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  1. Yo! I know that I'm so far behind on everything in here. Probably 10 pages at this point! I'll catch up. I'm probably hours behind! Just been an absolutely crazy week as I'm sure you can imagine. And, me & my wife planned a little cabin vacation around the timing of E3 so I'm not sure how much time I'll have while I'm on the road. Although... I'm typically up 3 or 4 hours earlier than her so maybe I'll be able to sneak in some quality AA time! In the meantime... wanted to share this article I just saw and have been sharing on social media. We've been getting an incredibly positive reaction from the media, retailers and new fans since our E3 showcase! And from a lot of folks who never knew about us or had casually heard about us. Make sure to check out the hundreds upon hundreds of new and positive comments on our YouTube video of the presentation. Really incredible! And only 1% of the folks who watched it (over 30,000 views at this writing) downvoted it. Here's a great article and example of what people are saying. The article states... "The Amico is arguably the most interesting announcement to come out of E3 this year, but it is a welcome one since it is the perfect device for people to easily share their love of gaming with those around them." https://www.cgmagonline.com/2021/06/14/intellivision-amico/
  2. Well, it was nice to take a break for a few posts... lol. I said it from day 1... I'm willing to wait for a console that is complete and ready out of the box. I anticipate some needed firmware updates here and there... what release hasn't done that... but I certainly won't accept something that looks rushed, poorly made, or a quick money grab junk pile. Let them take the time they need. It's not IE's fault were in the middle of a global shit show for computer chips. No one ever built that into a production plan. So I'm more than willing to wait if that's the case.
  3. This is a big(ger) channel covering the E3 Amico coverage. Impressive reply. He definitely gets that the console is not for hard-core gamers!
  4. All press is good press? https://www.vice.com/en/article/7kvkx9/dont-piss-off-bradley-the-parts-seller-keeping-atari-machines-alive There's a nod to AtariAge in it. I do wish it included an interview with Bradley, I would have enjoyed hearing from him.
  5. I also had no idea of this option. I'll get subscribed, it's worth contributing to this site.
  6. Bring out the Amico when it's darn good n' ready. Can we all agree the last thing we would want is a half-baked console that trips and falls straight out of the gate?
  7. This one from Tommy's friend and co-host from Electric Playground, Vic. I watched this on the day.
  8. I read it. Not sure I agree with the negative stuff said about him from the perspective of others who got blacklisted or whatever. Always two sides to a story and I haven't heard his. Anyways, he's always been nice and super helpful to me and my business throughout the years.
  9. I'm thinking along the lines that there could be a delay to the launch date; at least for the bulk of shop/retail console deliveries. I kinda feel that the lack of further talk about that 10 October date and no date being mentioned in the E3 presentation is an indicator that Intellivision are probably having a tough time sourcing the components required. Of course, this isn't a criticism of the Intellivision team and I can imagine that they're working extremely hard to get things ready for launch. Like all folk here, I want to see the system arrive and be a big success but, right now, I get the impression that we're going to have to wait for longer than expected. This is all pure speculation on my part, of course - I'd love to be proved wrong and to join in the celebrations if things are all lining up for October!
  10. Well, when one makes a mistake, admit it, apologize, and fix the problem. It's the most efficient way to proceed.
  11. Agreed.... and exactly why I don't do the youtube thing... or social media... And of course... this factor as well... "You did WHAT with our money?!"
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    Famicom Soap Dispenser
  13. For me, keeping it simple is the key. Basically mirroring Sensible Soccer, with basically kick, pass & header if you got the ball and side tackle if you don't. I often say I don't play sports games, but the truth is I *once* played sports games before they became simulations with a 3 page fold out instruction sheet for the controls. Simple soccer is what has me excited. Licensing for soccer (football) seems tricky. With the overarching organized crime, er, organization FIFA being taken (and undoubtedly way too expensive) this leaves a ton of leagues around the world. The problem with picking one, like the Premier League is that is very UK based. Similarly MLS is only the US and Canada. With football being so worldwide and very fractional, having a licensing deal with a league outside your area could actually be a detriment. One thing I would like to see, but totally as an option, is the ability to customize the team names, jersey & shorts colors & maybe even the players names and/or number so even though the game isn't licensed, you can localize it for your favorite team. A cool bonus would be a team logo builder. Since these are trademarks, you would just offer a selection of generic shields, circles & crests with a variety of animals & symbols you could layer on to build up something resembling your team's logo. Between that, the team name and the colors you could get pretty close to your team from Brighton to Brazil.
