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  1. Here's a little gem I found by googling ["early 2020" playdate]: So it looks like 6 full months before the pandemic hit they were promising to open pre-orders in late 2019... WOW! Such mismanagement, such unprofessionalism. [Panic CEO], I was on the fence with this console but please, improve the communications, ditch the stupid crank and generally make the console I, an obsessive nerd on the Interwebs, demand. The price increase is also a problem and has forced me to increase my ADHD medication. I also have a hunch none of the games are complete that I have just taken out of my ass and keep repeating to you every week. My wife and I were really, really interested in your console and ordered 10 consoles each, but now we've cancelled them and we will be forced to play the Switch for the 943,534,534th time (by the way, buy a Switch!).* *All similarities with real scenarios are pure coincidence.
  2. Leroy ST stated he worked for a "contracted" Atari support team to do sprite quality work on Busby Leroy ST also stated Busby had work done on a 3D bonus stage which was not included in the game When asked for details as to what the Busby sprite quality work entailed, Leroy ST stated see his original post When asked for details of his involvement in Busby, Leroy ST stated see his original post When asked questions about Jaguar sprites, Leroy ST basically stated the questioners do not know what they are talking about Zerosquare and Leroy ST are having a discussion which is just going in circles In sum, Leroy ST made statements about being invovled in Busby and either: refuses to provide more details; or states the questioner does not know what they are talking about A conversation that is just going nowhere
  3. I've put together a new video for folks who don't have a Dragonfly to check out the POKEY tunes (as they are a bit hit and miss under emulation). Enjoy
  4. Forum needs a shadow ban so people can just talk to themselves and think others can see it
  5. Well it's impossible to follow what Leeroy STiger is saying so I'd have to agree w/you.
  6. ...what I'm working on: You may guess now, why I also developed "SNACK"...
  7. True. He could be red-faced and furiously cramming Crayons in his maw while shuddering in rage as we type this! I do enjoy the posting on a web forum to angrily ask others "DON'T YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO THAN POST ON A WEB FORUM," that definitely shows a Jeopardy-winner level I.Q. The Hello Kitty bike is a creepy fetish, but the crack pipe, I totally get that one...
  8. I was tidying my dev folders today, doing backups and just generally going through stuff and I realised that I'd never actually posted up the tech-demo's / proof of concept files that I put together for a Sonic themed endless runner and also Track and Field (May 2020 ish I think). So here they are 🧐🕹️ Just to be clear, right now, I do not qualify either as remotely "game like" at this time. They are not active projects and they are just tests or tech demo's to see "what if", so please don't consider them to be "work in progress"! If I return to them (it's likely I'll return to T&F at some point - but starting from scratch) then I'll take very different approaches as I've learnt a lot over the last year and there are lots of things I'd do differently. Anyway as these aren't going to be developed further for now, I've uploaded them here as curiosities for you guys to take a look at if you like. Should work in most emulators and on Concerto & Dragonfly. [edit] They are set to NTSC palettes so expect funky colours if you run them on a PAL unit. [edit2] The endless runners have some control interaction, T&F does not. Endless_Runner_2.a78 Endless_Runner_1.a78 TrackField_tech_demo.a78
  9. Revée Walcott-Nolan Olympic middle-distance runner for Great Britain. 37 colours. drpeter_WalcottNolan.xex
  10. If we all agree with you and say you are correct, will you shut the fuck up? Asking for a friend.
  11. See, if even JagChris can see through your bullshit, then it's probably best to take your ball and go home.
  12. There's only one person I've encountered who is capable of this level of delusion. Kieren, is that you?
  13. I never followed Playdate until this year but that's a solid observation. I found press remarks from 2019 that "the product expects to ship in early 2020," then a later update insisting "And yes, Playdate will (still) ship in 2020" which has now morphed into late-2021 for only a select number of pre-orders and the rest in an unspecified timespan of 2022. Clearly a lot of circumstances are out of hardware-manufacturer control and these past couple years have been rough for new products. The Amico delays are certainly not unique. I'm rooting for both platforms equally, they have very different use cases and novelty
  14. Tommy, Wow, thanks for opening up the catalog for our free gift! There is a ton there, and it is very much appreciated. By the sheer amount of content I feel the sincerity of the message of thanks you were conveying. Thank you for sharing your art with us for no additional charge. My son and I are enjoying your work. Thanks again, and I am excited for you to complete your challenge, which will be soon in the big picture. Big ideas sometimes have big struggles, but the weak will critique while the strong will push on. You have a strong team. Good luck with the last leg of the launch.
