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  1. As part of our stretch in preparing to launch, we've already received 14 ratings approvals for North America (ESRB), Germany (USK) and Europe (PEGI). That's 42 approvals in total (don't forget your towel!) The 14 games include all of our pack-in games and initial physical products! As far back as December of last year for the 6 pack-in games, last month for our physical products and another new batch of games going through soon!
  2. In an effort to increase the distance of busy little hands from vintage hardware, I created an adapter that lets a WiiMote be used as a wireless controller. The current hardware supports two joysticks (directions, trigger, and both potentiometer signals) and uses an ESP32 for the bluetooth connection to WiiMote. Proof of concept Arduino code is working with one WiiMote that outputs to both joystick connectors. More details on hardware and design here: https://hackaday.io/project/179786-modernish-wireless-retro-joystick https://github.com/mulcmu/Modernish-Wireless-Retro-Joystick https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4899985 I am looking for some community support to help with the ESP32 code development. I have been unable to get multiple WiiMotes working with any of the existing Arduino libraries. Send me a PM if you are interested in contributing.
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    Fun fact: Did you know on April Fools Day of 1997, Jim Davis the creator of Garfield was invited to do a comic stirp with Dagwood Bumstead from Blondie, while Drake Young and his team from Blondie did Garfield and Jon Arbuckle.
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    Sorry guys, I'm all out of material. So you're just going to have to "like me for me".
  5. Wen Hop? The Search for Planet X You're the very, very famous and dashingly handsome spaceman/explorer/all-round-good-guy, Mellon Husk. To save humanity from the "Great Filter" that you fear is coming soon, you are on a mission to find "Planet X" so that you can establish a new human colony and safeguard the future of humankind. Using your trusty rocket-ship, inspirationally named "ship", you are on a mission to visit the moons, planets, asteroids of the solar system to find that elusive new home. Your goal at each stop, to mine enough dogecoin (yes, in the form of actual physical coins) enable you to buy enough rocket fuel to continue your quest. Getting the dogecoins would be a matter of solving puzzles and avoiding aliens on the planet. It's going to be very much an action/puzzler. Each planet/location has its own gravity. Terrain will have different characteristics - for example, friction on an ice planet. Underwater swimming... I hope to spend some considerable effort on variations in controls. The terrain is fully navigable on a per-pixel basis rather than character graphics. That is, Husk's movement is freeform over the char background. You cannot dig underground, but you can follow existing passages, and of course you can use tools. You will be able to pick up and drop some "objects" such as explosives, and rocks. Use rocks to allow you to reach stuff, or to drop on enemies, or block off exits. Use explosives to open up new passages. Underground you can crawl along diagonal passages. You cannot move "up" - you have to jump or climb. There may even be some alien superstructure/buildings - maybe you can even go inside for a sub-level on the planet. Whatever I can implement. Maybe a rocket pack.... At the moment the player sprite is just there to allow me to scroll around. It is not coupled to the background. That will come soon. At the start of each planet, I plan to have a big animating ship (character graphics) landing you on the playfield. Out comes spaceman Husk and then you're in control. You try and collect the dogecoin by moving through the underground passages and using tools/explosives where necessary to get access. Once you get enough Dogecoin, you go back to the ship and it lifts off (huge animation) for the next adventure. The video shows what I have so far. Essentially, it's a graphics engine that has the following capabilities... * super-smooth playfield scrolling * Animating background character graphics * parallax scrolling.... pretty cool effect * lava * water * earthquakes / screen shake Objects/creatures/behaviour... this will be expanded... * water drips * alien eggs * various foe - chasers, huggers, etc * dogecoin Tools * rocks - can be lifted/carried * explosives - place underground to blast away soil/rocks So as a first pass I've worked on the dirt and made it so that it intelligently "rounds" the edges where appropriate. It gives the whole thing an organic (non-character-graphics) feel. I feel that I work better when I get feedback, and I do like to share new developments ASAP. So I hope/plan to occasionally update this thread with videos and very soon some playable binaries. What you see in the video currently runs just fine on actual hardware. I've tried to show a few of the features - lava (which destroys just about everything) and causes earthquakes. Rocks (eventually) explode when in lava. Water, which dissolves soil/dirt, and will perhaps enable access to areas you might not otherwise reach. In other words, you float/swim until you're high enough. Both water/lava can slowly rise in level. I'll be putting in what gameplay elements I can. Well, if you want to contribute suggestions for gameplay, feel free to do so. And if you "follow" this thread, that will let me gauge interest in the project. It's a CDFJ (32K) project, written mostly in C. I'm really pushing the hardware with this engine; it's incredible what you can make it do if you design to the capability. I'm already very short of space, so it's going to be a matter of optimising from here on in. Onward and upward!! wow so various such example wow so much blast such first so much objects such matter very necessary so physical such spaceman
  6. @nanochess asked me this morning: -Hey, did you make a cover of Blinding Lights for Intellivision? -Nope -Ah, I thought that if -I'll make it later *Three hours later* And here's the ROM: blights.rom Note: ECS is required. Donations are appreciated: http://paypal.me/nyuundere
  7. Big influencers and websites want exclusives. We haven't started advertising yet. Zero reason for us to give away exclusives when our target audience doesn't even know we exist yet. I think it would be fair to say that we've shown and said more than any other game console launch in the history of the video game industry. But please don't worry... we have a lot more to share and to get folks excited about.
