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  1. Imagine joining AtariAge to make this your first, and I assume, last post. Thanks for all your contributions!
  2. Over on the AtariAge Facebook group, Daniel C. Avina (sorry if you're out here; I don't know your AA forum handle!) posted some photos of what looked like a photocopy of the Star Raiders manual, with the statement: "This small piece of history was in a recent lot I purchased. Looks like we could always use “more stars”." Welp, it turns out it's a pre-production copy of the Star Raiders manual, passed around for review by various departments! It includes a number of edit mark-ups, many of which made it into the final manual. I asked Daniel if I could share his photos on my "Star Raiders Tribute" website (first created in 1996!), and he agreed, and sent some cleaner photos. He's hoping he can get out his flatbed scanner and do a proper scan of them, as well. So, I've posted them, along with some commentary: http://www.sonic.net/~nbs/star-raiders/preprod-manual/ I'm a bit too tired to do an exhaustive review of every single page of this, versus the final version, but I took the time to look at and talk about the individual mark-ups, and any obvious changes I saw. (The cover of the manual calls it "STAR RAIDER", not "STAR RAIDERS"! I know that 'typo' variation exists on the cartridge label, and in fact was given one by a friend a few years back. It's apparently not rare, and the ROM inside is identical. But now I'm wondering whether the game's name changed somewhere along the way. I sent Doug Neubauer a note asking about this, via his website.) And, when/if Daniel can get me some cleaner scans, I'll post them on my site. If anyone happens to notice anything else worthy of mentioning, or if you know who's scribbles are who's, let me know and I can update the text on the page. Thanks & enjoy! (🌠pew pew!)
  3. Ten years has passed since the tragic passing of Radek Štěrba and today @Fandal published this beautiful photo. As I wrote on Facebook commenting a post by @pseudografx, unfortunately I didn't have the chance to know Radek but I was shocked by the tragic passing of this important member of our community. Not only it was a genius, but he was a good and helpful person too. At least it's good to see that he is always remembered in many productions.
  4. I have spent months repairing my Aquarius2. Now that she is operational, I thought that I would look at creating some software that was specific to this platform, rather than just an Aquarius game. I have already written and published a couple of new games for the Aquarius (Aquariworm and Bomb Catcher 2), so I thought about adapting one of those rather than starting from scratch... Well! A historic moment! Welcome to the FIRST and ONLY game for the Aquarius2! 😎😁💪 I have created a version of my Bomb Catcher 2 game that only runs on the Aquarius2, which I think is a world first! Granted.. the market is quite small 😆
  5. Anyone else find it interesting that all the ‘concern” is coming from people who haven't played any of the games and that there hasn’t been any concerns, that I’m aware of, from those that have? For those not just looking to stir the pot and that have legitimate concerns, take it from someone who has played many of the games; they are producing quality, complete and well thought out games with controllers that feel natural and responsive. They know more than anyone that games and game play are what will make or break the system, and from what I’ve seen first hand, I don’t see a need to worry at this point. Leave the game engineering to the same folks who’ve already produced many quality games, cause from where I sit, they’ve more then earned a little trust. Do I think I’m going to love every game? No, but for every 1 that may not be my favorite, I know there will be 10 more that are; and the game that might not be my favorite may be someone else's - which by the way I’m dang well not going to invest my time telling them why they shouldn’t like it, cause that would be just plain stupid, right?
  6. Why would you attack Tommy personally? He has an entire company with a staff. I'm pretty sure there's a team of people making decisions, and we don't know what all is going on, nor is it any of our business. To say that it's your opinion Intellivision handled it poorly, whether people agree with you or not, would have been much more appropriate. Why are you even commenting in this room if you feel this way? Your calling the games shovel ware is only to be insulting. I get it if the console is not for you, but wtf show some respect; just move along. Calling someone, you don't know or even work with, a failure and telling them there work is crap is crazy nuts.
