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  1. Finished shipping the last of the pre-orders last night! These will be going to the post office this morning. Technically there is still one pre-order, but that customer asked me to not ship until early August. Now i get to work on catching up on regular orders, as well as getting free copies of all the new games to the developers. Only then can I take a break! After my break, I will be working on moving the store to completely new software. Really looking forward to that! Also have to get the forum updated to new software, which I'm also looking forward to (lots of cool new features and improvements!) And working on the next round of games to hit the store at the end of August/early September! I hope everyone enjoys the games as they arrive, there's such a great variety of fun titles! And I never cease to be amazed at the incredible talent in this community. From the programmers to those helping with pixel art, sound, and music, to the designers and artists who create the amazing artwork and designs for games, it's truly remarkable the love that goes into these games! Thank you everyone for your patience with this batch of games. It was certainly an experience! ..Al
  2. Well!;) FQ: At first just small disclaimer about Flimbo - yes its getting closer to release (waiting for the stuff from another coder) so this project is my small detour. We have many projects on the move and after a break we had, we are back to coding. One is a big custom SDK with new auto linker, auto data manager, auto relocator, auto .car creator, and even a new assembler - all for the sake of faster A8 production. Flimbo is waiting for it because we really want to have it working on stock Atari as cartridge. Besides this our priority is to finish MK and FQ first. Giana: About flickering and sprites - my target is to have enemies as softsprites (we already have the same amount of soft sprites in FQ and this game is much much more cpu taxing). For the sake of the presentation enemies are - like you folks realized on hw 2p+2p multicolor, then swapped to softsprite (with uglier color). Nice catch;). Im going to test some dynamic hybrid with soft+hw sprites but not sure how it would look. Generally there wont aby any issues to having all enemies on screen at all besised uglier (same as tiles) colors (still going to try few tricks). About level tiles and colors - original version has some hires chars (diamonds, most green bushesh and so on) but it translated very well for A8 (I was always curious how it is going to look). In the game 5th color dynamically changes (for green and more in future) when game scrolls the level. Proably some levels going to have small changes to background elements position because of that but thats it. The original character on C64 is made up from 3 sprites (the third one eye/legs is in hires mode): In our version it is similar (for now - not finally decided yet): - two multicolored sprites for main colors - one blue for the dress - one for eye and legs Additional two missiles are rendered during jump (for hand and leg) and going to be used for powered version (the new hair adds 2 pixels and its going to be one missile). I've written a small tool that auto converted their sprite combination to our P/M and was pretty happy about the result. @rensoup I also want to thank you (and all involved) for the PoP project. One of our group member is uber PoP fan and he loves it (we also!) very much. Its a huge step for Atari XL/XE.
  3. Just been made aware of this in a passing conversation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W6BhUuoljM Download the auto-pilot demo here (eg it's not playable - just sit back and enjoy): https://demozoo.org/productions/296648/ Some promising graphics and music already. I played this game a few times on my mate's Amiga BITD.
  4. It's ALIVE! I reflashed the SST chip (I don't know what it's really called) and my incognito came back to life!
  5. Hi, No disrespect, but I was just curious if you consider all of the PS, XBOX & Switch games that you buy "digital media"? Almost every physical game I've purchased over the past 10 years has to connect to the internet to get updates. I can't remember the last time I just put in a physical copy of a game on a modern system and just have it work immediately. Especially if it's a game I purchase a year or so after it comes out. By your definition of physical games, it seems that would only mean pre-internet carts & CD's/DVD's/Blu-Ray's correct? Or basically... anything before the turn of the century. Again, just curious as to how you would classify all of the modern physical games. Thanks!