  8. While @mulcmu presented his idea of an Wii - mote adapter, this could prevent double work or going a more costly route, I guess it's time to show what I developed and maybe put into this years Abbuc hardware contest. SNACK supports two operational modes: Classic and enhanced. The classic mode is fully compatible with the standard joystick and supports also the additional buttons from the https://github.com/ascrnet/Joy2Bplus project and the game-patches there. A third button is mapped to auto-fire. When switching to the enhanced mode (with SELECT + START + R (shoulder button) ), all buttons are mapped to a single controller port, in a quite clever but also easy to use way: VID_20210723_163234.mp4 Things get even more interesting when plugging an "8bitdo Retro Receiver SNES" https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01K1T9CZS/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_J2E10CQ41GV0R44RQDA2 into the port of the adapter: ...this way, a lot of Bluetooth controllers will work out-of-the box with my hardware development: VID_20210723_164634.mp4 (sorry for the jittery footage, it's not that easy to film and play single handed...) Costs for the adapter will be quite low, as the controller in use is below € 1,-. As the prototype is hand wired, I'm currently designing a PCB (actually two different designs) and write the documentation. Have fun!
  9. Hi everyone, I wanted to present to you the collection that has fascinated me the most for a few years before putting everything up for sale. There will be a topic in the appropriate section with links as and when I put in sale Thank you for your interest
  10. Well look what I found while sorting through my spares 😀 It's missing the French manual, though.
  11. Starting watching it. These guys seem super chill and guys I'd like to hang out and have a beer with. Already see haters in the comments of the video too. Goes with the territory. People who have never touched the system rip on it "if I want mobile games I have a phone already". *sigh* seems like there's an agenda out there for the haters to go around and rip any positive Amico video. I can't wait until this thing hits the market and is a huge success, will look great on all those idiots who have constantly bashed it.
  12. He definitely is not a genius! Geniuses don't release WIP version public because then you have to read a tons of shit instead of be productive. Not public tests are the best :]
  13. Yes, though the old speech code was MAME's too! I never had enough interest in the hardware to do it myself. Means Michael Zapf finally has a credit in Classic99.
  14. Now we just need JP's rambling and the cycle will be complete 😒 Is there some way we can blame this on xBios? Then we really could come full circle (jerk).
  15. I’ll try an example I’m developing a car that does 0-60 in 2 seconds, looks awesome and gets 200mpg. Car won’t be ready to sell for another year. Me telling you about how it looks here costs me nothing, but me telling you about the specs above now costs me a timed impactful release of that information. I (as the company owner) wouldn’t wan’t that info getting out to the masses until I have something people can act on, like buying my product. I personally don’t thinks it dumb to hold back, quite the opposite I’m fact (not that I think you or your opinion is dumb, it’s your opinion, just like mine is mine). Any decisions Tommy and IE make for what I think will lead to a stronger launch has my vote, even if it means I don’t get info earlier.
  16. Love how things are picking up! Launch can't come soon enough for me!
  17. No way. Atari didn't kill him. First of all, they can't do anything themselves, they'd have to outsource it. And hitmen don't sue you when you refuse to pay, you just become an extra client.
