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  1. Because I don't want to derail the "Altirra 3.90 released" topic more than I have already, I have started a new one. Please post any inquiries about this new project over here. I began a new project recently to resurrect the original Atari XEP80 in a much smaller form factor, and to allow for an inexpensive AV-to-HDMI off the shelf daughter board option to be used for a more universal video output. I have called this project the XEP80-II. Preliminary Specifications B&W 80 Column x 24 Line Text Display (via analog composite output with option to support 3rd party HDMI converter) Serial 2-wire Communications Interface via Atari Joystick Port (same as original XEP80). Power via same Joystick Port. All chips besides NS405 Display Controller to be low power CMOS. Original ROMS replaced with EEPROMS. Firmware ROM split into two parts for NTSC and PAL specific versions selectable by jumper (for corrected timing parameters). Adjustment to Video Output to render a more standardized signal and to better position the beginning of each line. Board Footprint: 3.10" x 3.10" (78.74 mm square). No Parallel Printer Port Check out the: XEP80-II Blog Post
  2. I was just curious to see how the R-9 star ship could look on the 7800. Although most of the graphics should be done in 160A mode, nothing prevents you from doing some graphics with 160B mode, including the R-9 star ship. In any case, the 7800 version would have more color depth than the Commodore 64 version, in fact it would be possible to have at least 25 colors on screen from a palette of 256 colors.
  3. E.X.O. Update time Beta 3 was given a good old thrashing by the test group, which caught a few bugs and glitches, as well as some nice enhancement feedback (thanks @Trebor @-^CrossBow^- @sramirez2008 !). That means it's almost time for Beta 4.. The big update for Beta 4 is the completion of World 4, that's in and done and being balanced, bringing the full world count up to 4. I've also added in some additional story cinematics and a couple of Easter Eggs, which are not too difficult to unlock. Shootable aliens to give some added combat screens are back in and working nicely too. @Synthpopalooza has also been busy, there are now no less that 12 POKEY tunes in the game, with maybe 1 more to come. Overall, considering what else I plan to add, I'd say the game is now around 80% complete content wise. Functional completeness (the game engine) barring bugs and glitches that need to be fixed, is pretty much 100% complete. Very much on target for a late Summer completion. As for a demo, there will be a publicly available demo once Beta 4 has been put through its paces. A couple of shots of World 4:
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    I just called all parties trying to monetize on the Amiga name/brand/technology to be rabies infested vultures. It feels both good and appropriate.
  5. I think we may need to bring in an interpreter.
  6. Since I managed to finish the game I've been working on for the last 9 months, I can finally show you a little bit of what awaits you soon. I didn't write too much before, because I don't like to show off an unfinished product, but probably there were already some leaks, so I'll throw in some new spoilers Game Title: Flob Game Type: Arcade Adventure platformer. Size: ~400KB Media: cartridge Controls: Joystick / keyboard Requirements: Atari XL/XE (64KB), stereo as an option, works both on PAL and NTSC machines Written in Mad-Pascal/Mad Assembler. Idea/code/graphics/sfx: bocianu Music: LiSU, Miker, AceMan, PG, Zoltar X Hardware design and production: Mq In the game we move around Flob, a small pink blob that loses energy very quickly and we have to constantly replenish it by collecting drops of pink slime. Flob can only move left and right and cannot jump, but by using the slime, he can manipulate gravity and get into seemingly inaccessible places. He is very fragile and delicate, but with a supply of slime he can regenerate quickly. We need a lot of slime and we need to collect as much as possible, but that is not the aim of the game. The goal is to find the secret ingredients and the recipe needed to produce the aforementioned slime, achieve immortality and... rule the world There are 6 large, hand-drawn maps to visit, each of which consists of over 20 rooms and has a separate music track. Levels differ from each other in mood, puzzles and level of difficulty. Each of them has a few hidden rooms, the discovery of which will give us a big shot of slime. The game has a system of achievements, which are 84 and we gradually unlock them during the game. Game progress is automatically saved on a cartridge. I think it's a lot of fun, because when I play fast and know the maps well, it takes me