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  1. Finnigan Fox footage! Freakin' fatastic! 💖 🦊 A quick behind the scenes sneak peak at one of our upcoming launch titles.
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    A guy at work bought a book titled "How to Scam People on the Internet". He says after 6 months he still hasn't received it!
  3. Speaking from the perspective of a retro gamer who also loves indie games, I'm interested in the Amico just for the fact that it is taking a different approach than the other current consoles on the market. I'd rather pay once for a console that will last ~10 years and have it be "underpowered" and see unique games that take advantage of the hardware, rather than paying out the nose for a marginal harware refresh for huge games made by huge teams that are mostly focused on pushing polygons. I'm getting hardware cycle fatigue and don't want a repeat of The Great Console Crash of '83 anytime soon.
  4. Video demonstrating some features of the upcoming release: revamped intro, new cut scenes, etc.
  5. Hi guys... Just checking in... I have the following done: - If a Flagship attacks the player alone (no escorts) and makes it past the player off the bottom of the screen, it has 'escaped' the level and shows up on the next one. - I nixed modifying the sound driver. I made 5 different speed background drones. The number of enemies left dictate which one is played. @Synthpopalooza - thank you for the above post. I'll check that out soon... I'm almost done with the TIA sounds, although I'm not happy with my current enemy swoop sound. Need to work on that. That's the only one that might have to be different and start lower in pitch as I don't have all of the higher-pitched sounds. Also, just so you have it, here is the finalized sound index: $00 - Player Shot $01 - Used to quiet the channel for TIA (not used for Pokey) $02 - Player Explosion $03 - Drone 1 (Slowest) $04 - Drone 2 $05 - Drone 3 $06 - Drone 4 $07 - Drone 5 (Fastest) $08 - Enemy Death $09 - Flagship Death $0A - Not Used (I had something here but removed it) $0B - Not Used (I had something here but removed it) $0C - Final Enemy Swoop Loop $0D - Not Used (I had something here but removed it) $0E - Beginning Enemy Swoop $0F - Not Used (I had something here but removed it) $10 - Bonus Life $11 - Coin Insert (Pokey Only) $12 - Intro Music, Channel 0 $13 - Intro Music, Channel 1 Then, it's just making some kind of level indicator, and modifying the shot frequency, dive frequency, and difficulty ramping. Getting there!
  6. sheddy_alice_blue_caterpillar.xex sheddy_pen_nib.xex
  7. Will wait a little longer with downloading it, because sooner or later TIX (or playsoft) will do a new version with improved sprites, errmm, pm gfx and other stuff and name it Patrol Redux...
  8. I remember the name switch! Because you brought up the dates, I took a little trip down memory lane since I had forgotten some of this stuff: I first really got onboard wanting an Amico on October 24th, 2018. I know that because it was this Rerez interview that convinced me: https://youtu.be/OvEkBGUxWDE It looks like I found AtariAge on July 4th 2019 while Tommy started this thread February 23, 2019, so I missed about 4 1/2 months of the bandwagon September 13th 2019 I got invited to be a mod over at r/Amico on Reddit I got to meet Tommy at a Video Games live concert November 2nd, 2019. Got to see some early video of skiing and fell in love with a game I had no idea I would like January 27th, 2020 got a few Founders Editions on order because you can never have too many
  9. Wow you have contributed so much with video and game postings it seems like you were here from the start - a sincere thanks for all of your hard work keeping everyone up to date and unearthing classic video game jems
  10. A year ago today I joined this Q&A. If only I knew about it sooner when it started in 2019.
  11. I’m glad to share my strategy ! It’s not really a pattern but a strategy. The cops don’t come out right away when you start the board so eat as many dots as you can and grab that free money bag. From there, since you’ve eaten a lot of dots, the second money bag will come out very quickly. Be ready. Grab that second money bag. by now, you’ve eaten almost half the dots and you basically got two free money bags. from there, I play very cautiously. My goal is to not lose a life. Especially going after a well guarded money bag. Or a well guarded prize. I repeat on every level. hope it helps! That’s how I play it
  12. It is kind of like Metal Slug. I too heard Tommy mention a physical release for this game. I would definitely consider a physical copy. And having a soundtrack is also good. I did like the in game music as Tommy was playing.