  6. No, all sounds are generated using the POKEY's waveforms.
  7. A platform game (enhanced version of a previosly compiled games): - Drunkman (Some Guys Like Beer): a Burghertime clone. Description on TI99IUC (Drunkman - Some Guys Like Beer); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 347. [GAME] DrunkMan (1984)(Marcello Zannini)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  8. Although brick and mortar are fading, they are still well ahead. Amazon's revenue was $386 billion (pure e-tailer), while Walmart was $559 billion (mixed but mostly in store). Also millennials still like stores: "Females makes that list first because the most notable trait among Target shoppers when compared to their counterparts is that Target draws women, particularly younger ones. While Walmart, Kohl's and Kmart all have a majority of female shoppers (>50 percent), Target's base shoppers are 60–63 percent female, on average. Target shoppers are also a bit younger: 58–62 percent of Target's shoppers are between the age of 18 and 44, as opposed to Walmart, where that age demographic represents about 48 percent of shoppers; Kohl's, where younger consumers make up about 44 percent of the customer base; and Kmart, which only draws 34 percent of its shoppers from the millennials/young Generation Xers. Conversely, Target has the smallest proportion of consumers age 65 or older, as that only represents about 12 percent of its customer base. " https://www.pymnts.com/news/retail/2016/average-target-shopper-customer-demographics/ I agree that the Amico at it's current pricing isn't an impulse buy, but it is *well* within the range of a Christmas gift, especially considering out of the box it can cover two people/kids so it can be roughly half of the retail price: "According to a Retail Me Not survey from 2017, parents planned to spend an average of $330 for their children. A Gallup study from 2018 says American adults expected to pay about $885 on gifts last year" https://www.pymnts.com/news/retail/2016/average-target-shopper-customer-demographics/
  9. Hey, I did a thing. I spent much longer on this than I meant, but, it's basically just a workout of my vgmcomp2 music converter. I have wanted to do the Thunder Force III music for many, many years, and so now that my conversion toolkit finally works, I decided to do the work. When it come out halfway decent, I decided to also reproduce a few screens. Anyway, like all my stuff, it's on github here: https://github.com/tursilion/tf3 But since it's not really interactive, it might be enough to just watch the video. The only thing you miss is flicker doesn't work terribly well through videos, but that's only on the title page. If you know the game, hopefully you'll agree that the tunes are recognizable, even though without the instruments it's a huge jump. If not, well, hope you enjoy. Guess I will also attach the cart image: 256k non-inverted cart. 32k required. Should run anywhere. TF3_8.bin
  10. So pleased with these new arrivals! Very grateful to the programmers and, of course, to Al for all the many hours of hard work it took to make these games possible. 🙂
  11. PC Magic: the Gathering Arena (503 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (246 min) Not much this week, but I did fire up MtG after a brief foray during its beta a couple years ago. I quickly left back then once the pay to win whales started taking over in the just for fun Standard play with their netdecks. But the new AFR set piqued my interest, and there now seems to be a lot bigger player base, so I've been having fun with it. RimWorld just announced a big update and new expansion coming, so I'll be back in on that BS before long, lol
  12. Greetings! Just got back from delivering another 25 packages to the post office, so I figured I'd drop by this thread to give another update. I now have nearly all the pre-order orders shipped. There are about ten outstanding orders, and those will be shipped this evening after I make a few more straggler games. Then it'll be on to the regular orders so I can get all those finished and shipped. Here are some games I built over the weekend: And here are the four bins of games, and two larger boxes, that I dropped off at the post office today: It's nice seeing that people have been receiving their games! ..Al
  13. Truth be told, I installed it and then had to read the instructions twice to get it working. Install was slightly a pain in the posterior, equivalent to what one imagines a butt plug would feel like if one were to have felt it — ever. The utility it provides is worthwhile. Module Creator 2’s utility that is.
  14. Yet another successful meetup for the Valley of the Sun TI Users Group. It appears we once again enjoyed 100% attendance by all members. Congratulations y’all! Topics covered: Sparkdrummer brought his GRAM Kracker thingy to demo yet forgot a console to plug into. Apparently it’s not Classic99 compatible. @sparkdrummer This POS PEB cable extender never worked. Cheap plastic connectors discussed. Buyers beware. Too bad Greg doesn’t offer a solution @arcadeshopper Played Hunch Back and discovered vertical non-flexing rope = the devil. @Retrospect Sometimes a game just grabs ya! Restless II is so pretty it hurts. Explosion bliss 99er! @sometimes99er Sparkster couldn’t grasp why he couldn’t play the Demo from some dude named Tursi? Great music had the donut shop rocking so it didn’t matter. @Tursi SEGA!!! And finally, near the tail-end of the meeting we booted up the Edutainment title of the month: So cheeky. @Retrospect How this game came out of the UK and not Germany I’ll never know. Overall — great meetup. Come join us next month. Coffee’s on us!
