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  1. Has this been done before? Probably. Anyway, I put something together after talking about it in Retrospect's thread. It's pretty simple, and it's NOT production ready. I don't know how to reserve VDP RAM in Extended BASIC, so I just stole some of the VDP Disk buffer space. Which in turn means that I think it's unsafe to use the disk system after loading this -- load any program BEFORE the CALL LINK, and BYE after it, don't ever try to save something. I can guarantee* it will be corrupted. * guarantees not valid in most locations. I am trying to scare you so nobody ignores me and then complains that it corrupted their data Anyway, to use it, I recommend Classic99 as it doesn't use the disk buffers anyway, and I think my OBJ is a text file anyway. If it's useful, maybe we can get @senior_falcon to help embed it correctly. I hesitated to post it, but I don't intend to work on it any further. (load your program or copy paste the test program below. LOAD FIRST, AS DISK SYSTEM IS UNSAFE TO USE AFTER.) CALL INIT CALL LOAD("DSK1.XB_FLICKER.OBJ") CALL LINK("FLICK") Test program instead of loading one: 5 CALL MAGNIFY(2) 10 CALL CLEAR 20 RANDOMIZE 30 FOR A=1 TO 28 40 CALL SPRITE(#A,64+A,2,100,A*8,RND*30-15,0) 50 NEXT A 60 GOTO 60 Basically, after the CALL LINK the original sprite attribute list gets copied up to >FF00, which is then set as the new sprite attribute list. Every frame it's copied with a different offset (skipping 4 sprites each frame). There are more clever and more specialized flicker routines, but this very simple one covers generic cases very well. xb_flicker.zip Short video sample - it would look better on a CRT where persistence helps. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1071954473
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    Spent my birthday yesterday at the Timeline Arcade in York, PA. Very nice place. Most games were up and running. Pinballs were all in great shape. The kids and I had a great time. Check it out if you're in the area!
  3. I have another update! I spent yesterday and today working on getting the remaining games completed, along with some other tasks. I now have all the Jaguar games completed and all the new Atari 8-bit games (Scramble and Adventure II XE) completed. Also built a small number of additional games that I needed, such as one more copy of Magical Fairy Force. I cut down a package of backing boards to 5" x 7" (use these when shipping loose manuals), printed some more 5" x 7" forum flyers to include with the orders, and printed more of the small AtariAge stickers used to seal the thick plastic bags used for cartridges, boxes, and manuals. Here are some photos of the additional games that are now ready for shipment. First are the copies of Scramble and some PAL 2600 games (these boxes are sitting two deep). Not a ton of PAL orders with all these games, and I suspect part of that is due to the currently high shipping rates from the US. When I get the new store online, I will be able to offer substantially reduced shipping rates. I'll also work on getting registered for VAT in the UK so I can open up shipping there again (and I need to research what's going on in Europe as well on that front). Here are the Jaguar games.. And Adventure II XE. The white stickers you see on these boxes (for Scramble and Adventure II XE) designate games in gray shells, versus the dark, translucent shells. The translucent shells have been selling about 2:1 over the gray shells. The white stickers on the Jaguar games above are for clear shells, and the red stickers are for red shells. There's a green sticker on one of the Fantasy World Dizzy games, which is in a green shell. These are removable stickers and I pull them off before shipping. Here's the additional copy of Magical Fairy Force. I tested and labeled this batch of 2600 games this morning. Some of these will be going into boxes tomorrow: One of the fun things I had to do was print 100 parchment envelopes for Adventure II XE. After that, I printed the "wax seal" stickers for the back of the envelopes. Then had to go through and stuff all the envelopes and apply the stickers. Here are the envelopes waiting to be inserted in the boxes with everything else: The back side! That's all I have for now. Basically all I have to do at this point is build another batch of 2600 games similar to the batch above (in terms of numbers). To do this I need to first Goo Gone one more batch of carts (tonight) and then program, assemble, test, and label the games in the morning. These will all be Melody and Aria-based game, so I thankfully I don't need to solder anything. When I finish those games, I then need to assemble some of these "extra' games into boxes. There is ONE more thing I want to do after that, which will take me a few hours, but I don't want to mention what that is in case I bail on it (or it ends up being too difficult or potentially time consuming to do). I will relax a bit tomorrow evening and begin the shipping frenzy Thursday morning. The entire holiday weekend (Friday through Monday) will be spent shipping these orders, and I suspect I can get the majority of them shipped during this time. Then Tuesday when the post office opens again (they are closed Monday), it will be MANY trips to the post office to drop these packages off! It will be quite time consuming to ship these orders, as they all contain boxed games, and quite a few in some cases. The boxed games more handling in terms of packaging them, as well as larger shipping boxes that take longer to properly pack. And these larger boxes also take considerably more room in the car (compact SUV, with the seats down I can get quite a bit into it, but still will require trips back and forth to the post office.) Fortunately the post office is only two miles away, so trips there don't take long. I will try and post another update late tomorrow. Updates after that will be of me shipping games! ..Al