  13. This score came about because I was playing Lock n Chase and becoming extremely frustrated. So I went back to Beamrider! 😀
  14. Looking great!!! Love the animation. Love the changing seasons. Cool weapons. And we'll get even more polish? It's reminding me of a family friendly Metal Slug. I can get behind that. And a Physical game announcement!!! $20(ish) will be set aside for this day one purchase. Maybe we'll be able to download the soundtrack?!?!?!?
  15. What if there was a TV show made from some the Amico games? Like a Finnigan Fox show? You could call it "The Adventures of Finnigan Fox". I know back in the day there was a Super Mario Bros. & Mega Man cartoon show. We'll have to see what happens. But wouldn't that be something?
  16. This is awesome Tommy. Thanks for the new video. Keep them coming. By the way I like that you can change the seasons in the game. That's a cool feature. Also, this game looks to be a really fun title. I do like that there are checkpoints. The hearts that represent your life bar remind me of the original Legend of Zelda on NES.
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    Hey @Omega-TI good jokes and all but you've got 4 of the 10 status slots. Make a thread we can all follow and add to.
  18. 11,040 for gbag...just wanted to get a score in for this game...not good at the maze games
  19. Quick Beamrider Update: (Updated to post #134) 172,750 - cmadruga [+3 broke old record and set new record][+2 beamriders club patch] 137,932 - bamse [+2 broke old record][+2 beamriders club patch] 80,184 - IntellivisionMaster [+2 beamriders club patch] 64,340 - biffman [+2 beamriders club patch] 63,638 - intellivision spartan [+2 beamriders club patch] ----------------------------------------------------------- 50,688 - jasonlikesintv [+1 beaming up] 50,094 - wolfy62 [+1 beaming up] 49,744 - player one [+1 beaming up] 49,442 - jblenkle [+1 beaming up] 47,406 - rickster8 [+1 beaming up] 45,900 - gbag [+1 beaming up] 39,792 - intyfanmatt [+1 beaming up] 39,362 - intelligentlemen [+1 beaming up] 33,280 - popsicle [+1 beaming up] 32,080 - rogerpoco [+1 beaming up] 26,000 - sneakyturtleegg 12,442 - fakecortex
  20. Don’t sandbag us Sparty! Own that score. Even if it’s photoshopped hahahaha jk jk
  21. I finally got my Aquarius set up last night! Picked up the TV for $5 just for the Aquarius, too. Thought it matched pretty well. The Aquarius bundle that I got wound up being super minty - boxed with all packing material. Seems like it was used *maybe* once before going back in the box. Fine by me! Here are some pics of my setup. I got a boxed data recorder, too, but that's not set up just yet - I'm waiting on the cassette cable to arrive (it was missing from the data recorder box, which I knew in advance of the purchase, I just couldn't pass up driving only 10 minutes from my home to get it...I bought a cheapish boxed Radofin Aquarius the other day just for the cable and the demo cassette - call me crazy...) Thanks, again, to @jaybird3rd for the Aquaricart, 32K RAM cart and BLBird! They are great. Looking forward to Aquaricart Volume 2 😉
  22. if anyone is interested in the unShrinkler decompression procedure for Atari 6502, I have shared it here: https://xxl.atari.pl/shrinkler-decompressor/
  23. I'm a couple of days behind, so this may not be germane to the current convo, but I ran across this article while I was "working". https://jalopnik.com/fords-incredible-and-barely-remembered-1982-concept-car-1846183213 Intellivision was the first videogame console to be integrated into a car (concept car). I thought it was pretty cool.