  14. Just to clarify for others, I'm not fully a mod for this forum. I seem to have (a few) inherited superpowers. (My no#1 real-life superpower is the ability to tangle cables, remotely. It's never been useful to-date, but...)
  15. @justclaws I just realized you're now a mod... congratulations! And... By the way, that channel is not really that big... I was expecting some kind of Game Sack, but most new videos are under 1K views. It's probably one of those channels that has seen better days. Still, Tommy said that they didn't really need big youtubers until a bit later. Also, I'm afraid the biggest youtubers I follow probably won't cover the Amico until 2040 or so (if they're still around), when it's totally retro instead of retro inspired. (Interestingly, I'm a retro Sony/MS-DOS/Amstrad fan, but most of my favorite youtubers are retro Sega fans. Including Game Sack, even if he also covers Nintendo, NEC and others)
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    Even Rocky had a montage.
  17. Great article, and a good guide if you want to order from best. I do really hope people won’t start harassing Bradley now, in my experience he has been nothing but a great person and he probably has more than enough stuff to deal with already.
  18. Dude wears his heart on his sleeve. I for one would not broadcast to the world that I just pissed away $600 of my hard earned money. There is no excuse for not doing your own research and due diligence before buying anything these days.
  19. Inspired by PG's cover of Kraid's Lair, I covered Brinstar just for fun I mostly went on the accurate transcription of the NES tune, while adding some of my own little touch into it, the filter worked really nicely for it I think! I think it's a good time so share the progress of my tuning adventure too. So I got the entire set of tables redone, might still need some improvements and there will be in a near future. I also finally decided it was good enough to patch RMT 1.30 with some of my changes. So now there's an acceptable output happening in real time for making music using it, without having to convert over and over with RMT2LZSS to hear how the tune sounds like. RMT Vin Tuning Patch V15: - Redone all 3 main 8-bit tables to match my newest "Alternate Tuning", that aims at being compatible with as many things as possible, while improving the tuning. - Replaced Distortion 6 16-bit Bass to Distortion A 16-bit tables, with matching tuning. - Changed a few text strings to match the changes above, mainly the 16-bit part. - Replaced H- to B- for the notes, this was something that sort of bothered me for a while and so I see no harm editing it. - Added an extra .exe which replaces Sharps to Flats for the notes. This is purely visual, otherwise both versions are virtually the same. CustomNotesTables V26: - Redone most of everything already in there, some things were moved around, and some notes were also moved between octaves, so modules will need to be adjusted if they make use of the extra tables. - Based on my most recent Alternate Tuning calculations, with hopefully better pitch accuracy for most things I was able to calculate mathematically. - Added a couple extra tables such as Distortion 2 64khz, or Reverse 16-bit 64khz, some more things like Poly9 Noise were calculated in the spreadsheet but not ported over yet. - May or may not be better than the last version! Use at your own risk. Reminder this is all experimental stuff and it's hard to test everything properly, I'm only 1 person and there's so much that could be done! Atari Frequencies and Ratio v13: - Added numerous calculations for several frequencies and modes I figured out with very precise resulting frequencies. More might come as I study how the POKEY works and understand how to calculate the frequencies! - Added offset columns for calculations, very useful for fine tuning (no pun intended) several tables, as well as picking up "valid" values for the several distortions being calculated. I haven't found a better way to do it currently... - Added a simple but efficient automation process for making up tables for RMT2LZSS, simply copy and paste and edit if necessary. Less risk of making a typo somewhere! - Added Calculations by Ratio, based on Ivop's previous set of spreadsheets, very useful for finding constant patterns! Will be useful someday for tables based on musical keys... - General improvements of the entire set of sheets for calculations, Playground and Known Values Dump sheets may still have useful rambles to look at... I hope you all have a good day! This is a lot of fun Metroid - Brinstar Final.rmt Metroid - Brinstar Final.xex CustomNoteTables v26.txt Atari Frequencies And Ratio v13.ods RMT Vin Tuning Patch V15.zip
  20. I don't think you can blame the pandemic for the pricing, seeing as it was $389 for a pre-order as of July 2019. Let's face it; they just racked up a massive overspend on getting it developed, and lack the confidence to sell it in sufficient volume to make that back.