  7. My package has arrived 🙂
  8. Meanwhile, on a more positive subject, FAT32 file creation and writes are working. I'm not sure this has happened before on the A8 without an MCU and fatfs doing all the work.
  9. Updated version 1.1 of UNO+ Fixes/changes: - gfx glitch on the card at game over; - crash at stats generation at game over; - you can now play a new game after stats; - typo error on stats; - better formatting on final stats, so all lines are readable; - you can use correctly upper/lower case letters on initial menu selection. @senior_falcon I'll send you an email for the crash issue and how it was fixed. [GAME] TI99 UNO+ V1.1 (2021)(Hloberg)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  10. That is quite a first post. You might have bit off more than you can chew. "Tommy mishandled this console from the start" Hmm, being as this is his brain child and his vision, if it comes out as he planned it in his mind, then you are 100% wrong! It does not matter what you want it to be, or when you want it. It doesn't matter what I want it to be either! That being said, He has done the research and has the professional video games experience. So, I think I will trust his vision over anyone else, when it comes to his product!
  11. I've been trying to create a "Western" themed game for many many years now. This is short video of where it is going, but it's long off from being completed. Atari 7800 Homebrew Teaser: Half-Past Sundown A Western Tale - YouTube Gameplay, if you can imagine this, would be somewhat like a western "moon patrol" but with a story attached. The proposed box art is an unused painting my grandfather did in the 1950's (he was men's "adventure" magazine illustrator). The "character art" (albeit, not optimized in any way) is based on cowboys drawings my dad did for me in 2006 before he got dementia. The game is programmed by myself. So here is the video of "Half Past Sun Down: A Western Tale", a game literally three generations in the making. Atari 7800 Homebrew Teaser: Half-Past Sundown A Western Tale - YouTube 7800cart1.pdn
  12. Love the way this box turned out. Thanks Steve! Its a mix of Mattel and the black NES box design.
  13. Shipped out all the Jaguar GameDrives! Made two trips to the post office yesterday, one in the morning and then another before the post office closed. First trip: Second trip: Hope everyone enjoys them when they arrive! ..Al
  14. Lets have a bit of colour 🙂 I really should be playing the game, rather than doodling 🙂 @rra
  15. Exactly. I would kindly ask that folks judge the controls after they had a chance to play it. Folks may not remember that the first thing you do in Wii Bowling is position the player where you want to stand. The controls for Cornhole were never "broken"... they just weren't in a place where we wanted them to be from a FUN factor. I guess if you wanted to say they were broken from a fun standpoint... you could make that argument. At some point I think people need to realize that we are making the games as fun as possible and that we know what we're doing. There have been dozens of people who have played Amico and reported on how fun it was and how great the games were. Zero reason for us to want to sabotage a pack-in game.
  16. Attention Pony fans! In August your wait will be over. Unlucky Pony's Adventures will be shipping. All materials are in-hand, minus circuit boards, which will be in-hand in the next week or so for final assembly. Shipping will be in August as well. Thanks to all you Bronys for the continued support.
  17. Interesting logo! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XNTCLV5/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_4WT029CDDTR6PNHNCFBG
  18. Carnival V1.1 update Fixes/changes: - now you can correctly hit all the objects on the top row; - timer fix for bonus screen. [GAME] Carnival V1.1 (1985)(Molinelli Roberto)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  19. Perhaps some of you have heard about the meeting of Atari fans called "Silly Venture" taking place in Poland. http://www.sillyventure.eu/en/ So far, no works on the A7800 (unlike the A2600) have been presented there. If you have a game, demo, music or graphics on the A7800, I invite you to participate in the competition. The only condition is that the work should not be published anywhere before. Applications can be sent to [email protected] At the party, the works are presented on physical equipment, there will be a PAL console and a Dragonfly cartridge with PokeyMax and YM2151.
  20. Never know how the tape is going to react. This one yet not perfect, came out pretty good. Still has inserts. System complete and nice also.