  15. This guy is exactly the reason why I don't do YouTube videos... great info, good video and probably a nice guy in person as well... but our crass, mafioso NY accent is just hard on the ears... LOL.
  16. I have uploaded version 0.94 to the same address as above. One major new thing is that ELSA is now able to generate SpartaDOS X relocatable binaries. I seem to have managed to make SpartaDOS X support more flexible than in MADS (let alone FA), for example, all 65C816 instructions and addressing modes will generate fixups, where applicable; also, labels declared as external symbols can be used in arithmetic expressions, the result of such an expression will then generate the external reference record when used, e.g. .xref COMTAB lbuf = COMTAB+$3f ... ... lda lbuf "lda lbuf" will cause the XREF record for the symbol "COMTAB" to be inserted into the object file. Also, fixups work between program blocks loaded to different 64k segments. To use this one will need to load an additional extension module, which will come with next beta release of SDX (on the Toolkit).
  17. I've added some more time today Pokemon Ultra Moon for 3DS - 40 minutes I'm still working my way up that last mountain and I just caught Necrozma with a Quick Ball on my first try after critical hitting it once with my lvl 65 Primarina.
  18. I only have one more entry to add to my above list: Kirby's Adventure for NES - 103 minutes. I completed the Extra Game (hard mode). I went ahead and got all the secret switches even though you don't have to in this mode to change your file description into "perfect."
  19. A much smaller list of games from my household this week, something for which our ever appreciated and dutiful statistician Carlsson will no doubt be grateful for My overall play time was much the same as usual this week, except I stayed focused on just a handful of games this time around. I spent most of the week playing through DOOM Eternal on the Switch again (this time on Ultra Violence difficulty) but took a little time to test out a brand new NES Classic Edition controller I picked up on eBay with Contra and Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES on the Nintendo Switch Online service. I thought the NES Classic Edition controller would be awesome for playing NES games on my Switch with the 8BitDo G-Bros adapter, but as it turned out the d-pad on the NES Classic controller is significantly more shallow than the one on an original NES controller and I kept getting false inputs with it so back in the box and up on eBay it went for slightly less than I paid for it. Ya win some ya lose some I suppose, and this time I lost. The only other game I played this past week was Samurai Shodown II on the Neo Geo MVSX machine. I've always just played as Galford in all the Samurai Shodown games but this week I decided to branch out a bit and try some new characters, so I spent a lot of time trying out different characters and decided I liked Ukyo and Jubei a lot; and I ended up playing through and beating the game with both of them. I've still got a soft spot for Galford and his faithful pooch Poppy, but Ukyo might be my new favorite character to play! There's not many fighting games I feel like I'll never tire of playing, but Samurai Shodown II is definitely one of them; right up there with the original Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Ineligible Contra (NES) - 38 minutes Samurai Shodown II (Neo Geo AES/MVS) - 230 minutes Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) - 123 minutes Nintendo Switch DOOM Eternal - 880 minutes Total Video Game Play Time This Week 1,271 minutes (21 hours 11 minutes) [880 minutes eligible] Individual System Play Times This Week Nintendo Switch: 880 minutes Neo Geo AES/MVS: 230 minutes NES: 161 minutes
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    I’ve finally finished arranging everything. I think I need some shelving to make use of the vertical space, so all my consoles don’t take up an entire table. Video cables are for now all sorted out rather neatly, and the power cables are untangled but not yet arranged. I think I’ll need an extra monitor (actually, a TV) where I can hook up some more RF systems and hopefully S video and component too. Because sharing a single screen between multiple computers isn’t very fun.