  15. I don’t think there are any issues that we haven’t been told about Intellivision has been open every step of the way so I feel like you are panicking for nothing. There was a global pandemic that shut down California for 18 months. During that time factories were shut down all over the globe shipping prices have tripled or more, and although factories have reopened they haven’t caught up. Cars are going back to old design to drop touch screens to get new models out. There isn’t some massive conspiracy as Tommy has stated a few times here you never call a game complete until it has to be done you always take time to improve or fix bugs until you can’t we know 20 or more games are in final stages and another 50 in development. Remember one of Tommy’s favorite things when talking about games design was either super Mario 3 or super Mario world I forgot which where once they felt the game was set they worked on it an additional 6 months. Instead of worrying focus on the more important things this company is staffed with some of the best video games developers in the history of the industry they know how to make great games. I’m going to trust that the team with over 600 years of video games industry experience mostly in the realm of games development know how to make games. And again Intellivision has been more forthcoming with the process than any other company which tells me they believe in what they are doing. This may be a new company but it is staffed with plenty of talented people so I see no reason to worry or have doubts about their ability to get the job done as soon as humanly possible in the current global parts shortages that the entire world is facing
  16. I had too much spare time tonight so here is the poster (I can also provide version with transparent background if needed.)
  17. Summary The Aquarius Printer is a 40 column thermal printer that uses a one-way serial connection. It was marketed for the Mattel Aquarius computer and Intellivision's ECS add-on. Its character set is fixed to match the Aquarius computer's character set. Each character is printed as a pattern of 7x10 dots. It has a 3-way switch on the back to control which parts of the Aquarius character set it can print. The switch settings are labelled as Text, Mixed, and Graphics. Contrary to what the Graphics switch setting would typically imply, there is no known way to print arbitrary pixel / bitmap graphics. The printer has a 40 byte buffer for printable characters. When transmitting data, the printer will not print until either the buffer is full, or until a newline or formfeed byte is received. On the front, it has a Power button and a Paper advance button. The Paper advance button does not advance the paper by a fixed amount; instead it advances the paper for as long as the button is pressed. Unlike many printers of its era and later, it does not have a "test mode" that can be entered by pressing and holding a button while simultaneously turning the printer on. While its interface uses standard RS-232 voltages and signaling, its connectors are non-standard, using a 3.5mm mono audio jack and a 2.5mm mono audio jack. An adapter cable is necessary to connect to a computer. Wiring diagrams are available for building adapter cables for connecting to a PC using a 9-pin serial port or to the Intellivision ECS. Software needs to be set to 1200 baud, 8-bit, no parity, 2 stop bits, and use hardware flow control that is either RTS-CTS and/or DTR-DSR hardware flow control depending on the adapter cable's wiring. Internally, it uses the Olivetti PU-1840 print mechanism and thus can use paper from other printers that use the same print mechanism (example: Alphacom Sprinter 40 and VP42). The Olivetti PU-1840 is controlled by a Hitachi HD6801V0P microcontroller. Output Modes Text Mode Only bytes in the ASCII ranges are printable (hexadecimal bytes 20 through 7E) as well as byte 7F. All other bytes do nothing with the following 3 exceptions: 0A, 0D, and 0C. The hexadecimal bytes 0A and 0D are newlines. A pair of these bytes is considered 1 complete newline. Thus 1 complete newline can be any of the following pairs: 0D 0A, 0A 0D, 0A 0A, or 0D 0D. The printer advances the paper one line on the first byte and drops the 2nd byte, as long as the 2nd byte is a 0A or 0D. If other values are inserted between the 2 bytes of a complete newline, the printer will advance the paper 1 newline, print the inserted characters, and then advance the paper a 2nd time (ex: 0D 20 0D). There is an issue where if too many newlines are printed followed immediately by printable data, the printable data is lost. It is presumed that the CTS signal back to the PC is not being processed properly. The hexadecimal byte 0C is formfeed. It advances the paper to next 1 page boundary, with 1 page being approximately 59 lines. Previously printed data is considered part of the page. For example, if 30 lines of printable bytes were sent followed by a 0C, the paper would be advanced 29 lines. There is an issue where if data is transmitted too soon, i.e. before the formfeed has finished, that data may be