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  1. I'm sure we'd all greatly appreciate it if you would. This back-and-forth bickering is getting tiresome.
  2. Hoping some may find the following helpful and beneficial... A7800_PRO_PALETTES_TREBOR_V2021-DISTRO.zip I've put together a variety of palettes for both NTSC and PAL regions. The variety, in part, distinguishes between colors as they typically appear under a CRT, and colors as they appear under an LCD/modern display. For the CRT palettes, each region contains three considerably different, within reasonable range, hue settings (CRT_V1, CRT_V2, CRT_V3), and the choice between a standard (STD) or bright (BRT) display. There is relatively less significant variety among LCD/modern displays respecting colors, so only two hue settings (LCD_V1, LCD_V2) with standard (STD) and bright (BRT) options present. Console temperature deltas were taken into consideration, provisioning CRT and LCD palettes with COOL, WARM, and HOT palette appearances. The palette information is presented in three ways: 1. RGB triplet in *.pal format. 2. RGB triplet in *.css format. 3. Hexadecimal in *.css format. A variety of formats allows for incorporation more readily under emulators, as well as implementation under FPGA simulations. The attached zip archive includes various color charts and screen captures from four games. The captures are grouped together and provided on an individual basis. Additionally, *.gif files have been created with a one second interval swap showcasing all palettes, just the CRTs, just the LCDs, for both regions. It makes for easy, quick viewing in seeing if there is significant change for any and all of the 256 possible color values. Double click the images in the spoilers that follow to show their true size. They are truncated to a much smaller image when just revealing the spoiler. All images and more are provided in the zip archive at the top of this post. All NTSC Palettes GIF All PAL Palettes GIF Two games (Dig Dug, Commando) demonstrate the differences between display types and their associated hue setting, as well as, standard and bright display options. There is little change for these titles as the console warms up from the captures provided, so a warm palette is demonstrated only. NTSC Dig Dug & Commando PAL Dig Dug & Commando The other two games (Choplifter, Midnight Mutants) demonstrate changes made both with different display types and temperature condition of the console. They are accompanied by palette charts covering all palette settings provided. Choplifter focuses on the standard (STD) version of those palette settings and display, while Midnight Mutants is set for the brighter (BRT) setting of the palettes. NTSC Choplifter PAL Choplifter NTSC Midnight Mutants PAL Midnight Mutants See the Atari 7800 Color Documentation page under 7800 8BitDev.org for a technical overview, explanation of the consistency issue, and color artifacting, of the palettes: http://7800.8bitdev.org/index.php/Atari_7800_Color_Documentation Last, but not least, the same NTSC palettes are applicable for the Atari 5200 system. Both NTSC and PAL palette files can be referenced for the Atari 2600 system, when the proper sequencing and layout is followed and applied.
  3. Atari was founded exactly 49 years ago today. Happy Birthday Atari ....
  4. New compiled games. This is a nice action game from Italy: - Jump. Read the description on TI99IUC page (Jump); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 335. [GAME] Jump (198x)(Paolo Bardone)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
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    My advice for the day: Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.