  4. You hit several of my main issues with the Amico here. I was physically at the launch event at PRGE, and I've spoken with Tommy in person. He's a decent enough guy, and his passion for this system is absolutely genuine.... and that's the problem. Everything about the project SCREAMS 'passion project', with all of the red flags that entails: He's personally involved in and controlling literally everything, and seems to be the sole marketer. This is a huge mistake, and this latest twitter snafu is the biggest in a long line of marketing mistakes. He's gone the Peter Molyneaux / Ouya /No Man's Sky route of over promising features too soon before development has made that a sure thing, leading to a lack of trust by the public. He isn't 100% honest. I was at the launch event, and listened to him wax poetic about how the Amico (and I quote) will have the 'first custom 2d graphics chip in decades' that is designed to handle 2d entirely, and not 3d, and which will handle 'millions of sprites'. He also promised that 'all games' will have an online leaderboard system to track achievements. Neither of these seem to be remotely the case, and this latest leak more or less confirms it. Certainly, the games so far do not even REMOTELY show off some revolutionary 2d tech... they look like cheap tablet/flash games, for the most part. He absolutely CANNOT take constructive criticism. I mentioned, as did others, how 'cheap' and 'cell phone like' the game demos looked in the big thread he was responding to here (and several other issues), only to be flatly dismissed by him. Many of these complaints are now featured front and center in this article. If he'd listened to a lot of early adopters and adapted his marketing strategy, we wouldn't be here right now. He's kind of a jerk online to anyone who challenges or even questions anything about the Amico. When legitimate issues or concerns are raised, they are met with 'we haven't done that yet' or 'that's not a concern" or 'you don't know what you're talking about'. Actually, Tommy, we're your market. We kinda do. There have been a ton of failed 'indie consoles'. His continued marketing snafus, bad E3 presentation, and now this latest, childish twitter freak out have completely undermined faith in him and his console. All of this together has taken the Amico from my #1 most anticipated indie project and squarely put it in the 'if this ever even comes out, it's gonna be another Ouya' category. I'd love to be wrong. But I don't think I am, sadly.
  5. I attach some quick pictures from Flob cartridges and boxes production.
  6. A strategy game: - Who Dunit? Description on TI99IUC page (Who Dunit?); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 337. [GAME] Who Dunit (1985)(Tony Imbruglia - TI Tronic Data)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  7. Now the guards & spears are functioning as characters not sprites - and they are more or less accurately killing the player. Literally the only sprites so far are the player, the bells, and an invisible timer for the climbing guard. This makes me question if the original arcade was using sprites for the guards & spears. They used really old tech on the board for this game so maybe it had similar 4-in-line issues and they used characters. It works anyhow. So next on the to-do list is sort out the timing for the player's movement. Each screen has it's own "timer maximum" value. A variable counts up to that value before it lets the player move. Obviously some screen are going to be more "busy" than others so in that case the "timer maximum" will be halved, this way we won't see too much slow-down from the player at least. js99er-20210630030340.webm
  8. That's not an article. It's a hit piece. The question is why? An outlet doesn't commission a hit piece like that unless there's some sort of agenda behind it. The author was very obviously ill informed as to what Amico is, but very informed on technical specifications. If they have issues, why not ask Tommy what their concerns are? He's obviously not shy about answering questions. Did they try to talk to actual developers? It doesn't seem so. Instead, they just go through leaked specs and tear it apart with nothing but negative comments. It's just strange as to why a website like Arstechnica would spend so much time tearing it down? Is it because they tend to focus on the newest, fastest, greatest tech devices? Or is there something else at play? I don't know. What I do know is that the some of the greatest innovations of the last 100 years were mocked and laughed at by their peers. The iPhone lacked a physical keyboard and was therefore inferior to its competitors. What did Apple know that Motorola didn't... nothing! Companies invested in their successful business model can never be disrupted. Just ask Kodak how that's working out for them. I think Intellivision is actually starting to scare somebody, and sites like Arstechnica are doing the dirty work to try and kill it. If the author wanted to know "What the heck's an Intellivision Amico" @Tommy Tallarico would have not only told them, but would have showed them what it is in great detail. Again, this isn't journalism, it's a hit piece.