  18. When is @The Historian gonna cough up them deets? The tea must be spilled!
  19. Hey everyone! Thanks for the interest! For the record, I'm a real doctor and I'm the one who has to send the invoices to everyone. Being a real physician, I've been rather busy so I plan to send the invoices over the weekend. Your interest is appreciated but I ask you be a little patient! Oh, for the record, I'm not Dr. Ports. My doctorate is not on software development! 😁
  20. Unfortunately that's the case. While I quite like the interlace "higher" resolution look of story book and the gold 1st letters, quite recently connected more modern (10 y/o or so ) LCD-TV 19", and it reduced flickering to zero, gave stable picture, which didn't look good. That said, there's no setting to change it, it just always does it. And as the time passes, with more and more displays we will face it, that the effect will be lost, while non-flickering version of storybook looks just bad. And watching the original/planned outlook only on emulator just doesn't cut it, so maybe reworking it to something else, without flickering, would be a sensible choice. You bought a crap monitor so I should change the flicker effect ? If it looks like the picture above on your monitor, it means it can only output at 30hz, that's not exactly a smart move if you want to use it with an Atari...
  21. batari

    HOKEY demo

    Here is another demo, this time, Bentley Bear, not on a Concerto but on a homebrew PCB with conventional hardware (EPROM, PLD.) Any day now Albert should have the first HOKEYs I sent him for use in homebrew games. Note, the HOKEYs that Albert has are "Basic" HOKEYs which are intended to be used on homebrew PCBs, and are not currently sold individually. It will be a couple of months before HOKEYs intended for other uses (such as for Concerto) are available. bb.mov
  22. Great interview with Nick Richards COO/CFO of Intellivision Entertainment. There was a lot of new things that have not been discussed before.
  23. Hello 7800 fans and owners. So, I used to come to this forum and participate probably pre-2005 or so, though I have maybe commented in the forum once or twice over the last decade and a half. Many of you will know me as a regular in the Atari 8-bit forums for 20 years, or maybe the Jaguar forums I used to participate in up to about 5 years ago. I still own a Jaguar (w/CD unit) and love it. but I've had so much going on in the A8 world the last 5 years, since I fixed my Atari computers after about a 4-5 year hiatus, I just don't participate in the Jag community for that and other reasons. So, I owned a 7800 since about '86/87, from about Atari Corp.'s release of it until around 2005/6 when I sold off a lot of my vintage collection. I've slowly been rebuilding a more modest vintage console/computer collection again, and it finally came time for me to listen to the call of the 7800. Especially since it was a PAL 7800 that I could play those PAL titles never released in the states and repro's of the lost Tynsoft shooters (NOT an emulator guy, though I have used them occasionally on my Dreamcast, including 7800 emulator), and of course there are a few 7800 home-brews that interest me. I posted pics and news my ownership in my profile news feed last week. I guess I'll have to get one of these new-fangled SD/flash cartridges for my 7800 sooner or later. I only have Desert Falcon, Pole Position II and of course the built-in Asteroids Deluxe in the PAL 7800. I of course have a Vader 2600 and a half-dozen games with it on display under glass including some of my classic faves from Imagic: Star Voyager, Cosmic Ark, Atlantis and Moonsweeper...and the best 2600 game ever...Solaris. My old favorites for the 7800 included Commando, Into The Eagles Nest, Ikari Warriors, Xenophobe, Motor Pyscho, Fatal Run and Ball Blazer. Of course half of these and most of the rest of the 7800 library titles are on the Atari 800/XL/XE which I had prior to the 7800, especially the arcade classics and though some of them were better versions on the 7800, not better enough to justify my purchasing them again for the 7800, IMO. So the 7800 was always my "back up" system for a few games that never made it to the Atari 800 (well, some recently as both lost titles and home-brews), so most of the games I owned were ones I couldn't get on my 8-bit computer at the time. I did have the Euro pad controllers for my NTSC 7800 before I sold it, and an S-video/audio mod. This PAL unit came with a audio/video out mod, but it looks worse than RF, so whomever did it botched the job. I'll have to go back in... this unit came with one pad and one pro-line controller. I do very much prefer the large rainbow stripe and large Atari and Fuji on the metal trim over the NTSC version with the thin stripe and small Atari, Fuji and 'Prosystem' lettering. Almost as much as I like the Sears Video Arcade II or Japanese 2800 console versions of this prolific case. Another bonus for me returning to the 7800 these days is I happen to have half a dozen Pokey chips now, as over the past year I've been converting my Atari 8-bit computers from dual-Pokey upgrades to Pokeymax boards, so I've got plenty to put into 7800 titles that need them! The irony being that just over a decade ago I was stripping Pokey chips from Ball Blazer carts I bought off ebay for >$5 to make those dual-Pokey stereo upgrades!