  21. This item has now sold. Thanks! For sale is a Mattel 2609 model 1 Intellivision but in Sears clothing. Yes, this has the standard 2609 rom sets in it that I installed about 20 years ago when the Sears unit was first given to me dead. At the time I had a spare standard 2609 Intellivision but liked the Sears look and controllers more. However after actually getting a different legit Sears Super Video Arcade unit nearly a year ago and finally.. FINALLY getting it working. I decided to put this one up for sale. This is NOT a display piece as it has nicks, scratches, some yellowing on the case, etc. It is for playing games and shows the years and age of love having provided that to previous owners in addition to myself. Information on this old SVA: - Power supply has been recapped and a new 12Ω power resistor installed - Power ribbon cable was replaced with a new one about a year ago - Main board is an older revision with the white colored PCB and fully exposed trace layout through the board - New 3906 transistors installed as originals are prone to failing - Yannick's v2 RGB installed. (First of this revision I installed actually) - RGB board has hardware fixes in place for better compatibility with OSSC, Retrotink2x SCART, and Retrotink 5x. Works with cheap SCART to HDMI converter and the Framemeister as well (so I've been told on the FM) - RF is still fully intact and working as an additional video output or fallback if needed - 9-pin mini din AV out wired up in Sega Genesis model 2 has been installed Includes the following: - SVA console itself (of course) - 2 working Sears style controllers - 1 Insurrection Industries Genesis 2 RGB SCART cable (New) - 1 Original RF output cable (Repaired recently by ITC) The RGB cable is brand new and being provided so that the new owner doesn't have to worry about finding or having a cable to use it with. It does still require you to have the ability to use SCART for RGB. So either a scaler/converter with SCART input is needed such as the Tink2x SCART like I primarily use for testing RGB consoles as an example. I've attached a lot of pics of the console but feel free to ask any questions. I've also attached a link showing example RGB video output direct captured from this actual Intellivision sometime back when I was first testing the new Yannick RGB boards. I've already got the console and cables boxed up and ready for its new home and owner. I will be posting this in other groups and like FB as well. I'm asking $175 for this SVA shipped in the lower 48 continental United States. Here is a video I took from this exact RGB board and SVA sometime back:
  22. Here is XB 2.8 G.E.M. which corrects the bug Retroclouds encountered when doing CALL HELP after using the T80 mode. As always, I hope this is the final version. XB28GEM20210712.zip
  23. Galaga '88 (PC Engine) 21 mins Star Parodia (PC Engine CD) 36 mins Gun-Nac (NES) 29 mins I recently moved so I was busy getting some things in order and working so I hadn't had much time to game this week.
  24. Always nice to see new ports! The fact that the player and the enemy aren't on the same horizontal line ever is really suspicious though 🤓
  25. Wanting a product to do and be better doesn't make one a hater. Not liking everything about it doesn't make you a hater either. Some people seem to forget that. I do think events like Crayola need to be increased.
  26. Tampa has 2 Stanley Cups and 1 Lombardi over the last 10 months. How much further do your entitlements go? I guess maybe that winning mojo can rub off on Amico if it stops by.
  27. Congrats Tommy! I had no doubt it would be a huge success once people got this thing in their hands. Fun is fun. You don't need the prettiest graphics of the fastest processor. If a game is fun to play for all, it comes across as such.
  28. None of the positive Crayola Event coverage surprises me a bit. The Amico sells itself as soon as you play the games, they are just good & fun. However the system is EXACTLY what Tommy has been describing all along. That is, simple, fun pick up & play games where the challenge is either within the scope of an easy to describe game (not complicated rules or controls) or simply among the interaction with they various other players (something missing from many games today). Think NBA Jam instead of FIFA, very much the experience most of us had with early video games consoles & arcade cabinets. I still see people online who just can't seem to wrap their heads around this concept, and relegate it to a Switch wannabe (just with worst specs) or think it is just a matter of time before they release a fight stick or XBox style controller for it. However when you see it played by the people who it will most appeal to (causal gaming adults & kids) they invariably have a blast with the system. Intellivision Entertainment is a startup and as such is having (not really unexpected) challenges with production, funding, marketing & pricing (at $199, the Amico would fly off shelves I believe), however the problem isn't in not having a market/demographic for the machine. One thing you learn quickly as a parent with a house, kids, fence falling over & a million other worries & issues is that you usually don't have as much time for gaming, can't invest hundreds of hours into complex game experiences as much anymore & worry about what your children are exposed to in both content and screen alone time (especially when they are young). Turning questionable solo screen time into family friendly group play time is a powerful driver. The Amico strikes directly at this market and will be the first game system for a lot of these households. The whole retro head & causal gamer markets are just a nice bonus for them. If Intellivision Entertainment can overcome their startup limitations they will sell in the millions, and that would be just reaching a relatively small percentage of US & European families with kids 3 to 8 (much less retro/causal market sales).