  24. Week 1 Venture (40th Anniversary Game) Berzerk (Game 9) CLARIFICATION: No use of CHEATS, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that gives you an unfair advantage in this HSC. Please assume you have to follow the game difficulty and mode for the playing week/s. There cannot be any game enhancements or favorite settings to play in the 2600 HSC, unless you are given authorization to do so by your humble yet strict MODERATOR! Vocelli Venture (Game 1) Released By: Atari and Coleco Left Difficulty: B Right Difficulty: B Game Mode: Game 1 Berzerk (Game 9) Released By: Atari Left Difficulty: B Right Difficulty: B Game Mode: Game 9 Post your scores right here in this thread, and we will add them to the list. Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so that your scores will be consistent with everyone else. The deadline for posting scores is Midnight (EST) the evening of Feb 14, 2021 Bonus: Beat Your Final Ranking from Season 10! Finish the same or higher than your Season 10 Final ‘End of Season’ Ranking with your Venture (Week 1) Score: Get 5 Bonus Points! Or Took a season off (Or more than 1 season) and you do not have a Season 10 Final End of Season Rank… Post a score on Venture: Get 10 bonus points! Or ALL NEW members to the HSC (That means you have NEVER played in any season of the Atari 2600HSC) and post a score on Venture: Get 25 Bonus Points Venture (Game 1) Scores 34400 - Kermit (+50) (+25) 21800 - ZlichSr (+49) 21100 - Mchetzel (+48) (+5) 21100 - SkippyBCoyote (+48) (+5) 19900 - McCallister (+46) 19600 - IsaiahAustin (+45) (+5) 17200 - RogerPoco (+44) (+5) 15900 - AtariSphinx (+43) (+5) 13500 - TheActivisionary (+42) (+5) 13100 - OyamaFamily (+41) 12300 - GType (+40) (+5) 12100 - Cwieland (+39) 11800 - ToileTunes (+38) (+5) 11700 - DrMooCowz (+37) (+5) 11400 - JasonAtari (+36) 11100 - MoisesTuseto (+35) (+5) 11100 - Evandro (+35) 10900 - JacobZu7Zu7 (+33) (+5) 10700 - Vocelli (+32) 10600 - Deteacher (+31) 10600 - Keilbaca (+31) 10400 - Nester (+29) (+5) 9700 - Nebulus (+28) (+25) 9600 - GBAG (+27) 8800 - HankRearden (+26) (+5) 8000 - JasonHRB (+25) (+25) 7300 - CapitanClassic (+24) 6600 - ClassicGamer (+23) 6500 - Atari_Warlord (+22) (+5) 6500 - 5x7 (+22) 6100 - RoadRunner (+20) (+5) 6100 - LaurenTyler (+19) 6100 - RetroBreakout (+19) (+5) 6000 - AtariWarlord (+17) 5700 - JeremiahK (+16) (+10) 5500 - MangiaBoy (+15) (+5) 5100 - RaymanC (+14) (+25) 4400 - FakeCortex (+13) 4000 - RedMiller (+12) 3700 - LordInnit (+11) (+5) 2700 - PixelStuff (+10) (+25) 2200 - DomBradley (+9) (+25) 2000 - RGC (+8) 1800 - AGB (+7) 1700 - JBlenkle (+6) 1000 - Atarian7 (+5) 800 - SneakyTurtleEgg (+4) (+10) Berzerk (Game 9) Scores 44380 - ZilchSr (+50) 22300 - Deteacher (+49) 17740 - JasonAtari (+48) 13930 - RaymanC (+47) 12860 - Keilbaca (+46) 12770 - Kermit (+45) 11990 - GBAG (+44) 11640 - HankReardon (+43) 10590 - AtariSphinx (+42) 10390 - McCallister (+41) 10000 - OyamaFamily (+40) 9890 - Vocelli (+39) 7510 - ToileTunes (+38) 7260 - IsaiahAustin (+37) 7220 - Karokoenig (+36) 6760 - AtariWarlord (+35) 6350 - RogerPoco (+34) 6200 - SkippyBCoyote (+33) 6130 - JeremiahK (+32) 6050 - JasonHRB (+31) 6020 - LaurenTyler (+30) 5830 - Cwieland (+29) 5720 - DomBradley (+28) 5700 - TheActivisionary (+27) 5500 - 5x7 (+26) 5490 - SneakyTurtleEgg (+25) 5480 - RetroBreakout (+24) 5370 - Nebulus (+23) 5340 - JacobZu7Zu7 (+22) 5230 - LordInnit (+21) 5200 - ClassicGamer (+20) 5090 - MoisesTuseto (+19) 4760 - GType (+18) 4680 - Nester (+17) 4560 - DrMooCowz (+16) 4470 - RoadRunner (+15) 4410 - SpaceyInvader (+14) 4380 - CapitanClassic (+13) 4270 - Mchetzel (+12) 4070 - RGC (+11) 3730 - FakeCortex (+10) 3610 - Atarian7 (+9) 3600 - Evandro (+8) 3570 - RedMiller (+7) 3290 - PixelStuff (+6) 3140 - Atari_Warlord (+5) 3100 - AGB (+4) 3020 - JBlenkle (+3) 2790 - MangiaBoy (+2) OF NOTE FOR NEW PLAYERS Scoring will be as follows for The NEW HSC SEASON 11: 50 Points for 1st Place each week 49 Points for 2nd 48 fPoints or 3rd and so forth. This scoring system will allow players who join later to score more points later in the season and qualify for the Bracket Challenge. The last 2 weeks of the Season will be double Points! Scores will be updated Daily (unless I am out of town). Please check and double check your scores! Please let me know if I double post or make an error. The Overall Rankings will be Posted Every Tuesday or Wednesday. A new Game will be Posted Every Thursday or Friday unless it is a 2 week special game/games. This will give you several games to play every weekend! Season 11 will have: ~ Arcade Games ~ Imagic Weeks ~ Gold Medal winner pick from ZilchSr ~ Silver Medal winner pick from JasonAtari ~ Bronze Medal winner pick from IsaiahAustin ~ Paper Medal winner pick from OyamaFamily ~ Several Request weeks or Special Weeks ~ HomeBrew Weeks ~ Paddle Weeks ~ Quickies ~ Beat the leader weeks This Season will last about 24 weeks and have 28+ Games. The Season should end at the end of July. The TOP 32 will qualify for the Medal Bracket Challenge which will include a special Paper Medal Bracket Knockout Tourney.
