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  1. It is possible to use the 160B mode in the circumstances that allow it, for example the Dobkeratops screen is almost without background graphics, so it could be done in 160B, leaving its tail in 160A. I couldn't resist, so here's a mock-up..
  2. Getting closer. Basic sound support added using Tursi's vgmcomp2 library (demo sounds taken from my version of Flying Shark). The intermediate space stage now has the scaled sprites, but leaves much to be improved. All sprites on the second platform have now been added, including the boss, which also needs to be improved.
  3. Hi all. I was kind of bored so I started coding a port. Can you recognize the game? It requires extra memory provided by CC3 or JLP cartridges (or the -jlp=1 option in jzintv) I made all the introduction, overworld map, movement, missions, and even death screen. Next step would be the pseudo 3D dungeons, these are essentially a game inside the game. I wanted to record a GIF file but somehow the jzintv animation recording doesn't work in my Macbook Air 2020 (it is a jzintv problem because it only generated a 1K file that couldn't be processed by imvtogif cc @intvnut I hope this works better than Messenger! ) Enjoy it! Video update with my progress so far: aka1.rom
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    Garfield sucks. Heathcliff is way better. See video.
  5. Wipeout N64: Wipeout J64:
  6. I think $60 usd for a controller is a fair price. I’d have no problem paying that.
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    If one synchronized swimmer drowns do the rest drown too?
  8. Just a few more weeks and one or two moves across country and it will be there, all 200 levels. Also, if you are willing to wait another 2 to 3 weeks, the resolution can be bumped from 320*240 to 1920*1080 and the spreadsheets to show the numbers are there.
  9. I've got a great idea for a new thread here, "What could've made the Jag a success?"
  10. So I bought a new IPS Rev3 LCD screen for my original Green Game Boy (Don't worry I have another Green one, and a Red one, and an original Gray...(heh)) and a custom color shell, buttons, screen lens, etc. Well here's a pic, With the completed deal in the second and third pics! Had to turn all of that into this! --> Pretty Cool huh? I still had to rely on YouTube videos (Instructions are for losers haa!) And I was kind of Amazed it worked first try! The only soldering was for the speaker, which I somehow managed, though my contrast button doesn't work. It's supposed to be a push in type switch that selects different color palettes, but it fits too tight to push. Pretty sure one video I saw (earlier in life) mentioned this. I think I need to file something down or something to make it work. I don't have time to worry about it now, though as it's 1:48 AM and I should be asleep an hour ago, at least...Probably gonna eat and crash!
  11. Game for the weekend: - AlkoholVerbot. A nice variant of Burghertime with beer! Read the details on TI99IUC page (AlkoholVerbot); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 334. [GAME] AlkoholVerbot (1984)(Jens Barthe)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  12. This game is terrible lol... great soundtrack, though! 4-Channel, Mono, NTSC 1992 Konami, Kenichi Matsubara, Tomoya Tomita Created with Raster Music Tracker. Recorded with Altirra. RMT and XEX attached below Contra_Force_Stage_2_01a.zip
  13. Now I feel strongly compelled by the power of Atariage to complete this game
  14. The compiler is part of the XB Game Developer's Package. Compiles BASIC/Extended BASIC programs will run 20 to 30 times faster. There are limitations, the biggest of which is that all numeric values must be integers from -32768 to +32767, so modifications usually must be made when you are compiling an existing program. TMOP69 knows more about adapting existing programs than any other human on this planet. One of the things I really like about the TI99 is that there is so many capabilities and features that are still being discovered or developed. TI BASIC has only 256 bytes of memory and cannot run assembly language programs. But it turns out that it can. Extended BASIC cannot use the bit mapped mode or the 40 column mode. But it turns out it can. Rasmus and others have been creating stunning games that are way better than anything even dreamed of in the '80s. And so on... I suspect that most of the capabilities of the C64 were already known back in the '80s and that there is not that much new stuff to discover.