incorrectly printed in the middle of the formfeed or may be lost. Graphics Mode All characters are printable, based on the Aquarius computer's character set. However, after power up or a short delay between printing sessions, the data needs to be preceded by 0A 0D before the graphics data can be sent. The first 2 bytes of 0A 0D are not printed, but do cause a newline to occur. Any 0A or 0D that appears after the initial 0A 0D pair are printable characters and are not newlines. However, data can NOT be continuously streamed to the printer indefinitely. Somewhere between 880 to 920 bytes, the printer stops responding. It is recommended that long streams of data be separated into smaller chunks with short delays. Mixed Mode The same as Graphics Mode except that 0A and 0D are newlines. These bytes behave the same as they do in Text Mode. Unlike Graphics Mode, there is no need to prepend the printable characters with 0A 0D. There is an issue where, if too many newlines are printed followed immediately by data, the data is lost. It is presumed that the CTS signal back to the PC is not being processed properly or that the printer needs a brief delay after asserting CTS and receiving more bytes. Construction Major components: Hitachi HD6801V0P CPU: Hitachi's version of a Motorola 6801 (enhanced instructions, 4KB ROM and 128 bytes RAM on-chip, serial, GPIO) Olivetti PU-1840 2P Printer mechanism: 280 horizontal dots, thermal paper Hitachi HA17555: a 555 timer chip, presumed to control the baud rate The plastic case has 4 parts: the top shell, bottom shell, paper compartment cover, and the back panel. The back panel contains the serial connectors and the Text/Mixed/Graphics switch. It appears the back panel and the internal space next to it was intended to be replaceable to support other interfaces (Centronics? DE-9 serial? Commodore 64?). The top shell front internally has space for 2 unused punch-outs in the plastic, each with mounting points in an internal metal bracket. Potentially, these could support addition buttons and/or lights. Wiring Adapters / Cables Here are schematics for building either a wiring adapter to connect the Aquarius printer directly to a PC's 9-pin serial port or to the Intellivision ECS. Note that similar schematics elsewhere don't allow a direct connection to a PC since they require additional adapters like null-modem cables. Aquarius Printer Adapter Cables v1.pdf
  18. Lemme guess (not reading all that). -- I'm a fan and a supporter and want it to succeed, but, negativity, negativity, and some more negativity. Was I close?
  19. If anyone is interested, I have a copy of Death Race for the Odyssey2 for sale for $35 plus shipping. Please send me a PM if you are interested. (It was originally released in 2014.) It includes the game cartridge, 4-page color manual, and a Disney style VHS-style storage box. Also included is a copy of the newspaper article from the December 26, 1976 issue of the Eugene Register-Guard. Apparently there was a lot of outrage over this game when the coin-op was released. -Tim
  20. Yeah, you caught me. If you must know the truth, I'm a closet vcs lover. All my criticism is to hide my embarrassment at not being able to afford one. I was at the Big Lots clearance section hoping to find a VCS, but they told me it's too soon, and production numbers are probably too low for closeout prices.
  21. I'll just say this and then ignore the topic. Leeroy, I dunno if this is an ESL thing on your part, and if so I apologize, but your writing is extremely difficult to parse. When it seems like every single person has trouble understanding what you are saying, you should step back and rethink how you are communicating. You posted a good argument in your opening post, but then have derailed your own topic by totally flipping out as people with experience (in either the hardware itself or in researching Atari history) have come to disagree with you. What are you trying to accomplish? I suppose one way to win this argument is to just get really aggressive and insulting until everyone else gives up and ignores the topic or you. I understand it can be frustrating getting dogpiled, and that can be an issue with the Jag forum here as there are definitely cliques, but in this case you have people who otherwise cannot agree on a single thing telling you that you are out of control. Why are you getting so weirdly aggressive about this?
  22. All of the music I personally produced & arranged for the albums. The Advent Rising & Earthworm Jim soundtracks were mostly composed by me (and a few others). The only ones that I only produced (and didn't arrange) are the BONUS LEVEL soundtracks. Those are just compilations of cool video game cover tunes that friends of mine did and for the most part weren't released anywhere else. But the albums (Video Games Live: LEVEL 1 through LEVEL 6) are the ones that are the biggest and all debuted in the Billboard Top 10 charts and took me the longest to create & produce. Thanks for the interest and I'm so glad you're enjoying them! Let me know what your favorite album ends up being. Thanks!
