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    Wife update: She is home from the hospital and resting comfortably. After many tests and much pain the doctor diagnosed her with a pulled muscle in her ribs. Hopefully she will be better in a week or so.
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    Me and the wife both heard something fall in the house early this A.M., but I can't find what it was! I can't be the only one this happens to right?
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    I saw an item on eBay I was interested in and the seller is 2 miles away, but the item didn't offer a local pickup option. I messaged them saying if they change the listing to "local pickup allowed", I'd use the BIN and pay full price (sans s/h) and meet them locally to collect the item. Seller sent me back boilerplate from eBay with all the bull s--t about it being against their rules, fraudulent, etc. to exchange info. and cut eBay out of the process. I replied: "never mind". I don't want to meet an idiot like that in person. I already have to deal with enough idiots at work and in everyday life.
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    August 6 2009. 12 years ago today I received my Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) to save my life and to be here on this Earth. Thank you God, medical science, the great men & woman in healthcare, my family, and the anonymous donor who donated his cells for it to be harvest. I most likely never will know the person who volunteered to do so. But whoever you are, where ever you are, thank you for helping me continue on with my life.
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    Just got a 2sd covid 19 vaccine shot today.
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    Wooo! I’m headed to the flea market this weekend! I’m hoping to find some Atari goodies for my growing collection. ☺️
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    Will cleaning the condenser make the Jeep's A/C good enough to not need a recharge this summer? Probably not, but, screw it, let's do it anyway!
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    Surfing or BMX? Why not BOTH? Join the gnarly surf and turf action in the new Mini-Season of the Lynx High Score Club starting today.
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    I just realised my hair length is almost at the middle of my back when it's wet. Dried up it curls a bit and looks about 3/4 that length, which is a little below the shoulders.
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    Watched "Weekend at Bernie's" for the first time last night. WOW! Add that to a long list of movies that could NEVER be made today haha.
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    Ever wonder what's Garfield's favorite movie? Here's the strip to find out.
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    Pro wrestling legend "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton who was part of the legendary tag team group, "The Midnight Express" passed away at 62. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/wrestling-legend-bobby-eaton-dead-162847960.html
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