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  1. Wow... Anybody who can't tell the BBC and Atari version apart is either blind or a troll.
  2. Time for a thread bump Been working on the web-side today! So players can now select missions by System Name/Mission name/Skill/Everyone or individual pilots/date Which has a nice byproduct that I can pull stats for a given player... and do fun stuff like achievements (Only one in there at the moment, but not everyone has it unlocked!) Totals are a bit low because I reset the table about two weeks ago and blew all the data away... will be interesting to see how this progresses. Considering adding a PIN input in the game that is stored on your cart and not shown anywhere else so that nobody can screw you over by using the same name. (Thanks, Rik! Nice idea!) At least I can slowly add achievements without changing the game code (so, potentially, new ones even after release) as they're all server-side awards
  3. When I finally get round to building an NTSC NUC+ it will be in this case Needs the details to be painted before I'm calling it done.
  4. Yeah, it surely will struggle to reach Ouya sales. IMO its not really Atari, and its not really an Atari console. The Jag remains the last Atari console for me.
  5. I don't buy these excuses, especially anything from the dev of Kasumi Ninja Blaming ROM space is the cheapest excuse for a junk game. If your game is junk at 2MB, it will be even more junk at 4 MB....
  6. Game for the weekend: - Tukom's Kingdom. Description on TI99IUC (Tukom's Kingdom); ------------------------------------ Total compiled games: 373. [GAME] Tukom's Kingdom (198)(Russell Bryer)[Compiled by TMOP].zip
  7. Two Protos here recently won. Thought I would share them here. Moon Patrol is different than the final. I did not test Track and Field that much. Hope you enjoy! Moon Patrol 5200 Prototype.bin Track and Field 5200 Prototype.bin
  8. Except his version would have been a collection of robotic animatronics that act out popular movie scenes in your home.
  9. It’s Rick’s fault. Enough said. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. The question is flawed. It's possible to see the VCS' shortcomings (and those of the iteration of Atari behind it) without hating it. Personally, I'm glad that people received units that they backed on IGG: for the longest time, it appeared as though Atari SA's incompetence was going to prevent that from happening. If someone bought one on the open market, fine, they can spend their money on what they like. But none of that prevents me (or anyone else) from registering an opinion of the device and/or company behind it that may not align with someone else's. But actual hate? That's reserved for things that matter, not a game console or the person who happens to own one.
  11. It's from back when pinstripes and polka dots were were REALLY popular.
  12. Let's assume that for every "poo thrower" here stands 50 people who do not post here and silently wait for the finished game. I love it. I always loved Karateka and felt unbelievably "left out" without a PoP conversion on the A8. It was what I was craving for BITD to show to my bloody C64 "comrades" to prove "my machine" was better...... Luckily I've grown up now. Still...it does look miles better...I KNEW the A8 could do this ! ......... hahahahahahaha ! [Damn....where did I leave my pills ?] Well done to all and please do not let the negatives tip the scale...there's a whole lot of positives not written.... IMHO A8 PoP is history being re-written......
  13. There's various methods of SIO that can be done - unclocked, clocked by internal or external source though most usage cases see the clocking done by Pokey. You can also bit-bang but it's a fairly rare thing - the default cassette handler the only OS based thing that uses it and only for determining timing requirements at the start of each block read. Pokey does the byte level IO automatically for you but it uses 0 start bit, 8 data bits lsb first then a 1 stop bit. You get no choice to change any of that (unless you bit-bang). Many external Atari and 3rd party peripherals just assume a default bitrate or use special commands to set a higher one and don't use the clocking facility. Generally the stop to start bit transition is sufficient to compensate for any slight timing differences. All the signalling is 0/5 Volt levels (though the specs have high/low voltage levels that are assumed for 0 & 1s) Depending on what you want to do you can either have your device behave like an Atari smart peripheral, waiting for the Command line to go low then reading the command frame and responding if the device ID matches your own. Or just act as a dumb peripheral, assuming it's the only device on the bus and deal with the raw serial data. Tutorials and such - not a great deal around I think. I wrote a 1050 emulator on the ST about 30 years ago and referred to the Atari OS and Hardware manuals - they have needed stuff like the framing and command protocols and timing requirements (e.g. if your device responds too fast it can be missed) I no longer have the source for it - I sold the ST I had and it was on floppies for DBasic which in itself is probably a lost product as it uses a custom 1K sector format.
  14. Can't believe I had this in storage for over one decade. Just set it up and it's still working with no issue. Well, the hard disk is louder than what I remember, but I have an original spare one - should it fail. Going to play some IMSA Racing first, then going to buy some CD-Rs to test a few prototypes.