  9. I just read the article. Unlike the CNET article from last fall, or some of the others I've read over the last year, it's not uninformed or biased in tone. Yeah, the title isn't nice, but with 4 months to go before release, two missed release dates, no legit hands-on experience with the console, and some seriously dated, somewhat dodgy presentations by the Amico team in the last few weeks, aren't some hard questions to be expected? This isn't 2019, and if they miss the 10/10/21 release...come on, that's a serious blow. I haven't lost interest in the console, but my faith in Tommy and the team has deteriorated rapidly over the last 6 months, there's been too little info and too much smiley-faced spin. Tommy's 'lawsuit!' tweet is unprofessional, and frankly legitimizes the content of the article. Sometimes it's better to say nothing at all. Maybe it's time for Tommy to be the energy behind the Amico, and not the public face of the company. His obsession with youtube trolls last summer and fall was concerning and kept me from investing beyond buying a couple consoles. You can't run a company and take these things personally, it's too distracting. Now it's way too close to the THIRD release date for this 'Trust us, we got it' public relations policy, a technique Tommy has publicly criticized when referring to other consoles, like the Atari VCS. Sadly, when I see Tommy doing these presentations now, I no longer view him as an energetic, cool guy. It's more 'aahh, here's the salesman again, what's he going to talk circles around this time?' That's a shame, because I respect what he's trying to do and want the Amico to succeed.
  10. About to play my first game ever on Evercade Earthworm Jim
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    "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" was released in the US fifty years ago today, on June 30, 1971 (after premiering on 6/28).
  12. I fully agree with this. I have many concerns about Amico this year, but am still very much looking forward to its release. I probably share many of the same feelings that Cranker has described recently. My biggest issue is that I don't have an actual Amico to play with. I've watched, commented on, agreed with, and disagreed with many of the recent YouTube videos about Amico and come to the conclusion that most of the problems I see in Amico won't really matter to me once I get it in my hands. It's just a toy after all. I'll either have fun with it or I won't.
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    picked up a cheap ps3 slim today, sold as non-working, probably because the disk drive was crammed full of like 5 or 6 disks, oddly enough non of them were for the ps3, but several were for the xbox 360
  14. Yeah I'm not bothered about specs at all, for anything. As long as everything is smooth and there is no lag, I don't care what chips are used for what. If it keeps costs down, awesome. I just wanna see the games!
  15. That's true. But I don't need to put up every Amico video.
  16. Console system including TI monitor and a bunch of carts (nothing out of the ordinary.) Sans PEB but still a nice starter configuration if the price holds. Even shipping is not terrible (at least to me.) https://ebay.com/itm/334055958480
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    Our AC got fixed yesterday. We were lucky they had an opening so we didn't have to wait until today. Two other companies we called wouldn't have been able to get here until Thursday or Friday.
  18. I didn't say Nintendo hired them, that's the kind of ridiculous thing the Amico critics say about Amico fans. I just meant most of the haters are Nintendo fanboys and that is probably the "sources with knowledge about Amico", like Rat and Peon refer to as getting their info from. I don't dislike Nintendo fanboys, I dislike the elitist ones. People bashing the Amico and then if you say something negative about Nintendo, they're all like "stop bashing Nintendo" and then they go back to bashing the Amico. Trust me, you go to the Analogue or Nintendo sub-forums and start criticizing something from them and you will get a lot of push-back. If you tell the people complaining about Amico fans not being able to take criticism that the same thing happens other places and give them an example, they'll take the side of the people in those forums giving push-back.