  24. I'm too busy enjoying it to nitpick it.... I remember when Sheddy got some flack for the flicker on Space Harrier....Seriously folks, you are playing bloody Space Harrier on the Atari with great music and samples, let alone amazing visuals, just ignore the blooming flicker or play it on Altirra with Frame Blending.. Do I see and issue with POP...Yes, I need MORE of it
  25. Completely different in my opinion. PC gaming handhelds are a fairly new category and the machines released to date have been roughly double the price of Valve's offering because they've been put out by small companies. Valve's entry suddenly gives the category some gravitas and may be the harbinger of other big players stepping in. In any case, the Steam Deck is roughly the same power/quality as the more expensive options give or take. Contrast that with the VCS that is underpowered and overpriced in comparison to similar systems, e.g., the Xbox Series S with its developer's mode and rich game and app support, and it's easy to understand why it landed with a thud and has no real path forward (again, in my opinion). In other words, one is a dead end and the other is the start of something new and exciting.
  26. Every video i've seen from people who have actually played the Amico just underscores to me exactly what I expected - this console is meant to be played with your family and friends just like back in the day. Yes you can play games on your own, but the real fun is getting together as a group and playing a game. Be that a board game or whatever. Families and friends together! I remember as a kid playing on my original Intellivision II console and we'd have a group of friends over and have our own tournaments. This is what the Amico is reminding me of, great times spent together and having FUN. So looking forward to introducing this console to my family, the kids will love beating up on dear old mom and dad. Way better than having them in their rooms doing their own thing most of the day.
  27. I've merged the rocks into giant lumps - this has had the nice effect of emphasising navigable passages. The rocks can/should still break-off the lumps and fall... so the same functionality. Here you may also see the ground slowly disappear as the earthquakes (from lava and exploding rocks) are happening. I haven't got all the rocks operational in this video, but the general idea seems sound. EDIT/NOTE The video looks much nicer/brighter if you switch it to 720p/60!
  28. I just had a few printed but they are all sold, if I knew there was more demand I would have had more made These are my last (personal for me) copies. If there is enough interest I can have more made.
  29. Just have to offer my complements. My daughter, who is all of age 4, absolutely loves this game and I love that it gets her to use and appreciate my Atari. So just know, there is a 4 year old in Canada who loves the Ponies who adores this game. Thank you!
  30. Yes! There are no integers in TI BASIC... Take care of the Option Base, if you want to store a matrix of 5 colums by 3 lines and that you declare: DIM MAT(5,3) You expect to have 5×3 = 15 numbers... But if you let Option Base 0, indexes start at zero. So you'll have 6×4 = 24 numbers (9 extra numbers consuming 9×8 = 72 bytes!). Guillaume.
  31. The calm, measured, precise responses...make this guy the face.
  32. I was so offended I bought it twice...
  33. So there is one Dr. Ports and one Dr. Invoice?
  34. Yes. A decision was made at Texas Instruments to attempt to lock-out any third-party software developers from making cartridges. They wanted total control over what games came on Cartridge. I think they saw the Mystique games on the 2600 prior to their decision. If, however, they had of allowed third-parties to make games, it would probably have helped push sales of the console.
  35. "I am not only the president of Hitmen for Hire, I'm also a target." BLAM!
  36. That was my misunderstanding, then, as I recalled it said the table was scanned downward. Which would not make sense given the results with line number tests. The code is tl;dr for me right now. Is auto-increment used throughout the search or just to pull the line number and address? I would add @mizapf to that list. As an aside, when I was a kid I thought he came down from Mount Cyanide. People tend to take things personally and make personal attacks, both unnecessarily. It is a real quick way to shit up a thread. I do not appreciate attacks in my threads and would appreciate if people would take a second and clean up their posts, preferably before posting but after the fact if need-be. This is not Facebook or Twitter -- we have (some) class around here.