  15. And I just bought one set on Ebay! I was follwing it since one year, now that I learned the story behind I was happy to be able to buy one at standard price! Thank you Rev for keeping updated the Homebrews database, very usefull.👍
  16. "Game, Stream, Connect like never before" would become "Game, Stream, Connect in a hot tub with a cigar"
  17. This is good stuff, but, I should have been clearer that I was thinking of EA3 format.
  18. I agree with this (and no doubt also due to smaller, resource-poor studios and budgets), though to be fair there were a lot of poor aesthetic decisions and bad renders in that era regardless of platform. It was one of those transitional periods with a lot of the stuff not aging well. I know as it specifically pertains to the Jaguar I've complained before about the chunky renders and overall blerg aesthetic in games like Defender 2000 (acknowledging that some people like that look just fine).
  19. In TidBit, one can place a .. at the end of a line to indicate that it continues on the next line. This is extremely helpful in creating a more structured look when using long IF statements. For example: IF MOUSE=1 THEN MOUSE=0::MFLAG=1::CALL LINK("MCLR")::CALL DELSPRITE(#1)::GOSUB cursor ELSE mouseon With TidBit, this can be broken into the following: IF MOUSE=1 THEN .. MOUSE=0:: MFLAG=1:: CALL LINK("MCLR"):: CALL DELSPRITE(#1):: GOSUB cursor .. ELSE mouseon which is far more readable. Can this be implemented in TICoded by any chance?
  20. @wolhess, thanks! I will investigate what I broke, and do my best to fix it.
  21. Hi @jedimatt42, today I made the update from ForceCommand 1.17 to 1.25 but my autocmd file does not work properly. It starts good and I can select the EDIT80 program, but if I select the menu item "TI System Info" or simply select "X for Quit" ForceCommand shows the message "Error, label already defined at line: 8553". And the system blocks with the tipi LED is on. After a reset all is good again. So I tried some other versions. My problem occures in version 1.24. The line number 8553 is always the same. In version 1.22 my autocmd works without a problem, the same as in version 1.17. Do I have to change something in my autocmd file? Maybe I will make a shorter autocmd file and using the new fcmenu function for my menu items. p.s. I have a F18A and a SAMS card in my system. My autocmd file is still under construction: AUTOCMD Thank you for your help!
  22. The fact is, Atari 8-bit version of Prince of Persia will be the best 8-bit version of all.
  23. Phoenix Lair - 3620 pts (level 3, got mesmerized by all the eggs) Space Mines! - 22000 pts (also developed a strategy in this one) Intermediate standings before trbb compiles official ones: Phoenix Lair Dope 9340 Deteacher 4500 carlsson 3620 AtariSphinx 3260 RedThunder 1530 roadrunner 1390 Space Mines! The V-Man 38000 RedThunder 22700 carlsson 22000 Deteacher 14000 roadrunner 4800
  24. Indeed, that function was busted. Try this: svbxe109.arc There is yet some bad interaction between this driver and the CON.SYS driver regarding the local color. The symptom is that after POKE $2F4,$81 (or $83) any new characters are not visible. I am currently not sure how to solve that, but there is a workaround: after POKE'ing as above, just do CLS or, if clearing the screen is not desirable, do POKE 711,PEEK(709) (i.e. copy the global foreground color to the local foreground color).
  25. It was hardware that was released with a unique set of games under the flag of "Atari" so, yes. And now Jaguar isn't the biggest and last failure.
  26. I would not be surprised. Kasumi Ninja was ruined by bad design decisions. Unfortunality, the high color mode of the Jag allowed many devs to include cheap photoshopped characters and backgrounds instead crafting proper artwork.
  27. My Space Gunner Update: This ties my PB!!! 😁 SPACE GUNNER - 85 POINTS!!!
  28. Major update. New changes: Table has been split into three separate tables. 1: Standard and 16-bit settings for $Ax, $Cx, $2x, $4x, and $8x plus poly 9 2: Reverse 16-bit settings 3: SKCTL settings. So far, only $Ax distortion Other changes: Added 15khz for C distortion. These allow three stable tones, selectable at will. Added C distortion with mod 5 ("Distortion 12c") settings. These will play intermittent silence unless you hit the polycounter reset every time. 8-bit+64khz and 16-bit+1.79 only. Added $8x 1.79 mhz poly 9 using non mod-7 settings, 8-bit only Added an extra table to the $4x Reverse 16 setting, plus the second table allows $Ax distortion to play atop it in second channel, as does the second table in $8x plus poly 9. Added an extra table to the $Ax Reverse 16 setting that allows playing $Ax on the second channel for harmonics. These are still in beta mode, use at your own risk. pokey notes.xls pokey notes - reverse 16.xlsx pokey notes - skctl.xlsx
  29. Took some time to update the spreadsheet that was done quick and (very) dirty so now I can update it easier when the Intellivisionaries do their next game review episode. Yes, I said "when." Here is a chart of each of the game review episodes over time. Not sure if this is what you were looking for @JasonlikesINTV - I have never been the best at visualizations. I work with teams of Data Analysts who do that for me. They have reviewed 34 of the 125, including Happy Trails and Locomotion from May 6, 2020. The jump in 2015 was when they Math Fun, Word Fun, Learning Fun I and II in the same episode. I also updated the projections: The current projection, based on the last 4.5 years (since Royal Dealer was reviewed on December 23, 2016) has them finishing all 125 games on May 13, 2100. They made up 13 years with the Happy Trails / Locomotion episode!