  21. I have destroyed him 😛 nice game I also added it here with the compiled version by TMop https://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=database_cerca&archivioid=769 thanks Vorticon
  22. Also, as noted on the page, Daniel told me that he found this document in a lot he purchased, and the seller told him it came from an estate sale in the SF Bay Area. My morbid curiosity makes me wonder who passed away (and when) that had this in their collection...
  23. I FIXED IT! Many thanks for the schematic. After a half hour of signal tracing and whatnot, I started to do some analog signal comparison using my scope. While the crude NMOS chips don't give nice clean signals like I'm used to seeing on newer CMOS stuff, it wasn't too bad. However, one thing was very clear: on the carts that worked, the data, address and RDY signals did what you would expect. They were busy and full of binary signaling. On the carts that did not work, they were dead. No activity. The oscillator was running, 3.5MHz into the TIA, and 1.1MHz on the Phase 1 line going into the CPU. The CPU was delivering 1.1MHz back out on Phase 2, so the CPU was doing the quadrature timing typical of the 6502-class CPUs. All good. However, nothing else was doing anything at all. That was pretty clear that the reset circuit was not allowing the CPU to go into a ready mode to start doing things. +5V on the RESET pin, which is active low, so that looked good. Then I saw that the 6532 chip had a reset pin as well, and it was +5 also, so that looked good. But, looking at the schematic, the +5 on both the CPU and the 6532 are fed (at least on the version 13 board that my 2600A has) through a 24k resistor to a capacitor. However, the cap value on both chips is different. On the 6532, it's a 1uF, and on the 6507, it's 4.7uF. That means that the 6532 should come out of reset first, since that cap charges to +5 quicker, and then the CPU should come out of reset and start working. However, on the scope, set to 20us sweep, I could see that the CPU came up to +5 instantly and the 6532 took a few milliseconds to come up, like it should. That meant that C201 was bad, having effectively 0.0uF of capacitance. I replaced that cap, and all carts work perfectly. Done. Hope this helps! --Justin
  24. Congrats Kermit! Impressive season!! Favorite Games from Season 11 Solar Storm and Fireball (I love paddle games!) Most Surprising Games from Season 11 The End, Tower of Rubble, Robot City (each impressive in their own way) Worst Games from Season 11 A small few but these make us appreciate the games we do love even more! Thanks again @Vocelli for organizing a great season and your efforts keeping the scores up-to-date even with your busy schedule. Playing HSC let's me find games I wouldn't have tried on my own and finding a few gems that will play on my own after the season.
  25. That was a real standout point for me at the Frisco event, the games are straight up fun (and that is a lot harder to achieve that some may think). There are tons of games that are all graphics but simply aren't that great of games *cough*Assassin Creed Unity*cough, *cough*No Mans Sky (before they fixed the gameplay)*cough*. Amico game graphics are good, but are only like quality indie games & the while the audio is typically exceptional, you kind of expect that with Tommy being involved. The playability, however, is solidly very high - they are simply fun to play. Super Mario is still fun to play & the cloud graphics are also the bushes. Tetris graphics are laughable by today's standards but it still is a great game. Candy Crush & Plants v Zombies wouldn't strain the humblest modern processor but have sold in the 100 millions. Retro people know the fun isn't in the graphics or the sound (although can help somewhat) but is in the mechanics. Kudo's to Intellivision for making sure the motion controls in Cornhole are solid. That is showing the commitment to making each game worthy of your purchase - and this one is included, you don't even have to buy it - which is even more impressive.
  26. Congrats to Kermit!!! As to the games... What did we play? Lol, I remember Pitfall 2 being good to me, but when I looked at the list of the games played this year, I'm scratching my head as to how I even wound up in the silver bracket, especially petering out like I did! Congrats to all, for sure, and Thanks as always to Vocelli, I know this is a lot of work for you!
