech support is farmed out overseas anyway, but the companies still have to pay for it. That doesn't seem like something Atari would want to fork over money for, especially for just a few thousand units. Or I wonder if these will just be sold as-is, and good luck to the consumer? "It's broken? Well it worked when it left the factory. Have you tried turning it off and on again? It sounds like you may have broken it somehow when you plugged it in. Our warranty doesn't cover that. Have a nice day! (click)"
  16. I'm confused as to why people are so concerned about the inner components of Amico. They want to say it has a Banana Pi in it, and that somehow makes it bad. Even if it did, what's so horrible about that? What really makes this console are the controllers and software. What would make using the Pi so bad?
  17. Count me in! Never did a Secret Santa on here before.
  18. [GAME 13] THE DREADNAUGHT FACTOR - FINAL RESULTS) WINNER: INTYFANMATT (New Record) 1. 11,859 IntyFanMatt +13 [+2 Activision Patch Bonus] [+2 set new record] 2. 11,689 Rickster8 +12 [+2 Activision Patch Bonus] [+1 broke old record] 3. 10,380 mr_me +11 [+2 Activision Patch Bonus] - 4. 9,911 popsicle +9 [+2 Activision Patch Bonus] 5. 8,371 jblenkle +8 [+2 Activision Patch Bonus] 6. 7,813 Biffman +7 [+2 Activision Patch Bonus] 7. 5,419 fakecortex +6 8. 4,880 roadrunner +5 9. 4,554 Intelligentleman +4 10. 2,111 gar0u +3 Bonus (GAME 7) 1. 8,995 IntyFanMatt +7 [+2 set new record] 2. 4,334 Rickster8 +6 3. 2,948 popsicle +5 4. 2,073 Biffman +4 5. 1,171 fakecortex +3 A shootastic showing for all 10 players here, and another win for IntyFanMatt with two new record scores!! Six players "broke" the Factor and picked up Activision patch scores. Some very above and BEYOND THE DREADNAUGHT high scoring 👌 Best showing overall for the game. 👏
  19. Here are pics of my controller. You can see where I put the encoder, as well as how it's wired inside. Note that I have yet to install the switch to turn off rotary control for when I just want to use the D-pad.
  20. Gimli John Rhys-Davies as Gimli son of Gloin, a dwarf warrior in Peter Jackson's film trilogy of JRR Tolkien's fantasy novel 'The Lord Of The Rings'. 56 colours. Here he laments departing Lothlorien, the realm of the beautiful Elf-Queen Galadriel: “Tell me, Legolas, why did I embark upon this Quest? Little then did I discern where danger chiefly lay! Apt were the words of Elrond, saying that we knew not what trials might test us on our way. Torment in the dark I feared the most, though it stayed me not, yet ne'er would I have set my foot upon this road had I but foreseen the mightier perils of light and joy.” drpeter_Gimli.xex
  21. Game is getting there... New features demonstrated below: - Elite enemies: this video shows a trooper wearing a "Kusanagi" suit, which enables intermittent cloaking. (And you thought you were the only one going invisible, heh?) - Inventory system: can be called by pressing a specific key. Provides item descriptions and allows player to equip/unequip items. Equipping some items will actually unequip others in the same "category"... for instance, only one key card can be equipped at a time.
  22. Yeah, no one wants to see anyone lose their job or taken to court over an NDA break, especially for this thing. I'm am just continually perplexed by Atari's own refusal to live up to simple communication and honesty. It will be nice to finally see it "out there," so our predictions for better or worse can be played out. I'm still confident in mine that are similar to recent posts saying that this thing has zero legs to move beyond the initial launch phase. My bet is that it'll end up just like their game Minimum - It'll launch, get a little traction among the intended audience, but as soon as they see that it's not the next NES Classic, it'll become another piece of hardware that time will be happy to forget.
  23. Quoted for truth. I've had to sign NDAs before, and it's taken very seriously. Why, this one time, I was working on... Hey - who are you guys?! How did you get in... HEY!! MMMMMPPHH!!! MMPPHH!!! (cacophony of noises, shuffling feet, ominous door slam, then... sllence...)
  24. Thanks so much @mika15! That's a great suggestion and I've wanted to do a 'Favourite' show for quite a while now. I can see doing one when there's short lull in releases and there's probably one coming up soon. I like your suggestion of memorable moments, the secret reveal of Galagon comes to mind for that! I'll add it to my 'Future Episodes' and start adding to the list as I remember great games. 🙂 - James
  25. Thanks for clearing that up @Lathe26. If there was no conclusive answer, I was just going to post a meme entitled: "Is that a Banana Pi in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?!" 😄
  26. The Banana Pi thing is likely a reference to the now-dead Seedi project to support many early CD-based consoles. When it was discovered that a prototype of the Seedi was internally a Banana Pi hooked up to a CD-ROM drive, some of the lesser YouTubers started screaming into their microphones... literal screaming. Note: this does not include Jesus Metal Rocks; he reviewed the Seedi prototype and gave a fair and level assessment. https://seedisystem.com/
  27. Hmmm...yeah, I totally get what you are saying. Black would blend too well with the frame, maybe a deep blue? (like the maze walls) Still looks good though!