about an hour to complete the whole game. For a person who doesn't know the maps, it will certainly be several hours of fun, not to mention how long it may take to complete all available achievements. The premiere of the game will take place at "LOST Party" in Lichen on July 10th - during The Game Compo. According to the compo rules, the game will be released on the day of the competition for FREE, but for all collectors and people who want to support the authors, a physical version of the game has been prepared. It will be available for purchase at the party and by mail after the party, and the price is 49USD + shipping cost. If you are interested in buying the game, leave a message in this thread. Shipping will start not earlier than the end of July after our well deserved vacations. The purchase of the original media entitles you to free, lifetime updates of the game, which perhaps will appear in case of discovering some errors, or adding new DLC content by the author Cover ART spoiler:
  7. Hi all. I got pointed to the 10Liner BASIC Game Jam https://itch.io/jam/ascii-basic-10liner And I wondered if a Tetris-like game would be possible, it happens it is!!! But it was amazingly difficult to fit it into 10 lines and 72 characters each line!!! https://nanochess.itch.io/tentris Use your original IBM PC, or DosBox with GW-BASIC. Press A to go left, D to go right, W to rotate. Enjoy it! P.S: The source code 0 P$="[email protected]@[email protected]@@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@@[email protected]@@[email protected]@@[email protected]@@" 1 CLS:B$=CHR$(219):FOR Y=1 TO 19:PRINT,B$,B$:NEXT:PRINT,STRING$(15,B$) 2 X=19:C=X:R=C:WHILE R:D=13:FOR E=16 TO 28:D=D+(SCREEN(R,E)=219):NEXT 3 IF D THEN FOR E=16 TO 28:LOCATE C,E:PRINT CHR$(SCREEN(R,E)):NEXT:C=C-1 4 R=R-1:WEND:Y=0:Z=INT(RND*6)*8:Z=Z-(Z>39)*8:I=8-(Z>31)*8:WHILE 1:C$="" 5 H=0:GOSUB 8:C$=B$:IF H THEN R=Q:X=U:IF A$=""THEN Y=Y-1:GOSUB 8:GOTO 2 6 GOSUB 8:Q=R:U=X:A$=INKEY$:IF""=A$THEN IF TIMER<S THEN 6ELSE S=TIMER+.5 7 C$=" ":GOSUB 8:X=X+(A$="A")-(A$="D"):Y=Y-(A$=""):R=R-(A$="W")*4:WEND 8 FOR C=1 TO 4:D=ASC(MID$(P$,Z+R MOD I+C))-64:W=D\8:WHILE D:D=D-1 AND 7 9 H=H+(SCREEN(Y+C,X+W+D)>32):LOCATE Y+C,X+W+D:PRINT C$:WEND:NEXT:RETURN tentris.zip
  8. George Washington on the one-dollar bill. 9 colors (8 grays + 1 dark green). amarok_washington.xex
  9. Who'da thunk that nice little Jewish boy (Mike Mullis) had such a fire in his belly. Dude got heated! 🔥🔥🔥
  10. I'll add this list to the list of lists.
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    Play Raid Shadow Legends™️ today. Like, comment, and subscribe--to Nord VPN! Don't forget to check out the merch store, patreon and onlyfans.
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    The hottest it ever got here was 110 degrees. We're supposed to break that record this weekend. And it's only June.
  13. This really isn't the point though, even though someone brings it up every time we have one of these threads. You're right of course, Brad can and will do as he pleases. And he does. Like I've repeatedly said, he's not a bad guy, by any means, and he's sitting on basically THE last parts stock. The point is that it's got nothing to do with whether you're rude or not. It's about the collective frustration from the community that our last real parts supplier is an incredibly capricious, unreliable, and cranky guy. I personally wouldn't have an issue if his rules were clear and well defined. Like you said... it's his business, his rules. But they're not. You can get banned for paying an invoice to quick, asking for something he doesn't want to dig for. You can get banned for ordering the wrong combination of items, or for calling instead of emailing. Or emailing instead of calling. Or for emailing OR calling. Spin the wheel, win yer prize. These threads are about the community's collective frustration with Brad's antics. The only reason he's able to stay in business is because he's the last supplier of much of this stuff. Much like Club 100 is for Model 100 users. Denying that it's a problem is as useless as complaining. He's not gonna change. He's gonna keep doing this capricious nonsense. He's also your one and only supplier for many products. If you want them, you deal with him. I wish, as do many, that there were better options with better customer service, but there isn't. It is what it is. So take these threads as what they are: community venting. And that venting is justifed, the man is very frustrating to do business with, some of the time.
  14. This. And with all due respect, this is why - while emulators are undoubtedly indispensable for most modern development - testing on real hardware absolutely should be part of the process. Real hardware is rarely as precise or predictable as an emulator.
