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  1. Frankly, who are all these people that make up the circus, both pro and con? Where did they come from? We are the ones sticking with it for decades, creating web sites since the old modem age, reverse engineering old stuff, writing stuff, making and playing games... and will continue to do so. Will the Amico succeed? I hope it does, but if it doesn't... life will go on. We already got a good thing going here on the classic scene, a new golden age. Anyone paying attention knows that.
  2. My wife said I was not allowed to show off my "wood"grain under-shrooms. Too many older cougars may get to hot for me. She is the jealous type! lol
  3. If Topps are making the contents of the physical game boxes, I could see myself go collector crazy 😊 I used to love trading cards and a cool looking card with the game artwork would be awesome. Maybe there’s a keychain or an old school color poster/insert mini manual too 🙂 I haven’t been this excited for anything video game related in ages. Something about this machine gives me childhood nostalgia galore lol.
  4. Amico is not and will never be an Intellivision and Tommy will never have anything to do with the original Intellivision for me. So no I don’t really give a crap what happens with the Amico. I do wish they would keep both devices separate though, especially here on AtariAge or AmicoAge should I say :)
  5. Some updates applied to the current version on GitHub. Colors should be more consistent between NTSC and PAL. The Mothership on the Title Screen and the Game is now multi-color. Playtesters list is updated for bugs/features suggested. Yes, there still in no sound. https://github.com/kenjennings/Atari-1nvader
  6. Chichoni - Soldier.xexChichoni - Prometeus Pre Human.xexChichoni - Pilot.xexChichoni - Mask Metal.xex
  7. I started the video when it begins to talk about the station with the video music. I thought this was pretty interesting and wanted to share!
  8. Yep, can't wait for this. Looking forward to playing with my son and family.
  9. What was new info for me: each physical release will contain 3 items, one of it will be a card to initiate the automatic download of the game. Wonder what the other two then will be...poster, pin, small toy miniature?
  10. API 2.0.20 has been released today - see the first post. A point release for JagStudio will be announced in the next day or so to bring it in line with this.
  11. My next major RMT hack version is getting pretty good now. I can confirm pretty much all of the new code I introduced and compacted as much as possible to fit within the limits of the binary size held into the .exe Stereo support isn't yet done but that shouldn't take very long to adjust. So now all the 15khz tuning for Distortion A and C is handled automatically based on the global v_audctl variable, no extra tracking work required. As long as something has the correct AUDCTL bit, effects will be for all the channels regardless of the instrument used. I also made an interesting observation. I found out the trackn_outnote variables may be hardcoded specifically for the tracker side too. I literally don't use them at all in my new code, nor are they called anywhere since I removed the BASS16 code entirely. But for some obscure reason, the simple fact of commenting out the code and initialisation in memory is enough to break the tracker side! It baffled me since I could already confirm all my code worked perfectly fine in SAP and XEX exports, and the visual player project has been using the same code for some time too. I simply worked around it for now with a global define, so when FEAT_IS_TRACKER is 1, the extra code is also assembled. The unused code wasted around 8 bytes, something I really was not able to afford for the MONO player, but I worked around it So I guess I can now confirm there are indeed 3 different binaries in the program: PLAYER, MONO then STEREO, and so far they all work with that workaround. So anyway here's a test tune I made during the day, it doesn't look like much, but the automatic handling of 16-bit, and 15khz, really makes the workflow infinitely more comfortable. This is still being tested and edited, since the stereo support is incomplete, but as far as my testing goes, pretty much everything appears to work correctly PAL 50hz Sketch 60 v2.xex
  12. The GPL speed issue that @mizapf identified in 2019 (or earlier?) has been resolved. The routine was incorrectly bypassing a portion of the pagemap code. I also noticed that GPL was not disabling wait states upon return to the OS, so if you selected and used speed 1, MDOS would run perceptibly slower. Wait states are now disabled within the exit routine.
  13. aside from the name, it doesn't seem like it has anything to do with Intellivision. Maybe a couple of remakes. When it was announced I assumed most of what it is offering but thought we would see updated versions of all the classics along with some way to play the actual classics. Maybe even see a way to play all the awesome homebrews that have come out in the past few years on new hardware. I realize the appeal of the classics and homebrews, anything from the original days, would have a limited appeal but what's the point of using the name if you not going to support the that group of fans. I feel I'm expected to be behind it because I liked the original but that doesn't really make sense if it's nothing like the original. I'll assume the pandemic played a major role in the delays but the delays have played a major role in my interest waning.