  30. Neither for me. I think it's a bit of a joke tbh. If people enjoy it, live and let live. But $300/400 for a logo from the past plus a box that I'd want to spend more $$ on to upgrade so it would do what I'd expect, in order to do things I'm already doing elsewhere, it's not for me. Now if a half dozen rabid fanboys think I'm obsessed for joking about it, or secretly working for antiatari, well I guess they're entitled to some entertainment as well. PS, 4k at 6fps is technically 'like never before' although that's probably not what they meant.
  31. Indeed. So, I've also been trying to see if distortions other than pure square would work, and they do, but so far I only get what sounds like noise. I will experiment further with that though. For now, I've made another update to the Sanxion cover where the pwm is stable: Sanxion2t.xex
  32. In case anyone is curious, below is the map of the maze for the competition. The + and @ are the portals. The + portal takes you to its + counterpart, same for the @ one.
  33. It's mainly irrelevant. I do PC gaming and vintage emulation. I'm just here for the entertainment.
  34. i should be getting some playing in later tonight :)
  35. I think you should pass on this game and wait for the next one to start. That will give me a chance to move up in the standings.
  36. FAT32 file with long name created by SIDE3 loader after several hours of single-stepping and debugging:
  37. You've probably seen the video (since you posted it as well), but for others interested it seems everyone gets season 1 and you get the games at the same rate - no matter when it arrives. If I get mine a couple weeks before you, I would get to start the next wave before you. If you get yours in 2022, people in 2021 will most likely have them all already. They had said it just wasn't feasible, so I think season 2 will be more likely the original vision (where we all get to play at the exact same time). They had suggested doing like a "book club" where maybe we just manually sync up our play times and start the same game at the same time. I'd love to start that with some folks here that are in the 2021 pre-orders. Just kind of play around the same time and share experiences.
  38. I bought the Nintendo Switch version of Demons of Asteborg on launch day. I have to admit that DoA lives up to the hype that surrounded its development. You can change the aspect ratio by pressing either the Left or Right shoulder buttons. The gameplay is fun and the levels are full of secrets. For example: when you first start the game, enter the house to your immediate left. Inside is a magnifying glass that when collected, will unlock your enemy’s health bars. The jumping mechanics are spot-on (even when jumping across crumbling platforms), and your secondary weapon (when finally acquired) is useful in multiple situations, and not just in combat either. The in-game challenge is perfect on the ‘Normal’ difficulty; it never becomes too easy or increasingly difficult at all. (I haven’t tried the other available in-game difficulties, so I cannot comment on those.) My verdict: The Demons of Asteborg is worth owning no matter which version you choose (i.e. Sega Genesis/Megadrive or Nintendo Switch); it’s a really, really good game. Edit: Darn autocorrect is at it again!
  39. Further to the above images: The problem is not in the kernel program but in my definition of the MARKER. In the START file I got fancy. I set a MARKER , load a program to load a font, load the new font and then reclaim the memory. This does not work when the program image is does not start at >A000. Need to dig into this. I will replace the images above when I figure this out. In the mean time I am happy that my understanding of the compiled images in other memory locations is intact.
  40. very elegant! I fell in love with those boolean expressions when a friend of my father showed it to me back in 1983 .. often much faster than IF-THEN. But I didn't know the "AND" trick for MOD. I guess I have to update my TiCodEd Standard-Library, currently sub mod(n,d,m) m = n - int(n/d) * d subend The AND calculation takes only one third of the time. Talking of IF-THEN, we did not really answer the original question this way...
  41. In retrospect that would indeed have been helpful.
  42. I have placed the version you sent to me on atari-apps. Here's a demo video of it working: Neon is an #Atari8bit HyperText browser, using the full features of the machine to present rich hypertext documents. Here it is being used over the N: device to access a set of documents over HTTPS via #FujiNet
  43. Just got lucky and checked eBay between meetings and saw this FC Roulette: Even with the high shipping of $21 and some writing on the box...for $31 CDN total, I am super happy to get one of the 3 French Canadian boxes that I needed! Couldn't click the Buy It Now button fast enough when I saw the $10 price. I have a pristine FC Roulette manual and the cart that came with it, if I need to replace the ones in this set.
  44. Why? You have a "2 million dollar bet" on a plastic factory, you make 180,000 * 4 a year and you were prepared to lose 2 million on a Jag Mini just to prove AVGN wrong. Surely the current cost of a new Jaguar is completely insignificant to a man of your means.
  45. At this point, players 0,1,2,3 are the plane body, pilot, windmill, and weather vane all directly from the original. Everything else is character graphics. I still have the missiles/player 4 available. Some of this may change, but probably not. It's all written from scratch so far, except the timer routine, which I lifted more or less directly. The rest is all left to do, so I don't know yet! Here's my newest update, START, SELECT, Joystick up/down are all operable. Still most unfinished though. bs.bin
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