  21. Yes, never had a bad experience. TBF, the author of this article offered to interview Bradley, but, well, anyone who's called recently can imagine how much time he has for that. He's not Amazon, he's an independent businessman trying to meet a ridiculous level of demand, all the while charging reasonable prices for things others are gouging enthusiasts for on eBay, and everything always arrives in pristine condition. People's expectations need to change, not Bradley, IMHO.
  22. Without knowing the orientation of this game (a unique league license, for example), is it club or international, etc. any feature(s) that I would be interested in seeing would likely depend on that. That said, soccer has Panini stickers, which would be the equivalent.
  23. just found in my pc these old pictures taken on November 2015: That was a different time indeed, even before Hotel Bunny was released.
  24. I am disappointed that this article is very one-sided and doesn't interview people whom had much different interactions with Bradley/Best. Yes, buying from him is "different" than people's expectations these days, but if you understand that and work with Bradley, it can be a very pleasant experience. I for one, have order lots of items from Best, and there are times Bradley would tell me I would need to break up that order over a period of months (ordering ICs and motherboards for my Atari Portable project), and so that's what I would do. The results? He would respond right away to emails, I would pay right away, and the next day the package would be in the mail, well packed and perfect when it arrived. I understand that other's might have had different experiences, but I don't believe I am one of the few that have had great results.
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    I haven't had any chocolate in 3 days. I'm not giving it up forever but definitely want to reduce my consumption. Sometimes it's hard to achieve a healthy balance.
  26. As a Spaniard who only stopped being obsessed about watching soccer and playing soccer games a few years ago, here are my suggestions (this time about gameplay, you can see my suggestions about art style in the previous page): - Firstly, I think it's important to understand that soccer is a game where passes are key. In basketball, precise shooting gives you the victory even if you can't play as a team. In rugby or American football, you barely can do a couple of passes before violence strikes. Soccer is more similar to hockey, but there are more spaces and much less "legal" contact between players. Shooting is also different from hockey: in hockey games, you can't really see where the goalie is and you just shoot. In soccer, you can use a different shoot or even a "death pass" (a short pass that leaves a team mate alone before the goal, often without a goalkeeper or with a badly positioned one) depending on where the goalkeeper is. The fact that a soccer game is arcade doesn't mean the gameplay can't be based on passing. This is important, as some arcade (Virtua Striker, old FIFA games, Super Sidekicks) soccer games consist in doing long passes that may or may not arrive to their destination, and then having a forward player ready to push the rival defense player that just picked up the ball to steal it and have a goal chance. I belive Amico Soccer should move away from this approach (even if sometimes can be fun) and use the 90s arcade games Tecmo World Soccer 96 (only one passing button, but it's key) or Soccer Super Stars (from Konami, has a short and long pass and they are also key to reach the goal) as examples of how the flow of the game should be. - This is probably taken for granted in 2021, but passes should go directly to your team mates and shoots directly to the goal (unless you're in your own area, in which case shoots should just clear the ball as far away as possible). Too many retro soccer games are a disaster because they chose a different approach in this area (with perhaps only Matchday II doing it properly when it comes to "free" passes and shoots) - Most modern soccer games have at least 3 attacking buttons (shoot, pass, long pass) and many also include a fourth one (through pass). However, this wasn't always like this: 1) Until 1996 with the appearance of Winning Eleven/International Superstar Soccer Pro for the Playstation, soccer games just didn't have a "through pass" button (usually the triangle). Even the incredibly advanced International Superstar Soccer (originally Perfect Striker in Japan) releases for SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive didn't have this option. 2) Some retro (and probably modern), more arcade soccer games don't even have a second pass button and only have single "pass" button, that makes a short or a long pass depending on your position. 3) Finally, modern FIFA games have a game mode where you play with only one button, that makes the most logical action in each case depending on the position of the player (of course, this means you sometimes want to try to shoot from a distance and the game assume you want to pass instead!). 