  15. Another compiled games: - Circus. Added joystick support. Description on TI99IUC page (Circus); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 332. [GAME] Circus (198x)(Unknown)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  16. I don't think anyone posted this guy's YouTube channel. He has some criticism about the updated trailer, but overall seems pretty fair and balanced. I enjoyed it and agree with him on many points.
  17. Yes, I guess it was just a silly fantasy of mine to think that something like The Missing Link could possibly be developed that allows real time full bit mapped graphics in Extended BASIC. Another foolish dream was thinking that something like XB256 could be programmed so XB could use all 256 characters with another 112 characters for sprites, plus the ability to toggle between two distinct screens. And I must have really had my head in the clouds to think there was any way to incorporate 40 column text mode and 80 column text mode into XB Clearly, only someone living in LaLa land could dream up something like XB2.8 G.E.M. which rolls all the above into a super powerful version of XB with many additional enhancements that go far beyond XB 2.7 People complained for years about how slow XB was and dreamed of a compiler that could handle XB. And silly me, I was too dumb to know it couldn't be done, so I just went ahead and did it. And now you can compile an XB program so it runs 25x faster. So yes, I guess it would be accurate to say that I live in some forgone fantasy land.
  18. Feature-creep is not @mytek's style. He wants a better, more compatible XEP80, but in a smaller form factor. The little HDMI converter board add-on is probably the most you're gonna get in terms of "extras" over the original.
  19. I agree, It would depend on how close to the original you want the theoretical conversion to be. If the expectation is to be arcade perfect with the parallax scrolling etc, well that's very unlikely on the 7800 with the volume of other stuff going on at the same time. An adaption of the Arcade would probably be doable in some way, with compromises to work within the hardware limitations of the 7800. All of the conversions we see for 8bit home systems are adaptations influenced and tempered by the limitations of the recipient host platform, at best they look to capture as much of the essence of the original as they can. I know for many people reading these boards, that's common sense and I'm preaching to the choir but it needs to be said.
  20. Pretty cool things in this one. Even the box sounds like it's a lot of fun. Not just a "black box". I'm hoping for something like what happened when you open an older Intel NUC box. Other things as well. I don't want to give away all of it. A good conversation. Learned a few new things.
  21. This is never not funny:
  22. I hate to pick on the guy because he's his own ridiculous enemy most of the time, but geez, he thinks he can, by himself, develop Final Lap R to OutRun to Need For Speed/WipeOut game types over a span of 14 months using the same engine? (ignoring the fact that he's stating SEVEN games) The same engine that he's used for every demo ever, regardless of platform, it seems? The one that goes in a straight line? Really? That's a mighty dry well at this point.
  23. By coming up with an utterly implausible excuse for not being around (or, more simply, just vanish) and re-appear to try and scam another group of people. I heart the CT60 falcon crowd are crying out for new games? 6 people might be a bit unrealistic though, that might be all of them
  24. When I first saw this thread I thought I'll probably join in with the anti-Brad crowd, even thought I've never had any dealings with him, but because of kinda similar experiences with my local micro repair/seller crowd. But, upon actually reading the article, I must say I can't really see any fault with this guy - to the contrary. He seems like a "character", a real person from the heady days of real brick'n mortar shops, not some bland drone or automated checkout. It's something I sorely miss from the old days, even if sometimes it could mean inconvenience. Most of the complaints in the article read as a #firstworldproblems list. Outdated website. Contact by email. One item per customer. Oh, my, for why can't it all be like Amazon? But his rules actually seem to make sense, when you think about it and consider how niche hobby area he operates in, and that he's a one-man operation. Particularly the buy limits rule, considering the modern rise of the scalper species. So, he's harsh (strict?) and can hold a grudge (has principles?)? Likes to do things his way? Humans do that, deal with it. Besides, the cases described there seem to be have been judged correctly. Of course, stuff like that might seem petty, but do recall that most of us do have a horror story (or 5) about dealing with a "timewaster" on ebay or local sites. Now try to imagine you have a case (or 5) like that on a regular basis, and it quickly becomes clearer why he might rather just ban somebody, than suffer any more foolishness. Ain't nobody got time for that, after all. All that would be not that significant though, if he was guilty of the big one: premeditated hoarding, modern style. But no, he got all his stock back in the day, when nobody cared about it all, and people wouldn't pay 5 bucks in a flea market for a box of what is now considered priceless treasures. Seems he just had a bit more foresight and belief than everybody else - not a bad thing, methinks. So, I wish him all the best and hope he'll carry on for many years to come.