  29. ElectroBall is the socially distant way to play! Mount up in your Power Sphere on the field to compete against another person or "Daisy", an AI drone who makes up for lack of precision with enthusiasm. With 5 different selectable A.I. skill levels, you can even have two AI drones play against each other and cheer them on from the stands. Whoever scores the most goals within the time limit (or tie game sudden death) wins! Play one of four seasonal variations (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) to find out who truly is the ElectroBall champion! ElectroBall is a new 16K homebrew game written in assembly for your Atari 2600 or Atari 2600 compatible system. This game in ROM form may be used for free for personal use or for online/offline public use as long as no fees are directly charged to play the game. This game may not be directly sold or packaged with other items to sell in any form without prior permission from myself. I have a new version available which I am calling "WIP Beta 4". I don't believe there's any gameplay bugs (players and ball shouldn't stick to the walls, players scoring a goal shouldn't have it scored for the other player, the game should never be so busy in game logic that it causes the screen to scroll, display should be stable), but I've always found others are good at finding the corner cases that the developer might have missed. If you find anything strange, please let me know! If anyone would find a bug I suspect it would have to do with the screen scrolling/skipping in certain conditions particularly when AI controls both players. I got most of those by both playing on a live 2600 and advancing games frame by frame in Stella to see when I exceed the frame count, and hopefully I got ride of the screen scrolling/skipping .. of course, when I initially posted the ROMs and tried it in Javatari the options screen started jumping, so I did a quick fix for that. I've also made PAL50/PAL60 versions. My own 7800 & 2600 (and 2600 Jr) and TV set are NTSC, so for PAL50/PAL60 testing I could only try them on emulators or try my best using my Harmony Encore cart. If you have a native PAL setup, I'm curious to see how the PAL50/PAL60 versions works. You can download the Beta 4 ROMs (NTSC & PAL50/PAL60 formats) for use on emulators (I've tested on Stella, Javatari, and the Argon app for Android) or Harmony-type carts here: ElectroBall_Beta_4[NTSC].bin ElectroBall_Beta_4[PAL50].bin ElectroBall_Beta_4[PAL60].bin Or play them directly in a web browser on javatari.org from these links: ElectroBall Beta 4 NTSC Version ElectroBall Beta 4 PAL50 Version ElectroBall Beta 4 PAL60 Version I also have attached manual text to help explain the various options in the game. It is available here: ElectroBall Beta 4 Documentation.pdf What has changed from WIP Beta 1 to WIP Beta2? * Many AI variations! I've renamed the AI from Beta 1 to be "Hard", and have added a "Medium" and "Easy" mode. I have also added a "Super Mario Kart" style "AI Adapt" mode where the AI will adjust its play level to be harder or easier depending on if it is behind or ahead. There is also an "AI Random" mode which will change the AI behavior every time it gets the ball. * Ability to specify game length from 1 to 10 minutes in 1 minute increments. * Ability to specify none, one or both players be human or AI, allowing for a "0 to 2 player" game. * An options screen to configure all of these combinations (1,000 different potential games!) * An ability to change options, re-start a game or go back to the options screen after a game using the joystick for a more "Couch Compliant" experience. * An increase in ROM size from 8K to 16K. I saved a few hundred bytes in optimization before adding the options screen, but the data heavy options screen plus coding in AI options for both players caused me to exceed the 8K limit. Fortunately I could use the standard Atari 16K bank-switching scheme. I'm currently at 10,850 bytes of game ROM used. What has changed from WIP Beta 2 to WIP Beta 3? * No change to gameplay or features. * Hopefully the title and options screen no longer shake on more "discerning" consoles. My one test case on my 2600/7800 system (pressing and holding the fire button on the splash screen makes the title screen shake) is resolved