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    In the mood for food? How about recipes from Garfield's cookbook on what the flabby tabby enjoys. 8^)
  20. Funny, I was just reading this article right before coming here. My thing is if Amico is running the game well, no issues affecting the gameplay, I'm good. I have faith in this company and the quality control they are fighting for that will show in the final product(s). We can argue all day whether these specs are supposed "warning signs" or not but without a final, tested, 100% ready-to-go product in hand, we just won't know for sure. Agreed! I have only played on emulators and struggled with the controls so I'm excited to see a newer take. Will be a fun one to see redone for sure!
  21. I don't know what to make of this article: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/06/what-the-hecks-an-intellivision-amico-consoles-leaky-dev-portal-offers-hints/ There are some factual mistakes made. For one thing, they do call it a handheld. What makes this an interesting read is that they may have the real Specs. While we knew them for the most part. It looks like it goes into detail. I was not expecting a powerhouse. I don't think anyone was. According to them Snapdragon that is being used is from a chipset introduced in 2018. (The 624) If my internet sleuthing is correct. Also it looks like it may have 3GB of RAM and not 2. At least the stock one. Maybe it's been customized? I know it's apples and oranges, and the Switch is way more powerful, to add context the X1 (the non customized SOC in Switch) was introduced in mid 2005. The Switch came out 2017. It was under-powered when introduced. I still love it. I have one about a foot away from the keyboard I'm typing on... Will I get a "Pro" when it's introduced? Almost assuredly. Even if most of it is true, I play the heck out of my systems that are way less capable. As long as the games are fun. I'll be happy. That is what we are all aiming for... Right?
  22. I sent this to a stone cutter to have it chiseled into a granite rock. Should be ready in a week. It's going to IE for their lobby display. 😁😜
  23. 87-56 box 2 Successfully selling the home computer. Neil Love 23 Jan 79. Training program. Slides scripts. Quizzes. Tests. picture of 99/4 on cover says Dinension 1. Has that dimple on top center for? Big volume slider on top of power supply. Command module “Income Tax” inserted. Product name indeterminate. (“This exciting new trendsetter is the EPIC 2000 Home Computer from Texas Instruments.*”) jokingly. 11/20/78 saccharine overselling of HC. most features accurate, except wireless remote controllers and 2-merged into keyboard. Textual description of the whole Demonstration module, IMHO vastly overselling what you get…
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    If a turtle doesn't have a shell is it homeless or naked?🤔
  25. I preordered a Founder's Edition and I also have a purple Amico preordered at Gamestop. Having said that, there have been several major red flags that I have observed in the past year that have convinced me that the Amico is troubled. First, I don't believe that the development of the actual Amico hardware was completed in a timely manner. While I realize that Covid may have played a role, there are plenty of consumer electronics devices that have been designed without anyone being in the same room. Indeed, there are many devices that are essentially developed by teams around the world using e-mail, video conferencing and express shipping to finalize design and prototyping. From what I have gathered, the Amico design wasn't finalized until earlier this year. Given that timeline, I don't think any of the announced release dates were ever realistic, component shortages or not. I also don't think that manufacturing can possibly be ramped up in time to make the October date with only three months notice. That timeline just doesn't make any sense and it hasn't for a long time. Second, there has been a clear revolving door of executives in and out of the company and individuals that were touted as full-time executives who were in fact nothing more than part-time consultants. Beyond J Allard, at one point Perrin Kaplan was supposed to be involved and Tommy made a big deal of a new high-level marketing executive who was going to become the day-to-day face of the console. He even said this person would be the primary contact between online forums like this one and the company. As far as I know, Tommy is still the primary marketing person and this other executive never assumed that role. I think the most puzzling recent talent acquisition was Chuck LaBella who is a long-time reality casting executive. While he clearly knows that business, he has zero background in video games or consumer products and it really isn't clear why a start-up would need an executive with that skill set this early in their existence. Third, I have been personally turned off by some of the unnecessary turmoil that Tommy has personally been involved in. Frankly, threatening lawsuits and engaging minor social media figures in ongoing public disputes is just not professional. The reality is that there are many people out there with a platform and sinking to their level and attempting to rally support against them will only backfire. I realize it's hard to walk away from a fight sometimes, but the appropriate response would be to ramp up marketing to counter-act the negative claims and not to engage in arguments or threats in an attempt to silence critics. Ultimately, the product will succeed or fail on its own merits, but engaging in these petty ongoing conflicts will only turn off the very casual market that the Amico is design to appeal to. At the end, I feel like I have only really risked $100 and it if works out, it works out. If not, it has been an interesting journey full of ups and downs and it will serve as a helpful cautionary tale for the next time someone makes a similar attempt.