  6. The Texas Instruments Records at the SMU DeGolyer Library in Dallas, TX, preserves the company's history. It is open to the public by appointment. The curator tells us that it holds "1500 linear feet" of materials (I imagine banker's boxes on steel shelves.) Jon Guidry corresponded with the curator: at the time, she told him that there are boxes of uncatalogued technical documents. https://legacy.lib.utexas.edu/taro/smu/00063/smu-00063.html Some of the audiovisual resources are digitized here: https://www.smu.edu/libraries/digitalcollections/tir I enjoyed searching for "speech". There are recordings of voice actors trying different intonations, and reading vocabulary lists for the Speak and Spell. From Tue-Wed, June 29-30, I will spend two days at the library, becoming familiar with what materials are in the archive. My goal (duh) is to find anything related to the home computers. I have some lists (Klaus!) of known documents that folks hope are still preserved. For myself, I'm interested in all speech products, 9900 chips, and TI-990. Heck, anything about TI is interesting to me. When I arrive, I will find out what I can and can't do--for instance, making copies? sharing? Which, probably, are not permitted. I will offer to leave the curator my description of everything I recognize. What I need from y'all: your knowledge. I'll make updates on this thread while I'm there. I need your help to put things in context. For instance, have we seen X before? If I'm allowed to make/share copies: priorities? For my preparation, here are the threads I looked at so far: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/295223-historical-interviews-with-ti-employees/ https://atariage.com/forums/topic/300972-cb-wilson-items/ https://atariage.com/forums/topic/313064-cb-wilson-ti-99-related-documents/ https://atariage.com/forums/topic/306118-ti-items-photo-archival-thread https://atariage.com/forums/topic/320657-questions-about-tms9985-tms9995/ https://atariage.com/forums/topic/248687-ti-99-docs-manuals-ebooks-lost-found/ In particular, @kl99 made a list of titles that he hopes to find: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/277744-ti-992-questions/?do=findComment&comment=4021516 after http://www.ti99.eu/?page_id=25 -Erik
  7. And I think that's precisely the problem people have, whether justified or not. What happens if, come October, all of a sudden it's "look, we won't know what's happening before February until December," then come February it's "Sorry, we just won't know what's happening in August before May?" Where is the line drawn? Surely there must be some accountability, because the responsibility isn't on us as buyers to believe everything they say, it's on the developers to follow through in a believable manner so they keep support. I mean, it's their responsibility to know what's going on. It's disingenuous for an organization to say "Well we just don't know" and expect that to be acceptable to every consumer. If they don't know....they need to find out, then tell us. The onus isn't on us as consumers to need to hope that they're right and just trust them for eternity. When is enough enough? How many blown deadlines and half-baked presentations does it take before it's okay for people to say "Yeah, I think this thing isn't as good as they say it is...." or similar? I suspect that's a personal choice for each consumer, but I'm definitely at that point where I'm debating just walking away from it entirely due to this. Words need action behind them or they lose meaning. VCS learned this lesson the hard way, so...is Amico next for that?
  8. Recently started getting back into Atari games again after watching king of Kong a few months ago... happy to see my dragonfire record from when I was 14 or 15 is still alive haha, hopefully someone will beat it soon.
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    Sunglasses at Night, Sweet Dreams, or Send Me an Angel?
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    I only now got around to seeing a birthday message (my b-day was Thursday) my brother sent me: A Happy Birthday video directly from none other than former Buffalo Bill receiver Don Beebe! Nice guy!
  11. My artistic ambition and old duplicate cartridges had these babies. Old Soviet propaganda posters with added lines like "not for sale" "for the motherland!" . Game names are in Cyrillisch. I also want to see what other fun labels out there.
  12. Hi all. I was kind of bored so I started coding a port. Can you recognize the game? It requires extra memory provided by CC3 or JLP cartridges (or the -jlp=1 option in jzintv) I made all the introduction, overworld map, movement, missions, and even death screen. Next step would be the pseudo 3D dungeons, these are essentially a game inside the game. I wanted to record a GIF file but somehow the jzintv animation recording doesn't work in my Macbook Air 2020 (it is a jzintv problem because it only generated a 1K file that couldn't be processed by imvtogif cc @intvnut I hope this works better than Messenger! ) Enjoy it! Video update with my progress so far: aka1.rom
  13. Beamrider has been modified for the PlusCart High Score Club. PlusCart users can find the PAL, PAL60, and NTSC versions in the PlusStore directory "Public ROMs\PlusROMs\High Score Club" The NTSC version can be played online in javatari.js. The ROM-file can also be played with Gopher2600. The "PlusCart High Score Club" page for Beamrider: https://highscore.firmaplus.de/?game_id=43
  14. I think this succinctly sums up our (or, at least, my) position. I know I'm growing weary of it, and I'm close to just not buying one now. It's really starting to feel like more hype than substance, which is a shame.
  15. What about everyone who put down money on a pre order? Aren't they customers? I think once any product takes money from people they HAVE to be accountable and transparent to those people.