  23. Thank you so much for the incredible compliments and for sharing your thoughts. It really means a lot and I really appreciate it. So glad that you are enjoying the music! Make sure to check out LEVEL 6, LEVEL 5 & LEVEL 3. Those are my other favorites from the gift. Thank you for your support and understanding. Working our hardest to get you Amico ASAP.
  24. Why should we? When we did, you didn't want to listen. Plus it's your argument. The burden of proof is on you. Especially since unlike those "bad faith actors", you're basically unknown in the Jaguar community, you provide zero factual proof, and you have zero experience in the subject (sorry, "I've done something on Bubsy that's not even in the released game" doesn't count). You're the one who needs to convince others, not the other way around. So, go ahead. Back up your argument. Explain how the hardware works, how much it costs, how developing for CDs differs from developing for cartridges, Atari's financial situation, their relationship with developers, everything. Not with vague claims, but with hard and precise data. And if you can't, stop wasting everybody's time with stupid antics.
  25. stuff on screen makes a little more sense now! Marble Zone.obx
  26. I have been able to run down my LED issue described above. I should have tested this first! The schematic has a LS244 controlling the LED via the DBIN signal along with the 2n3904 transistor. Well looks like I had a bad LS244! Replaced it and BAM, no more LED on the PEB card when the 99/4a is powered on by itself. Now for some more testing over the next week or so.
  27. Not a thrift find- but the first retro show in my area in two years! Intended to just go crazy, but still only spent about half of what I brought... guess it's hard to justify some prices, even if I can afford them.
  28. Yes, that's certainly one thing Fadebook got right. If Invision doesn't add that functionality to the forum, that's absolutely one thing I will investigate doing myself (and then selling it to other forum admins!) ..Al
  29. I've been kicking around this memory test tool for quite a while. Just updated it to include Corcomp 256k/512k testing... https://github.com/jedimatt42/ti994a-memtest/releases - version 2.2 now. (release is tagged 2.2_a cause I made a mistake) With a Corcomp board at crubase >1000 my old memtest messed up the cru bits while checking for the presence of the myarc card... this solves that, and adds Corcomp size detection and specific paging support.
  30. Should AtariAge be in the business of renaming topics, closing conversations, and acting like a propaganda machine for Tommy Tallarico and his thrice-delayed Intellivision Amico? This is diminishing the respect for AtariAge around the internet and that's a very sad development for a website and a community that I've been part of for 20+ years. If he can't deliver on his promises, AtariAge shouldn't be in the business of shoring his business up, protecting his (now non-existent) good name, and acting like yet another unpaid PR person for his company.
  31. What I love about the VCS (thread): it's unpredictably random.
  32. Proper link to the PDF from the server: https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/rfernau/3D_Graphics_Atari_7800.pdf The college and people, such as Joey Fernau, are real. It doesn't make the paper any closer to accurate though. For what started as a college assignment and demonstrates a thorough understanding of the hardware, see the beginnings of what become the MiSTer FPGA port of the 7800, back in the Fall of 2015: GitHub: https://github.com/545/Atari7800 Paper: https://web.archive.org/web/20180205073500/http://ece545.com:80/F16/reports/F15_Atari7800.pdf The above information was refined and reworked to ultimately bring us Atari7800 MiSTer - a VERY thorough understanding of the hardware - which is near perfection. As the thanks section clearly denotes: "Mark Saarna for his enormous knowledge of the system and patient help." That's @RevEng. It cannot be overstated how much he has done for the community, specifically focused in the context of this mention, the 7800 platform. Whether it is the huge leap towards accuracy under software emulation via A7800, assisting with hardware simulation via MiSTer, the programming language 7800basic, the 7800 8BitDev.org website, among a plethora of other items and achievements, including programmed and co-programmed, some of the best homebrew games and demos for the platform, coupled with his wonderful disposition, helpfulness, and insight, he's truly invaluable. Enormous thanks to the unquestionably brilliant @Kitrinx too. It was her excellence and determination for accuracy which took the fine foundation mentioned above and built a masterpiece. It was her incredible coding in part that delivered such an amazing recreation of the console that led me to acquire, and cannot recommend enough to everyone, a MiSTer setup. It is absolutely wonderful that all the code and more information are available to the masses. GitHub: https://github.com/Kitrinx/Atari7800_MiSTer For a 3D demo - check 1E78 - it contains several 'mini' ones; it's also contained in the PROPack:
  33. It does seem like Atari Age is “curating” and editing the Amico stuff far more than similar content (like VCS, Polymega, etc). Not sure why topics were split up, dropped, renamed when it the past stuff would just be locked or allowed to fade away.