  27. @Songbird has done the work on the game manual, the result is looking great. A few more steps remaining on box, and label layout. Then we are hopfully ready for release of the first 2D, top-down RPG, and rougelike for the Atari Jaguar. Many years of waiting is over for the ones that were hoping for this to happen... 🎮
  28. One of the Night Rescue 1941 and Night Rescue BASIC authors here.... These comments and the cover art concept are very nice to see! Night Rescue is a lot about strategy. Do you go through the cave to rescue more people, or fly above it for an easier route? The fine tune movement by pressing the fire button was necessary in the Basic version that had rough scrolling. In the new version, you only really need it to get to the landing base. There are some neat moves where you can sweep in a grab the 3 humans inside one of the early buildings. We incorporated the momentum movement controls 40 years ago and it is still frustrating and effective in this new version. I definitely got through the 5th level while playtesting! I'm not sure what my high score is, because testing was more about getting to the end of a level and less about picking up the humans.
  29. How do you go about answering an unknown? Supply chain problems for many industries are not going away soon. There is no defined finish for the shortage at this point, so very hard to project dates. If they don’t know when they will get, how can they project to you when you will get. A similar exercise is let’s pretend you are buying it for sure, and your kid is asking when they will get it, with a date attached. You now know it will probably not be 10/10/21, but what are you going to tell your kid if they are demanding the new date? IE has some more control than this, but on many levels they are at the same mercy to the supply chain as you are to them providing you the product.
  30. Plus, I just hate it when they beg you to Like and Subscribe! As if we don't realize that's how it works. These days I almost never Like a video if they've wasted valuable time asking me to Like and Subscribe.
  31. I can't image anyone would put their name on a public list for this so please list the address of the back alley where the exchange of product for cash will occur. It does look good though.
  32. Phobos 151890 pts. Caverns of Mars II 128550 pts. Don't have access to Night rescue 1941 and Night rescue..😭
  33. Test of XB and RXB: 100 OPEN #1:"CLOCK" 110 INPUT #1:A$,B$,C$ 120 FOR X=1 TO 10000 130 CALL HCHAR(1,1,66,9999) 140 NEXT X 150 INPUT #1:X$,Y$,Z$ 160 PRINT A$,X$:B$,Y$:C$,Z$ RXB 2021 7 minutes 1 second XB gave up waiting after 2 hours.
  34. If that really is the strategy, it's an odd one, since imo impulse buyers would actually give them a big fighting chance. As it is, there's nothing I see about Amico which says "quality": neither games nor the hardware. Switch, Xbox, or PS, on the other hand....
  35. Yeah, that's pretty much the idea. And like you said, maybe mix a couple different game styles.
  36. 3 points
    I just learned that between 2012-2016, Sweden was ranked #30 in baseball which isn't particularly high, but better than the current rank at #72.
  37. This is amazing! A full action game like moon patrol side scrolling with a storyline as you go. Maybe alternating levels like alien brigade style shooting cept out of the side of the wagon and then moon patrol with the horse running with the guy shooting with a pistol. The western artwork storyline between levels. I love westerns, western games, western artwork etc. My granny painted lots of western type of things and I would look at them as a kid until the artwork came alive. Well were burnin daylight..
  38. Yes those Sector 4 ones! I think it should be possible but not managed it yet! Superb RT as usual Round 13 POLL OPEN
  39. The cornhole game is licensed through ACL correct? I would assume as with any licensed product that they would have say and input to different aspects of the game itself. From the Amico site itself: Developed exclusively for the Amico system with some of the world’s greatest professional cornhole players, the American Cornhole League, which has been broadcast on ESPN since 2016, is bringing America’s fastest-growing recreational sport into the living room. With the intention of providing a game for everyone in the family, regardless of skill level, users can utilize the unique Amico controller with touchscreen and motion controls. Gameplay is available in career, arcade, multiplayer, or free play mode and features over 100 unlockables, multiple challenges, skill levels and ways to play – no summer BBQ picnic required.
  40. I never liked using down + fire to bomb in games myself, so went for both fire and bombs with the trigger instead and supported the Genesis/Joy2B+ which is probably the best way to play.