  16. I can't imagine a company that produces *consumer* products saying "I understand you're our profit center, consumers, but remember, our only real obligations are to our shareholders, so therefore we can disregard you" and (absent some market imperfection) it ending in anything but dissolution. (Before someone gets....literal....here, I'm not saying they actually SAID that, but that if they were to say what you're saying here, that would be the outcome.) Rigidly using the existence of the corporate form and the legal duties and obligations as the sole piece of the picture is a cop-out, and for a company whose lifeblood is consumers, a bad cop-out at that. Saying "Accountability is only to our shareholders, not YOU!" is thumbing a nose at prospective customers and bad business in general, especially in the era of pre-orders and crowdfunding. Or should they only tell their shareholders everything, and the general public nothing? After all, their only accountability is to shareholders, not to consumers. Or could it be that the money that consumers spend will generate profits, which in turn will be distributed to the shareholders, which is precisely the reason to be a shareholder in the first place? Businesses like they are have accountability to consumers as a vehicle of the shareholders. No consumers, no profit, no shareholders, a rapid Chapter 7 bankruptcy. No business disregards the consumer when the consumer is the genesis of all revenue. To do so would be fatal. Yet why do people insist that the only real duty is to shareholders? It's obfuscation and disingenuous to only drop one shoe in the business world. But hey, I'm a buyer who may not buy it now, so my opinion shouldn't matter since I'm not a shareholder. I'm sure they're fine with the distribution they may miss out on if enough people are like me, right?
  17. The XEP80-II is a great project! My XEP80 overheats - I run it without the case. I can't find a good affordable display to use with it because it clocks the output at the wrong rates for NTSC. I have one out of about 5 displays the mostly works with it. And you're right to keep compatibility. You are also right about people talking about emulators for a couple of years and not doing much. I started thinking about it when I acquired my hardware a couple years ago. Finally, I decided to do something about it. I started an XEP80 emulator on June 6th using the FujiNet hardware as the development platform. There's an XEP80 branch in the FujiNet github project if anyone is curious. I have a 9-bit UART receiver and the XEP80 state machine from atari800 running. This will be the last post I put here about it. Good luck on your project!
  18. Thank you everyone for your input. But I think Mathy said it best, and that is to stick to XEP80-II, which is what I started out with and would be best to keep in order to avoid confusion.
  19. Folks I appreciate the overwhelming response to this offer so far. Not just as related to the number of people interested, but also the messages of support. Thank you!
  20. All 100 Preorders are spoken for. I'll be checking on the shipping status of the Robot Army boxes this week. I'll be printing the cartridge sticker this week. I'm continuing to write the manual. The overlay design will be worked on soon as my artist is finishing up the box art for Mystery Game 1. Still no word on LTO shells/circuit boards. Thank you to everyone who prepaid and helped me out on this. If you aren't on the preorder list, don't worry, you'll not miss out on the game. Robot Army Pre-order: 1. RAPO#1 Cjherr (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 2. RAPO#2 Gray Defender (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 3. RAPO#3 Steve Jones (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 4. RAPO#4 Steve Jones (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 5. RAPO#5 cmart604 (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 6. RAPO#6 cmart604 (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 7. RAPO#7 Sinjinhawke (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 8. RAPO#8 intellivotion (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 9. RAPO#9 intellivotion (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 10. RAPO#10 JasonlikesINTV (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 11. RAPO#11 Kamikazi26 (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 12. RAPO#12 Tarzilla (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 13. RAPO#13 Rick Reynolds (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 14. RAPO#14 dpisacane (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent (PAID) 15. RAPO#15 wolfy62 (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 16. RAPO#16 wolfy62 (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 17. RAPO#17 Zendocon (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 18. RAPO#18 sramirez2008 (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 19. RAPO#19 sharkcharmer (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 20. RAPO#20 David J. (Email) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 21. RAPO#21 AJChandler (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 22. RAPO#22 ThunderDunks (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 23. RAPO#23 Remi B. (Facebook) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 24. RAPO#24 jfng (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 25. RAPO#25 SoulBuster (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 26. RAPO#26 Troy C. (Facebook) Payment Instructions Sent (ON HOLD) 27. RAPO#27 jaybird3rd (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 28. RAPO#28 cmadruga (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 29. RAPO#29 Neogeoman (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 30. RAPO#30 stupus (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 31. RAPO#31 TrekMD (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 32. RAPO#32 mphokie (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 33. RAPO#33 the1hatman (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 34. RAPO#34 Jaxivision (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 35. RAPO#35 ZillaRUSH (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 36. RAPO#36 Troy C. (Facebook) Payment Instructions Sent (ON HOLD) 37. RAPO#37 mianrtcv (Atari Age) Payment Instructions Sent PAID 38. 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  21. thanks for that advice karsten ... i have had trouble with the sprites before, for the life of me i couldn't work out why but i think now you've said that, i know now. Hell this is not going to be easy! What I'm thinking in this case is, I have a plan for a "detector sprite" that sits just below the player at all times, invisible color 1 .... that sprite will determine what character is beneath the player. So when you're walking not jumping, it's looking for say character 40, the castle wall. So maybe now with your advice, I should use that detector sprite when jumping, and if it detects the character for the spear .... you lose the life.