  34. Look for an e-mail from Humble Bundle (not from Intellivision). If for some reason you don't see it, just message me here and I'll generate a new code and send it to you ASAP. Thanks!
  35. Thanks! I'm glad you got the opportunity to see one of the live shows! Which one was it?
  36. It's funny to me,I only recieved the email for the delay of the Amico and not the one to download the free music. I wouldn't have used the music anyway,I am just a game player and collector. And besides as I always say: The weak will critique, And the strong will push along! Thanks for the inspiration old fool,I tweaked it a little.😄👍
  37. Ahh the possibility of hindsight. It's a great thing. It's easy to say now how prices changed over a few years. Perhaps at the time when planning in advance what your last shot might be at releasing a console, you wouldn't want to take too many gambles. This whole topic is hyperthetical, it should be easy to suggest opinion on what Atari could have done at the time without talking down to each other. Aside from any obvious wacky suggestions, there is no right answer. My opinion? It's fun to think "what if" but at the end of the day I don't really give a f***. We probably would have just received countless FMV shovelware titles with no actual gameplay. I enjoyed what we were given at the time and I'm still enjoying it to this day. I certainly never thought I'd be creating content for it.
  38. Thanks for the music Tommy! Such a great gift!
  39. He is not good. The thing is, you can't win a discussion against him as rules of reason and logic don't apply to him. Just leave him alone and ignore.
  40. Bad faith actors... whoohoo we're in the same club as Tom Cruise! Gonna go back to developing a game for the Jaguar now. Can't spend all my time here in this thread advancing the knowledge, depth and extent of the Jaguar scene like Leeroy here. All I have to say is thank god he helped do something in Bubsy, it would have turned out a stinking pile of shit without the type of quality of input he's shown here......
  41. Game Boy Tetris - 210 minutes MZ-80K Asteroids - 20 minutes PC-9801 Door Door - 50 minutes Dragon Slayer - 25 minutes Lode Runner - 80 minutes Mystery House - 10 minutes I won't be getting any more time before Monday but that's alright, it's because I have to clean some shelf space for more old computer stuff! The PC-9801F arrives Wednesday alongside a PC-9881N disk unit. I didn't need the 8" floppy drives but I really do want them... Door Door was pretty entertaining, Dragon Slayer is just classic, Lode Runner has been my favorite so far, and Mystery House is the same name as the Apple II game not the same game. The MZ-80C will have new power supplies on Tuesday, the old board is fully toasted so it's being tossed for some modern 120V-capable alternatives. I found someone had made an Asteroids port but I can't say I recommend it over any others, I respect what it does for the hardware but man is it choppy to play. And of course the Game Boy got dragged along, more Tetris this time practicing in the heart levels. Not much to say, I haven't set any new records for myself but I am still loving it.
  42. 4 points
    Spotted this sweet Kia Elan today. It’s the second one I’ve ever seen, the first one was blue. These are rebadged Lotus Elans, although they have different taillights which I frankly think looks better than the original.
  43. So is this what people meant when they talked about the Jaguar forums being crazy? Yeesh.
  44. You are obviously a troll, I give you credit for creating an account over 6 years ago and logging back in recently just to troll us. That is a 6+ year long troll and I have to applaud your effort.
  45. Seems to me that many games are works of art to the creators that are never completed until they have to send them off for manufacture. If the system keeps getting delayed, the deadlines for the games will move along with it. They will continue to debug and refine until they have a hard deadline. I’m sure there have been delays that were growing pains, but I’m not convinced that the games not being declared 100% done is the litmus to something not being right with this situation.
  46. Dude! I love Big Lots! If the internet wants to go ZOMG CEBUS GAVE A RINGING ENDORSEMENT OF BIG LOTS I'd just go.... "Yer damn right I did."
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