  25. #Atari8bit shown here is how to use ANTIC display list magic stored in strings to make a static status bar in Atari BASIC.
  26. Saw Tommy post this on Twitter, looks amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on this console, kids will love this game.
  27. Would rather not have to ever play this again but I was shoved into 6th place ❤️
  28. You're welcome. I do my best to keep things interesting. 🙂
  29. I second that!!!! I've been here longer and am humbled by the speed, fun , and thoughtfulness you bring to your posts. Not just uploading videos before some of the content creators, including Tommy. But some of the games you have suggested. And topics as well. Thanks for keeping some of the quieter days more lively!!!!
  30. TIF images to read, print, ocr or pdf.... A zip file containing hi res images scanned from the manual for: INVOICE MANAGEMENT PHD5027. 1980. NOTE: The 1982 program package for Britain and Germany contained differing programs requiring a different manual. THIS manual is for the 1980 USA disk. (1980 version = Y or N for Sales Tax; 1982 version = 5 rates of VAT) .The instructions are not compatible. The GB 1982 issue has turquoise disk labels and the 1982 GB disk omits the program WRITE. Requires either Personal Record Keeping OR Statistics modules. The disk programs are written in TI Enhanced Basic (eg with one of those modules plugged in) by Janet Srimushnam. Data can be converted to and from PRK/Stats format "The Invoice package is designed to work with the Inventory Management package".. Thermal printer or RS232 printer optional. All the programs use CALL A and CALL D, and the CONVERT programs of course use the CALL G, CALL H, CALL S subprograms. Listing these programs is a great way to learn what to do to marry TI Basic programs and the Stats/PRK modules for data management. The user is encouraged to personalise the Basic program called "PRINT". Inoice Management allows the user to select the proportion of stock and customer records- for example 10 stock items + 558 customer records. Or 800 stock items with 400 customer files - you enter the number of stock items and the computer tells you how many customers records you may have. There was a European manual for DE/GB in 1982 (PHD5027/GE) and a separate DE disk (Rechnungsstellung) in German. The G/E 1982 disk used different disk files to the 1980 disk, requiring differing instructions. THIS manual is for the USA disk of 1980 (Basic programs dated March 1982). If your disk has the Basic program "WRITE" it is the one this manual refers to. Programs on the disk: CONVERT1; CONVERT2; INIT; PRINT; WRITE; DELETE; UPDATE and data file CUSTOMER used by CONVERT1 ; Files created on disk for the program to use: COND is methods and terms of payment; CUST is cutomer data; STOCK is stock items. Programs CONVERT1 and CONVERT2 require the use of CALL P(8000). There is a separate document available on the extra PRK/Stats BASIC calls (see "http://ftp.whtech.com/datasheets and manuals/Official TI addenda and data sheets/BASIC CALLs in PRK & Statistics modules.pdf"). The number of sales of this diskette may be indicated by Dutch and UK user groups "discovering" the extra calls four years later and spending a lot of time investigating them when a look at the programs on this disk would have revealed if not all, then at least a great deal. Here is also a DSK file to download. Coming next- Millers Graphics DisKAssembler Version 1- yes it is already on Atariage as part of a PDF package containing also V2, but the V1 part is a PDF scanned at two pages per PDF page which is not to my preference- and I also de-skew the worst skewed pages as well as using a high dpi and some cleanup.... after that I have some quite obscure Scholastic educational manuals. Diskassembler is a DISASSEMBLER not a disk based assembler... InvoiceMgt.dsk InvoiceMgt.zip
  31. Oh man, just finished doing the audio recording of all 84 (14x6) nominee names and categories with Tanya and preparing the same number of graphics and titles for the Awards presentation videos, phew! Also recorded a lot of the gaming footage for the videos and prepared the layout. Tomorrow I'll be recording the rest of the gaming footage and putting it all together. - James
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    I admit to liking International's pickup trucks. If your work truck also wins points in the style department, it is safe to say that they did something very right. (Ditto for the Scout and TravelAll.)