4) Conclusion: Amico Soccer will only have around 5 players on the field and it will clearly be more arcade than simulation, so I wonder which approach should they take. Maybe 2 buttons (shoot/pass) should be enough, with the pass going to one team mate or another (and therefore turning into long or shot) depending on the pressing time/area of the screen pressed/direction on the disc. When close to the opposite corners, the pass button should do a cross looking for a header if pointed to the goal or team mates close to the goal. The pass button should also do a through pass if pointed to a team mate which is running to goal. Finally, the shoot button should do a variety of shoots depending on the position, time pressed and direction on the disc, as well as (maybe) the player stats. - Regarding defense, usually there are two buttons, one for a sliding tackle (risking a fault or even a yellow/red card and a second one for a more subtle press to the player who has the ball. This approach should work well, as it's simple enough. - And what about the feints? In my experience, a digital instead of analog approach works much better for feints (see early PES games with digital control or the "Feint!" moment in Tecmo World Cup 96, where the whole match is paused until the situation is resolved. This could prove to be difficult to apply in the Amico, but the directional disc is quite versatile. So those would be my advices. Soccer games don't need 12 buttons, realistic graphics and 11 players to be fun, and I hope the Amico soccer game can achieve that. Sadly, the name Alexi Lalas International Soccer is already taken, so they will have to choose another name.
  27. SIDE3 owners: don't forget that a PDM (Fujiconvert) player is now built into the loader, which will auto-sense Covox with PokeyMAX 2 and 3.
  28. You see, I think it's important to respect everyone's opinions about the Amico, even if they're only hunches and not based in facts. For example, 25% of Americans (and 33% of Europeans!) think the Sun orbit around the Earth, and 52% don't believe humans evolved from other species. As I said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do, however, also believe debating with some people is totally useless, as they trust their unproven feelings more than anything else because this way they feel "special". 🖖
  29. Hoe. Lee. Kow. https://ebay.com/itm/362913282202
  30. With the help of Photoshop in a second monitor and Altirra, after 36 years I finally finished Gemstone Warrior. 😜 My map begins with already having 4 pieces of the gemstone.
  31. I’ve been using this old thing for my external DVD drive on my VCS! The old Xbox 360 HD DVD player finally found a use for it back in January when my VCS arrived lol. I’ve got lots of stuff hooked up to my VCS I love the freedom that it’s not tied down like the other systems can definitely make it your own little set up.
  32. It's $30 per year or $50 for two years. This nets you a longer post edit window, more space for your private messages, the "Subscriber" badge, a 5% discount in the AtariAge Store, and other benefits. I won't hide any important functionality behind subscriptions. They do help cover the considerable expense in running AtariAge (about $500 a month), so they are greatly appreciated. I haven't really pushed them very hard, but I should probably make them more visible and a bit easier to find. I just don't want to bash people over the head with them. ..Al
  33. Here's a sneak peek at some screenshots of the game that plays when no cartridge is inserted. I'm now at the point that I've run out of room to fit a few more features in, but I'm working on it. Please remember that this will be an 8K game, so it won't be as 'involved' as some other ones: Hope this one turns out ok. I will give it to @ZeroPage Homebrew to review once finished. It will be exclusive only to this BIOS. Thanks, guys
  34. There are no completed CIO drivers for the DC that I know of. I posted a start that handled UDP and did things similar to the FujiNet, such as OPEN "I:UDP:" and so forth, but no one really continued it and I ran into real-life issues that took up all my time. The main difference between DC and Fujinet is that DC uses an on-cart cypress chip and direct memory transfer, whereas FujiNet uses an intelligent co-processor board with it's own TCP stack communicating across SIO. I had started off with a similar attempt, but I found the line delay of SIO to be too limiting for fast action games using UDP, which was really my target. DC has some support from a different OS...I forget the name right now but it's a linux-y multitasking OS that has a TCP stack that works with DC. Altirra has DC support, but just the hardware, not the driver stack. Anyway, FujiNet is a great piece of work, especially for TCP and anything that doesn't need really fast response. DC can theoretically outperform it but it's a moot question at this point, FujiNet is the way to go. If anyone feels like working on the DC drivers I had, just let me know and I'll send them to you. It's all in CA65 and supports extended memory for buffers, but as i said, UDP only. There's a TCP start but that's when I got sidetracked. So thats a lot of words to say : No. Looks like a great game, by the way! Nice.