  28. I wonder what would happen if there were 2 winners with the same high score for moon patrol???
  29. Rankings Update: (After The Dreadnaught Factor) 1. IntyFanMatt [+186] 2. Rickster8 [+178] 3. BiffMan [+151] 4. INTELLIVISION SPARTAN [+145] 5. mr_me [+106] 6. JacobZu7zu7 [+98] 7. Ace24 [+79] 8. fakecortex [+63] 9. Player One [+56] 10. hoosierdadee78 [+54] 11. Intelligentleman [+48] 12. gar0u [+37] 13. roadrunner [+24] 14. jblenkle [+21] 15. JasonlikesINTV [+19] 16. popsicle [+16] 17. Mangia-boy [+13] 18. Popsicle [+12] 19. ed1475 [+11] 20. Jimmy KDawg [+7] 21. Oscar G. [+6] 22. S.BAZ [+4] 23. dpisacane [+3] 24. cmadruga [+1] Random Fact: First time we had NO TIES in the standings this season
  30. That makes sense, guess I just assumed the same game was owned by the same folks. Thanks.
  31. Apologies for the silence with this project. I was worried I was going to have to bench this project as I don't really have the skill or equipment for troubleshooting (I'm looking into getting an oscilloscope to change that). But, before I did I wanted to be sure that the computer was the problem and not the modulator. So, I got a cheap rca cable and made my own composite cable. The image was clear as day, so now I know my computer isn't bad. Moving forward, I'm going to get some new thermal paste to put on the VDU and I'll likely recap both the computer and the power supply. Thanks for all the advice and time you all put into this for me, I really appreciate it.
  32. OK I'm a glutton for punishment. Every time I think I'm getting a feel for the game it puts me back in my place. 21520 All better with a bit of super glue 😀
  33. Someone on this forum has convinced me to make an enhancement to the Antonia tool ANT, so that it would allow to edit file names of the ROMs stored in the flash memory and save them to a disk file. The idea was that the program has to store checksums along with the names, so that it could decide at loading time if the names still match the contents of the flash or not. The main problem was testing as I remembered that previously I was not able to boot the relevant machine from any storage (SIO simply did not work and HDD did not spin up), but yesterday, to my surprise, when I inserted IDE+ into that computer, everything worked. So I was able to test my "dry" code on a real machine and clean up issues I spotted. Long story short, here is a new version of the ANT program, 1.6b (where b stands for BETA). It has the requested feature and it seems to work. There however still may be glitches I did not notice, so if there are any Antonia-users interested, please take a look and report back any issues. There are two versions: ANT.EXE and ANTCRC.EXE. The "CRC" version uses CRC-16 routine taken from this place http://www.6502.org/source/integers/crc.htm to calculate sums of the ROMs, whereas the former calculates straight, Atari-style checksums. CRC-16 should be more reliable, but checksums are easier (and faster) to calculate. The CRC version stores ID file as ANTROMS.ID2, and the checksum version uses ANTROMS.ID1. The file will be stored in the program's path under SDX 4.4, in current dir in earlier versions, and on "D:" in other DOS-es. I also found some issue in the flasher, which during my tests once or twice entered infinite loop during flashing. While I am not completely sure on the reason, I have verified the flashing routine against the documentation and found something suspicious. The fixed routine did not hang afterwards through the entire day, so I believe that if it was an issue to fix, it is now fixed. The way to "clear" the flashable portion of the ROMs is this: a) switch the ROMs into recovery mode (to the non-flashable part of ROMs) b) power-up the computer c) execute ANT d) go to ANT Flasher menu e) Answer "Y" to the "This ROM is protected. Accept it anyways?" f) allow the program to buffer the ROMs g) select "Flash all" h) when the message "Toggle the switch now..." etc. appears, toggle the switch. The program should then flash the flashable portion of the ROMs and reboot. ant16b.arc
  34. [Intellivision HSC Season 13] (Game 15) Dracula Dracula by Imagic 1982-83 You are Count Dracula. Rise from your resting place in the graveyard and fly into the night! ROM Download Link https://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/21495/intellivision/Dracula-1982-Imagic.html High Score Club Record 23,050 IntellivisionDude (Medium) 23,550 Biffman [current new record] 8,525 m-crew (Hard) 8,725 Rickster8 [current new record] Game Setting MEDIUM LEVEL Bonus Game HARD SETTING (+7 down) 1. 19,500 Biffman [+2 broke old record, set new record] 2. 18,625 Rickster8 [+1 broke old record] 3. 7,750 IntyFanMatt 4. 7,175 JacobZu7zu7 5. 300 fakecortex Contest Ends SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1ST 11:59PM EST (HIGH SCORES) MEDIUM LEVEL 1. 50,600 IntyFanMatt [+2 broke old record, set new record] 2. 34,400 Rickster8 [+1 broke old record] 3. 23,550 Biffman [+1 broke old record] 4. 9,850 jblenkle 5. 5,600 JacobZu7zu7 6. 