  33. Sparty, you should really start video recording your gameplay and posting the scores on Twin Galaxies. After all this time, it’s clear that these aren’t all “miracles” or “lucky” games as you keep saying. I’ve seen them too many times now. 😉. You are obviously great at a lot of games and you could make some waves on Twin Galaxies with your performances!!
  34. I enjoyed this game quite a bit. I did not want to ruin many of the intricate puzzles in this game. Hope sales do well for Songbird!
  35. I need to pretend I never saw this score or scores like this,or I may give up too easily. Great score!!!👍
  36. No improvement from me but having fun crashing and exploding in lots of ways, including flying into air debris and watch out for this one: I was getting cute with my landings, getting on the left edge - first screenshot you auto-crash when it's takeoff time, 2nd one is ok! Not hit enough critical targets to get past 2nd stage yet, maybe tomorrow
  37. By writing $8B to SKCTL, two tone mode is engaged. You play notes in the 2nd channel and the modulation in the first, set volume of second channel to 0 ... sometimes both channels can be played. It's used for cassette I/O but I've found some musical uses for it too. I've documented the $Ax modes, and working through one using $4x.
  38. first try. - I must play on real hardware It's good old game.
  39. Just providing another screenshot of 80 column software I found on the C64 considering the OP asked in his last post for suggestions regarding the C64. This is Interword, naturally the image scaling on these forums and the fact I'm photographing a CRT doesn't quite do the resulting IQ justice, however I'm quite impressed! Very 'Amiga like'. I think I'll make extensive use of this.
  40. Playing around with my FujiNet, and had loaded up the Basic program to get and display the date and time. So I thought I'd try my hand at doing the same in ACTION. Now, this is the most ACTION I've written...ever. It works, it's not as fancy, but it gets and displays the date and time. MODULE BYTE DDEVIC = $0300 BYTE DUNIT = $0301 BYTE DCOMND = $0302 BYTE DSTATS = $0303 CARD DBUF = $0304 BYTE DTIMLO = $0306 BYTE DUNUSE = $0307 CARD DBYT = $0308 CARD DAUX = $030A BYTE DAUX1 = $030A BYTE DAUX2 = $030B BYTE ARRAY timebuf(6) PROC siov=$E459() PROC setparms(BYTE ARRAY buf) DDEVIC = $45 DUNIT = $01 DCOMND = $93 DSTATS = $40 DBUF = buf DBYT = 6 DAUX1 = $EE DAUX2 = $A0 RETURN PROC main() CARD I PRINTE ("The time is:") setparms(timebuf) siov() PRINTF("%i/%i/%i%E",timebuf(1),timebuf(0),timebuf(2)) PRINTF("%i:%i:%i%E",timebuf(3),timebuf(4),timebuf(5)) RETURN
  41. This is by far the best thread on this forum in a long time.
  42. Update time depends on soooo many factors... I'd recommend going back to the IDE controller, and selling the TIPI on ebay. (just kidding) Going from 1.x to 2.x worked from one user, after they let it go overnight... but depending on what base-os your 1.x was still on, it might not ever make it to 2.x.. So just start over with the latest SD card image. Everyone - when you've let it go that long... just start over with the latest SD card image. Clearly there is nothing on the old image you would care about. (of course, I guess I'm talking to the people that don't follow this thread)
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