with beta 3. * Fixed an issue where the "Atari 2600" text underneath the splash screen was not as centered as it could be. What has changed from WIP Beta 3 to WIP Beta 4? * New PAL60 compiled version. * Reduced instances of AI controlled players intentionally running into walls when they have the ball. Misc wall of text, just my own thoughts on the game and various inspirations: During the middle of the year last year as I was wasting some time browsing facebook, an ad for the Udemy course on programming for the Atari 2600 came up with a sale price of $10. Being the middle of the pandemic, it seemed like a nice diversion. Why not try to learn to program for the game system from my youth where a patient professor with a soothing voice leads me through assembly programming at a pace I choose? I took the course, then read Andrew Davie's book, re-read "Racing the Beam" which I had purchased years earlier, read the randomterrain.com series on Darrell Spice, Jr's very excellent Collect game tutorial (which the Udemy course seemed to base a lot of its code on as well!), the Stella programmer's guide by Steve Wright, the Atari 2600 tutorials on 8bitworkshop.com, and the plethora of informative posts on programming right here at Atariage.com. The amount of information publicly available on how to program for the Atari 2600 in the year 2021 is simply fantastic. Even after reading all that, programming for the Atari 2600 to me is still somewhat .. formidable. ElectroBall is actually my 4th game idea and 3rd attempted implementation for a game. The others were a bit too ambitious for my current 6502/6507 skills. For this game I mainly limited myself to what I could do with a single HMOVE during a given frame to see what I could do with 2 sprites, 2 missiles, a ball, background colors and the playfield. That allowed me a more simplified runtime kernel (the familiar "2 line kernel" (2LK) with some embellishments) and let me learn 6502/6507 assembly and the various Atari 2600 options by focusing on code in the the overscan and vertical blank sections. I also had a lot of fun coding in the various hardware switches (difficulty, select, reset, black and white) that the 2600 featured as well as the ROM-size soaking splash & title screens. Implementing the "Atari bank switching for dummies" example from these forums and seeing code execute in different banks was also very cool to see in action. One of my favorite games from the 80's was Hat Trick - I played it on multiple 8-bit systems and the game play (Spring and Summer variations) of ElectroBall is heavily based on that. I also thought that an overhead perspective of a Ballblazer type game would also translate well (and is the basis for the Fall and Winter game variations). I also was enamored with the "momentum based" control of the homebrew R.C. Sumo Bots and wanted to do something similar - like the mention on ZeroPage Homebrew when R.C. Sumo Bots was played, there should be more games in the bumper car genre! I tried to develop the game to feature what I think are the 2600's strengths - bright vivid colors, fast responsive gameplay, neat lower range beep boop sounds and rocket engine crowd noise. Nothing about my game is particularly groundbreaking (other than the splash/title screen to game code size ratio, which I believe I've set a new record - ha!), and some portions of my code is borrowed from elsewhere (the scoreboard is a modified version from Collect, as is the sound effects base engine and my runtime kernel is a fairly heavily modified version of the 2LK from Collect, the Atari jingle and "fire to exit splash screen" is borrowed from the AtariAge logo sample code recently posted, and the cycle through the colors of the Atari Fuji logo on the splash screen is based on the many color cycling background tutorials out there) and I used many of the utilities from the alienbill.com web site to add flourishes. All inefficient subroutines are of my own design! Having an AI was also useful for figuring out gameplay bugs and difficulty tuning. The Winter variation used to be a lot tougher, but I made it easier after the AI couldn't even score a single goal in 3 minutes... The AI code is somewhat simple, and I coded it so that it would keep the player engaged and entertained, not