  15. The new H.E.L.I. Digital bundle is now available for a limited time, and it includes: - unencrypted rom: play the game on your LTO Flash or on anything capable of emulating an Intellivision. - manual - overlay - prototype content: a 327MB treasure trove of prototype roms, demos, WIP videos, draft art, banners, posters and other assets. Great for collectors or anyone interested in game development. Price: USD $10 via Paypal. Send me a message if interested. If you somehow missed the physical version of the game, this is your chance to finally play it. ... or if you already bought the cartridge, leave it on the shelf where it definitely looks great and come enjoy the game! 🙂 PS.: The physical version is out of stock as of today. For questions on future availability, please contact Intellivision Revolution directly.
  16. I'm also writing an algorithm to generate boss ships based on a random numbers. Still very much WIP, but here are some examples:
  17. Who Am I Shill'n For Today?™ The week long Shill'n marathon is almost over, second last is perhaps the OGest of the OG god games - Utopia!
  18. drludos

    Growing Ties

    Hi everyone, It's time for a new update! I'm very pleased to announce that the game now features a great soundtrack composed by Carl from @Songbird Productions. You can hear both the title screen music and the ingame music in this short video: And as usual, if you want to try the game by yourself, a new beta version ROM (featuring music and the latest fixes) is available for my supporters over Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/52955321 So what do you think of the music?
  19. This is from Michael Bunyard's Hardware Manual regarding the cart port: TI99_4A cart port info.pdf
  20. Thank you! I still don't consider it finished but I was starting to get tired and I thought it was enough to give an idea.
  21. Could some mod please change this thread's title to "Grumpy old men - Brad, Mazz and Fai shopping for freedom" 😎
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    Reading programmer's source code notes can be very telling of who they are and also entertaining. Example: Someone: see if level should change Jeff Minter: this connects the x and y naughty points (and) all source files named after animals lol love it
  23. More titles to add still,... Elektronite 2021 Catalogue.pdf
  24. The closest thing I've seen is the story from Gunstar at the end of this post: Personally I find the story pretty plausible -- it's far more likely that the person writing down the address screwed it up than the person who lives there. If so, then screwing up someone's address, failing to contact them when the package is returned to sender, and then charging them a second shipping fee and a "restocking fee" to make it right? That certainly borders on ripping someone off. As a businessperson you either eat the cost yourself or issue a full refund; anything else is unethical. I notice a few people keep saying "If you just follow his rules, it'll all be fine!" without acknowledging that some of those "rules" are unwritten rules that go well beyond expecting customers to behave with common decency. In other words, it's one thing to have unwritten rules that expect basic social mores, but quite another to have unwritten rules that are capricious or inconsistent. Has everyone who's gotten rebuffed by Best done something "wrong"? Should all of them have been able to anticipate whatever issue got them rejected? I highly doubt it, on either count. Too many decent posters have posted accounts of being left totally "WTF?!" Some of this could be avoided with a few simple lines of text on the website, setting out ground rules and explaining the underlying reasons. Most people want to be decent and reasonable and not cause problems, so if they know the whats and whys, they'll cooperate. Some of the cryptic stuff may even be nobly-motivated, e.g. he wants to limit the amount any one person orders so that no one starts cornering the market or upcharging, but doesn't want to say that outright. But sometimes it sounds like the guy is just in a bad mood, or doesn't want to be bothered looking for something. No amount of fortunetelling will get around that. And just because someone has the right to act like a jerk -- which a businessperson clearly does, as long as they don't violate the law and treat all races, religions, etc. with equal jerkitude! -- doesn't mean they aren't still a jerk. Acting within one's rights and acting with decency are two entirely separate things. After all it's also within an unhappy customer's rights to denounce, and even discourage others from patronizing, a business they feel has treated them badly -- whether that feeling is right or wrong, just or unjust, they've still got the right.
  25. I’d say $80 for the console, $60 for each controller and $50 for the pack ins. $5 off each if not for covid.
  26. Yes, great idea! Can't believe no one has ever discussed that before!
  27. @dhe, @InsaneMultitasker, @mizapf, here is the short explanation. The 53C80 is setup in such a way that by continually reading or writing the data register the handshake automatically occurs. In byte-transfer mode, the 53C80 only responds at the even address. In word-transfer mode, the 53C80 reponds to both even and odd addresses. By checking a CRU bit or reading a status register, it can be determined when the transfer can begin. To speed operation, multiple MOV(B) instructions can be used. The key here is that the SCSI drive buffers the complete sector contents, be it 256, 512, 1024, or 2048 bytes etc. One caveat with the 99/4A is that word-transfer mode requires swapping bytes because of the sTupId odd-byte before even-byte transfer.