  25. People are much to engaged in the subject to answer. 😀 I’ll give it a try: DBM - Department of Budget and Management DBM - Demineralized Bone Matrix DBM - Deadly Boss Mode DBM - a French pop rock band DBM - De Bellis Multitudinis (miniature game, only DBM I knew) Not sure if any of these work?
  26. Obvious intent to rip off idealistic but also naive fans. All his promises are so unrealistic, his roadmap is ridiculous. I am surprised 6 people fell for it, 6 too many.
  27. Pre-orders are open now for a late July release! Need at least 50 orders of the game CD and soundtrack CD to make this happen. All-in, game, and soundtrack have a pre-order discount through July 16. Choose from the following options: Battlemorph all-in (game, soundtrack, overlay) $64.95 Battlemorph game CD $49.95 Battlemorph soundtrack CD $14.95 Battlemorph controller overlay $4.95 Thanks and enjoy!
  28. Maybe I am (un)lucky-- I just keep getting fingered to do data recovery from broken/bricked android phones. I usually do a cursory check on their phone model to see if a custom recovery is available or not, and if the answer is no, I tell them no, I wont accept the job. A fastboot capable phone can boot the custom recovery from ram, and then I can use an ADB session to pull all the data out over USB. Still, I have to remind my "repeat offenders" that this service would cost them an extraordinary amount of money to have done professionally, because of the time involved, and that they should be more careful with their devices. Showing them industry rates for data recovery is pretty sobering sometimes I find. If I had to actually do raw sector recovery from damaged drives, then do a RAID scrub or something-- as in, actual enterprise data recovery because somebody did not do a proper server deployment (because too fucking cheap. Anything mission critical MUST have not only fault tolerant RAID based storage, but also full local mirror, incremental backups, AND a disaster recover site with scheduled deltas. No, that is NOT optional. If you are not doing that, because you think it costs too much, then you are not doing things right. End of discussion.)-- I would not be polite about the pricing. I have better things to do than sit around with gddrescue trying to nibble and sip sectors off that broken ass spinning rust, and if you are going to make me do that, you are going to pay me properly. (Especially since each stage of the process can get screwed up by any of the others not being done right, meaning I have to invest enough storage to house entire disk images even after restoring them to new media, because the RAID scrub could fuck up-- meaning I basically need to hardcore make space available to do the restoration work, which is added hassle and liability for me..) Simply because I wipe asses for a living does not mean I can be abused. I totally AM a trained SAN admin, and totally DO know how to recover enterprise data, I just totally WILL demand proper rates for doing it.
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    You think Star Trek: The Motion Picture was bad in the theater? Try being 10 years old and being brought to Dune at 8PM.
  30. And I though Night Stalker or Cloudy Mountain would be my favorite. Then Flying Tigers comes along and looks amazing. That will learn me to pick favorites this far out. I'm just going to wait patiently for the goodness that is coming.
  31. We need some Flying Tigers merch in the IE shop. That would be awesome.
  32. The 160B version looks awesome. It's just right.
  33. I looked into the XEX file of the Up'n Down game, and I can say that it has a problem from the game, not the XEX loader. In fact, if it loads on any system, is by pure chance. Here's the XEX @ascrnet mentioned, as well as a patched version that should work better. Upn-Down patched.xex Upn-Down.xex
  34. So it all started with "Road-Rash 3D can be done on Jag" (even if apparently there were earlier claims on him being King-Of-3D, Master-Of-Bresenham, Culler-Of-The-Gods, Ruler-Of-The-Frustrum) then it went onto "I'll do flat shaded as they look better on the Jag", then "I'll make a living by developing flat-shaded 3D games on the Jag", then foray on 8-bit land and his version of Stun-Runner-ish for Lynx (I found it so boring but hey, it was something ... however not really stunning) ... then to VampireV4 (same game new name, Heimdall !?!?) .... yeah because unless you have 190+MIPS and 100+MFlops 3D flat shaded is hard .... promising 68060 and also 68040 versions later on (mmmhhh [email protected] has 4.5MFlops .... so 20+ times slower than VampireV4 let alone if there's no RTG, not that any of this matter) .... .... apparently 6 people pre-ordered (why?) .... .... .... holy schmoly that's something else. I am sure there's more to it about his misery but he's not helping it! Champion-Of-Disappointment is more fitting.