necessarily an attempt to crush them into oblivion - at least that was my intention. When the AI plays against each other, Easy vs Easy scores an average of 3.2 goals in 3 minutes across all game season variations, Medium vs Medium scores an average of 4.8 goals in 3 minutes across all game season variations, and Hard vs Hard scores an average of 9.0 goals in 3 minutes across all game variations. When Hard plays Easy it's not uncommon for the Hard AI to score double digit goals to Easy's single digits. Particular places I learned 6502/6507 assembly: https://www.udemy.com/course/programming-games-for-the-atari-2600/ http://www.lulu.com/shop/andrew-davie/atari-2600-programming-for-newbies-revised-edition/paperback/product-23644281.html https://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-lets-make-a-game-spiceware-00.html https://8bitworkshop.com/v3.5.2/?platform=vcs Stella Programmer's Guide by Steve Wright 12/03/79 Countless topic posts on Atari 2600 programming on Atariage.com Web sites I used to help design various components of my game: https://alienbill.com/2600/playerpalnext.html - Playerpal 2600 for sprite design/animation https://alienbill.com/2600/splash-o-matic - Splash-o-matic (now Atari-background-builder) for title screen https://alienbill.com/2600/atari-riff-machine/ - Atari riff machine (to plan out sound effects and title jingle) https://www.masswerk.at/vcs-tools/TinyPlayfieldEditor/ - Tiny playfield editor (to draw out Fuji logo on splash screen) Places I used to test out my game during development: Stella (The developer interface in this emulator is fantastic! The udemy course was worth it just for showing me the larger world present when you press the ~ key) https://8bitworkshop.com/v3.5.2/?platform=vcs (I could modify code in real time to see its effects!) https://skilldrick.github.io/easy6502/ (For testing basic 6502 functions) https://javatari.org/ (8bitworkshop uses this too but was also handy to test the ROMs on its own). Oh - and a big nod to the Atari 2600 development package for Visual Studio Code. A great modern development environment!
  30. This is the definitive Metal Slug (Mission 1) port for Atari STE Features: -Complementary Dithering colour, aprox. 70 colors on screen; requires more than 40 frames per second. As emulator, Steem in the recommended one, and active the Vsync -652 KB of digital sampled audio, 3 voices mixed at 12.5 KHz Music is also based on sampled audio loops at same frequency -Around 3 MB of graphics data -50 frames per second gameplay, few slowdowns -Hardware requirements: Atari STE @ 8 MHz CPU + a hard disk device https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyRBcTnn-5M Download: https://www.gp32spain.com/foros/attachment.php?attachmentid=54610&d=1626102535 Also, if you are interested on a high performance low cost hard disk device for your Atari ST/E, you can acquire one of my manufactured units from this same Atari Age forum: Enjoy it!
  31. A8 64KB / PAL / NTSC
  32. Looking see how many differences this RS Baseball Prototype has versus the final. Note in the opening song is off. Feel free to play and comment on other differences. Thanks! RS Baseball 6-15-83.bin
  33. First game update was released: version 1.01 - fixed issue with King of Arcade achievement - now you can pause the game using START button - rare text disapearing issue fixed - typo in intro fixed It can be downloaded here: https://bocianu.atari.pl/blog/flob
  34. I just installed it in C:\modulecreator_20 so I didn't have to change anything
  35. Hi mate. This needs changing for a start, really. I quote from the website; "The last thing to do is to set the correct path in the Yab script file. Open the file 'modulecreator.yab' with notepad or your favorite text editor. Locate the text '@1=C:\modulecreator_20' and change the path 'C:\modulecreator_20' into the path" I'm not being funny but sod that. An app needs to be easy to use, one click and it's on the screen, ready to make a module out of an EA5 file. All that stuff right there is what puts me off. It's just too much to think about and I don't learn new tricks easily. He needs to sort this out. This of course is just my opinion there will be guys out there who can do this in a pinch just not me. It's gonna have to get easier than that.