  26. Continuing today irony of how archives are in accession order: all the Speak&Spell folders are together with Laser Guided Bomb. data manuals RG-20 box 5 25B. 1977. : Total Integration: TI short form Catalog of ICs 2nd Ed. 1977. Lovely little “pocket” reference size A5 from Bedford, England TI Ltd. Block diagrams and selection guide for uPs 9900, SBP9900, 9980, 9940, 74S481, SBP0400, 990x chips. AMPL. 8080, 1x00, 4116 etc. DTL, TTL. Stand-alone 9980A/9981 databook. 1977. Probably same as Family Systems book. Photos just in case. One book has TI Italia copyright page. Spine title other way round. Box 13. 1987. Mil products baseline and errata to data books. 1987. SMJ and 54 prefix parts. Like SMJ27C512. SMJ320x0. SMJ9914. Data manuals for TSP6100 , TSP50C50A, TSP5110A,TSP5220C,users guide TSP5220C. TSP5220C speech synthesis data manual. 1987. TSP5220C users guide. 1986. Demo board operation, applications. Demo board schematic has 10V supply: VDD VREF VSS are 0,5,10 instead of -5,0,5. everything else is CMOS with VCC 10. Uses 27C64 to replace 6100 ROM with 16 demo phrases. TSP52C40A 7.1 prototype ordering instructions with custom mask ROM of speech data. TMS34010 assembly language tools 1987. for PC demo card. Assembler, linker, archiver. Command line tools for TIPC, IBMPC, VAX. TMS34010 Math/graphics function library users guide. 1987. Floating point routines. 3D transforms, fonts, fills, pen, pattern, polygons.
  27. Folks, just to reinforce something, because I think there is misunderstanding: The rom included in this bundle is unencrypted. Which means I don't need to know your LTO Flash digits or anything like that. The rom is not hardwired to anything physical. You can play it on your LTO Flash, CC3, emulator, RetroPie, wherever you like. Enjoy the freedom! (But please use it responsibly so we have a shot at seeing similar unencrypted releases going forward )
  28. I believe that Mad Little Pixel does a good job and I think his video was very fair imo.
  29. CORRECTION TO POST 680- Chicago TImes v4 n6 Jan 85- the Roman Numeral program. Many user groups printed their newsletters with TI Writer using the formatter. This often had unfortunate results on program listings. Here is an example. All the less than signs in the program have been omitted. In many program lines there are for example "IF X1234 THEN" which should be "IF X<1234 THEN". Here is a replacement page with the correction note added to the page- please update your downloads. (Is it possible to add a note to post 680 to incorporate this? Thanks) bb ( the original post was dated 22nd June and should be above this post....) chicago times v4 n6 Jan85_05_correct_tif.zip
  30. I think that video re-splice certainly made an impression. 7-hour dinner together? I hope this means that they took the chance to record some new live game play!
  31. It is important to clean your knob regularly.
  32. I dunno man, its a bit of a stretch to imply that Nintendo is scared of the Amico so is paying off a respected site to "kill it". I actually didn't think it was that bad of an article, because no one has ever said (including Tommy) that this was a hi tech piece of kit. It's always been affordable, fun over realism, etc, so I didn't really see any issue with the article. Their biggest issue seemed to be the framerates and graphic limits on the controller but, again, no one has ever claimed this was be a Wii U style gamepad. I figured it was a more fancy Dreamcast type bit, and was fine with that.
  33. I got past the sword wielding guard at level one by timing the jump right just once... I was so shocked I did it, I stopped and he stabbed me in the back.