  35. I am confused by your code. I can correct it, but I think you will be better served by my code, which uses two VDP address writes for each row roundtrip to/from scratchpad RAM at FAC, whereas your code is still using two VDP address writes for each and every byte, which does not change the code’s inefficiency. By using FAC as a RAM column buffer, you are only saving 24 VDP address writes for each left or right roll of the screen. Since there is, practically, only enough room to buffer one row in scratchpad RAM, it makes the most sense to me to do multibyte transfers, one row at a time, from VRAM to RAM and back. This involves only one VDP address write for each direction. For left and right rolls of the screen, there is no need for a column buffer that requires 24 VDP address writes each way because the column roll can be effected with each row transfer using only three VDP address writes: Copy next row to FAC (1 VDP address write). Copy rolled-out byte to rolled-in column (1 VDP address write). Copy 31 bytes to new column offset (1 VDP address write). Repeat (1) – (3) for each row 23 more times (69 VDP address writes). Sum of above = 72 VDP address writes). For up and down rolls of the screen, the rolled-out row needs to be buffered for as long as the remaining rows are processed. Since there is no room for 2 rows in scratchpad RAM, we lose a little efficiency by needing to use a VRAM row buffer: Copy rolled-out row to FAC (1 VDP address write). Copy FAC buffer to VDP buffer (1 VDP address write). Copy next row to FAC (1 VDP address write). Copy FAC to next row offset (1 VDP address write). Repeat (3) and (4) for 22 more rows (44 VDP address writes). Copy VDP buffer to FAC (1 VDP address write). Copy FAC to rolled-in row (1 VDP address write). Sum of the above = 50 VDP address writes. ...lee
  36. I thought they were a ripoff when 99er was selling them for $5 or so. Don’t really care about the cheesy gold colored sticker.
  37. Several folks have tried to sell one of these in the past--for similarly stupid prices. None of them sold. This guy may have just found the last one and considered it a comparable price, so that's what he used. No one will buy it, as it is maybe worth $5, including shipping. . .
  38. Polling the room here, Soccer/Football fans, is there anything that you would want to see included as a feature/function/mode of play that you think would be essential to Intellivision Soccer? I ask for a couple reasons, one I don't know much about the game (beyond playing soccer games on various legacy consoles lol) and would be curious to see what would get fans of the game excited about for the Amico release. Two, as a Baseball fan I'm super psyched to see what integration MLB Baseball will incorporate with Topps now that that company is working with Intv., and I wonder if Soccer fans might be wishing for a similar license or partnership that would get people equally excited.
  39. Getting low on a few, so I am going to bump this up again. DO NOT MISS OUT! All 21 Activision patches for sale ($6 each): Misc. Atari Patches($6 each):
  40. I'm currently dealing with the care of my 83 year old mom who is fragile and senile for several years now, and the house-hold and my business. I too, know what it's like. Luckily my brother moved here to help a year ago, allowing me to be able to focus more on my business, but issues with mom still pop up and get in the way of the rest of my life, but for all the trouble she can be, I still hope to have her around for a few more years, but hopefully not so long that I'm old and fragile too, which isn't too many years away, most likely, hopefully I've got a couple more decades in me though.
  41. Looks good! These are the "Spinal Tap - None More Black" Special Edition versions, right? I'm pretty proud of that label design - my first and only!
  42. I could not find the exact launch date of the TI-99/4A beside June 1981 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Instruments_TI-99/4A) and I waited until June 15th (half-way June 2021) to create this video. The TI helped me to go into IT . 40 Years (June 1981-June 2021) - The TI-99/4A Home Computer and I still use it every week. See the comments below the video to experience it yourself in an online emulator. #ti99 #homecomputer 40 Years TI-99/4A Home Computer. It was launched in June 1981 and it is still operational. #ti99 Want to experience a TI-99/4A yourself? * Online emulator - js99er.net (select button Software - More - TI Invaders) Direct link: Munch-Man - https://js99er.net/#/cart/munchman * Windows emulator - http://harmlesslion.com/software/classic99 * or install it on your RetroPi (Raspberry)
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