  36. And that won't matter... 10138 - YES! Gold Medal Patch score...
  37. In this version I added a game over screen, level completed screen, better fuel handling, lives display, extra life, and bug fixes. It's quite playable and perhaps the last version to be labelled 'demo'. However, if you know the original there's still some way to go before the game will feel like a clone. Because I'm not very experienced in the original I keep discovering new things like the cross hairs in the deep space sequence, which is the part that's the longest way from from being complete. The interaction with the boss at the end also leaves a lot to be desired. And the music/sound is also only at the proof of concept stage, probably there will be no music in the final version. zaxxon8.bin
  38. Every person who has played Amico confirms that they did not experience any lag that would in any way impede gameplay. Literally dozens upon dozens of people... even including a few folks who said they aren't interested in getting one (i.e. not fanboys or in any way biased). One of them who is in this thread. The people trying to create lag drama clearly don't understand how the disc works. So when literally every person who has played it says there is no lag that interferes with playing a game... I would suggest listening to them as opposed to others on the internet who haven't played it. Sound reasonable? Anyone still thinking there is lag is being suckered in by people who have never played it and quite frankly, don't understand how the technology works.
  39. Yes, and those are the people that when Minecraft or Roblox was first launched said ”no kids would ever want to play those crappy looking mobile games over Mario or Zelda” 😆
  40. 3 points
    I went Solar a couple of months + ago...Like the panels on a TIE Fighter (--) But the Power company only sent a guy over once, to install a new meter. It was snowing that day and the panels were covered in snow. He said he couldn't install the new meter until he could see the one I've got run backwards (which it does all the time on Sunny days). He's never been back and I'm paying Power/Gas And a Solar bill (loan) because it isn't taking into account the power I'm putting back into the grid. Once he gets the new meter in, I'm supposed to have a 99% decrease in my electricity bill (I'll still pay gas, of course). I wish he'd get his ass back over here.
  41. Damn you @OLD CS1!!! You responded as I was editing the post. We must have plugged 1,000 butts over donuts and coffee. Surprisingly addictive. Move over flappy bird. First synthesized turd noise I believe.
  42. I'm a young parent (34) and I'm buying it. Most parents my age who I talk to are also interested in it, but not enough to pre-order. I really think my demographic (millennial parents) will buy this once they see it in stores. My co-workers will sometimes ask me about what to buy for their children who are too young for their Xbox. The only thing stopping them from buying Amico is that it's not yet in stores. They want to buy it in person because they want to see it and try it at a store kiosk before they buy it.
  43. Space Game is awesome. I really need to devote more time to try and play through all 12 levels myself👍
  44. You have also hit the nail on the head. You describe my view on this perfectly. We are in the same boat.
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    $313 power bill has me missing the Pacific NW. LOL
  46. I disagree, although I fit the 'old guy, retro gamer' demographic *now* I know what it is like to have kids, I wish I had the Amico alternative when my kids where younger, I am getting an Amico for a relative with young kids and will be getting an Amico for my grand kids. Sure no young parents know Intellivision, but they do know Facebook & Facebook ads, they do know Parents Magazine and/or Whats Up Moms YouTube channel - and that is where the Amico will be advertised. Parent don't *want* their kids to be 'hooked on games' so what is the perfect solution for their clamoring for games? Well how about you put an Amico in the living room so it can be monitored, it is designed for everyone to play together and even the parents can play with their kids (*gasp*) turning gaming time into family time. It is better (and more cost effective if you have more than one kid) so it is the perfect system for people on a tight budget. Games are the cost of McDonalds drive through, not a steak dinner for two, one reason I don't feel bad about giving it to a relative without a lot of disposable income. Sorry but if my kids are on the younger side, they aren't getting a Switch - too expensive, too advanced, too much lone screen time, one kid only (which means I really got to buy two, or three or whatever). That is with me being game savvy enough to monitor their game purchases, which a lot of people aren't. I think a lot of people are going to make the Amico choice for their first console. I wouldn't doubt a Switch then an XBox may come later for a lot of them too. The Amico will be their foundation of gaming & a good foundation of local coop & family friendly values it is.
  47. PC Gladiator Trainer 360 Sid Meier's Ace Patrol 179 XOne Mass Effect Legendary Edition 338 Verdun 80 Wheel of Fortune 73
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