  22. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/display-driver-shortage-reportedly-drives-up-lcd-prices And here's some good news about production rebounding in the second half of 2021. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/28/ford-ceo-expects-chip-shortage-impact-to-bottom-in-second-quarter.html Edit: And just so people know, sales tax in Canada varies by province. It can be as high as 15% in Quebec and as low as 5% in Alberta.
  23. Funnily enough the OP found Classic-99 so quick, being new to the TI scene, to save typing it in I really hoped they'd type all those HCHAR'S in to end up with what they got haha
  24. First, just like many of my other postings here USA address and Paypal only please. This is my Nintendo NES, it has NESRGB board connected to a Nintendo multi av out port, so cables are convenient. It can do "enhanced" composite output S-video RGBS It has had its original 72 pin connector cleaned and resprung (but its a front loader so...) Its CIC lockout chip disabled Its original internal voltage regulator replaced Electrolytic caps replaced on the motherboard Expansion audio routed to the NESRGB board and mixed NESRGB board installed Nintendo MultiAV out connector installed Palette switch installed Case painted (cause it was beyond retrobrite and magic eraser) Comes with Console Tomee Aftermarket dogbone controller controller 9 volt DC power supply, switching power supply from Digikey (and its not a wall wart) Nintendo MultiAV out to composite or svideo + audio cable Nintendo MultiAV out to RGB + Audio SCART cable On the point of painted case, the top is painted metallic flake "aluminum" with the black stripe going from front to back. The bottom of the case is painted a dark metallic grey, the labels are re-applied with printable water-side decals, and under several (thin) coats of lacquer. I am not a pro painter, I am a dude standing in his driveway with an old TV tray, some Kyron, and watching the wind. There are defects in the paint (mostly trash) that the camera can not pick up... its not a huge deal but its not a close inspection Museum piece, its a half meter "that's neat" Asking 300$ (OBO or Trade for computer's) USA + Paypal only ... shipped
  25. The new H.E.L.I. Digital bundle is now available for a limited time, and it includes: - unencrypted rom: play the game on your LTO Flash or on anything capable of emulating an Intellivision. - manual - overlay - prototype content: a 327MB treasure trove of prototype roms, demos, WIP videos, draft art, banners, posters and other assets. Great for collectors or anyone interested in game development. Price: USD $10 via Paypal. Send me a message if interested. If you somehow missed the physical version of the game, this is your chance to finally play it. ... or if you already bought the cartridge, leave it on the shelf where it definitely looks great and come enjoy the game! 🙂 PS.: The physical version is out of stock as of today. For questions on future availability, please contact Intellivision Revolution directly.