  28. Hard and fun game, made some steady improvement during my play today, getting closer to patch, tho it feels a mile away. 27,350
  29. Game released. Go to first post to download
  30. After seeing the post from @glurk and his disk editing tool, I looked through my old stuff and found a couple of disk copiers I wrote. They are written using MAC/65 and were made solely for use by me and a friend when we were developing games and the easiest way to transfer data was to copy whole disks, there was nothing really suitable so I wrote these. One copies Single/Enhanced density disks (1 or 2 passes), the other Double Density (2 pass), the DD one also has a high speed SIO patch installed. I wrote the first one before I got a USD, then modified the code when I had a DD drive. I have attached an ATR for each and a 3rd ATR that has the source code for anyone interested in having a look, sorry but there are no comments in the code (back then I had a great memory and had no need for comments). The coding is not very structured (again sorry for that), but I used to be able to imagine what I needed to do and just write the code. They only work on a 130XE as it uses the Banked memory in the 130XE to allow a 1 or 2 pass copy with a single density or DD drive. BASIC needs to be disabled when running these, the copiers are self booting, no DOS. When I gave this to my friend, I told him it was exclusively for us, some months later I was at my computer club and one of the members offered me some new disk copy utilities he had acquired, bet you can guess what they were SE130XE Copy.atr DD130XE Copy.atr Disk Copy Src.atr
  31. Ouch. https://www.ign.com/articles/atari-vcs-review Also, whoever designed the VCS case should win a ton of awards. That person knew what they were doing. All the positives about the VCS seem to go back to the case design. If this was 80$ I'd pick it up just because of the case.
  32. TI99 HunchBack.zip < --- Zip file contains EA/5 files, and an XB file, also a small instructions book in JPEG format. Note: If playing on a real TI-99 you will need the F-18A as there are more than 4 sprites lined up together. This was unavoidable. Emulator users can do the following: Classic99 : go into Video options and untick "flicker" JS99er : go to options and select F18A. I've no idea what Mame uses for F18a or no-flicker. Note about the arcade game: Originally , Hunch Back was to be Robin Hood. Hence the castle and pikemen. Esmerelda was Maid Marion! This was altered somewhere along the line, I think I know why. At the time Robin Hood wasn't "trending" it didn't have a Tv Series until 1984 the year after this game launched, and "Hunchback of Notre Dame" was released as a remake film with Anthony Hopkins playing Quasimodo in 1982. So Century would of been going with what was popular at the time. Coincidentally the words "Hunch Back" and "Robin Hood" contain exact fits for character spaces.
  33. If the system was supposed to launch months ago, there should be finished games.
  34. I forgot to post this test tune the other day. Just experimenting with the Two-Tone Filter. SKCTL=$8B A big big thanks to Synthpopalooza for the detailed explanation about how to make use of it, I have to say, this is a criminally underutilised feature in music! --- In other news, I have made some more progress hacking my version of RMT based on Analmux's Patch 8. Got a preliminary mapping and notes tables done for it, still in the process of moving stuff around and experimenting with it, but otherwise I may be able to get something useful posted back here soon This is the plan I was following so far, however, several things are likely to be changed again, none of this is definitive yet! There were several observations during my tests last night that reminded me I may have to do a few changes, mainly: - Scrap the idea of using 1.79mhz Distortion C table in Slot 6, this one uses forced 16-bit mode in that very spot so it's useless! D'oh! I might use Distortion C there like normal instead, similar to how Vanilla RMT used it as a filler when 16-bit was not used... - Scrap the idea of using an extra lower octave in Slot C, this ended up causing more problems than improving anything. I need to get Slot E back for the Gritty basses instead... But then, where do I move the Harmonic Tables...? I absolutely need the Distortion A for it... - Scrap the idea of only using 48 bytes for the Pure Table... I found out I miss several notes because of that! Will re-use the leftover 16 bytes to get the full 64 bytes again, and thus using all the notes I wanted. - Find a better way to handle the mapping of leftover space, because I know I won't use everything, and need to optimise several spots. - Figured out how to remove/move some hacks such as forcing 1.79mhz, Poly9, JoinX+Y... However I want to keep the hack leaving the second channel playing regardless of 16-bit or Filter being used. There has to be a way without forcing certain things like those... Will keep reporting progress as I find some ideas and some time to squeeze into this project