  37. (Edit) Rich, here are a couple of points to consider: 1 - Why would anyone think the line number table is being scanned downward? With even a rudimentary understanding of assembly you can look at the the code Rich posted in post #49, which clearly shows the table being scanned in an upward direction. This means autoincrement can be used (and it is), which seems to be the biggest complaint. 2 - I have made almost 70 trips around the sun, and have learned that when there is something I don't understand, my first reaction is not to assume it was created by someone who is a moron, an idiot, a fool, is insane, or doesn't have a brain cell. Instead, I wonder what I am missing and if there might actually be a good reason for it being done the way it was. Here are two possibilities: Remember that XB runs in VDP ram when there is no memory expansion. One possible reason for growing the XB program downward from the highest memory location could be that it just plain works better that way when running in VDP ram. There is stuff going on at v0958 that grows upward in memory and this might keep the program from colliding with that. When editing an XB program every entry involves moving blocks of memory to make room for the new line. As XB is written you move bytes down when you add program lines and this is slightly more efficient than moving bytes up to add program lines. Move >100 bytes down from >EF10 to >EF00 Move >100 bytes up from >EF00 to EF10 LI R1,>EF10 LI R1,>F010 LI R2,>EF00 LI R2,>F000 LI R3,>0100 LI R3,>0100 LOOP MOVB *R1+,*R2+ LOOP MOVB *R1,*R2 DEC R3 DEC R1 JNE LOOP DEC R2 DEC R3 JNE LOOP 3 - When Rasmus or Tursi says something don't argue. Consider anything they say to be as authoritative as Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with the 10 commandments. 4 - Calling people liars is not very polite and might lead to hard feelings. This could alienate the very people you want to help with your project, which is probably not the outcome you hoped for.
  38. That is awesome! Might be able to fit those in the box. Can she make 500 of them? ..Al
  39. Ok, I’ve got to say my luck has been quite a bit better than normal. I think part of that is that I’m now retired and watch eBay more than I used to. In the last few months I found a complete Cannon Man (Sears Atari) title at $25. This one was one of my ‘I will never have’ titles. Following that, I picked up the box in the above posts with a complete Learning Fun I for less than $100. Unbelievably, I just got another find in the mail probably better than the other two. I stumbled across a new listing for 6 Intellivision carts shown below I thought that looks like a nice upgrade for my Tower of Doom and the BIN was $90 so yeah…..I’ll probably get it. I went to look at other pics of it and the second picture said “do a buy it now and I’ll throw in these 2 kids games as well”. 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 I kept expecting it to be a scam or them to cancel at the last minute, but no I just got them. The Tower of Doom is very nice. The 2 Learning Funs are really, really nice. Each has a small crease on the side though. Other than that almost perfect! Beyond excited for these. My current boxes are getting a HUGE upgrade!
  40. Feel free to design and produce your own case and label if it offends.
  41. Ok, my webpage (stil poor) had some info upgrade: http://sikorsoft.waw.pl/en/ From now on I will try to post information in both languages, Polish and English at the same time.
  42. Yeah, if the unit was as supposedly "done" as has been claimed by the Amico team, they could at least send out review units to third-party reviewers. Not people at events having their hands held by the Amico staff. Not YouTubers working with Amico currently or in the recent past. Amico should be ready for full reviews and tear downs by the likes of IGN, Tom's, and yes, Ars. Clearly, they're NOT ready.
  43. Awesome. Thanks man, I really appreciate it. It makes me happy that your daughter adores the game, and that it brings a younger generation to the old Atari computer. 😊
  44. I think there are just many different approaches to how this is done. Take Valve and their new Steamdeck as an example. They didn't announce it years ago, start talking about it, then provide updates every step of the way as to how it was coming along. They showed the nearly final product, hyped it, and opened pre-orders. People see this flood of news and excitement, get caught up in the emotion of it all, and rush to buy it. IE doesn't have the name recognition Valve does. So they have been trying to get people to at least get curious about Amico for sometime. Even before it was anywhere near being finished, they had people playing it and openly talking about everything inside. Now they're at a point where they need to save that flood of last minute excitement to be released just before you can actually buy one. That gets the emotion hype going and sweeps people in. They need to save the "big bang" for launch time. They may have revealed too much as it is.
  45. A popular and efficient shuffle algorithm is Fisher-Yates. It runs in linear time. (I'm using it for instance in Defender of the Crown to shuffle the lords at the beginning of the game.) Quoting the pseudo-code from Wikipedia: -- To shuffle an array a of n elements (indices 0..n-1): for i from n−1 downto 1 do j ← random integer such that 0 ≤ j ≤ i exchange a[j] and a[i]
  46. Not surprising. Technology and I have not been getting along well for the past couple a few months. I forgot I have another machine I can test on, as well. Going to walk over there to do that in a few minutes. EDIT: not working there, either, neither from the shared location on the network nor a local fresh extraction.
  47. A bunch of stuff went out today. I still have a large order printing. Apologies to anyone who has had an extended delay since they ordered!
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