  26. Just starting to get into this computer now, specifically the Logo software. Here's a couple programs I made (featured in the instruction manual) to start get acquainted. My next project is making a running man - or something to that effect - using the figures within the native character set. One question about that stuff, though. Is it possible to make the shapes appear larger on the screen? Or do we need to work with them exactly as they are? IMG_2648.MOV IMG_2658.MOV
  27. Now that could actually be their first "exclusive" game!!! 🤣🤣😁
  28. Updates to close out the weekend and month of June: Short version: DSR cleanup continues. Most of the SCSI routine consolidation work is either complete or mapped out. Powerup/startup code is now written and tested for the IDE and SCSI cards; still need to work out how best to link it all into the Geneve's master DSR. Completed review of HFDC and SCSI/IDE/Horizon equate usage. There have been two separate files since MDOS 2.50S, one for each code base. After a few adjustments, the SCSI low level driver now references the more extensive HFDC equate file. The immediate benefit is that there can be no future, accidental divergence - and one less file to track. The MAKE process has been updated with the proper dependencies. The OS pagelist/mapping file is now referenced by the scsi/ide/horizon code, for future remediation of hard-coded values. [HD\EQUATES, HD\WINDS1-1, SCSI2\SCSI_S, HEAD\PAGENUMS] The SCSMAP command has been updated. When a SCSx device is mapped, its cached drive parameters are now immediately invalidated. This protective measure stops the OS from applying the previous drive's parameters to a newly mapped drive. Previously, a warm restart was required to reset the parameters. Note: this change does not remove the need to perform a warm restart if you change media in a device, such as an EZ135 or SyQuest drive. [CLI\NEWCMDS, other dependencies] IDE and SCSI card detection has been added to the low level routines. [SCSI2\TIDE9S, SCSI2\POWERS] --The IDE routine checks for device "IDE1" and if found, locates and caches the sector IO read/write opcode >80. A call to the IDE card's powerup routine is now written but not yet active. [TIDE9S] --The SCSI routine checks for device "SCS1" and if found, checks the SCSI EPROM version to determine the default PDMA setting, then checks for GenMod EPROM. The SCSI controller's ID is cached for future operations. This will remove all of the 'setup' code from the read/write routines and into a formal powerup. [SCSI2\POWERS, SECTOR_S] The SCSI sector IO routine consolidation is about 75% complete. A few more legacy routines were removed - they were replicated from the HFDC code but are not needed in the SCSI code. Cleaned up register usage and unused references. With a but of luck, I can wrap up this deep dive next weekend. I don't want to tamper with the SCSI write cache until the very end. [SCSI2\SECTOR_S] During my debugging, I noticed that Directory Manager reads the VIB and full bitmap [32 sectors] twice during catalog operations. The second read is used to capture the volume/used/free space. A quick inspection of the C code leads me to believe this can be 'fixed' at a future date. Prior changes worth referencing: SCSI device start routine no longer activates ID0; warm reset with ampersand no longer tries to read the volume as a batch file; pfmcore802 released 4/17, turns off all cards at powerup [review: was this same routine added to the master dsr, gpl, and exec] TIPI powerup routine, HFDC (dsrpass-s) memory usage validation, and debug enhancements are still on hold. Edit: Tracked down the reason MD (make directory) on a non-existent drive returns an incorrect error code. The SCSI common sector IO routines do not test for direct sector IO and report internal error code >2 [error 1, shifted] instead of >C [error 6, shifted]. The Horizon and IDE use the same common code and are impacted in the same manner. Forcing the error routine to return >C confirmed the problem. The solution requires a review of the error reporting routines. It also requires review of the direct sector IO (DSECIO) flag that is set once and never cleared by the HFDC common routines, forcing certain error traps to report direct sector IO errors.
  29. On that note, I only got a Lynx and Jaguar because nobody else had them. I wanted an NES, Gameboy, and SNES like all my friends. And my parents did not want me to have those specifically because they thought I just wanted to be like everyone else.
  30. Manfred worked on that with Chris, who did the music for the game I did for Rainbow Arts as well I believe, I met them in the Rainbow Arts office in Duesseldorf (IIRC) a couple of times. Ahh, the eighties, some memories remain. 😂 🤗 Oh, and if I don't get R-Type for free anytime soon, I am just going to start randomly banning people.