  14. I have preordered 3 Amicos and hope the system does have excellent success. I will most likely collect heavily with the boxed material as well. Notice that I called it material, because we are not sure what will be in the boxes yet. But I also agree with what Cmadruga said,if it doesnt succeed life will go on. And I will keep playing games on,and collecting new homebrew games for my beloved Intellivision! 😊
  15. Yeah, my excitement has iced over somewhat as well. The non blocky style GFX is not among my favorite style. I do like the overall look of Amico Night Stalker and Cloudy Mountain, probably because those look more retro than most. Blocky for the win!
  16. Mine arrived today! Along with the other goodies...
  17. Not a trick question. How interested are you in the Amico? Do you care?
  18. These turn out really great! About the size of an old Silver Dollar(1.5" diameter) They have some good weight to them and at approx. .7 of an ounce. Price: 1 for $9.97 or 2 for $10 Shipping is $4 in the USA Canada is unfortunately $15 I check UK, it was $17 I should be able to get several coins in for the above shipping price. Please send a PM with your location and how many coins and I will send you paypal instructions.
  19. Hi, I received a console for repair and it has this 32k RAM expansion built in: It has a (leaked) NiCd buffer battery connected to the two "ACCU" pins on the upper right corner. The IDC connector goes to the console like this: I hope that the CPU is not dead, as that'd be quite an ordeal to move over. In any case, some info on the RAM board would be useful, in particular as I would like to know whether any traces on the motherboard were cut for the installation. I have certainly looked for such modifications, but the cables don't exactly make things easy Thanks, Hans
  20. Hello x=usr(page6) There's a big Atari 8 bit meeting coming up in 08485 Lengenfeld, Germany in two weeks. It'll last a whole week (again, this year). Read all about it here and here. Sincerely Mathy
  21. Maybe just leave GB out of the list to keep positive vibes. Every other guy deserves something cool written. Great work so far. 🤓
  22. 4 points
    My brother suffers from anxiety attacks/bipolar. I sent him a Tivoli Model One radio, and he loves it and has mellowed him out he says. He had to leave all his vintage hi-fi equipment/turntables with his ex-wife and has missed it. The soothing woodgrain of the radio and the soothing music (he plugs his smart phone into it) helps him a lot. It's based on the older Kloss branded one. Now I need to buy me another one.
  23. Well, at least Java has proper strict typing, whereas Javascript is a complete and utter mess. Javascript has two ways to check for equality. (a==b) or (a===b). The first means a equals b, the second means a equals b slightly more
  24. My entry from Silly Venture 2020+1 Summer Edition - "Psycho Bear". Engine: Beepola/Tritone (equal volumes). Thanks to @xxl for making xex out of it. PBEAR.zip psycho_bear.mp3
  25. More and more I'm realizing I'm not in the target demographic for the system. When it was announced, there were the endless possibilities of what the games could look and feel like - but as others have said, the flash/mobile feel isn't the retro look or gameplay I imagined. Which brings me to my second observation - the majority of the games really do look like they are designed specifically for group "couch" play and not for solo play. Currently, I'm a casual gamer that plays retro systems by myself in short spurts, and most of the time it feels like Amico marketing isn't speaking to me. I pre-ordered the Founder's Edition and hopefully I can find some games to enjoy.
  26. The latest update of the TI99 core is now in the "official repository"! 🙂 TI99 MiSTer core
  27. https://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.00-test39.zip https://www.virtualdub.org/beta/Altirra-4.00-test39-src.7z Added 1050 rev. E to firmware detect list. Fixed lack of word wrap in update dialog. Audio monitor now dims channels that have been toggled off. Fixed extraneous audio pulses in two-tone mode when timer underflow occurred on the same cycle as the timer 1+2 resync. Added .vbxe_pal debugger command. Fixed a tiny amount of aliasing leakage in audio output (32-bit x86 only). Regarding the two-tone audio issue -- I tested timer 1+2 two-tone timing against the actual hardware and 3.90+ is correct, with 3.20 being off by two cycles. The actual issue was a corner case in where a resync 1+2 tones signal on the same cycle where an underflow happens causes the output pulse to be suppressed, which wasn't happening and resulting in a pure tone instead of a complex tone. This case wasn't being hit in 3.20 for the pitches involved due to the two cycle difference in period. As this is the first test release after the addition of the Check for Updates feature, it'll be interesting to see how well it works. The feed won't be updated until about 10 minutes after this post lands, since I have to update the feed with the link to this post. Too much to add to the core, but I could add these to the verifier, which has a more granular UI anyway. #1 and #4 may be tricky or slow as it's not easy to check for 'unmapped' -- open bus reads are actually another kind of mapped, plus the debugger will insert memory layers. I'm curious about #3. Is 16MB wrapping really an issue? SBC $FFFFFF,X I could see as it's $FF FF FF FF and probably a bogus insn, but LDA $FFFFFF,X only when wrapping?
  28. @globeron and @9640News successfully tested the new speech detection routine. Floppy controller detection seems to be working.