  34. I just gotta say, I bet when the "Sources with knowledge about Amico" read the part about the "lukewarm Wii U concept", they probably responded to them "Hey, we didn't ask you to bash Nintendo! That's a big no-no in our cult!"
  35. I think this might be it... if I didn't just jinx myself. I've made the enemies faster, especially on hard. It's a lot more tense now, and you have to really pay attention. Hopefully that makes the first couple levels more fun as things pick up quicker. I did beat it on hard, so it's definitely doable but a pretty good challenge. I had a good moment on the 4th level where I was down to 2 health and was considering just killing myself to find a gravestone, but there were enough unexplored rooms I was able to farm enough potions, along with getting lucky with a chest that had one, that I got back up to almost 50 before the final boss and I beat him. That was kind of fun. 2021/06/29 - increased enemy speed on normal/hard - minor sfx tweaks Need to work on the manual now... wizd_210629.bas.a78
  36. You left out much easier to disassemble and put back together. I believe much of the criticism comes from v2.2 actually removing capability. And also no obvious way to tell if your unpowered QI machine is going to be a v2.2 version OS. When I see QI's on eBay it makes me wonder if it is worth the v2.2 risk. Also...that beige case is kind of symbolizes too-little too-late. It's not a delorean, etc...one could start a flame thread on the topic.
  37. Yeah, I don't buy the living room productivity angle either. While most games and media apps have a pretty good ten-foot interface these days, there's not a lot of office software that's very usable from sofa distance. Stick it in an office on a monitor and you can do that with it, but you're not playing games on your TV with it that way. Maybe they're hoping people will buy two? 😀 They're not charging $70 for new games because nobody charges that for indie games. Compare the price of D/Generation across platforms, for instance, and it's about ten bucks or so whether you get it on the VCS, Steam or a console. If they ever got AAA games on the store, which I suppose is unlikely for a variety of reasons, I'd expect them to charge $50-70 because that's what people are prepared to pay. As for subscription services, what do you think Antstream is? That's $96 a year and I'm pretty sure Atari will be getting a cut from any VCS signups. If they had an online game that could get more than double digits playing at the same time they probably would start charging for that too. I've always presumed that at least some degree of mass market success was required because that's what you need to make money from the online store and subscriptions model. They'd just seem like sure fire ways to lose money if the plan is merely to sell a few tens of thousands of units and give up on it, because you'll never get the volume that way and it'll annoy the people who bought games if they just shut up shop after a year or two.
  38. I'd rather start a Kickstarter campaign to surgically remove that stick from your ass (and maybe even your head while the surgeons are in there).
  39. I had very little modern gaming this week: Pokemon Ultra Moon (3DS) - 15 minutes. Just level grinding while some guys came over to install a new sliding glass door in my apartment. After 15 minutes I got tired of where I was sitting and just decided to do something else.
  40. I only had time to play 2 classic games this week: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) - 124 minutes Super Mario World (SNES) - 156 minutes Both were 100% beaten, every level, every map screen enemy, every exit. For a fun finishing touch I beat Bowser with hammers in Super Mario Bros. 3.