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    I’ve been playing Skyward Sword a lot lately, on my Wii U. I’ve just gone through the Ancient Cistern and beat Koloktos. It took me 3-4 deaths to figure out the pattern to beating it, but it was one hell of a fight. Easily my favorite boss so far. Oh, and I think I’ve mastered reading and writing Sheikah text, now I’m learning Skyward Sword Hylian. The alphabet is tricky to write and there are a ton of duplicate characters that complicate things, but I’m getting there.
  42. A game never played... Doesn't even boot up on my lto flash... Had to grab the original cart in the closet! Anyway... Course 1 105 secs
  43. I really enjoyed watching the @ZeroPage Homebrew twitch stream today with James and Tanya. They reviewed "Wen Hop?" and it was a hoot. I particularly enjoyed the smirky reactions to the implicit innuendo... the relevant part starts at the 55 minute mark.. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1100209904 As I wrote to James... You'll notice I've animated the ship's "balldoges". Known in the industry as "the ship's balls", for short. These hold the dogecoin you collect, and feed them to the engine by shaking when in flight. SO when you're flying high, your (doge)balls are in action. These are actually implemented as separate sprites (the ship is 4 sprites - the base ship itself, the two balldoges, and the flag). The balldoges will change in size depending on how much dogecoin they're holding. So you will see your (doge)balls shrinking if you spend too much time goofing around. If your balls shrink to nothing, you're dead as a dodo. I'm thinking that you don't actually get true credit for the dogecoin you collect, until you actually return to the ship and fill the balldoges with your loot. So it will be a balance between "banking" coin and available time to complete a level. Of course like with everything, too much of a good thing and you might bust your (doge)balls. Haha. Great job James/Tanya - you did justice to the engine/demo... TY
  44. As you described, it doesn't sound like a real good idea. If you loan it to a friend, trade it locally, or sell it locally, I can see it, but what about selling it on Ebay or somewhere online? Are you going on the honor system or just relying on the seller to do the right thing by deactivating the game before selling it? What do you do if you pay for a cart, but it's tied to another console? What if you get scammed, are you just SOL? It just seems like a few more unnecessary hoops to jump through while relying on your fellow man to do the right thing. Plus, you're opening yourself up to customer fraud or customer confusion. I'm not being negative or being a troll, but I ran in to a similar situation when I sold a Samsung tablet on ebay. I sold my tablet on ebay, but 3 weeks later Samsung decided to implement new security where you just can't just factory reset a device and be good to go. The buyer got the tablet and couldn't access it with out my personal information to unlock it. I was stuck. I live in the Midwest, my tablet is in LA California, the is unhappy buyer wants my personal info...all because Samsung decided after all these years to actually update their security. This just seems like a very bad set up. Why the heck didn't they just build the console so you could use a actual physical cart if they knew they were going to sell physical carts anyway? Why would you have it set up so your consumers have to jump through unnecessary hoops just to have a working "physical cart", why would call something a physical cart when it isn't a physical cart, and why would you make it such a hassle because we all know not everyone in the world is on the up and up? I understand it's a money thing for intellivision, but $250 for what it is isn't acceptable. There are many little things about this console that can and should be addressed before they start manufacturing this console. It isn't too late, but all these little things are going to add up to big things when this console hits the market.
  45. Yeah I didn't have time to play in either section this week. I'm spending time converting my wife's DVD collection to mp4 (well, m4v I think as that saves chapter markers) as well as importing my cd collection.
  46. Thanks for another great season. *Favorite Games from Season 11 (Pitfall II and Moon Patrol, managed to set new personal best scores for both) *Most Surprising Game from Season 11 (The End and Robot City, homebrews continue to be innovative and high quality) *Worst Game from Season 11 (Donkey Kong Jr. & Congo Bongo, as much as we are told Coleco didn't sabotage the 2600 ports, the evidence seems to disagree)
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