  29. Ok so here's where I am thus far with this AtariWriter 80 stuff. I changed all the hard coded entries from AP.OBJ to *1.SYS which matches the original string length, and things began working for the most part. And now for a little background as to why I made that specific change. I have modified the DOS 2.5 to now be a Multi-AUTORUN version. Here's the run sequence in the order that it occurs. AUTORUN.SYS = my very tiny XEP80-II toggle program which when run, checks if the video switch on my board is set to 80 columns already, if not, then this program toggles it to be in 80 column mode (selects XEP80 video output as source for AV-to-HDMI converter. AUTORUN1.SYS = former AP.OBJ file, and is the actual AtariWriter 80 program. So by re-coding the return to *1.SYS will point it to the AUTORUN1.SYS file and execute the AW80 program. This was done in 3 files: AUTORUN.ORG, MM.OBJ, PROOF where I found references to AP.OBJ Here's the 130XE version file with all these changes (requires =>128K RAM and an XEP80): AW80XE XEP80-II.atr What Still Doesn't Work? The return from the spell checker attempts to reload the AW80 program but locks-up a few seconds into the load. What Does Work? Everything else as far as I can tell. I can run the mail merge program, and I can exit back to the AW80 program no problem. Both disk directory 1 and 2 work just fine, loading and saving work just fine. Perhaps someone can check out this ATR and see if there is an explanation for why the exit from the PROOF program hangs.
  30. Apparently, there's another Jumanji video game coming out soon, this time based on the board game featured in the original 1995 movie: After doing a little research, I found the developer's website; turns out they specialize in board game adaptations for mobile and consoles! I wonder if Intellivision has spoken with them yet? https://www.marmaladegamestudio.com/
  31. In the past month, I bought a MINT 800XL, an Indus GT, 2 1050's, and a Falcon. Send help.
  32. I did pre-order it, but am getting tired of the circus around it and all delays. I still care, but my expectations are low. The platform does not occupy the same mental space as the classic one, which I am much more interested in.
  33. In my latest episode I discuss some of the lost media for the Intellivision. Did I miss any? Please let me know. Thank you!
  34. Far as I can tell, the award doesn't even exist. Aside from Jane somehow winning it during years that they produced literally nothing, I just never could find any evidence of the award existing at all. Youd think something so prestigious would be kind of a big thing in programmer circles, right?
  35. There's no way those idiots recorded something last night, no way at all...
  36. Excellent suggestion Brent 👍 This should take care of all the people with marginal WiFi. But unfortunately the ones wearing tin foil hats might still be left out
  37. You are right that these haven't been archived anywhere, @Sinphaltimus. I just got the three hard copies I bought in the mail this week--and I need to scan the one that isn't in your collection, along with an Extended BASIC guide that came buried in the binders (a stapled guide I hadn't seen before either).
  38. Space Battle was designed to be Battlestar Galactica. Then Mattel couldn’t get the license so the name couldn’t be used. (Mattel Electronics had a hand held electronic Battlestar Galactica game, so it was thought that they would be able to get a license for a video game too.)
  39. 100 dash 11.09 Triple jump 11.03 Javelin 79.87 Bonus 400 dash 47.41
  40. Here is a look at the physical box actually in hand. And they look smaller than expected. Interesting. Scroll to the 22 minute mark and let it play.
  41. 😃😜😜😜 Here is a crazy poster for you that sums up the Amico forum!
  42. Sure, some JAMMA and JVS setups have used that, so I don't imagine it would be too difficult to support, it's just that the main platform is made for the joystick/button controls. In exA news, SNK is now an official exA partner, which means that SNK titles will be coming back to arcades. Samurai Showdown V Perfect is the first, but they have several others in development (can't spill what they are yet, but some exciting stuff is on the horizon with SNK & exA)
  43. I love the look of woodgrain too, hence why I ordered the woodgrain Amico as well. Something about being a 70's kid.
  44. I can give a big recommendation to GBA Mr Driller (any of them), and CT2 I understand is a wannabe (Well done) Metal Slug clone so that's a win for Neo fans. The biggie, due to the name, it got grossly overlooked, is The Tower SP. That's Yoot Saito's project Yoot Tower/Sim Tower from the early Win95 era days. That game is a piece of art, utterly fantastic on the GBA. Given the crappy hoops needed to run the old two nearly same versions of the 25 year old PC game, I strongly suggest anyone give it a go as it's worth it...sadly not largely produced, thankfully scum having picked up on that and rammed the price into laughable levels so go for it.
  45. 100%. I feel exactly the same way. Still have the Founders Edition on order. I’m tired of the stupid drama and delays, but hanging in there for now. Definitely feeling less enthusiastic than when it was first announced.
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