5,000 fakecortex 7. 4,475 Player One 8. 2,725 Intelligentleman 9. 2,500 roadrunner Rankings 1. IntyFanMatt [+203] 2. Rickster8 [+191] 3. BiffMan [+165] 4. INTELLIVISION SPARTAN [+145] 5. JacobZu7zu7 [+107] 6. mr_me [+106] 7. Ace24 [+79] 8. fakecortex [+70] 9. Player One [+60] 10. hoosierdadee78 [+54] 11. Intelligentleman [+48] 12. gar0u [+40] 13. popsicle [+34] 14. roadrunner [+32] 15. jblenkle [+23] 16. JasonlikesINTV [+19] 17. Mangia-boy [+18] 18. ed1475 [+11] 19. Jimmy KDawg [+7] 20. Oscar G. [+6] 21. S.BAZ [+4] 22. dpisacane [+3] 23. cmadruga [+1] Games Won 8 IntyFanMatt - Shark! Shark! / Pac-man / Worm Whomper / Pitfall / Star Strike / Beauty & The Beast / Dreadnaught Factor x2 / River Raid 3 BiffMan - Auto Racing / Utopia / Frog Bog x2 3 INTELLIVISION SPARTAN - Night Stalker / Pitfall / Tron Deadly Discs 3 Rickster8 - Space Armada / Auto Racing / Frog Bog 2 mr_me - Star Strike / Bump 'N' Jump Sneak Preview: Skiing (Game 16)
  35. So I have been looking for this bizarre Atari Corp Defender label variation ever since I saw a picture of it about 2 years ago. Well, in June I was searching on ebay.de and found a listing for this variation. The bonus was it was CIB and in decent shape and priced reasonably even with the exchange rate. The problem was the item was in Germany and the seller was not shipping to the USA because of COVID19 package size restrictions to the USA. I had to find a way to get this title. I sent @Marc Oberhäuser a PM asking for a huge favor. He obliged and bought the item. But the COVID19 restrictions were still going to be a hurdle to get the box to me. Marc figured out that he could ship it to Canada with no restrictions if I knew someone in Canada to be another middleman in this transaction. I had a friend that I had made via the AA Facebook group and I asked if I could have Marc ship to him and he then ship it to me. He agreed. So after 2 months the package finally got to me. I was very excited to have this checked off of my wish-list and the bonus being it was CIB. I have also been working with @daniel.inforede on his "little project" providing box scans and tab pictures of some of my Atari Corp titles. He requested a picture of the Part Number tab and the printing date tab on this box. I never really thought much about it. The back of the box stated it was an 1987 release. But when I took a picture of the tab and it was April 1992 my jaw dropped to the floor. Crazy. Atari Corp was still having boxes printed in Europe in 1992. Who would have thought? Does anyone know of any other titles printed this late in the game for the 2600?
  36. I would have expected more fanfare from them if that's the case. Atari doesn't even seem excited about Atari
  37. Congratulations, @GrudgeQ, for your job with the Amico Reddit. Most people who are part of the target market of the console are not Reddit users, but 500 subscribers sounds great for an unofficial forum about an unreleased console from a company that's not among the big 3. Also, I'm sure many of the users that read that page are not even logged in Reddit or subscribed to the SubReddit. I know because I am one of those users that never subscribe to any Youtube channel or Reddit but often checks the news manually. I wonder if you can also check that, the number of total visits to the Amico Reddit? It would be interesting to see how much that has increased too.
  38. CSI Cassette Software Tested - They load fine. STARPROBE 99 is Console Basic HORRORS.mp3 STARPROBE 99.mp3 THE DOMINO FACTOR.mp3
  39. This might be my favorite: https://ebay.com/itm/254565169189 "Would make a good project box for a diy C64 power supply." Yeah, except that it is filled with epoxy. Has anyone ever gutted one of these things successfully without destroying it?
  40. Jr. Pac-Man: 25010 I made many attempts, but really struggled to get in a groove with this one
  41. Yeah, this is pretty neat. I've already downloaded it off Steam, so I'd better play it sometime. From what I'm reading online, particularly this thread on Twitter, it sounds like this reboot had some pretty crappy management: I'm honestly impressed Sega could even salvage anything from the project.
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    Join the 2020 Atari Age Secret Santa today!!! Thousands of AA members and only 20 participants so far. It's fun to give!
  43. hi James, have you considered a one episode special as a departure from your standard formula, for your personal ranking of top 20-30 (or maybe more if impossible to choose?) of homebrew Atari 2600 games? I would love to see an episode like that, where you could count down to #1 by either playing or showing some of your memorable moments with each of these games, or share some background etc. (possibilities are endless ). Just a thought, otherwise really enjoying the ‚show’ keep up a good work!
  44. The website has been updated under ordering information....hopefully soon http://ltoflash.leftturnonly.info/
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