  35. Grabbed the last silver label konami game I needed to complete the set.
  36. I do! I think my rarest thing is a sealed Ben Cooper costume and a sealed full sheet set.
  37. Bob gave a GREAT interview and you should listen to it. First watch the movie if you haven't. Bob Elfstrom, The Magic Room https://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-interview-419-bob-elfstrom-the-magic-room From 1982 through 1984, Atari ran summer computer camps at several locations around the United States. I covered the Atari camps extensively in a special episode in 2015. Now it's summer 2021, and we're going back to camp! That first year of the computer camps, in 1982, Atari commissioned a film about its summer camps, about the kids and teachers who were there, about the process of learning about computers, about kids challenging themselves, and about making friends at summer camp. Atari commissioned filmmaker Bob Elfstrom and his partner Lucy Hilmer to make the film. They shot the 26-minute film at the University of California, San Diego campus in 1982. It would be titled The Magic Room and was released the next year. There are many scenes in the computer lab: we see close-ups of kids concentrating, thinking about the logic of their programming projects. Their faces light up as they solve their problem. There’s an adorable scene with a robotic, computer controlled turtle running across the floor, racing an actual turtle. There's kids riding horses at magic hour, and singing by the campfire, and finally an epic pillow fight, with feathers flying everywhere in the dorm hallways. The end credits were made with an Atari 800, naturally. This interview is with the filmmaker, Bob Elfstrom. (Lucy Hilmer was unavailable for an interview.) Bob has a long list of film credits to his name. He is known for his work on Johnny Cash! The Man, His World, His Music (1969), and Mysteries of the Sea (1980) -- his IMDB page lists scores of credits. It's easy to watch The Magic Room (and you should!). It's available at YouTube and Internet Archive. My interview with Bob took place on June 17 and June 25, 2021.
  38. So I might try to make a version of Hunch Back that doesn't need the F-18A at all. This would suit those with real hardware that don't have an F-18A. This means the following: Guards and spears would be character graphics, spears would move in steps: 1 at guard level, 2 up a bit, 3 maximum (this is where a tiny sprite will be placed atop the spear to detect the player) The rampart gaps can be detected by using an invisible sprite beneath the player that looks for character number 144 for example, the castle wall char. If it doesn't see that character, and the player is NOT jumping, then the player falls off the castle and loses a life. The pikeman that climbs the castle wall will have to be characters and he will move in 8 pixels at a time, this is not too bad. A method will be used to convert his char position to your sprite position. All of the above can only be done so long as the low-flying arrows or fireballs don't interfere with the sprite that appears atop the guard's spear when it's at it's uppermost position. If it does , it's pointless and can't be done. I'm willing to try all this so long as people enjoy the game and play it.
  39. Have you guys seen many of the three tier metal shelf units?
  40. Shakespeare v1.1 desktop publishing software with clip art disk for the Amiga. Disks read without error. Pay for shipping, US and Canada, only.
  41. The console has far more processing power, graphics power, RAM, and storage memory than the controllers. It happens that it's the small display controller chips that are in short supply and driving up prices. To save a few bucks get the standard black or white controllers.
  42. Good point! Considering you can take your games with you to a friends house by taking your controller with you, I'm inclined to say the technology is in the controller.
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    The difference is Atari would of taken the incomplete game, so they didn't have to pay final payments and release it with a smile.
  44. I have this odd duck white label over white label over green box. 810-G1
  45. Starbowl Football - Autoload cassette without basic Starbowl Football .zip Starbowl Football Manual.PDF Starbowl Football Tips for Stars #2.PDF
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    Early Access = Buggy Mess
  47. Birthday Mania 560 Fireball 8926 Solar Storm 1700
  48. You're gonna keep pushing that one aren't ya? Let it go mate, no one gives a shite. It's the owners business, he doesn't have to post any 'rules' and he can refuse to sell to you because you sound like a tool (talking generally - Of course...). It really is that simple.
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