  41. Time for a big Sunday evening update before I have some dinner!! I now have nearly all the games boxed and ready to ship. Here are some photos I just took: The above are all NTSC games. You can see a some of the PAL60 games on the very left of the following photo.. The only games I still need to box are the two Atari 8-bit titles (Adventure II XE and Scramble) and the extra games for orders. I'll get the 8-bit ones done in a bit, but I can't close up the Adventure II XE boxes until I print the parchment envelopes, which I'll be doing in the morning (as well as some stickers I need to seal those envelopes!) Here are the extra 5200, 7800 and ColecoVision titles I finished up a few days ago: You'll have to guess what the 5200 games are. Here are the bins that were previously full of games, now nearly empty! You can see the two bins full of Adventure II XE and Scramble cartridges. Here's one of my cats helping with Magical Fairy Force: And here's a batch of 2600 carts I cleaned yesterday morning. These will have 2600 games assembled into them tomorrow, the only games I need to finish building in order to ship everything. I will Goo Gone another similar batch of carts in the morning, which will allow me to finish up the 2600 games. That's all for now! Very close now to shipping everything! I am excited! ..Al
  42. I spent some time fixing up the movement code and playing around with it on my 5200. It seems pretty good to me, might need a few adjustments here and there. Here's a movement test build for anyone that wants to try it out. As is the custom, there's a build ID string 256 bytes from the end of the ROM that says Movement test, 6/30/2021. You can wander around the maze. The side tunnels work so you can play with those too. I take no responsibility for anyone that goes out the top or bottom doors. There be dragons. robnbanks.bin
  43. Week 25 Top games 1. DOOM Eternal (Switch) - 1800 min. 2. MLB The Show 21 (Xbox Series X) - 1344 min. (#1) 3. Suikoden 3 (PS2) - 1260 min. 4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) - 878 min. 5. Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch) - 800 min. 6. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (Xbox One) - 755 min. 7. Sid Meier's Ace Patrol (PC) - 613 min. 8. Slay the Spire (Xbox One) - 579 min. (#6) 9. Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Switch) - 434 min. 10. Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga (PC) - 402 min. Top systems 1. Switch - 4839 min. (#5) 2. Xbox Series X - 1884 min. (#1) 3. PC - 1723 min. (#2) 4. Xbox One - 1643 min. (#4) 5. PS2 - 1260 min. (#9) 6. Oculus Quest - 371 min. (#6) 7. PS4 - 347 min. (#3) 8. Gamecube - 130 min. (#8) 9. DS - 35 min. 9. 3DS - 35 min. Total 12311 minutes and 39 different games on 12 different systems, with 11 different participants. Eight out of ten games on the top list are new for the week, only Slay the Spire and MLB The Show 21 remains but even the later one can't stop DOOM Eternal from taking the title. Systems wise the Switch takes a huge revenge, thanks to returning participants. The total amount of minutes is the 6th highest ever (14736 - 13695 - 12856 - 12431 - 12398 - 12311) and the number of participants is tied highest ever (with week #50, 2020).
  44. Update: Version 1.b. NOTE: the URL always remains the same (first post) the updates just overwrite the version so the current version is always the same URL. Minor updates: corrected spelling of mytek's name added in section about AKI and TK keyboards- I didn't understand what AKI was, now everyone can. minor corrections Upcoming: a section on the history of the NUC, what it really is, how it came into being, who helped make this a commercial product BBSing - using the FujiNet for super easy BBSing on your NUC.
  45. Give it to me, I’ll most likely live longer than you 😁 Easy to count how many games are in my Intellivision collection… zero!
  46. I cleaned the controller and it was just some thin lint that had built up around the knob. No paint coming off after all and problem solved.
  47. A few price-related notes from the ICWhen.com archives, including the original MSRP of the JagCD: "Tuesday, March 21, 1995, Atari announces a new low price for the 64-bit Jaguar game system of $159.99. The new price is on a system without the CYBERMORPH game cartridge which was packed in Jaguar systems selling between $189 and $249 previously." "April 1995: Atari Corporation announces hopes to have the CD-ROM peripheral for the 64-bit Jaguar to stores in June for $149." "May 1995: Atari Corporation reduces the price of the Jaguar core system to $149." "On the evening of Wednesday, December 13, 1995, a fax is sent to all Atari Rep Firms and Distributors announcing a new low price point of $99 for the Atari Jaguar." "On Monday, December 23, 1996, JTS of San Jose, a disk drive company, begins releasing pallets of Atari Jaguars to a liquidator (Tiger Software) for $20 each piece and software for $1 each piece. Expectations mount that the units will be bundled and sold at prices intended for expedient sale. Mr. Bob Gleadow, oversees the transaction from JTS’ European office (once known as Atari UK)." "January 1997: Tiger Software publishes and direct mails Volume VII, Issue 1 of their newest catalog called 1997 PC Yearbook. On the front page and on page 5, they offer an Atari Jaguar video game system at an exclusive price of $59.99 which includes ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, RAIDEN, NBA JAM and CYBERMORPH. Other games and accessories are offered at higher prices. According to some sources, Tiger paid $20 for the consoles and $1 to $5 for software as JTS is very anxious to rid themselves of Atari’s bulging warehouse of goods." [This sounds very similar to the catalog shown in Post #6.]
  48. A recent -and rare- local pickup... Nice to see things like these pop up in my area...
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