  35. One could say that "threaded' Forth is still interpreted but since the tokens are addresses the interpreter is very small. If you use literal machine code addresses or direct threading, the interpreter is just two 9900 instructions. This is the same mechanism used by the BASIC compiler and Camel99 DTC. If you use the native sub-routine mechanism of the machine (sub-routine threaded) there is no interpreter but the code is two times bigger since every token is a BL @xxxx For small memory machines indirect threading is best where the tokens are a pointer to machine code. This interpreter is three 9900 instructions. (TI-Forth, FbForth, Turbo Forth Camel99) You can also make byte code Forth where the tokens are the indices of an array that contains either direct addresses or indirect addresses or even addresses that are called with BL. (OpenBoot, Openfirmware) (I have it on the stack to make a Forth with byte codes because the 9900 has excellent instructions for doing this.) Everything you needed to know but were afraid to ask.
  36. I have a few of these stories as well my favorite being the guy who hired me and my partner to install Novell Netware clients on his new windows 3.0 Network machines and then refuse to pay us for the job because we found a bug in Windows 3.0 that Microsoft refused to fix that would basically erase the network driver from memory once you've loaded windows they fixed it in 3.1 of course Sent from my LM-V600 using Tapatalk
  37. I run my own business and I've fired client's that have been assholes (really no other way to describe them unfortunately). It doesn't happen often, but it does happen - Especially in today's society where people are told that climbing over one another will get them to the top of the social ladder, while being told the world is theirs for the taking. Such an attitude doesn't allow for the consideration of others unfortunately, even our own politicians rarely care for the people they represent these days - When they do it's usually spun by the capitalist owned media as a bad thing and the masses lap it up.
  38. It's funny how the loudest in the thread are those that are being far more obnoxious than Brad is said to be.
  39. flob.mp4 FloB teaser - the begining of the tutorial level A short video of the first few minutes of my game. Intro was cut to not show everything This is not the final version of the game yet.
  40. Whether the emulator is precise or not is not the point. The point is that it if is assumed to be precise and the importance of real hardware testing is not appreciated, you end up... well, here.
  41. PoP is really gorgeous. Only had tried it on emulator but this is even better on the real thing! NTSC Atari 800xl, S-Video, 256k RAM upgrade, AVGCART, works perfectly so far! I really like the loading times from the cartridge, this makes the experience really fluid
  42. My exact situation... lol. In fact, I just got the 7800 for Father's Day.
  43. For those of you who missed the livestream of ZPH playing the Exclusive World Premiere of new 7800 BIOS upgrade game KiloParsec, here's the YouTube Archive of the show last night! Thanks again Bob, so much fun!! Can't wait to replace my BIOS chip to include this game! - James (SET TO 1080P60 FOR FULL QUALITY!)
  44. I have the 210 with DVC and loved the thing. Bought it new back then, I actually used it more for the VCD capabilities obviously this was before dvd became popular. Here in the UK we had official licenced VCD releases usually with Philips branding on them I have a good size collection of them, used to love getting movies and manga especially on VCD as the pictures was better than VHS tapes. I have a large selection of games too, my favourite being Burn:cycle. My system and discs are all in storage, but I’ll hopefully get them out and photograph them at some point this year! I also loved the light gun games, getting mad dog McCree day 1 and then part 2 and who shot Johnny rock etc. Fun arcade type games. I never saw the cdi as a pure games machine and I feel I got a huge amount of use out of it watching video cds and playing games now and again. Never completed the 7th guest though I’m sure I got quite far! Lords of the Rising sun was a great strategy game, used to love the ninja parts! Thunder in Paradise… lol and loved the space ace and Dragons lair games. I always felt games like Mad Dog looked best on cdi because of the DVC. I need to get my system, games and movies out don’t I?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  45. "Double interpretation" is accurate. Interpretation is not translation, it has specific meaning in computing (or at least it used to. Kids have been changing all the words around lately ). GPL is an interpreted byte code. BASIC is also an interpreted byte code. The BASIC interpreter is written in GPL. Since it's a literal industry term, the understanding of an inexperienced reader isn't really necessary to bring into play. There are lots of computing terms which may be misleading to an inexperienced reader. Not sure why this is a hot point.
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