  31. I dumped Synapse Games and Datasoft Games https://mega.nz/file/7qIEETbZ#mOSN5hnX8t2i9FC6uQ-7CMEgkVYyd3DgKNcOB5rZWXo https://mega.nz/file/emBiyLbB#sZ12iy5tS2k4SUVP16fjV6GbyHbgdBNH8dzKkogvGJQ
  32. Now I've found it. The text is from "TI 99/7 Computer Hardware Theory of Operation" page 5. http://www.whtech.com/ftp/datasheets and manuals/99-7 Computer/99-7 Hardware Theory of Operation.pdf
  33. Vocelli: Plaque Attack: 55890 Great Game.. Frantic and FUN!
  34. Oh yeah? Well I don't think you added ENOUGH zeros. TAKE THAT GUYS. (I mean, I'm not gonna BUY it or anything, but still...) 🤑🤑
  35. Be aware. A sprite in your game, will still occupy 16 pixels in height even though you only set 1 pixel in the pattern. Maybe you can settle for only one support sprite for the guard closest to the player. I guess you're more or less calculating the position of the tiny sprite, and with that value, you could find if it's in the span of the player. Effectively being able to drop the support sprite altogether.
  36. Once again, it has been almost a year and a half since Night Stalker's trailer, and since we've seen another game from the same developer (iirc), Cloudy Mountain. So we could assume Night Stalker is finished. Now why haven't we seen another trailer for it? Not 5-second footage, a real trailer. In the video game industry, it's not uncommon to see several different trailers of a game before it's done, and even after sometimes. We haven't seen Safecracker since the big March 2020 trailer either... 🤷‍♂️
  37. SunMark made some of the first Multicarts for the Atari 8-bits. https://comp.sys.atari.8bit.narkive.com/X4gmfBdm/review-of-sunmark-s-multicart-2 I have a few of them and my favorite one was Datasoft Games!
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    The more I think about Alex Kidd in High Tech World, the more I appreciate how unique it is. Part platformer, part graphic adventure, and an acquired taste.
  39. I have a console to test Sent from my LM-V600 using Tapatalk
  40. The Z80 schematics did have 99/3B on them, yes. I didn't see "Ranger" on them, but it's highly likely that the 3B was the Ranger.
  41. Okay, mark II, now using a more universal "ball" shape that fits together better (I think).
  42. Backing up slightly -- it's been suggested before that the FinalGROM/QI incompatibility was partly due to the missing CRU signals on the cartridge port. However looking at Ralph's schematics, it turns out that the FinalGROM doesn't make use of the CRU lines. Worth noting that the QI TAL not only generates GS#, ROMG#, A15 and WE#, but also the RESET line for the cartridge port. In the 4A, this signal is generated by the TIM9904 clock IC. Perhaps differences in the RESET timing are enough to break compatibility with the FinalGROM?
  43. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/321713-hello/?do=findComment&comment=4845719
  44. Who Am I Shill'n For Today?™ The week long Shill'n marathon is almost over, second last is perhaps the OGest of the OG god games - Utopia!
  45. So I might try to make a version of Hunch Back that doesn't need the F-18A at all. This would suit those with real hardware that don't have an F-18A. This means the following: Guards and spears would be character graphics, spears would move in steps: 1 at guard level, 2 up a bit, 3 maximum (this is where a tiny sprite will be placed atop the spear to detect the player) The rampart gaps can be detected by using an invisible sprite beneath the player that looks for character number 144 for example, the castle wall char. If it doesn't see that character, and the player is NOT jumping, then the player falls off the castle and loses a life. The pikeman that climbs the castle wall will have to be characters and he will move in 8 pixels at a time, this is not too bad. A method will be used to convert his char position to your sprite position. All of the above can only be done so long as the low-flying arrows or fireballs don't interfere with the sprite that appears atop the guard's spear when it's at it's uppermost position. If it does , it's pointless and can't be done. I'm willing to try all this so long as people enjoy the game and play it.
  46. drludos

    Growing Ties

    Hi everyone, It's time for a new update! I'm very pleased to announce that the game now features a great soundtrack composed by Carl from @Songbird Productions. You can hear both the title screen music and the ingame music in this short video: And as usual, if you want to try the game by yourself, a new beta version ROM (featuring music and the latest fixes) is available for my supporters over Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/52955321 So what do you think of the music?
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